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5/28/17 5:23 P
Hello ,friends doing my usual laundry. Looking forward to going eat pizza buffet they have amazi SHAKARIA3 2 LEEWORD
5/28/17 11:44 A
Fear of the storm is usually worse than the storm itself. Gail Lynne Goodwin 1CRAZYDOG 6 WALLAHALLA
5/28/17 5:59 P
Another 12 hour day shift, 😑. Be real glad to get back to my 3-11 shift next week. Hope everyone ha HWNHMMBRD 3 LIVEDAILY
5/28/17 4:45 P
Told my mum I'm doing this so I've got some support :D LULAKITABELLE 3 LULAKITABELLE
5/28/17 11:43 A
Before T25841 6 MTN_KITTEN
5/28/17 11:41 A
5/28/17 11:43 A
5/28/17 4:44 P
Enjoying working the 9th annual Healing Fields and honoring all our service folks those who gave the JLCDCAR 5 MERIWYLE
5/28/17 12:09 P
5/28/17 4:43 P
5/28/17 12:13 P
Up 1/2 pound ... bummer. Maybe it's the toe nail polish. Stay the course missy ... YOU are down 78 p MTN_KITTEN 22 LIVINGLOVINLIFE
5/28/17 1:32 P
Not feeling great this morning, but still about to work out. Donated all of my size 20-24 clothes ye MIKEJSGIRL 22 TIME4ME2017
5/28/17 12:53 P
Up and ready for church. 32.5 lb gone. Treated myself to new dress, jewelry and hair color!! Not f VHAYES04 60 BRENDA_77039
5/28/17 5:40 P
Finally got around to spring cleaning this weekend. These are all the clothes I wore 75 pounds ago, LUCYRAIDER84 48 FRENCHY73
5/28/17 4:17 P
I'm JOINING the community and need all the encouragement in the world! Hello all! MMILOVICH 98 IRONADONIS
5/28/17 5:12 P
Hit my first goal!! Under 250!!! (Barely, but it counts!!) 50 pounds to go!! ASCASIANO 151 IRONADONIS
5/28/17 4:59 P
I was at a clothing store yesterday and I was nervous because to be honest I've hardly gone clothe s BREMARSH91 205 CANDJMUNOZ
5/28/17 5:00 P
Posted a photo H2JOURNEY 8 KITTYKNIT
5/27/17 6:45 P
I'm starting to work on myself I've been,big my entire life and its time to change that so I'm going BDOG090 81 NANCYANND55
5/27/17 6:51 P
5/28/17 4:10 P
Weigh-in day. BJK1961 11 LADYSUISEI
5/28/17 5:16 P
Thanking those who have served our country especially those who give the ultimate sacrifice - their SUNNY332 7 MORTICIAADDAMS
5/28/17 1:24 P
So I was going to take it easy today and I was laying on the couch and looking at you tube videos I MIMIGEE2 13 1DAY-ATA-TIME
5/28/17 9:10 A
Our Gerti crossed the bridge this morning. We rescued her 2 1/2 years ago. At the time she was about AUGUSTAGLOOP 59 NANCYANND55
5/27/17 6:04 P
Arrrgghh!!! I just made the mistake of having BeVita breakfast biscuits for morning snack...... What KATHYMAG 10 VFOXFIRE1
5/27/17 4:58 P
I've finally hit 50lbs down. I was so close for so long, 48.5.... 49.... and stalled for almost two VODKASODA 120 GORDONED
5/27/17 11:32 P
As of today I am down 40 lbs. for the year!!! JULESANA8818 117 FOCUSEDSAM
5/27/17 3:49 P
Almost to my goal!!! 5 lbs to go!!! KERRERIK1 305 SPARKLE1908
5/27/17 9:12 P
Left: 3/24/16 Right: today after my workout. Excuse the sweaty face. I just finally can see a huge d STUFFY864 120 WOMANOFLOVE
5/26/17 2:45 P
42 lbs down with 121 lbs to go!! Feeling great KAYLAKYAY 66 JAZZEJR
5/27/17 3:40 A
Less than 24 hours until 100k race start! Eating all the carbs and resting today. ZORBS13 78 JAZZEJR
5/27/17 3:42 A
Good morning everyone!!!!! Today is weigh in day and I weighed in at 238.6 lbs so I am 89.6 lbs down THEJACKIEDEAN12 304 EVSHEALTHYMOM
5/28/17 7:28 A
Been away for several months. Loss of my grandmother was expected. The loss of my big sister 8 days BUSCHSA5 12 _LINDA
5/25/17 3:53 P
End of week one and I'm down 5 pounds. I hope it wasn't all water :) LOSINSUZYN14 8 MADDIEBSMAMA
5/25/17 9:13 A
off for a walk have a terrific Thursday AZMOMXTWO 2 LEEWORD
5/25/17 8:40 A
