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SparkWheel Points - 2018 EDWARDS1411 161 PRINGLE
2/25/18 4:19 P
Down 67 pounds and feeling strong and fit! SKIPASTORY 170 PBVHCCVH
2/25/18 12:25 A
Homemade eggplant lasagna cooked in the crock pot! Delish! See my blog for how it was done. BECCABOO127 7 -POOKIE-
2/25/18 1:15 A
Posted a photo JUDY1676 10 NANASUEH
2/25/18 12:39 P
2/24/18 7:36 P
So after being sidelined for 2 days because of mig KATBRUNNER 20 TMP0418
2/25/18 6:48 A
I exercised 600 min this week! Yay! LR237787 5 JULIEA7201
2/24/18 11:55 P
My breakfast lunch and dinner for the day and a picture of my power bowl that I'm eating for dinner GPALMER29 9 RAWCOOKIE
2/25/18 1:48 P
Posted a photo GPALMER29 5 DIALYSISCHIC1
2/24/18 8:59 P
Just finished supper. I had quinoa for the first time. I cooked it in chicken broth instead of just CHITWN1 9 URBANREDNEK
2/24/18 9:23 P
Orange and lime infused water. Made a gallon instead of a cup. Waiting for it to chill HIMELISSA2007 11 CHRISTOPHER63
2/24/18 8:54 P
Why when I add exercise does it give me more calories and carbs?? Seems foolish to say I can eat 140 KBULLOCK6 5 CATHERINEKIRBY
2/24/18 7:56 P
Made roasted cauliflower and chicken in szechuan s VICKICHICKI123 4 LEANJEAN6
2/24/18 7:33 P
2/24/18 9:34 P
2/24/18 9:08 P
--trying so hard to get over the flu-- LEANJEAN6 27 PATRICIA-CR
2/25/18 1:53 P
Day One, Feb. 24th. Thank you, JLERobertson, for IRENESHOCKLEY 16 ANNIEANNYANNEE
2/25/18 12:04 A
How many log in points? MOEE45 5168 MOEE45
2/24/18 8:44 P
Daily Chat Room NEW_TO_ME 6106 NEW_TO_ME
2/25/18 11:16 A
Emoticon to show your mood to-day LEANJEAN6 352 LEANJEAN6
2/24/18 6:08 P
On my 3rd day of trying to eat healthy, to loose 15 lbs for my petite height. Any one have advise on RENDLIN 6 BAILE1MA
2/23/18 9:19 P
Posted a photo SHANED2017 6 SADIEMYERS
2/23/18 5:24 P
can't complain about rainy week & weekend -walking was actually dry this afternoon in Missouri STR458II 19 LIS193
2/24/18 12:26 P
Having a better day!😁 DOODLEBUG1993 3 LEANJEAN6
2/23/18 4:07 P
Hey everyone! Just started this challenge today! #moveit FLUFFY83 4 STATSCAT
2/23/18 4:16 P
An hour and 15 minutes on the treadmill today! Happy Friday 😊💜 WBASSETT2003 12 BEBAUGH1
2/23/18 7:12 P
Without ambition one starts nothing. Without work one finishes nothing. The prize will not be sent t JVANAM 2 LEANJEAN6
2/23/18 4:06 P
I’m on a bike FRANGIORDANO 11 ECMSGURL1205
2/23/18 6:52 P
Just got my walking in today 30 minutes I feel so good MONKEYD653 4 ECMSGURL1205
2/23/18 6:59 P
Posted a photo SHOCOSS 10 ILOVEROSES
2/24/18 8:25 A
Stay Strong! LEANJEAN6 31 SPEDED2
2/24/18 6:59 P
What is the weather in your area? LEANJEAN6 5791 DOTTIEJANE1
2/25/18 4:19 P
Went a little over in calories today, but it could have been waaaaaay worse! (sometimes you have to ANNIEONLI 10 1CRAZYDOG
2/23/18 11:33 A
Just finished my workout for the day! I’ve been pretty good following this plan of going to the gym JNMORRIS15 9 CASCOTT62
2/22/18 6:02 P
Arrived to my Physical Therapy session early and spent time on the bike warming up and waiting. CATHYSFITLIFE 3 BONNIEMARGAY
2/22/18 11:55 P
Lateral walks and diagonal backwards walk with resistance band around ankles CATHYSFITLIFE 5 CATHYSFITLIFE
2/23/18 2:50 P
Day 1 and 8 so far #h2whoa KALOWRY1 2 LEANJEAN6
2/22/18 5:38 P
Tied resistance band around table leg, working each leg in all directions. CATHYSFITLIFE 5 BONNIEMARGAY
2/22/18 11:55 P
