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Got a fresh hairstyle yesterday! Cut off 7 inches. My hubby was flabbergasted and said I was soooo PHOXYM 135 REEBJW
7/20/17 3:34 P
Posted a photo DINKER0798 4 AOKDIET21
7/5/17 7:55 A
Haven't been tracking much for the first time since I started my weight loss journey. Got alittle do STUFFY864 5 RAERAERAE62
7/5/17 11:37 A
Love the grandkids and the Forth of July. PHATPAT18 15 HEATHER736
7/5/17 8:57 A
Lost another dress size - had to return 5 items that I ordered because they were TOO big. Thanks for AOKDIET21 17 FUNNYFACE101002
7/5/17 9:33 P
Posted a photo SISMAC 9 GEORGE815
7/5/17 7:58 A
7/5/17 7:57 A
Posted a photo EASTVALE1 8 REDROBIN47
7/5/17 11:04 A
It's time to lose the pounds of grief. I lost my Mom last June. She wouldn't want me carrying this w NEWBUTTERFLY76 26 NEWBUTTERFLY76
7/5/17 8:45 A
Today's healthy breakfast: only 350 calories! TECHERNO 27 TECHERNO
7/5/17 3:02 P
Eating Got Better EASTVALE1 42 REDROBIN47
7/5/17 11:02 A
Posted a photo EASTVALE1 9 REDROBIN47
7/5/17 11:03 A
Large but reduced carb brunch as I missed breakfast today. Chicken sausage patty, poached egg, bean RUBYREDIVY1 29 TAMSHAUMENO
7/5/17 3:50 P
Part of why I'm here! Almost to the Unicorn of Fasting Numbers, 100! #lada #autoimmunediabetes #diab MORGIEL82 15 SUTHRNLASS
7/20/17 6:09 A
Hi everyone, im new here, hoping to lose 50 pounds :-) JACQUELINE14617 210 RBOYD913
6/20/17 3:24 P
My thought πŸ’­ for the day BIGRENTMAN 16 KBOUGHE1
7/5/17 8:59 A
Bought a dress for the first time in over 10 years!!! Lost 55lbs so far and now I FINALLY feel good HMARIE1983 47 39JEANNIE
6/16/17 8:05 P
Never thought I would have this figure. A year ago today I was still in the 300's. Crazy. NEVERQUITGETFIT 174 KEATON753
6/19/17 2:13 P
99 lbs down wow this is truly amazing. I was hopin THEJACKIEDEAN12 217 EDTRACY26
6/28/17 12:59 P
Post 5 times for your 15 points per day BADDIZ 368449 PCSPEER
7/20/17 1:55 P
Off to San Francisco! GRATTECIELLA 15 1CRAZYDOG
5/27/17 11:36 A
Posted a photo CHEETAHRITA 4 LOUISE979
5/26/17 2:51 P
5/26/17 4:14 P
Went and got weight yesterday may 25,2017 that's after 10 days of eating no junk. Lost 2 lbs. Litt MIMIGIRLZZZ 19 HICKOK-HALEY
5/26/17 3:30 P
Mmmmm! Made chicken soup with garbanzo beans and b DOLLIPS 13 WFTGATL
5/26/17 9:19 P
The picture on the left is from October, me being AHONEYCUTT94 96 AHONEYCUTT94
5/28/17 10:30 A
Good morning everyone!!!!! Today is weigh in day and I weighed in at 238.6 lbs so I am 89.6 lbs down THEJACKIEDEAN12 304 KARENWILL2
5/29/17 6:18 A
have a wonderful Wednesday =) OBIESMOM2 6 BLESSED2BEME
5/24/17 11:03 A
Posted a photo VHAYES04 12 JMELVIN4
5/24/17 8:58 A
5/24/17 8:32 A
Posted a photo SISMAC 27 JOANNEJI
5/24/17 9:06 A
Gotta keep going!!! BANANA1122 8 ROBBIEY
5/24/17 8:36 A
This is Day #3 of my recommitment to get healthier! I stayed on track on Monday and Tuesday and plan SJUDIE 33 MHUTTON
5/24/17 11:04 A
Woo-hoo!! First goal met of 15 pds. Starting the next. Thanks everyone for sharing and caringπŸ˜„ KINDGIRL56 188 GOODGETNBETR
7/10/17 9:38 A
Tell us why your plans will work today. SPARKPEOPLE 27 MOONGLOWSNANA
5/25/17 2:32 P
Down 53lbs in 3 months. WOOHOO! Finally feeling like I'm accomplishing something. SPARKE77 266 GORDONED
5/24/17 6:04 P
Late today had much to do. REDGINGER1 5 LOUISE979
5/23/17 4:02 P
Time to rest. Having a day off from exercise. Relaxing with my pooch. Love these days. ANNAMARIA6 2 LOUISE979
5/23/17 4:02 P
So I'm finally doing something I have never done.....posting a full body pic. I'm only 5'5" and hav MANDELYNN1 9 MPLSKEN
5/23/17 7:04 P
I didn't realize how bad I was eating until I started tracking my food. Now I'm eating healthy and f VENISE15 11 CHELHART
