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Conversations With Self: "I'm Telling You, YES, I CAN!" Stay Positive, Work For It, Believe PELESJEWEL 8 PELESJEWEL
1/19/18 10:16 A
Dinner Fuel: Chile Verde Posole, add the fixings. PELESJEWEL 7 CHERIRIDDELL
1/16/18 1:28 A
Day 1 on Level 3 on the Elliptical. It did put strain on The Torn Meniscus, but I paced myself and i AMYMBUNCH 8 CLAYMACT
1/15/18 12:17 P
#BeforeAndAfter EGGY1254 28 MSMAKEOVER
1/16/18 2:59 A
My mother just passed this morning. I’m flying the 1100 miles to stay with my dad. Been passing th NEEDBU66 250 TARADAWNEM
1/14/18 10:59 A
5% Challenge - 1st Weigh-In, Took starting pic and measurements for total accountability. Can't be PELESJEWEL 10 PELESJEWEL
1/7/18 12:53 A
Fearless Friday! I tried a NEW exercise today!! The Pilates Tower w/TRX & Reformer class, it was ki PELESJEWEL 8 LUCKYDOGFARM
1/6/18 8:18 P
1/5/18 7:33 P
(Day 1) 1/2/18 not the happiest of pictures. Weighed in at 298 this morning. AHAESSLER 42 LUCYSMOM14
1/3/18 4:50 A
A little irreverent, but funny! Here's to a New REAR! NANHBH 5 ROCKYCPA
1/1/18 10:09 P
Blessings to my Spark Family! NANHBH 6 LUCKYDOGFARM
1/1/18 5:53 P
Visions really help me. PELESJEWEL 3 AGEE1944
1/1/18 6:17 P
Hi, just started today. I have been on alot of diets in my life, would like to try something differ LREMAHDI1 27 EDWARDS1411
12/17/17 6:20 P
Just starting today, Looking forward to less joint pain, more energy and personal growth. PATHARDEN 114 LARKDC
12/17/17 9:25 P
Feeling good down 40 lbs since Aug love the eating plan I follow MSANITAL 27 LUCKYDOGFARM
12/3/17 7:41 P
That is what I need to do, been off track and finding it hard to get back on track. KURTZIE1998 17 SKCASON
11/29/17 11:20 A
I had the Sleeve done 3 years ago. I gained 20 lbs back and never reached my goal of 140lbs. I'm 19 BURNSJ31 14 FRISKYCRITTER
11/28/17 12:22 P
Goodmorning my friends. How long can you eat ham before it starts going bad? Wishing everyone an awe JUSTSTICKWITHIT 22 COMEBACKKID12
11/28/17 11:06 P
I know it was a holiday but I should not have drank my calories and then some. I wasn't gonna step o TMP0418 127 B_RAZORSHARP
11/28/17 10:32 P
Paying tribute to my baby Trouble. He was born April 17, 2002 and passed 1November 28, 2017. He was DGFOWLER 202 ROSEWCI
11/29/17 6:27 A
I went to a Christian concert of a group called Stars Go Dim and more recently one with Phil Wickam. REEDSKI 16 SYLBA61
11/17/17 12:14 A
Struggling to find myself 😦 LIGHTNINGRUNNER 3 LUCKYDOGFARM
10/29/17 11:56 P
I just read this on the Blue Cross Blue Shield website... Studies show those who eat 2 apples a day NANHBH 13 LUCKYDOGFARM
10/25/17 12:16 P
Still logging daily! It’s not looking quite as ugly. I’m getting a handle on the carbs. LUCKYDOGFARM 5 NANHBH
10/25/17 6:52 A
Oct 22 Fitbit stats - Calories in 1,903 vs calories spent 2,424 (includes basal metabolic calories). NANHBH 3 NANCYANNE55
10/25/17 8:23 A
I may be ugly to the world, but I just have to remind myself that I am beautiful in God's image. AMYMBUNCH 124 GIANTOCR1
10/24/17 9:41 A
1st day at the new gym. It was good. The best part, my husband joined too and he actually showed up LUCKYDOGFARM 4 NANHBH
10/20/17 6:40 A
#friendfinder. 11 lbs down, 79 more to go. I need some accountability buddies!! ANGEYMARIE 19 ELEPHANTGEEK3
11/12/17 4:38 P
I wish every day looked like this! ! LUCKYDOGFARM 2 LIVINGLOVINLIFE
10/18/17 6:58 P
I am still logging my food every day! The good the bad and the ugly. Though today's was pretty darn LUCKYDOGFARM 14 NANHBH
10/18/17 6:43 A
I sure do love this fall weather! Its great for bike rides! LUCKYDOGFARM 4 NANHBH