Thunderstorms raged last night and it's been misting most of the day. I'm ready to see the sunshine! J2002HEIDS 9 J2002HEIDS
2/22/18 6:20 P
52 and frustrated! Can't lose weight because of my meds.😣😣😣😣 DOODLEBUG1993 7 FIDDLISH
2/22/18 7:20 P
Finally getting over the flu LEANJEAN6 51 RAINBOWMF
2/24/18 8:38 A
Getting there! About halfway to my goal! #healthylifestyle #thrive #yearofyou BRANDICOOK 20 BRANDICOOK
2/22/18 9:16 P
Facing my fears! JSTETSER 19 I-AM-TITANIUM
2/20/18 3:57 A
We went for a 20 minute snowshoe through deep snow, trailbreaking. It was short but it still pooped JACTIVEX 3 LEANJEAN6
2/19/18 11:19 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 8 MCFITZ2
2/19/18 12:11 P
Last Monday I went to use the scale at my drs office on a whim when I realized I’d had enough of my ERINEKROBLES 5 --CHERYL--
2/20/18 1:01 P
Walked this morning..this afternoon.. area of my home #goalfeats J_HENNINGTON 7 JAMER123
2/19/18 11:36 P
sick with the flu LEANJEAN6 61 LUNA_IS_MY_HERO
2/22/18 7:31 A
Keep moving forward...even if it's by the inch.. START40TRISH 3 MPLSKEN
2/19/18 11:39 P
Points to-day! LEANJEAN6 7846 NASFKAB
2/25/18 11:16 A
Points point, points LEANJEAN6 733 LEANJEAN6
2/19/18 11:11 A
Question of the day-- Why is Chinese food full of so many calories when tracking daily food? I had b ONETHM 3 LEANJEAN6
2/18/18 12:24 P
Does anyone else get frustrated that the calories SCGRAVER 5 CHAINSAWSAKURA
2/18/18 2:22 P
I am here, working on me, and working on supporting you! STARLITNIGHT 9 GRLTAZ
2/19/18 9:31 A
Just gotta move it into my bedroom and put the shelves in and put stuff inside. Since Mom helped it DEEKELLYE 7 DEEKELLYE
2/18/18 6:42 P
I found this dress at the store about two weeks ago and I am loving how it fits now! NAOMIRUNS 26 LARKDC
2/18/18 6:34 P
So tomo once again I will try to start changing my un healthy ways! Wish me luck! I need to do this CHLOE2525 12 MEAGOP
2/18/18 12:38 P
Heck yeah goodbye size 22-24 and 2-3x Hello size 12 jeans and large shirt woo hoo happy dance 😊 I l TMP0418 96 ALABAMASUSAN17
2/19/18 8:32 A
Early fasted workout before work this Sunday morning. Woke up finally out of the 200 range. Happy ab SHIESHA92 19 QSHEPP
2/19/18 6:40 A
week 1/day 1: I will be tracking my 4 weeks to 5k! MABERRYMIRIAM 3 MUSTANGMOM6
2/18/18 12:23 P
Posted a photo LEANJEAN6 11 LUNA_IS_MY_HERO
2/19/18 8:38 A
I have the flu- LEANJEAN6 27 JULIENSMITH
2/19/18 9:25 A
Well....I lost 70 pounds a couple of years ago and now I right back to where I started. Here I go DUANETUNSTILL 8 ELISAGAL1
2/18/18 2:05 P
points, points , points LEANJEAN6 11175 DOTTIEJANE1
2/25/18 4:08 P
Posted a photo LEANJEAN6 32 RAINBOWMF
2/18/18 9:42 A
2/16/18 11:22 A
After a 2 month plateau I did finally lose 1 pound this week. Better than none. DJWWINKS11 5 LOTUS737
2/16/18 10:15 A
Already starting the morning with icky work stuff and feelings that stem from "not good enough" and ANNIEONLI 8 CHERYLA2012
2/16/18 12:49 P
Morning all! If i just start off on going to the g KINYA4571 7 JENNGROGAN
2/16/18 11:24 A
A little walk. May manage another. ITISNTEASY 4 SMITIM
2/16/18 8:33 A
Woohoo it's going to be in the seventies here today!!! 🌞 I know what I'm doing for exercise - I'm CINDY247 7 RYCGIRL
2/16/18 11:56 A
Good Morning! I hope everyone has a Fantastic Friday! =^_^= CHIRUKEN 12 LINDASOUTHER
2/16/18 11:45 A
2/16/18 11:32 A
2/18/18 1:18 P
TGIF!!! I thank God, my family and y'all for your support this month I lost 11 pounds with a total o OLIE07 18 RAGNAR359
2/16/18 10:03 A