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I hope this weekend is exactly what you need it to be. PAMBROWN62 11 MARINEMAMA
7/8/17 6:55 A
7/8/17 6:55 A
COLE413 I feel your pain. LASHARINK 1 LASHARINK
7/5/17 9:33 P
When you don't feel hungry at all.. Is this bad? COLE413 6 CBELLE02
7/6/17 12:18 A
Had a good day yesterday and met my goals. Today, I'm still under 3,000 steps. Good thing I still LASHARINK 4 1DAY-ATA-TIME
7/6/17 7:52 A
I know LOTS of people have seen this but sometimes MY great motivator need it too!! @1HAPPYSPIRIT MEL-243 10 LASHARINK
7/5/17 9:19 P
Started walking outdoors again with my sister today. Added the MapMyWalk app to my phone last year LASHARINK 6 RIEFOR
6/5/17 10:11 P
I'm glad I decided to read the feed today. I haven't been sticking to my plan & am pretty disgusted CHERAFFE 6 PUDINTAYNE
6/5/17 9:34 P
7/24/17 10:30 P
Anyone want to be friends on TIMETOLOSEIT99 4118 FINDINGWENDY914
7/25/17 9:49 A
Weekly Goal - 2017 - 05/21/17- 05/27/17 ROCKMAN6797 27 LASHARINK
5/30/17 7:25 A
Did you take your vitamins today? HARLEYANGELONE 52835 BIGTOSS03
7/25/17 9:50 P
One month apart scale only moved 2 pounds but my face seems a little smaller! Can anyone else see DRGONABFIT 55 DRGONABFIT
5/23/17 1:50 P
Although I didn't reach my goal of 15,000 steps on a few days, I made up for it on the other days an LASHARINK 9 SILVAS7
5/23/17 5:50 A
Ok this is a little mean 😉, but whatever gets you motivated, right. Happy Monday. LMS050902 25 TIME4ME2017
5/22/17 2:47 P
7/25/17 10:08 P
Log In & Team Bonus Points JEANNIENOKLA 1273 KAYDE53
7/25/17 10:28 P
Face to face friday. I am in an alternate world where i cannot believe the left used to be me and th LUCKYLISA12002 111 CHRISTINA332017
5/19/17 5:40 P
Little by little, I can see the change. I'm still a long way from my goal, but at least I know I'm o HMARIE1983 297 MSCANDI_99
5/19/17 6:53 P
Said no to office donuts this morning! Feeling proud! 👍🏻🍎 JAMIES 207 ELLEYANNA
5/19/17 1:08 A
Shrinking little by little 263 down to 188 DBUCKNER4 302 KITTYF54
5/19/17 11:24 A
Attending a Mother's Day Dinner, Fashion Show and Dance tonight so I got in a few extra steps yester LASHARINK 10 SPARTANJAI
5/14/17 7:01 A
Good morning is weigh in day and THEJACKIEDEAN12 226 BOBGEO57
5/26/17 10:43 P
Vegan Maki Sushi Rice, White Kimchi, Avacado. Sauce: 1/2 Braggs Amino Acid & 1/2 Coconut Amino. W SETTINGMEFREE 10 ROBBIEY
5/11/17 8:22 P
7 weeks only 15 lbs but I can see a difference...can you? Sorry about the quality...broke my camera FREESTONETR 221 FREESTONETR
5/12/17 1:29 P
Allergies/sinus really slowed me down last week. But after a few hot toddies at least I was able to LASHARINK 2 BABY_GIRL69
5/11/17 1:16 P
If you need more energy start the day with more protein. I had an avocado, egg, and toast. Use can u TUBLADY 16 ILOVEROSES
5/12/17 10:47 A
My supper I made last night. Black sesame seed crusted Ahi tuna with a little rice and homemade Asia HALLOWEENJEN 16 JAMER123
5/12/17 12:33 A
It's been 3 years since this day...I use to feel v THEJACKIEDEAN12 305 DEBERAH
5/19/17 12:42 P
Transformation Tuesday - the picture on the left was me LAST May!! I'm a work in progress but seeing BEFITSPIRITED 210 CHERIE682
5/9/17 9:55 P
Pounds lost jars and workout jar. All Disney inspired of course! DISNEYDAMSEL1 6 SPARKLE-IT
5/6/17 9:06 P
Had an visit this week.... Great news doctor came in the roo. And said you may be going through so REGINATUBBS 14 POPPEE2
