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#lifegoal I can finally get my apron strings all the way around my waist and tie a knot in the front VSMITH84 10 BLONDWUNN
11/21/17 7:04 P
Did you know that 1 stinkin' Dunkin Dounuts Munchk BEACHCHICA08 15 BEACHCHICA08
11/21/17 9:55 A
How are you guys planning to handle Thanksgiving? I'm going to try to eat really well these next few LANEYTHEGIRL 11 MISTRESSOHORROR
11/21/17 8:26 A
a reminder for those who are struggling... AMYJO1967 29 REGILIEH
11/15/17 11:20 P
It's been awhile since I have updated! Since I started using sparkpeople, I've lost and maintained KATBRUNNER 302 FISHGUT3
11/15/17 6:09 P
11/13/17 12:38 P
I plan on going shopping for some new clothes on Black Friday coming up on the 24th of this month. S ALLYLIZZY 5 ZRIE014
11/2/17 7:27 P
Beer...I love it but it's throwing me off track. Every. Single. Time. I'm gonna have to give it up f LANEYTHEGIRL 23 MISTRESSOHORROR
11/3/17 12:26 P
Horror Movies A to Z! OHANAMAMA 2952 LOSER05
11/21/17 10:54 A
So I helped my sister pack and move Saturday and these were my numbers. I woke up with sore feet and LANEYTHEGIRL 8 MISTRESSOHORROR
10/17/17 3:32 P
A week off of fast food has made so much difference in the swelling in my ankles. #BeforeAndAfter SPARKELLY20103 135 CFITZ1
10/17/17 11:31 P
great end to the day. AMBURCH2 6 MADEINBRITAIN
9/28/17 3:53 A
9/27/17 4:55 P
I wanted to do a side by side to perk myself up during the slower weight loss weeks. I'm surprised a CSILVERS 236 CSILVERS
9/24/17 12:17 P
My visual motivator and tracker! I keep it on my desk and color a petal in for each pound lost. PINKMUSTARD21 166 IAN2409
9/21/17 10:33 P
Horror stories are full of secrets! MISTRESSOHORROR 21 JUSTME29
10/26/17 9:02 A
9/24/17 4:35 P
MOTD 9/13 "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" JUSTME29 7 BESTMEPOSSIBLE
9/14/17 11:32 P
8/30/17 12:25 P
A work in progress. LANEYTHEGIRL 11 MOONBEAR7
8/29/17 2:34 P
I finally broke down and bought some Brooks. I truly didn't believe an expensive running shoe would ZIGGYSTARSHAY 21 ZIGGYSTARSHAY
8/28/17 9:12 P
Kristy aka Tweety was admitted to the hospital FOLLYBEACHKELLY 4 TWEETYKC00
8/30/17 4:50 P
Didn't feel like it. But walking. ROBINLABELLE 134 MPLSKEN
8/17/17 4:13 P
Team Member Of The Week for Aug 13th-Aug 20th TWEETYKC00 5 MAW_OH
8/16/17 8:40 P
I'm still struggling to drop pounds but the inches are coming of. This picture was taken on my birth QUEENESTHER200 9 QUEENESTHER200
8/8/17 2:09 P
MOTD 8/8 "Dark Tower" JUSTME29 5 LARAE329
8/8/17 8:41 P
Hey! I've been gone for a long while but I am back again taking a new approach to this weight loss t LOSEINSTYLE 34 LANEYTHEGIRL
8/2/17 3:02 P
I just burned 260 calories pulling weeds for 35 minutes. I'm hot and tired. Man that was a workout. LANEYTHEGIRL 3 SPARTANJAI
7/30/17 2:36 P
Down 70 lbs, making a small reminder of how far i' SPARKE77 310 RASFURY
9/13/17 9:40 A
We all start somewhere. Lol. LANEYTHEGIRL 5 SUEKIMMY
7/25/17 11:50 A
I am disgusted with myself. This is the heaviest I've ever been in my entire life. Doing simple tas TUCKME13 32 YMWONG22
7/18/17 12:35 A
7.15: Doctor Strange (Streaming on Netflix) Sci-Fi FOLLYBEACHKELLY 7 ICECUB
7/19/17 9:54 P
July 16 - Penny Dreadful series on Netflix OHANAMAMA 5 LANEYTHEGIRL
7/17/17 2:02 P
Got my 2 miles in, but had to do it in steps....part in Vaughn, NM and the other part in Williams, A MRSTRUCKER58 15 SPARK_COACH_JEN
7/17/17 6:34 A
Yesterday was a good day for me. Got in a real wor LANEYTHEGIRL 12 ROBBIEY
7/16/17 6:41 P