10/12/17 6:40 A
WOO HOO!! In spite all the miserable pain, conflicting reports from my doctor, the PT people, etc., CHELZANNE 20 SPARKLINGME176
10/18/17 4:34 P
Still not making the most healthy food choices, but i am still logging every bite. LUCKYDOGFARM 4 NANHBH
10/8/17 7:56 A
Planning on a Rocktober! LUCKYDOGFARM 4 NANHBH
10/3/17 6:40 A
I have felt somewhat discouraged because of the knee replacement surgery that I had 3 weeks ago. Pro CHELZANNE 22 ABUELAMEMA52
9/30/17 12:54 P
It's my birthday today! I want thank God for life! 14lbs lost - closer to my goal! RAUNESCA 304 SMYLES5376
9/28/17 12:39 P
Day 3 of tracking. Not that the numbers are good, but they're accounted for. LUCKYDOGFARM 4 NANHBH
9/22/17 6:40 A
For the first time in about two months I have logged my food! Seriously I need to get back on track. LUCKYDOGFARM 5 NANHBH
9/18/17 3:55 P
I've never paid more for swimming, but I won't worry about my nerves. My back, breasts and thighs wo ARHUNT71 8 QSHEPP
9/18/17 11:22 P
1st day on sparkpeople! KERRYANDROS 94 SAMMY697
8/31/17 1:49 P
Day one. Tired of not being able to keep up with my 4 kids at 242 pounds. Time to kick it into high N42542 177 MDOWER1
7/9/17 3:48 P
Lol I won. Technically I was in last place for the DEBYDOINGIT 192 FITWITHIN
6/25/17 5:45 A
I care for this man so much. I just wish we could get past these fights. Please pray for us. ANGELCAKES0703 4 ANGELCAKES0703
5/6/17 5:44 A
Start my weight loss again last time nothing worked KAYM90 302 DEARONE3
5/1/17 1:08 A
I am not feeling great today. I am 48 days clean from heroin & gained like 30lbs since 2-18-17. To PRINNICKIE 307 WEGENERCS
4/10/17 10:04 A
I'm so ready to finally get healthy! I need to lose 75 pounds. I'm officially done being sad & miser ANGIEJCARP5680 6 BONNIESABLES2
4/1/17 10:14 P
This is my first day I'm starting in weighing 213. Trying to get back to 180-175. Any suggestions ar KIAYNAMACKEY 16 KIAYNAMACKEY
3/23/17 10:38 A
My first post! This is going to be my before picture. I am done feeling out of control. I am done gi BEXTERMINATOR 49 ISLANDBUTTERFLY
3/23/17 1:12 A
3/21/17 11:56 P
Here's a before picture I cannot wait for goal picture to come FERNANDEZ42 14 BOLEBRON
3/16/17 8:22 P
Here is my #transformationtuesday I'm a little embarrassed to post this but this is me after losing LINDZE696 93 FATGURL2LOSE68
3/16/17 2:20 P
Introduce yourself HERE! SPARK_COACH_JEN 84 PATTRICE54
10/18/17 11:58 A
9/16/12 5:19 P
New to Cycling FREEINCHRIST75 7 MISSG180
8/9/12 11:42 A
8/15/12 8:06 A
August mileage challenge MISSG180 54 SKIRNIR
9/8/12 7:37 P
Bicycle across america!!! SIMPLELIFE4REAL 20 SIMPLELIFE4REAL
6/24/13 8:52 P
One Less Car MISSG180 12 MISSG180
8/5/12 10:29 P
Bike hotties MISSG180 20 DEBDESERVESIT
3/29/15 1:57 P
Greetings from NYC! REEGETSFIT 3 MISSG180
7/31/12 12:03 A
Do you ride further with or without a predestined TRAVLNWOMAN 7 MISSG180
8/1/12 10:14 A
Hi, I'm new here :) 3MAMAG 6 REEGETSFIT
7/31/12 8:16 P
Olympic riding MISSG180 7 MISSG180
7/30/12 10:37 P
9/26/12 10:20 P
7/22/12 2:15 P
Alternative to sports drinks? TRAVLNWOMAN 9 SASHADIEKEN
8/13/12 9:48 P
Smaller bike shorts! MISSG180 8 GREBJACK
7/9/12 8:28 P
New to the team, New bike as well! SALONKITTY 5 MSANITAL
7/12/12 9:36 P
7/2/12 1:38 P
Sorry been missing in Action MSANITAL 3 LUCKYDOGFARM
6/13/12 11:19 P
Getting Fit all over again RPLATER50 4 GREBJACK
6/15/12 6:54 P
I signed up for my first group ride ever! TRAVLNWOMAN 14 MISSG180
6/25/12 8:42 P
5/29/12 10:18 P
New to the team, just bought a bike yesterday CASSANDIE_YR 12 LUCKYDOGFARM
5/27/12 11:34 P
New to this team! GODIVADSG 7 MSANITAL
6/13/12 2:01 P