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View out my kitchen window this morning. MAGICAL13 22 PBVHCCVH
12/11/17 8:25 P
Goal #1 exercise at least 10mins daily, #achieved. I-AM-ME33 3 ROBINVOTAW
12/11/17 2:20 P
Never give up .after breaking through my second pl KEN1237 103 MAZUR157
12/11/17 2:44 P
Managed to clean out the chicken coop, clean off & MWARNER211 9 PWILLOW1
12/11/17 6:58 P
Storybook Land was a big success! I did a million squats trying to take photos. And ran/walked a mi KMCGR3 7 ALALADY
12/11/17 5:15 P
Slowly but surely! Keep on, keeping on! TEXASHSMOMOF3 28 MDOWER1
12/11/17 6:58 P
Lunch time spring mix, cucumber, onion, garlic, chick peas and raspberry vinaigrette TMP0418 12 SADIEMYERS
12/11/17 4:46 P
ready for another good week - looking forward to starting a streak with walking / exercising MARILYNS69 9 KILTORE
12/11/17 6:23 P
45 pounds and feels so good. 55 to go. LLUCAS74 22 MDOWER1
12/11/17 6:57 P
I started my weight loss program on 11/13/17 at 251lbs. Today I weighed in at 236lbs. It has not bee AARONGABBY 90 CFITZ1
12/11/17 8:35 P
Took my son out for a little walk this morning walked to the end of our road and back! LS1992 21 ALALADY
12/11/17 5:13 P
Planning to enjoy my birthday today since we only get one a year! LPORTER2015 310 SPEDED2
12/11/17 10:10 P
1/2 way there☺ ST3PH 10 BILLTHOMSON
12/10/17 6:36 P
Anybody else ever get holiday blues? I did today. Sometimes we have this image of how things should YISKAMIRYAM 6 MERLECHRIS
12/10/17 4:08 P
I love how Spark coaching center sends these little reminders. Today it's "don't eat out- try a grea THANKFUL2THRIVE 5 THANKFUL2THRIVE
12/10/17 4:06 P
Getting a Grip before this year ends!! LONGLEANNLANKY 9 MSLZZY
12/10/17 8:22 P
I know him, I know him😂😂😂 BRENDA196122 11 TBRYAN-LU
12/10/17 4:51 P
Late, High Protein Lunch is,..... Accomplished! SMOKED CHICKEN & BBQ BOLOGNA! F5-FURY 15 JAMER123
12/10/17 11:56 P
Week 2 of 5k training completed in 26 degrees. Is FITHIKER64 24 WLHOPE
12/10/17 8:36 P
Not my bathroom but so funny. KILTORE 18 1CRAZYDOG
12/11/17 4:12 P
This chocolate chip muffin has 630 calories. Several years ago, I could easily eat two for a mid mo ARCHIMEDESII 20 ALLYLIZZY
12/11/17 12:42 A
I realize more and more each day how much of a downer I am to myself. I write notes and give goodie KILTORE 34 WOMANOFLOVE
12/11/17 9:35 P
25 pounds down 💪 feeling so confident! LAURENN1994 67 FRABBIT
12/10/17 8:41 P
I finally got up the nerve to post my before and current photos. I was shocked by the difference! Wh BUNNY_SHAWE 264 NANAOHMEN
12/10/17 10:02 P
Posted a photo MISSYCAMERON 25 -POOKIE-
12/10/17 3:29 A
A customer walked into our store looking for Christmas lights. I showed her our top brand, but—wanti JUDY1676 10 SAN47BEE
12/10/17 3:41 P
Posted a photo CARMANJAYE 7 MOGLO
12/10/17 12:25 A
This will be my new goal starting Monday CARMANJAYE 9 BUTTERFLY59
12/9/17 8:10 P
Happy Saturday❄☃ J38850 17 LIBR@RYL@DY
12/9/17 8:17 P
Soo tired...Did 2 commercial cleaning jobs today equaling 7 hours worth of exercise. ZUMBAENTHUSIAST 5 7STIGGYMT
12/9/17 9:21 P
My cardio workout today BIGRENTMAN 15 STR458II
12/10/17 12:16 P
#BeforeAndAfter It's my birthday today! KITTYLOVERAJA 191 PWILLOW1
12/10/17 2:50 P
Goal!!! ST3PH 20 KAYDE53
12/9/17 9:06 P
Help!!! I fell off the wagon for a couple of months and I need inspiration bad!!! I want to lose at KIMBERLYASHLYN 12 333HONEYBABE333
12/8/17 7:01 P
12/8/17 1:48 P
12/9/17 6:10 P
14 pounds down and 17 to go😌. LYNNETTA23 6 _LINDA
12/8/17 2:07 P
my reward is colorful stock pot to make my daily soup in- it starts with a pound of veggies .... #5 STR458II 22 LIS193
12/9/17 12:02 P
