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I made it seven days without eating any junk food. KAMLS9845 23 MIZZ_DANNI87
9/25/17 11:58 A
Came across this and thought I would share it. I am hoping it will help with my cravings. Have a gre LIVINGLOVINLIFE 7 EO4WELLNESS
9/25/17 8:16 P
OK guys, as one of you know I am carb intolerant. Well I have been eating carbs for the last couple LIVINGLOVINLIFE 12 1CRAZYDOG
9/25/17 11:33 A
Starting over now!!! I need to do this for me! LIZZHOLM 15 GOODLANDGAL4
9/25/17 12:07 A
I think this is what I need for my buttocks!! "WDD" GOD BLESS!!! GPALMER29 6 ENGELKUH89
9/24/17 8:00 P
9/24/17 11:11 A
Posted a photo DGFOWLER 14 REGILIEH
9/24/17 6:55 P
Have a relaxing Sunday. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 10 PATRICIA-CR
9/25/17 8:53 A
Be strong! Never give up and don't quit. We can do this. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 13 MCJULIEO
9/24/17 9:58 A
9/23/17 4:19 P
Our decision. I decide to be happy. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 18 PATRICIA-CR
9/23/17 10:48 A
If you're happy and you know it slap your friend!! If you're happy and you know it slap your friend! GPALMER29 21 PJGIRL
9/21/17 10:44 P
So I just did my inches, and Im shocked😮 Between September 4th- 21st 2017 I have lost a total of 17 TIFFY30 12 HOTPINKCAMARO49
9/21/17 5:22 P
9/21/17 6:13 P
I am so happy, yesterday I hit 10,868 steps. For me that is a lot of steps. I have been averaging 6- LIVINGLOVINLIFE 14 PATRICIA-CR
9/22/17 10:37 A
It’s impossible to express too much love. Lissa Rankin 1CRAZYDOG 11 ILOVEROSES
9/22/17 2:11 A
We are off to the wedding--- Woo Woo-- LEANJEAN6 57 DSJB9999
9/22/17 2:55 P
Doing better today than I did yesterday, so that is progress. PYNETREE 9 CANNINGNANNY
9/22/17 7:18 A
Good morning hope everybody had a wonderful night's rest!! Here it is Thursday already!! We're barre GPALMER29 36 TIGERSEYEHEART
9/21/17 5:58 P
300lbs to 218lbs. Ketogenic Success! KITKATPOUNCE 254 NREED8
9/20/17 6:53 P
Please say a prayer for my brother Chris and his girlfriend Kelly.Their flight was cancelled and the ASPEN 5 LIVINGLOVINLIFE
9/20/17 5:40 A
When you tell your husband you will get up with him to start a new morning workout routine, and you SBLACKWELL93 11 HAWKTHREE
9/20/17 7:15 A
Been awake since 2:30, It is one of those nights. Might as well get up and walk a while. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 16 MORTICIAADDAMS
9/21/17 9:04 A
Good morning...something to ponder this morning...have a great day! ' Every Cloud Has A Silver Lini MEROBERTS21 7 LITTLEREDHEN8
9/20/17 6:22 A
Believe in yourself, because you’re worth believing in. Elayna Hasty 1CRAZYDOG 12 BLESSOME
9/20/17 7:42 A
Heartbroken, our handsome dog, Finch, crossed the Rainbow Bridge last night. PYNETREE 15 SPEDED2
9/19/17 7:15 P
It is so hot and humid this morning. It took a lot to make myself go out the door. It was a slow lab SOUTHTXXRNNR 4 COMEBACKKID12
9/20/17 12:00 A
Doing my best with this high heat and humidity....drinking lots of water KITT52 3 -POOKIE-
9/19/17 11:34 A
Creatures hiding out of the fog. I see you . . 1DAY-ATA-TIME 9 SRWYLIE
9/20/17 8:37 A
Don't start....eating just 1 does not work. At least for me it doesn't. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 17 KITT52
9/20/17 10:58 A
Cutting out breads, sugars and sodas. 😏 TATERTOT7076 6 LIVINGLOVINLIFE
9/18/17 11:56 P
Feeling bummed today. Tracked my food every day, worked out 5 out of 7 days last week, just to weig CHELSEA_GLAM1 11 LIVINGLOVINLIFE
9/18/17 10:21 P
In June, I was diagnosed with diabetes. Until then, I didn't realize that as my lifestyle has given 4REBECCAENM 72 KEN1237
9/18/17 9:23 P
I been working out since March and changing my eating habits. I lost 30 so far and still got plenty CAROLINAGIRLJNT 224 STORCH2000
9/18/17 11:03 P
a sunny day--great day for a walk! LEANJEAN6 158 NEWNANCY2012
9/20/17 10:26 P
Not happy with my progress, I have to make some changes. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 20 MARBEALL
9/20/17 8:53 A
Working harder to make the healthy choices and stay away from carbs. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 18 PATRICIA-CR
9/17/17 7:58 P
9/17/17 7:58 P
