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I've been not eating at night which is really hard CAROLDORSEY 17 BABYGURL45
10/29/16 5:46 P
I've been so lazy, not exercising and eating whatever. Its been a few weeks but thankfully I haven't GABY9327 8 LORIEGIRL213
10/29/16 3:22 P
My goal is to lose 76 lbs. What's your goal? JERRIDAWN1014 4850 BEEBOP711
3/20/17 10:49 A
How often should I weight myself and should I be eating the recommended calories or less #coach JELLIS4EVA 5 LORIEGIRL213
10/29/16 3:21 P
Feels good to not only have a cheat day. But a che NOLANXXNONOXX 8 CATHYSTAYLOR
10/29/16 4:49 P
Where is everyone from? KELLBELL86 2410 BURNINGTHYME101
4/20/17 12:59 P
95 lbs down and wearing size 10 dresses today! Sta AJ0708 3081 LYNETTET123
3/7/17 6:35 A
I have to work around my kid, so I'm waiting for h S07374 4 LORIEGIRL213
10/28/16 2:48 P
I haven't been getting enough exercise. I walked LARAYEH 8 LTRINH9
10/28/16 2:56 P
Left work early for my sick little boy. No workout today, but extra snuggles!!! Wish I could get the PROUDMOM04 9 ADORKABLE-ME
10/28/16 3:27 P
I have a anxiety disorder and its been really rough lately VORTEXSPOKE214 12 COCOAGOAL
10/29/16 5:32 A
New to this hoping for a fresh start and getting KITONY2016 11 LTRINH9
10/28/16 2:52 P
Told if I don't lose weight I'm going end up on in GREYOEGRET 16 LTRINH9
10/28/16 2:51 P
It's my birthday today. 47 DSANKS 142 SHARONRAWLINGS
10/28/16 4:41 P
Thirty pounds: GONE! IVANHOE64 44 SIXLESTER69
10/28/16 2:51 P
Hello! Newcomer here. Hope this app works! A81657 23 ANGEL2GOOD31
10/29/16 5:18 P
Hey guys I have been away from sparks ready to be 1981MICHAEL 18 JAYISOLDEM2
10/27/16 7:46 P
πŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸŽƒTrick or treat? Or beggars night GOALIEGRANDMA3 19 EDNAEDWIN
10/27/16 9:26 P
My new SimplyFit board has just arrived. I'm super JKGIRLIE82 14 JKGIRLIE82
11/1/16 9:11 P
I had pasta for the first time since August, I cou SMB1980 14 RIARENE
10/29/16 12:54 P
So I went walking drizzly rain. But I d DAWN1830 32 CARNEYC8
10/27/16 9:07 P
I signed up today!! I'm excited and reading everyo KRISTINNICOLE88 18 LORIEGIRL213
10/27/16 5:51 P
So yesterday I hit the 25 lb gone mark, and becaus FAYHAM 31 REZAVG
10/27/16 7:47 P
Stating to get back on track. I have really slacke LADYKLYNN1970 11 L2LLOGAN
10/27/16 5:57 P
I gave up on this when I failed. I stopped trackin DMARIE926 46 LANAELAINE
10/29/16 9:17 A
Only just started eating healthier and excersizing AMANDWAHHHH 10 L2LLOGAN
10/27/16 5:50 P
Lost another 5 lbs this month, over 4 of which was BRAVEN07 15 BRAVEN07
10/27/16 9:59 A
I have gained over 40 pounds lately... I'm back to RHEUMYFITMOM 9 JADEBUTTERFLY48
11/5/16 12:08 A
I have been doing this for a while. I have problem JADEBUTTERFLY48 10 ERIKAWI
10/26/16 1:16 P
I'm not feeling well, have a cold, don't want to LOOKBETTA15 26 COCOAGOAL
10/27/16 3:26 A
I'm new to SparkPeople, but I'm over 30 lbs into m M23744 5 LORIEGIRL213
10/26/16 1:07 P
Ive got good news and bad news...First the bad new MEL9960 10 ADORKABLE-ME
10/26/16 4:32 P
Good morning, it's a beautiful day, hope everyon PATSYB70 11 LORIEGIRL213
10/26/16 1:06 P
I totally couldn't help it! I had to see what i we S58421 19 CAFENE
10/27/16 4:41 A
Why do I always feel motivated in the morning but HOLLYROBIIN 29 MLIEN913
10/27/16 11:11 A
Thanksgiving is slowly approaching, how do you guy THEJACKIEDEAN12 7 YISKAMIRYAM
10/24/16 11:13 P
Ok... after some self pity for the past 2 months I TMACKEY87 7 RHIO3TRE
10/25/16 4:07 A
weighted myself yesterday so far I lost 65 pounds NICKJOHN17 268 ANGEL2GOOD31