First strenuous workout in a few months. Hard as heck but it felt great. LANEYTHEGIRL 8 PARISGRL7
7/15/17 7:17 P
Summer Challenge: 6.15-7.31 FOLLYBEACHKELLY 24 PRUPLEBEAR
7/24/17 7:58 P
MOTD 6/6 "Shaun of the Dead" JUSTME29 8 LAURIEBLT
6/7/17 8:58 P
I've been doing this for a few years and have always weighed myself once a week. Usually if I've gai LANEYTHEGIRL 7 ELIMARI
5/31/17 2:23 P
5.29: The Blackcoats Daughter BESTMEPOSSIBLE 8 OHANAMAMA
5/31/17 9:27 A
This is my visual of showing how many pounds to lose. I haven't lost any today since I'm starting my NEWME1025 218 RENEEHUG
5/24/17 6:32 P
I started tracking my food again this week because I felt like I was eating too much and all the wro LANEYTHEGIRL 6 CIERAPOET
5/24/17 2:14 A
5/22/17 2:36 P
Just starting today. 2KIDMOMMA 42 LALATIDAH
4/6/17 2:23 P
Today I weighed in 4 lbs lighter than when I started a week ago, so in light of that, I took a full ACROSSLIN88 50 ACROSSLIN88
4/5/17 1:53 P
Where's the little points wheel? LANEYTHEGIRL 4 OHANAMAMA
3/11/17 10:18 A
2 months of consistent workouts, charting my food, taking pictures and measurements, setting persona CHOLA82 27 CONSECRATED2GOD
3/4/17 3:26 P
This journey is so hard for me. I feel like it is all for nothing. I don't see any results when I tr GINGB1985 30 IMNERDY2
2/21/17 4:12 A
#NSV I just bought a pair of XL workout pants. Heck yeah!! I haven't been an XL anything in years. I LANEYTHEGIRL 30 M42632
1/8/17 12:22 A
I am a mother of 5 and I am always looking for ways to save money..I am having a hard time meal prep KPEREZ463 11 JENNYRENN
1/8/17 12:14 A
Dang I messed up already .. I need to get more serious I went out for food ,,I'm so mad at myself. . D01893 8 J31443
1/5/17 11:52 P
1/3/17 2:00 P
Im a big mess at all this, I weigh 297 lbs and doesn't feel good.I need help,and I don't like tracki YRIVERA477 23 ANN_72758
1/5/17 12:20 P
So i let myself go for 2 weeks and i weighed a few days ago and hadn't lost OR gained and i was ok b ANTHROPOLOGY1 18 JADIEGIRL1974
12/13/16 6:59 P
Hey Spark people good morning and wish you all a g GULSHAFAQ 21 JLYN1976
12/9/16 6:02 P
What do yall do to get thru bouts of #depression ( SOULSEEKER77 28 DEENAD73
12/10/16 11:35 A
Suggestions What can I do to canned green beans to CORALINE01 41 MAO-MIAOWS
12/6/16 10:34 P
I stopped losing. I think i need to up my calories im eating below 1200 #needadvice #weightcheck #go HMCSWEENE 14 FSAMUEL6
12/13/16 4:31 A
Mind over matter isn't working for me. Anyone have AEVAERIEBLUE832 16 DANILEI
12/3/16 2:16 P
Cardio vs. strength training? Where do you fall? I LANEYTHEGIRL 17 VANILLASKY15
11/23/16 1:28 A
MOTD 6/8 "The House at the end of Time" JUSTME29 4 ICECUB
6/8/16 6:47 P
Quiz 6/2 JUSTME29 7 ICECUB
6/2/16 7:27 P
5.29: What type of horror movies will you not watc FOLLYBEACHKELLY 7 LANEYTHEGIRL
5/31/16 1:13 P
Team Member Of The Week for May 15th-May 22nd TWEETYKC00 6 PRUPLEBEAR
5/17/16 9:24 P
4.17: Dead Snow (Streaming on Netflix) FOLLYBEACHKELLY 7 CATHYSFITLIFE
4/19/16 1:21 A
3.12: 10 Trailers that were better than the movie FOLLYBEACHKELLY 5 LANEYTHEGIRL
3/14/16 2:52 P
6/23/16 4:21 P
Active member check in! :) OHANAMAMA 94 FOLLYBEACHKELLY
7/25/16 12:39 P
2/11/16 4:26 P
MOTD 2/11 "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" JUSTME29 7 LARAE329
2/24/16 9:12 A
I LOVE this pic of Robert Englund... OHANAMAMA 8 CATHYSFITLIFE
2/9/16 11:05 P
1/25/16 3:59 P
1.25 Making a Murderer Series on Netflix OHANAMAMA 4 PRUPLEBEAR
1/28/16 6:12 A
1.23: Storm of the Century FOLLYBEACHKELLY 6 ALOHACYL
1/25/16 4:00 P
1.10: Star Wars: The Force Awakens FOLLYBEACHKELLY 5 LANEYTHEGIRL
1/12/16 1:43 P