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Goal is exercise 100 days. Excluding Sunday to let my muscles rest and rebuild. COOLEYFAM6 8 SRIVERS1
3/23/18 1:39 P
80 Day Obsession Phase 1 Day 19: Legs ❤️ Leg Day. SHADOW2SOU1 11 CHRISTOPHER63
3/23/18 5:15 P
Low and behold it fits! Not losing a lot on scale but have to be in inches! It's been years since I ANGELAM124 80 GEORGE815
3/23/18 6:04 P
Three months post foot surgery and I'm able to drive! Progress is slow. Still a lot of swelling, bu MARIAN326 33 CYNTHIAAJ
3/23/18 6:17 P
Hello, look who decided to use me as a couch last night!! Lol, besides food and warmth this cat is v JUSTSTICKWITHIT 26 BAILE1MA
3/23/18 10:29 P
Posted a goal SEMIJEWLAVL 184 GEORGE815
3/23/18 5:53 P
So thankful it's Friday! Hope everyone has a safe weekend. IRISHCHIC7 134 GEORGE815
3/23/18 6:10 P
I weighed in at 211 in January 2017. Feeling great!! #keto #lowcarb LESLIEJONES919 86 DANYALE_29
3/23/18 12:04 P
I’m officially down 64lbs! FAT-2-FEARLESS 109 ANDYLATG4
3/22/18 7:15 P
WOW!!! @fitdiggity .... LOOK AT THESE!!! Keto Egg, Cheesy beauties!!! I feel so PRO right about now! SHELLLEY2 77 DIKATZ85
3/23/18 7:03 A
Everyday of my journey is a step closer to my goal in the mean time I am enjoying the progress and r MSANITAL 150 KATHYJO56
3/23/18 12:23 A
THINK ABOUT IT THURSDAY Cancer survivor, 100+ lost and counting, and today, I saw my OBLIQUES for t PELESJEWEL 133 PEPSAB
3/23/18 9:22 A
Posted a bit ago, but wanted to give a comparison. December 1, 2017 on the left and March 22, 2018 o JUDYO58 242 NOCALORIES
3/22/18 10:39 P
Posted a photo TANGOJAVA43068 133 CINDY247
3/23/18 6:36 P
The past few months I have been stuck in the upper 280s. Kept up with good nutrition and my gym clas BECCAN45 305 MARQUITACHIQUIT
3/22/18 4:56 P
Here's to all the beginners joining on this amazin DEARDESTINIE 11 ARLOHAM
3/21/18 1:12 P
As the weeks go by, I notice my cravings are changing. Instead of junk food, I crave good food. My n WIZZLEWOLF1 73 SPEDED2
3/21/18 8:46 P
My first 25 lb loss...four more 25lb goals to go!! CAROLHALL13 64 GINA_62
3/21/18 10:42 P
Our 24th Anniversary Dinner compliments of my Cousin Bill ! Filet and Lobster Tails, grilled aspara CANNINGNANNY 138 LILIANN400
3/21/18 3:33 P
Sometimes I think I have not come very far, because I forget where I started I feel so much better t LAM_MURPHY 152 ALALADY
3/21/18 6:16 P
Don’t quit! Keep pushing forward! You will get there eventually! AMYBRO1 145 AMYBRO1
3/21/18 2:32 P
#BeforeAndAfter SWIFT6913221 240 DAWNMICHMICH
3/22/18 7:41 P
Breakfast! STARRYEYES1985 9 STARRYEYES1985
3/20/18 2:48 P
3/20/18 11:40 A
Got engaged a month ago and we have set the date for December 29th, 2018. This has really motivated KENNEDYBAROFF 62 JOSIEPOSIES
3/20/18 12:39 P
Transformation Tuesday! The left is about a month into my journey. I'm almost 5"2 in case youre won MASHEDPOTATOES0 133 MASHEDPOTATOES0
3/20/18 9:20 P
It has been exactly one month since I started and I am down 14.4lbs! One step at a time, but it’s we WANTINABETTERME 77 ALLYLIZZY
3/20/18 2:46 P
Posted a photo SHANED2017 87 GEORGE815
3/20/18 4:47 P
Yessir... got it in before work... #goaldigger MERCEDESMCCALL 141 GEORGE815
3/20/18 4:46 P
Transformation Tuesday: Yesterday I was lifting weights at the gym and as I walked past the large m KATBRUNNER 305 DIALYSISCHIC1
3/22/18 8:01 A
It is amazing how much a gizmo/gadget can motivate SHELLEYMCELROY6 13 CINDY247
3/20/18 7:33 A
Slowly getting there. NEFERTETE 30 NEFERTETE
3/20/18 9:57 A
Green is the color of the day👍 LOVINGCHANGE 17 LWLAR7
3/20/18 3:32 A
Posted a photo WIZZLEWOLF1 94 SPEDED2
3/20/18 3:54 P
It took me two years to lose 100 lb. A hundred more to go! I had surgery 7 months ago which delayed KWEENIE1971 92 LAURAFOOTE
3/20/18 9:02 A
45 lbs down DEDECARL 116 IRISHEI
3/20/18 7:55 A
Happy about this progress :) MASHEDPOTATOES0 130 MDOWER1
3/20/18 8:17 A
Have a beautiful day and powerful week! LIVINGLOVINLIFE 14 KITT52
3/19/18 11:09 A