10/28/16 7:04 P
Have any of you ever fasted for a day? Did you eat ERROZER 22 DEBBIE1993
10/25/16 5:38 P
I wanted someone to go for a walk with me tonight. BECCAISDOINGIT 43 CIDPGIRL
10/25/16 4:44 A
My reading glasses are a sobering reminder of my aging. Next month, I will celebrate my 49th birthda MEJAI1 16 SPARKINGMEGHNA
10/25/16 12:58 A
Weighed in this week and very disappointed. I stay 1LUCKY2 26 GMAG33
10/25/16 6:12 A
10,000 steps before 1 pm. #woohoo EMILEESMOMMIE 16 JAYISOLDEM2
11/15/16 8:22 P
I went to lunch yesterday at green turtle. I caref RBSANK9542 4 JAYISOLDEM2
10/5/16 3:12 P
My daughter had an 8am dr appointment yesterday an WERK_IT 17 M72673
10/5/16 3:45 P
Down 2 more lbs - 28 total! 20 more to go! KRUSCOE 28 TINK0902
10/5/16 3:13 P
Can I count my cups coffee as glasses of water as CJ2226 26 LADYREDCOMET
10/5/16 3:32 P
For those on the east coast please take the hurric KKSNACKER 2 LORIEGIRL213
10/5/16 3:04 P
Today I will stay positive no matter what people s KKSNACKER 15 BOOTYLICIOUS83
10/5/16 10:07 P
Worried about my family in Haiti #lifechallenges.... Staying on track trying not to emotionally eat JOURNEYTO185 25 LUISISAWESOME
10/4/16 8:55 P
Today I woke up at 5am. Went outside to use my ai LYNDA34 7 LYNDA34
10/4/16 8:51 P
It seems like i do fine until i make dinner and ea J58714 14 LSHAMRICK
10/4/16 8:49 P
Stayed within my calories today. Even went out to T30829 20 TUSWEETSMITH012
10/4/16 9:47 P
Crushed a Craving! A friend posted on FB about ea DENA2017 11 DESTINYC98
10/4/16 9:56 P
I am officially the smallest I have ever been in m KORRILCONGDON 662 SPARTANJAI
1/21/17 5:43 P
30 minutes of walking #gotitdone KKSNACKER 15 APRILDAWN1982
10/5/16 12:04 P
Feeling good! When I started I was wearing a size KERHOO 7 LORIEGIRL213
10/4/16 8:35 P
Trying to get back in the saddle again which means DBAILEY518 3 LORIEGIRL213
10/3/16 3:58 P
5 miles on the bike this morning! been at this for NATALIE428 5 MMEQUEEN
10/3/16 4:01 P
I lost 3.9 pounds last week. Trying to stay motiva BYRLASCOLEMAN 11 MMEQUEEN
10/3/16 3:59 P
Am soo discouraged. Watching calories exercising. ROBINRUFF 25 LORIEGIRL213
10/3/16 3:55 P
Hello :) today is my first day on Spark. I need to do something about my weight. I'm way to young to KELSIEJARRELL10 25 PKISER1980
10/3/16 8:39 P
Can Honey and peanut butter sandwiches help me los KCOOPER4 26 KEASTON7
10/6/16 1:08 P
For those of you on #keto and #lchf diets, I'm won FLABBERGAIL 12 RONDAJ123
10/12/16 5:52 A
I am going to try and get to 169.6 tomorrow. Finge JACKI74 4 QUEENOFHIVE54
10/1/16 12:03 P
I have lost 25 pounds since July 1st!! #Goals #wei ITSMEDANI90 282 KEERAKYRAM
10/25/16 12:01 A
Have a pretty horrible cold, sore throat, difficul MELISSA3581 12 UNKYNDENESSE
10/1/16 2:08 P
Hi Sparks friends! On my way to my goal of 140. At SAFERN 23 TORRIESJOURNEY
10/1/16 3:24 P
I've been eating more than I should lately, it's m JUSTALIFE67 10 LORIEGIRL213
10/1/16 11:37 A
#lowcarb #recipe what are some good things to put NATALIE428 9 HLANIER4
10/4/16 5:56 A
this has been the only app i have stuck with for m UPDOG_ 5 LORIEGIRL213
9/30/16 2:02 P
I need help . Im trying to lose some pounds by ea GXNXSIISS 16 FAYHAM
9/30/16 2:31 P
How did I gain .3 pounds this week? I've stayed wi REBECCAKAT1983 19 YSERRANO6
9/30/16 2:34 P
Good morning hope everyone is great. Heres to day LOVE-YOURSELF 4 LORIEGIRL213
9/30/16 1:58 P
Just put my first turkey in the oven... MITTSMOMOF3 23 MITTSMOMOF3
9/30/16 9:28 P

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