5/23/17 4:42 P
It feels good to see the difference I have made in THEJACKIEDEAN12 91 MARYJOANNA
5/28/17 2:47 P
I'm going to enjoy today! ECANELACINAMON 5 TYPAR82
5/23/17 9:03 P
My updated comparison. So proud of myself. This is a picture of me 9 months ago and current. KEW2006 278 SCARLETFERN
5/24/17 2:59 A
Weigh in day!! Woo!! Lost exactly 30 pounds in 9 w DOLLIPS 112 AURORA91
5/23/17 5:59 P
Ahh! I haven't seen the 180s in over eight years!! Almost 30 lb down! MAGLITE7 251 MIRAGE727
5/25/17 6:34 A
I did not want to put a photo of myself online......i have been ashamed. yesterday was week one of MOHNEY2 301 JANMA17
5/23/17 8:32 P
2 weeks of being consistent with exercise and healthier eating. Down 5 EDEACONTX 9 LALATIDAH
5/19/17 3:30 P
5/20/17 9:15 P
I took a very long hiatus from the sparkpeople community and the weight loss community in general. I LUCKYLISA12002 14 SCARLETFERN
5/20/17 4:17 A
Goal is 160 πŸ’ͺ still at it πŸ˜€ CRISTALO321 22 MDOWER1
5/19/17 5:28 P
Face to face friday. I am in an alternate world where i cannot believe the left used to be me and th LUCKYLISA12002 111 CHRISTINA332017
5/19/17 5:40 P
Highly recommend this if you like avocado! KAYABOBB 11 KINDGIRL56
5/19/17 4:10 P
Little by little, I can see the change. I'm still a long way from my goal, but at least I know I'm o HMARIE1983 297 MSCANDI_99
5/19/17 6:53 P
Down 3.7 this week. 39.9 overall. JULESANA8818 21 LOUISE979
5/15/17 8:05 A
Today makes week one and I have lost 5.8lbs. In my first week. Going to see if I can boost up my wal HEREWEGO508 33 LOUISE979
5/15/17 8:04 A
Mighty Monday: work out before heading to work. 15 mins of LS boosted Mile 1 1758 steps 179 cals MIMIGEE2 11 1DAY-ATA-TIME
5/15/17 9:24 A
Lost 15 pounds at least!!! Oh yeah!!! Lost 11 pounds in 1 month alone!! Surpassed my goal!! All the TANYA86S 22 GORDONED
5/15/17 2:26 P
Just for kicks ~ DGFOWLER 15 BJK1961
5/15/17 11:25 A
Mothers Day pic with my youngest 😊 LMHMOMMY 14 BUFFCOAT1445
5/20/17 1:57 P
Ice cold lemon water to start my day SHEIKA4777 16 MEXGAL1
5/15/17 11:25 A
Woke up this morning with massive amounts of fluid rentention. Going to drink, drink, and drink som MARZBARZ1 12 GADGETCC
5/15/17 8:07 A
Good morning I'm feeling good this morning and I will not give up SHEIKA4777 52 PAULAJEAN59
5/15/17 9:53 A
I did it!!! I reached my goal weight! Not only did JUDY1260 305 CHRISBEM
5/15/17 1:33 P
Today was a good step day 😍 PETITEKISSES 7 BLUECAFE
5/12/17 10:48 P
Tonight's dessert: vanilla bean creme brulee (+extra egg) with fresh raspberries. It doesn't get an ASH2HEALTH 2 LOUISE979
5/12/17 10:45 P
I was honored at our conference today for my work for our community- food pantry award. Feeling than GARDENSFORLIFE 23 SPARTANJAI
5/13/17 6:53 P
Tonight's dessert: vanilla bean creme brulee (+extra egg) with fresh raspberries. It doesn't get an ASH2HEALTH 18 CHERIRIDDELL
5/13/17 12:20 A
Feeling thankful. I received an award today at our Food Pantry Conference for service to our communi GARDENSFORLIFE 24 MORTICIAADDAMS
5/13/17 5:35 P
My walking track ☺ MS_JOEY70 47 ELYSIAN_DREAMS
5/13/17 3:33 A
My walk this evening. I am so blessed. Thank you God for your glorious creation! MRSMCSKINNY 98 NANCYANND55
5/13/17 10:57 A
Goodmorning friends, what a beautiful day we have in front of us. Make today and everyday count! JUSTSTICKWITHIT 10 STARFISH1961
5/11/17 10:00 A
NINE servings of 80g of vegetables in dinner last night. Homemade mock-meatloaf, cauliflower mash. -POOKIE- 4 LOUISE979
5/11/17 9:06 A
5/11/17 10:32 A
More kitties for you ...!!! BOOHOOBEAR 8 HARROWJET
5/11/17 9:58 P
Posted a photo RSCHWARTZ2 4 LOUISE979
5/11/17 9:05 A

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