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This journey is so hard for me. I feel like it is all for nothing. I don't see any results when I tr GINGB1985 27 EMILYGLAM
1/9/17 11:29 P
#NSV I just bought a pair of XL workout pants. Heck yeah!! I haven't been an XL anything in years. I LANEYTHEGIRL 30 M42632
1/8/17 12:22 A
I am a mother of 5 and I am always looking for ways to save money..I am having a hard time meal prep KPEREZ463 11 JENNYRENN
1/8/17 12:14 A
Dang I messed up already .. I need to get more serious I went out for food ,,I'm so mad at myself. . D01893 8 J31443
1/5/17 11:52 P
1/3/17 2:00 P
Im a big mess at all this, I weigh 297 lbs and doesn't feel good.I need help,and I don't like tracki YRIVERA477 23 ANN_72758
1/5/17 12:20 P
So i let myself go for 2 weeks and i weighed a few days ago and hadn't lost OR gained and i was ok b ANTHROPOLOGY1 18 JADIEGIRL1974
12/13/16 6:59 P
Hey Spark people good morning and wish you all a g GULSHAFAQ 21 JLYN1976
12/9/16 6:02 P
What do yall do to get thru bouts of #depression ( SOULSEEKER77 28 DEENAD73
12/10/16 11:35 A
Suggestions What can I do to canned green beans to CORALINE01 41 MAO-MIAOWS
12/6/16 10:34 P
I stopped losing. I think i need to up my calories im eating below 1200 #needadvice #weightcheck #go HMCSWEENE 14 FSAMUEL6
12/13/16 4:31 A
Mind over matter isn't working for me. Anyone have AEVAERIEBLUE832 16 DANILEI
12/3/16 2:16 P
Cardio vs. strength training? Where do you fall? I LANEYTHEGIRL 17 VANILLASKY15
11/23/16 1:28 A
I am down 32 pounds, another 50 to go. Need some n MART7738 8 TRISH12211221
11/18/16 12:49 A
Does any one else have a problem finding exercise PATRICIAROWE73 6 CLARADAY
11/15/16 6:29 P
I have a terrible habit of getting on the scale mu BRENDALUE13 13 BRENDALUE13
11/15/16 6:43 P
So bummed out. Fiancé says he is in love with the LIGHTDRIVEN 35 LANNEMACK
11/10/16 9:21 P
For those of you with very physical jobs, how does KELLEYKELLER 32 KENK667
11/8/16 11:51 A
Has always wanted to lose weight, I keep trying to YAMS2510 9 CIDPGIRL
11/6/16 5:57 A
Walked every day for the last week, it's getting e SCARTLICH 14 BABYGURL45
11/6/16 9:39 A
Help.....there are so many ideas in low carb keto CHERYLMARIE1212 3 LANEYTHEGIRL
11/5/16 10:24 A
Wondering why I keep seeing people say they are do JACQUIEB75 60 MSMAKEOVER
10/30/16 3:11 P
Ok, runners, can you diagnose me? Halfway through ARUALN 21 ARUALN
10/10/16 9:19 P
I feel kind of stupid getting my 10,000+ steps in on our driveway, but it beats cars swerving at me KKM1985 9 LADYREDCOMET
9/7/16 2:06 P
So today isn't going to well. Just about maxed out CHEVYGRL12 8 CSA6C22
9/1/16 6:09 P
How many times is too many to start over? Uugghhh HORTON0212 31 CINNAMONSPARKLE
8/24/16 10:05 A
#firstpost Finishing first week. Not bad. Miss pea CASSPRATT 15 S_MHANCOCK
7/22/16 12:16 P
Following very strict keto. Lost 17 pounds right o LIZZIEBADROADS 15 LIZZIEBADROADS
7/19/16 1:03 P
Discouraged!!! 6 days, staying the same weight!!! GINGERDKL 16 GINGERDKL
7/18/16 11:36 A
7/13/16 9:09 P
I have fallen off the wagon with my weight loss. TXGAL5 3 SHAMMROCK68
7/11/16 3:50 P
Anyone workout their hardest and then just feel dr MYKIDSMOMMY8 5 ORANGESUNRISE
6/25/16 3:15 A
#Friendfinder I'm fairly new and having a hard tim KRYSTALWATERFAL 25 KTERHUNE0509
6/25/16 4:07 P
MOTD 6/8 "The House at the end of Time" JUSTME29 4 ICECUB
6/8/16 6:47 P
Just finished an intense exercise and had a light SHANITAARITA 13 12BREAKTHECYCLE
6/8/16 12:36 A
Last night I totally fell of the wagon! I are a bu STIEFELLINDSAY 20 MUZKLUVR