Hello! I'm new to the app, trying to get in shape and look forward to the motivation from you guys! S23374 9 S23374
5/25/17 10:30 A
morning knee rehab done - it seems to go faster when I don't get so much help though APONI_KB 8 _LINDA
5/25/17 3:52 P
5/25/17 8:45 A
Just for kicks ~ (Do your pets doing this?) DGFOWLER 42 REDROBIN47
5/25/17 11:58 P
5/26/17 3:33 A
I did it! Chuck Taylors, I'm coming for you! HIGHWAYGIRL2004 16 _LINDA
5/25/17 3:51 P
Adding to my morning walk. Goal is 1.5 hours. BJK1961 9 LIVEDAILY
5/25/17 5:44 P
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 14 GOODYBAR58
5/25/17 9:49 A
First time in a long time under 200. Yay!👍💪🏻 SYDNEYBREW 301 PROVERBS4SEVEN
5/25/17 6:01 P
5/24/17 10:10 A
Almost 3 months in and 22lbs down. 38 to go! MJAJ2017 18 MHUTTON
5/24/17 10:50 A
High protein breakfast to recoup my muscles after running my very first 5k on my very first attempt, SOULOFFIRE15 8 BACKTOBASICSTR
5/24/17 10:16 A
5/24/17 12:42 P
Need motivation to keep training to climb Mount St. Helens. I have been weight training, and doing s DEANNA72MURPHY 16 MERIWYLE
5/25/17 1:52 P
May 23 Fitbit stats - Calories in 1,867 vs calories spent 2,266 (includes basal metabolic calories). NANHBH 5 LADYFROMTHEWOOD
5/25/17 7:55 A
Finally got up ran my 3.1 miles and was able to enjoy my breakfast on my deck before the baby woke u MANDAWOLFEY 12 RETAT60
5/24/17 11:36 A
For the Ladies here. REDGINGER1 6 GOODYBAR58
5/24/17 10:19 A
What a great friend I have; she gave me honey & lemon for my cold, and mint for my water bottle RAWCOOKIE 13 LADYFROMTHEWOOD
5/25/17 7:53 A
For those fighting cancer, I just came across this article about a study that shows that exercise im MISS-WILLOW 21 WOMANOFLOVE
5/27/17 11:01 P
Posted a photo LALAP1012 30 IAN2409
5/25/17 7:15 A
5/24/17 3:19 P
Wake up this morning feeling really good I made it out the 380s HENNYFLOW29 122 FITME2017
5/24/17 6:57 P
This is my visual of showing how many pounds to lose. I haven't lost any today since I'm starting my NEWME1025 218 RENEEHUG
5/24/17 6:32 P
Down 53lbs in 3 months. WOOHOO! Finally feeling like I'm accomplishing something. SPARKE77 266 GORDONED
5/24/17 6:04 P
Just learned of the death of fellow Spark friend AMYROSEC. My thoughts and prayers are with her sons SKYDRAKE 25 SUEARNOLD1
5/24/17 8:14 A
Week one: Clean eating only, down 5 lbs 👍🏻 CHIO01267 7 SARAHELA2
5/23/17 12:24 P
This is the first picture I have taken like this in 5 years. It's time to take accountability for wh KIMBUCKHOLT 11 LEEWORD
5/23/17 11:59 A
Good morning friends have I think KEENA46 7 KEENA46
5/23/17 9:04 P
This was taken in the dressing room when I was trying on pants, all of which didn't fit properly and LEMONICYRAI 3 LEEWORD
5/23/17 11:58 A
This wrap has only 242 calories and delish. Going to bulk it up with some lettuce next time. KINDGIRL56 7 LEEWORD
5/23/17 11:57 A
Posted a photo SUEBEEGRAM 4 POSEY440
5/23/17 12:12 P
Posted a goal DMB024 8 PROVERBS4SEVEN
5/23/17 12:15 P
Does anyone in SP-land use Commit30 planners? I'm getting started and looking for ideas! #commit30 # LCM797 2 LEEWORD
5/23/17 11:55 A
Posted a photo LANA_LEE 12 TAMSHAUMENO
5/23/17 3:25 P
It feels good to see the difference I have made in THEJACKIEDEAN12 91 MARYJOANNA
5/28/17 2:47 P
Come on healthy eating. Work for us. ROBINTAYLORRN 5 NASFKAB
5/23/17 12:38 P
253 cal breakfast 😁 SHALEESUN 7 LCM797
5/23/17 12:07 P
For the first time ever, I jogged the entire trail 4 times around with only very few stops. Im impro ERIKAM1027 67 MERRILYLIFE
5/23/17 4:12 P
I did not want to put a photo of myself online......i have been ashamed. yesterday was week one of MOHNEY2 301 JANMA17
5/23/17 8:32 P

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