My sweetie watching as I do exercises with the Wii fit. I’ sure she thinks I’m crazy. Either that SANDOMINGO 20 SYLBA61
3/18/18 3:34 P
Sausage egg cheese rotel on tortilla for breakfast 1BLKKATT 7 JIBBIE49
3/18/18 3:07 P
So I weighed myself this morning. I didn't lose any or gained any, too. So I thought of measuring my MCOOPERMOM 34 MCOOPERMOM
3/18/18 7:53 P
Not seeing results that, I was. Being determined with depression is very difficult. Feeling Stuck😞 SBLANTON0 26 MDOWER1
3/18/18 5:12 P
Meeting goals and feeling great!! I am down 15 lbs and have never felt better. JESSICALYN406 74 JESSICALYN406
3/19/18 1:26 A
Goodmorning. Look who wants breakfast also!! Lol. Have a great day my friends. JUSTSTICKWITHIT 151 PRIMROSE128
3/23/18 10:08 P
Posted a photo TINABEANA16 21 MIZKAREN
3/17/18 10:41 A
Goodmorning, lost a pound somehow, rotted in bed most of the week w the flu so I'll take it! Trying JUSTSTICKWITHIT 43 VIRGINIAGIRL
3/19/18 9:42 A
I actually am part Irish, so I don’t have to pretend! NANHBH 43 ROCKYCPA
3/17/18 10:45 P
It's a beautiful sight!!! Yes I know 251lbs is alot but it sure beats 275.6 lbs! Happy Saturday ever CAROLHALL13 176 PAULA3420
3/17/18 5:13 P
The past 2 weeks have been rough! I got on the sca LLRED23 256 KMILLER31
3/17/18 8:36 P
Weigh day!!! I am pleased to announce the I have gotten rid of 50.2 pounds as of this morning!!! I'm ST3PH 127 GOINGFORSKINNY
3/20/18 8:17 A
Good morning today my brother, David, will be having emergency surgery to put a port in for dialysis DGFOWLER 21 PBVHCCVH
3/16/18 5:47 P
😱ALMOST OUT OF THE 190’s! I can’t wait to say hello to the 80’s, I can’t believe I’m actually doing KIMBERLYASHLYN 85 CHRISBEM
3/23/18 10:24 A
Posted a photo MARIAHMBELL2015 33 MUSTANGMOM6
3/16/18 12:39 P
So I just uploaded a new progress picture. It's also here. I've lost 6 inches in my chest and no les PHOUSE99 153 ZAGNUT6
3/17/18 12:16 A
3/20/18 8:26 A
#BeforeAndAfter Thank you for your support. 🤗 Have a good Friday. LIL1IAN 307 RSTEINER1313
3/16/18 6:11 P
I made it to my fourth month Not as I expected 8 pounds less this month for a total of 47 pounds les OLIE07 158 GOINGFORSKINNY
3/20/18 8:24 A
This is my motivation for the day! My Granddaughters. They are the biggest piece of my heart! NANASHERRI1 16 NANASHERRI1
3/15/18 1:31 P
3/15/18 12:54 P
3/15/18 3:41 P
Working out at the gym really helped If I can do it you can too. Keep on sparking. EVENICMAT 25 LAURAB_143
3/15/18 12:58 P
Proud to say I am 47 and almost in the best shape ever. Spark really works. CATTY_GAL 115 MORNINGGLORY481
3/15/18 3:40 P
This “before” photo is actually a “during” photo! It was taken three months into my weight loss jou JBLESSER 255 SKYLAR_NIXON
3/16/18 11:36 P
Goal 70 lbs down . Thanks for all the support spark friends. Keep on sparking KEN1237 170 ONEDAY_ILLWIN
3/15/18 3:43 P
Found this pic of me summer of 2016. I know i have lost a bit but where u see #beforeandafter pics CRYSTALVT1983 203 TMASSI
3/18/18 10:05 A
Lunch ! INKBUD 18 HOLLYM48
3/14/18 1:06 P
I’m doing a “Mini Celebration” after my minor set back on the weekend. I’m back to where I was befor CHIRUKEN 20 URBANREDNEK
3/14/18 2:47 P
3/14/18 1:13 P
Grammy spent the afternoon with her favorite little monster. I love that I have more energy to keep LYONSFARM 27 GLBOWDEN
3/16/18 10:35 A
You Need to Be Healthy to Help The Ones You Love! In Order to Get There, Don't Let Anyone Get In You MIRAGE727 11 CAROLINAGIRL69
3/14/18 9:51 P
Lunch: turkey sandwich=100% whole wheat bread, turkey, spinach leaves, onions, tomato, banana pepper PAMMIESUE81 14 -WRKNG2ABTTRME-
3/14/18 5:36 P
Posted a goal FITFORME17 109 GEORGE815
3/14/18 5:48 P
2018 is my year of summiting mountains that have been too big and too powerful for too long. My weig SAMK1981 114 FITNFABMOMMY
3/14/18 9:47 P
Out of the 200's!!!!!; CELTIC79KITTEN 302 RUTHSHEPHERD1
3/14/18 4:49 P
#BeforeAndAfter I still have a ways to go but when I look at the before and after pictures I fee CHERINICHOLE 166 LVMS61516
3/16/18 12:42 A