9/17/17 10:57 A
Then I take a look DEBYDOINGIT 138 MDOWER1
9/17/17 6:44 P
I SHALL eat healthy----watch my points--and move more, all to-day!--(I HOPE!) LEANJEAN6 117 BABY_GIRL69
9/18/17 4:39 P
This is my first time posting a side by side picture. I have always (and still do) hate having my pi TIME4ME2017 215 MDOWER1
9/16/17 8:24 P
I had another biopsy Friday (09/15/2017) This time it is on my left arm. Suppose to keep arm elevate MISSPEACHES3 13 4CONNIESHEALTH
9/16/17 11:00 P
Just because it is Saturday doesn't mean we can forget to get it done. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 7 PATRICIA-CR
9/17/17 8:01 P
I've made a whole bunch of BABY STEPS to get where I'm at today folks but, ....."I WOULDN'T TRADE HO F5-FURY 98 KAYDE53
9/16/17 4:29 P
We did it!!! We it to the week-end. Now lets have a good one. Eat healthy and get that fitness in LIVINGLOVINLIFE 5 PATRICIA-CR
9/16/17 11:47 A
Back again. finally! TWEETYKC00 10 MBPP50
9/16/17 6:43 A
Moving a little better today. Taking it easy don't want to cause a flare up. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 8 PATRICIA-CR
9/16/17 11:50 A
Today is my 1 yr mark on my Keto program through my Doctor's office!! I weighed in last night and hi TIPHI1228 34 BEESHELL8
9/17/17 9:47 P
9/15/17 8:35 A
very tired-----worried about this dog with his whacky heart- LEANJEAN6 27 CEILIE2
9/15/17 7:49 A
"What is the most important thing that you should do right now? It's easy to figure out the answer - BOOHOOBEAR 22 IAMSUNNYHOWARD
9/15/17 8:45 P
Posted a photo DGFOWLER 13 UMUCGRAD
9/13/17 9:41 P
So what are you waiting for. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 18 GABY1948
9/14/17 3:24 A
Making healthy choices. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 14 EO4WELLNESS
9/14/17 11:41 A
Have a great day. We can do this. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 7 SPEDED2
9/12/17 10:20 P
Made my goal 2.6 miles. Will be back tomorrow. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 10 PATRICIA-CR
9/12/17 12:26 P
My poor little girl was up sick all night last night. After some hives on her belly and a trip to th SOUTHTXXRNNR 20 MASHAUNDAB
9/12/17 11:24 A
My goal today...walk 2 miles. May not seem like a lot to those who can walk 10 miles or run a marath LIVINGLOVINLIFE 10 SPEDED2
9/11/17 7:31 P
This is the 7th time starting but with the recent death of my father I need to use my pain as moment 7THDAYBEAUTY 12 7THDAYBEAUTY
9/11/17 8:10 P
Babies are fun! Enjoyed time with my friend Karen's grandson Carl. Thank you every parent for all yo AOKDIET21 8 PICKIE98
9/12/17 9:39 A
My mind goes back to that day, my heart breaks for all those that lost family and friends. I will ne LIVINGLOVINLIFE 4 PATRICIA-CR
9/11/17 6:46 P
Fall Spectacular Weight Loss Group ~INDYGIRL 13 NEWSPARKDEBBIE
9/24/17 10:09 P
Seeing alittle change but slow progress LTAYLOR729 44 LTAYLOR729
9/10/17 9:38 P
63 pounds gone and more to go!!! BECKY_US 189 MAIZIEPAIGE
9/10/17 9:18 P
I live in a suburb of Fort Lauderdale, north of Miami. We are experiencing the worst part of winds KIMLADYBUG 16 1CRAZYDOG
9/11/17 1:36 P
Having a good day. Got a walk in, stretches done. Had a healthy breakfast and lunch. Still full so w LIVINGLOVINLIFE 13 KITT52
9/11/17 4:23 P
Wow didn't think I was ever going to get through the line at the store but I got all my stuff in cas GPALMER29 12 CANDYLIND
9/10/17 8:18 P
9/11/17 10:44 A
Never stagnate & think that this is as good as it gets. Be grateful but still be optimistic. BOOHOOBEAR 5 SADIEMYERS
9/11/17 10:44 A
Good Morning Team.....I pray this finds you all safe and healthy. So many suffering the last few wee NEWSPARKDEBBIE 4 LIVINGLOVINLIFE
9/9/17 6:52 P
It's not as pretty a place to walk as some pics I see on here but this is my neck of the woods to wa DIROB57 18 MASHAUNDAB
9/12/17 11:25 A
I will make healthy choices today. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 27 PATRICIA-CR
9/10/17 10:48 A
Happy Friday afternoon Sparky's!! Ran into a friend of mine from high school that I hadn't seen in 3 GPALMER29 20 RAWN13
9/9/17 2:52 A
Yesterday wasn't too good. Today will be better. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 13 KITT52
9/9/17 11:47 A