6/5/16 12:33 P
Quiz 6/2 JUSTME29 7 ICECUB
6/2/16 7:27 P
I workout/exercise every day. I see some people on FRANSMITH1568 17 LANEYTHEGIRL
6/1/16 9:51 P
5.29: What type of horror movies will you not watc FOLLYBEACH71 7 LANEYTHEGIRL
5/31/16 1:13 P
I need some #motivation. Didn't eat the best last POISONIV300X2 14 BIGGULL
5/21/16 11:48 A
What do you do to encourage yourself to go back to CHRYSTIV88 19 BUBBA365
5/18/16 6:09 P
So how often do you weigh in? I want to keep a ch AUTUMN385 42 ERICLEWIS1977
5/17/16 8:42 A
I just got a Fitbit and I love it!!!!! My goal is WORKOUT_GIRL58 49 MIZZNIECY
5/20/16 7:20 P
Am I wrong for wanting my husband to voluntarily c AMYSUE322 49 SUSANMCDONOUGH
5/18/16 3:47 A
Team Member Of The Week for May 15th-May 22nd TWEETYKC00 6 PRUPLEBEAR
5/17/16 9:24 P
Hey I'm new to this, and I'm already struggling .. MAFER12 18 WASU132
5/15/16 3:34 P
I'm reading all these posts from people who have l REBIRTH60 28 DOLLYDOLLY951
5/12/16 6:44 P
I have a question about my fit bit. I've had it f MHOOGE 4 JET444
5/9/16 9:10 A
Anyone else find hashtags annoying? MMMBUJI6 21 AWHOLENEWROSE
5/3/16 3:48 A
4.17: Dead Snow (Streaming on Netflix) FOLLYBEACH71 7 CATHYSFITLIFE
4/19/16 1:21 A
Is a calorie just a calorie?? What I mean is. If I stay under my allotted calories I'm supposed to BUBBA9UMP 16 CH64412010
4/8/16 11:00 A
Need some cardio ideas other than treadmill. Tried QSHEPP06 16 SEEMELTRI
4/6/16 1:50 A
Been walking 2.5-3.5 miles at a pretty good pace ( ALEANERME2 10 SEEMELTRI
4/6/16 1:55 A
This is harder than I thought :/ really disappoint REB_TRN 11 DIZZYBRITCHES
4/2/16 10:04 A
How does one exercise when its coold outside? I lo DGUZMAN2015 38 DIANALAZZELL
3/15/16 5:04 A
3.12: 10 Trailers that were better than the movie FOLLYBEACH71 5 LANEYTHEGIRL
3/14/16 2:52 P
Anyone stuck at home?? How are you working out (if TALEAEVE 12 LNINO3
3/13/16 4:00 A
Hardest thing I've cut down on is chips. I eat the PARRIE98 27 SONIA_THORNTON
3/12/16 1:02 P
Hard to no drink alcohol when I meet my friends fo DRKATZ 23 RITIKA6999
3/9/16 12:47 A
Yesterday's Report: Calories Eaten: 1028 Calorie R NOTYOURAVERAGE1 13 NOTYOURAVERAGE1
3/8/16 12:05 P
Had a pretty rough day... Drank tons of water ate CMCBRIDE86 20 CSKEARNEY0926
3/8/16 11:50 A
Been doing good lost 8lbs in a week but can't stop ZIKIAH 7 LANEYTHEGIRL
3/7/16 9:15 P
I go to the doctor tomorrow for a check up. Kind o LANEYTHEGIRL 3 KORRILCONGDON
3/2/16 7:58 P
Trying to motivate myself to take a walk. INSITHIOUS 5 SCHNOOTIE
3/2/16 8:00 P
What do you do to relieve stress, when your in a f TBRINKERH 31 LANEYTHEGIRL
2/29/16 11:38 P
Hate that my calories for the day are met because ALISHAC34 15 KIMLADYBUG
2/26/16 8:17 P
How do I not eat after I get drunk even though I'm AAT150 90 NELSANNA
2/26/16 7:41 P
High intensity interval training (HIIT) had anyone PATRICIA346 8 FATMOMRUN
2/24/16 11:20 P
I had four slices of pizza yesterday LNAYIBZAD 14 LEELEEBT-
2/24/16 1:37 P
My Zumba studio is closing. So sad. It feels like LANEYTHEGIRL 4 LANEYTHEGIRL
2/23/16 1:26 A
Well I gave in my roommate made spaghetti and my k LUCKYMONROE1980 9 LUCKYMONROE1980
2/23/16 10:27 A
I need to lose 8lbs by Thursday for a weight in an IKE5533 9 NEWME2B
2/22/16 10:30 A
Is their any place to keep track of my inches? PLRAGAN 9 PLRAGAN
2/18/16 11:09 P
Favorite workout? KATIELBROWN815 11 ANYARU
2/16/16 11:59 P
Feelings about fake sweeteners? KATIELBROWN815 36 DIANALAZZELL
3/19/16 7:00 A

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