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What time do u eat dinner? Just trying to see if I JLYNN559 95 CLALORIE
8/23/16 8:15 P
Well I've mastered the drinking of water. I walk 7 PPWHIT84 21 7STIGGYMT
8/22/16 11:10 P
My luck has been terrible. I'm over it...last week AMYANN2005 17 MSARSFIELD
8/22/16 11:10 P
Just starting. Need to make a change. My dr gave m THENEWLYNN 13 7STIGGYMT
8/11/16 3:09 P
For the send day in a row its 60 degrees! Yeah! Th KTERHUNE0509 2 LEGGSMALON
8/9/16 2:22 P
I soooo want a cheesesteak right now. My mind is HOWLING13 14 BUSCHSA524
8/8/16 6:29 P
I weighed 297 at the doctors office three weeks ag TAMMYWRONKA 73 BMARCOVIT
8/8/16 6:17 P
Been bad these past 2 days😞 RONNY562 18 RONNY562
8/6/16 9:24 P
I have a question for anyone who wants to answer. AVPARRISH36 48 VIVI65
8/3/16 2:21 P
I love my family dearly...but lately I find it better 2 keep my space...tired of ppl complaining day ZEBRALADY7575 23 ZEBRALADY7575
8/4/16 2:19 P
How long do you kids lift weights for like 20min. LEGGSMALON 5 LADYREDCOMET
8/3/16 1:59 P
How long do you kids lift weights for like 20min. LEGGSMALON 1 LEGGSMALON
8/3/16 2:58 A
Kinda liking this yoga thing. Just did 40 minutes MUDDTOES 14 LEGGSMALON
8/1/16 4:57 P
Just lost my job. All my positivity has gone out t MMACLEAN80 24 DIZZYBRITCHES
7/25/16 9:13 P
Has anyone tried hypnotherapy for compulsive eatin LEGGSMALON 3 AMALLOY6
7/14/16 8:36 A
So I have to walk inside because of the heat here LEGGSMALON 4 JLYNN559
7/7/16 7:33 P
ok people,can u tell me what u eat all day because LEGGSMALON 22 NVRGIVINGUP
5/24/16 8:41 P
I swear,I can never loose any weight cause I eat t LEGGSMALON 1 LEGGSMALON
5/23/16 6:22 P
I. need a salty crunch guys LEGGSMALON 10 LEGGSMALON
4/28/16 4:14 P
Has anyone ever taken Topamax for migraines and lo LIVINGSTONDML 30 LIVINGSTONDML
7/13/16 12:15 A
does anyone's migraines get more when allergies ki LEGGSMALON 4 LEGGSMALON
4/15/16 3:50 P
does anyone out there get more migraines when ther LEGGSMALON 1 LEGGSMALON
4/14/16 9:31 P
So I weight myself I'm still at the same weight bu LEGGSMALON 6 CRYSTALSMISSION
1/16/16 9:04 P
1/16/16 8:54 P
My poodle just purred like a little dove in her sl SCHNOOTIE 29 BONBIT57
1/16/16 7:09 A
Is there a recipe builder? I want to figure out ho SUEZE15 5 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
1/15/16 7:33 P
I just tried spaghetti squash for the first time a RAETOP 6 KATHYNBARB
1/15/16 6:24 P
Woke up its the middle of the night my mind is sui TRISTANNE 9 KAHANGI
1/10/16 4:47 A
Carp guys I never get sick! Vaccation wit sick hub LEGGSMALON 1 LEGGSMALON
1/5/16 1:27 A
Sigh...torture chair in the morning...aka the dent GSABASS 39 STRETCHYGIRL83
1/4/16 1:37 P
Back from holidays started off real good ended off ANG2874 3 GSABASS
1/3/16 8:41 P
Good Friday Sparkpeeps! I wish you all a great day STRETCHYGIRL83 51 STRETCHYGIRL83
12/18/15 8:51 P
Now I'm thinking I want to change my user name to BETH4SUCCESS 18 BETH4SUCCESS
12/15/15 11:38 P
So what is protein powder for? I mean u make a sha LEGGSMALON 6 LEGGSMALON
12/15/15 5:25 P
Carp hubby left his bag of candy in front room and LEGGSMALON 9 GSABASS
12/15/15 2:34 P
Is there anyone else out there feeling down about STRETCHYGIRL83 122 DIZZYBRITCHES
12/20/15 7:48 P
This isn't Spark related But wanted to share. I ch SFB1234 27 KFSTAAB
12/13/15 11:02 A