7/7/17 2:15 P
This is nice to see! I started at 186 pounds almost 2 and a half months ago! I'm soaring way above t FITSISTA79 140 BJK1961
5/7/17 1:54 P
Happy Sunday, y'all!! MIRANDAMASON603 32 EMMACORY
4/30/17 11:40 A
Blessed to be here. Yesterday wasn't a "best day" for me, because I've done better. The good news LASHARINK 20 FISHGUT3
4/29/17 9:33 A
Some inches slimmer from last photos. Right pic was taken 4/25/17. Tracking progress. ASERET8470 9 TIBURONA
5/2/17 11:06 P
Did you have a good Monday? Let's all reach a bunch of goals this week together! My highlight today SPARKGUY 103 MARGEOB
5/1/17 6:00 P
Results are in for last week's Fitbit tracking. Had a few lazy days but overall I did good. LASHARINK 17 BABY_GIRL69
4/27/17 2:55 P
Increase my step count this week! YEAH PROJECTCHRISSIE 6 CARTOON3
4/24/17 6:11 P
This is me now with a weight of 240 pounds, I was 260. EROCHELLE22 15 MORTONDH
4/24/17 10:41 P
Lost 18 pounds in 6 weeks feel good. Yes we can!!! AMP102104 179 BURNETTERULES
5/6/17 9:32 A
After heart surgery heart attack and plenty of other health issue im blessed that im able to workout B81064 21 BIKE4HEALTH
4/24/17 1:45 A
Put on this outfit today after not wearing it for THEJACKIEDEAN12 216 AFRICANW
5/23/17 7:36 P
(Shared elsewhere before this!) Um, guys? I'm kind of freaking out right now. I'm out of the 200 cl MSCOTT138 225 TCANNO
4/21/17 3:44 A
Introduce Yourself Here! ROCKMAN6797 3642 NOTABLISH
7/25/17 11:21 P
Hi all, I am happy to say that I lost 6.7lbs my 1st week. My 1st goal was to track everything I ate, SETTINGMEFREE 112 ELIGHTFUL60
5/13/17 8:13 A
February 28 - April 11. Slowly but surely, I will get there. HOL1218 303 AMYBRO1
4/17/17 10:24 A
Share your goals for this challenge HERE! COACH_NICOLE 5019 SUSIEMAE
7/23/17 3:03 P
Did You Read a Team Member's Blog Today? -RUBIES- 216 -RUBIES-
2/4/17 7:31 P
Oh Boy! Shouldn't Have Eaten That -RUBIES- 92 TRACY6659
5/26/16 8:09 P
Prayer Chain MARLA7 4671 KERRYG155
7/24/17 6:29 P
ABC at the Grocery Store JAZZYJUDE 47339 SHARON10002
7/25/17 10:57 P
If ever I needed prayers... FLUFFINGTON 11 LINWINAGAIN
9/10/15 1:26 P
A-Z Words with Double Letters in Them JILL313 3202 SPEDED2
7/25/17 8:34 P
A Grocery Store Item A to Z WOLFSPIRITS 67365 SHECAZZ
7/26/17 2:17 A
Last Fruit Eaten? HPOWENS 69847 RAPUNZEL53
7/26/17 4:00 A
Two words - change one BOBBIEDAZZLER1 158254 RAPUNZEL53
7/26/17 3:47 A
Two Words Change One JUDYGENTRY 28061 PHATPAT18
7/25/17 8:48 P
"M" is for... DENIBAR 47721 BARCELONAME
4/20/17 11:23 P
Keep one word Drop one word IMALBY 56067 RAPUNZEL53
7/23/17 7:24 A
How many Spark points,Total ? KOOCH4 75878 NASFKAB
7/26/17 2:00 A
write the first word this word makes you think of KEEPITUP 91235 SUSANBEAMON
7/26/17 3:33 A
How did you feel when you woke up this morning? TWININGS12 9535 SKMMOM16
7/25/17 11:14 P
A New Comer? Introduce Yourself Here! -RUBIES- 147 -RUBIES-
8/28/16 9:45 P
What's the Temp like where you live?? Emoticon QUEEN_CEE 202 MSLINDA50
1/1/16 9:25 A
7/25/17 9:14 P
7/25/17 10:16 P
7/25/17 9:48 P
7/25/17 7:35 P
Summer Melt Down WL Chat MASTERPIECE8 68 NANCYPAT1
9/8/15 8:55 P
What is your favorite vegetable? LETSWORKITOUT 85 SHARON10002
6/1/17 12:33 A
Don't Fall Behind - 1lb a week until 9/20! NHES220 856 MYWAYHIWAY
10/12/15 2:56 P
NEW... Last Letter starts new word. TERRACOTTAGE 9073 WANTSZU
7/25/17 9:17 P
12/21/15 8:32 P
7/25/17 6:19 P

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