Lunch! I love this stuff with a little cheese on top! XSIOBHANXSMITHX 15 CHRISTOPHER63
12/8/17 3:29 P
Well I guess you can say don't go shopping hungry but it's all healthy 😊 I need help eating it all TMP0418 29 -POOKIE-
12/9/17 2:44 A
12/9/17 12:03 A
I still have a few pounds to go, but my before photo showed up today and reminded me how far I’ve co MOMMALGT 199 GABIRUSZCZAK
12/8/17 9:49 P
Prayers for my granddaughter Cara please. She is back in the hospital in Saginaw with pneumonia and KELLY48647 178 CANNINGNANNY
12/9/17 6:23 A
Stop by and leave a smiley... DAIZYSTARLITE 47925 DAIZYSTARLITE
12/11/17 9:08 P
A - Z Occupations KAEDE... 111769 PHILLIESFAN2
12/11/17 8:55 P
Bands or Singers A-Z JENJEN1004 49797 CATLOVER110
12/11/17 8:22 P
A very dear friend of mine hit a rough patch in his marriage. He told me, "I am making a real effor MCASKEY6 14 BGGRLLVSLF
12/7/17 6:02 P
Being overweight has finally come to haunt me. (Without going into detail) I was 'denied' life insur JENS_LOSING_IT 13 JENS_LOSING_IT
12/7/17 5:55 P
I've been in a funk and have been little heart-broken the last week or so. So, I've been taking it o KATBRUNNER 14 WOMANOFLOVE
12/8/17 12:05 P
Posted a photo KILTORE 20 STARFISH1961
12/8/17 6:30 P
341->300, and size 52->42 jeans, since mid-May. 24 days early to the 300lb. goal. Now I buy a bike DASH__LOM 111 CHRISTOPHER63
12/7/17 6:38 P
I know I just posted yesterday but I am OUT of the 300's!!!! So excited!!! I'm exercising or trying ANGELICMOMMA 94 GOODGETNBETR
12/8/17 1:58 A
I found the third Wiseman on E-Bay- doesn’t he fit right in?!?! Now to be a Wise woman and eat sup NEEDBU66 10 1BODY_1LIFE
12/7/17 5:37 P
Lunch under 300 calories 😊😜 RHETTDOG 26 RHETTDOG
12/8/17 12:56 A
#sogreatful #hallelujah Thankful to my sister that #donatedlife on my behalf #paireddonation #kidney TRAY1229 26 MAIZIEPAIGE
12/8/17 1:01 P
Hi my name is Jacqueline. I’m 21 years old and I’ve struggled with my weight my entire life. In Sept THEJACKIEDEAN12 194 CONNIET88
12/8/17 8:21 A
A - Z Boy names JEZRAI 134653 HOTPINKCAMARO49
12/11/17 9:04 P
Animals A-Z!!!! HAPPY_HEART_JEN 24030 SHEHULK86
12/11/17 10:16 P
A-Z girls names LITTLEWITCH13 248636 SUNSET09
12/11/17 8:41 P
For the first time in a few years, I feel like I can truly start to hold myself accountable. I dropp LIZFEMM 5 LIZFEMM
12/6/17 5:54 P
Posted a goal THROOPER62 3 CIERAPOET
12/6/17 5:39 P
This shirt used to be so tight on me that the spaces between the buttons would stretch and show the KBEGEY 62 NOCALORIES
12/6/17 10:34 P
Posted a goal THROOPER62 3 CIERAPOET
12/6/17 5:37 P
Posted a goal THROOPER62 3 CIERAPOET
12/6/17 5:36 P
Posted a goal THROOPER62 3 CIERAPOET
12/6/17 5:36 P
Hit my goal today!! 68 lbs! Dropped my last rock i MOMS3KIDS 287 NOCALORIES
12/6/17 10:21 P
Keep going no matter what. You might trip from time to time but as long as you start again you are a KILTORE 25 STARFISH1961
12/8/17 6:27 P
One of the exercises done this morning...Sit To Stands! BOOHOOBEAR 160 SCHRADER5
12/7/17 1:49 P
Posted a goal TMP0418 16 TMP0418
12/6/17 9:24 A
Quick question for the community. I seem to have hit a stopping point in my weight loss and I'm won AWYEAGLE 10 ALOFA0509
12/5/17 9:11 P
The lake I walk around was very "sparkly" this morning. 3.68 miles in 57 minutes! RNBETTY5 14 CHRISTOPHER63
12/5/17 7:49 P
What a difference a yr makes! See blog 👍👍❤ DIANEPAG 15 FISHGUT3
12/5/17 2:17 P
Down another 3.2 lbs. So happy! Total since October 10th is 18.5. Goal right now is to be under 220 APUCHUCHU2 133 APUCHUCHU2
12/5/17 10:15 P
Silly Thumbelina wants to go to the gym with me! LR237787 9 KENNYBARBIE12
12/5/17 9:54 P
Here's where my journey starts! Goal is to lose 50 pounds! SOMEDAYVALLEYFA 11 MDOWER1
12/5/17 5:22 P