Sometimes it gets really frustrating when I'm the REFUSETOSINK146 10 LESLIEPN
12/8/15 11:51 P
I weigh myself daily.. I have heard people say th ODINDRIFTER 36 KBANDOLA
12/9/15 9:58 A
Is there a way to watch sparks video on a smart tv LEGGSMALON 4 BRIGHTSPARK7
12/4/15 9:09 P
TGIF SPARKPEEPS! Dealing with the neck&back pain t STRETCHYGIRL83 56 STRETCHYGIRL83
12/5/15 12:17 P
? So when u do the workouts on sparks do u watch t LEGGSMALON 1 LEGGSMALON
12/3/15 7:12 P
How do people ward off night cravings? IASM78 21 ASHOW13
11/30/15 7:18 A
Could someone please tell me if my profile is publ PNMOMMOA0102 13 EMTMOM6
11/29/15 8:45 P
Struggling with binge eating! Don't even feel hung JOANNAH92 35 DIZZYBRITCHES
11/29/15 5:06 P
Have you eaten something fruity today? INSPIRED1314 34 TR1975
11/28/15 9:20 P
Good Saturday Sparkpeeps! Movement is rough today, STRETCHYGIRL83 52 TWINSMOMTRISH
11/28/15 9:21 P
What's the weather like where u are? Here in Ohio TORRIESJOURNEY 58 GSABASS
11/28/15 7:17 P
How do you deal with joint pain when all you can h AMCELROY4 10 PICKLEFISH7
11/28/15 7:13 A
Yip working both jobs today SPARKLINGMAMA 8 THERAWISHVEGAN
11/27/15 9:00 A
A friend of mine on Facebook posted a google searc LACEYHCT 21 TWINSMOMTRISH
11/26/15 10:23 P
So today since it's thanksgiving I went way over m KATIEPHELPS91 5 ANNETJE
11/26/15 5:30 P
Working from home today - cue: awesome lunch :) St ANNETJE 11 GSABASS
11/26/15 3:54 P
Do you ever get to the bottom of your bowl and fee CJBEGINNINGS 8 GSABASS
11/26/15 3:55 P
Who plays in the SparkPeople GameRoom on the fulls IAMHOLDINGON 19 GSABASS
11/26/15 3:55 P
Good Thursday Sparkpeeps & of course, Happy Thanks STRETCHYGIRL83 47 STRETCHYGIRL83
11/26/15 4:19 P
So I tried yoga,sheezz how do u people move like t LEGGSMALON 19 DIZZYBRITCHES
11/24/15 10:14 A
? So guys and gals how many pieces of meat or fish LEGGSMALON 15 LOVSSUGAR
11/23/15 4:22 P
What's for dinner? COFFEEPLEEZ 27 KEERAKYRAM
11/23/15 8:07 A
I love zero calorie noodles. Thanks. AMBERSMYDOG 11 AMBERSMYDOG
11/22/15 5:26 P
Another road trip today. Approx. 100km driving, to MSFIGGY 22 MSFIGGY
11/22/15 12:26 P
Just lost 1 inch off my stomach ?? so happy. ISAAC1030 13 JMSTURDY
11/22/15 12:21 A
Happy Saturday Sparkpeeps! I am awake & exercising STRETCHYGIRL83 72 STRETCHYGIRL83
11/21/15 5:34 P
Hey guys has anyone tried Tai chai ( think I spell LEGGSMALON 17 LEGGSMALON
11/20/15 8:08 P
Ack! I have got to get my you-know-whatski in gear OWLKEEPTRYING 14 TWINSMOMTRISH
11/20/15 9:06 P
It's Friday Sparkpeeps! YAY! I awoke w/a headache, STRETCHYGIRL83 47 LEGGSMALON
11/20/15 7:00 P
wow. it is cold windy and snowing today. SMASON6 7 NOTGIVINGUP2015
11/20/15 3:57 P
Good morning!! PILCROW 13 LOVEHEART2016
11/19/15 6:07 A
Hi my name is Kesi (KC). I am having a difficult t KESIANNA 44 GSABASS
11/18/15 8:18 P
Went for my 60 minute, 4 mile walk and it was grea MHOOGE 9 JU5TEIVANITY
11/18/15 8:37 P
I really like today's tip, so I'm turning it into TWINSMOMTRISH 43 TWINSMOMTRISH
11/18/15 9:59 P
I just put my dad in a nursing home, stressed out. COFFEELOVER55 10 LEGGSMALON
11/18/15 4:23 P
Brain MRI in the a.m. to see if they can figure ou BETH4SUCCESS 36 BETH4SUCCESS
11/17/15 3:34 P
Too fat to go to a party! DONAINDIA 13 JACKIEHUERTA
11/16/15 9:28 P
Instead of scarfing down four pieces of pizza for TORRIESJOURNEY 13 GSABASS
11/16/15 9:24 P

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