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This week has been awesome! I'm at All Star Dance Camp, and have been dancing upwards of 5 hours a d LAHUDSONCHEF 20 ETHELMERZ
7/20/17 1:38 A
I'm on day 5 and eatiing appropriately. I've become very bloated an uncomfortable. I am exercising DANCINGFEM1952 5 LAHUDSONCHEF
7/19/17 11:46 P
Starving and had to settle for fast food.. but I ate healthy! TODAYIAM 13 LAHUDSONCHEF
7/19/17 11:36 P
Did you have a good Thursday? My highlight was a quick swim in the ocean in Carlsbad, CA on a busine SPARKGUY 47 JEANETTE404356
7/16/17 5:40 A
This little guy knows how to beat the heat! LAHUDSONCHEF 8 RETAT60
7/4/17 4:55 P
Do you eat back calories burned? When you exercise your calorie budget increases, are you supposed t SLIMMINGSARAH85 10 RAERAERAE62
7/4/17 4:41 P
Seems like the heat is a topic today. Here's mine. But, I'm inside, celebrating my independence b LAHUDSONCHEF 5 ADRIENALINE
7/4/17 3:38 P
I rarely bother with photos of my food, but this was so colorful and cheery that I had to share. LAHUDSONCHEF 6 LAHUDSONCHEF
6/15/17 2:21 P
I'm new to this app. Just started a couple of hours ago. With the weight I am wanting to lose per we BLUEYEDTEXAN83 6 PRYTANIAS
6/13/17 8:44 P
Does anyone struggle with pcos & can't lose weight or water retention?! I need help! I can't seem to TINA34S 6 TINA34S
6/9/17 11:10 A
Had another dance performance. This one was stretching me. In more ways than one. Have a look. http LAHUDSONCHEF 3 LAHUDSONCHEF
6/5/17 6:47 P
I'm not in this pic (I'm behind the camera), but this is what I spent 3 hours doing last night. I l LAHUDSONCHEF 9 LAHUDSONCHEF
6/5/17 6:46 P
Looking for a meal replacement protein powder does anyone have any recommendations for me? I plan on KMACLOLGIRL 5 LAHUDSONCHEF
6/4/17 9:11 P
Migraine going on, throat is a bit sore, I'm cold (no fever) n body aches. not strep as I don't have CJS1MOMMY 6 GODS-PRINCESS
6/7/17 6:14 A
Made some baked pickles, 8 pieces 54 calories. FATDADDYSLIM 10 COMEBACKKID12
6/3/17 2:33 A
The whole house smells like a pickle, but white vinegar sure does work! BONNIEMARGAY 4 REGILIEH
6/2/17 11:01 P
#NSV Had to retire old work shorts, too big. Went to Walmart to buy a new pair, got mediums or 8/10 FRANKBELLOFAN 3 RAYMOSSISTER
6/2/17 8:27 P
Did you have a good Sunday? My highlight was jump rope. How about you? Today I added 4 lessons/ac SPARKGUY 28 DAWNDMOORE40
5/23/17 12:00 A
5/21/17 9:23 A
Started my morning walk and it starts pouring😣😣😣...guess I will finish it tonight AJK91873 7 AJK91873
5/21/17 9:13 A
Taking it a pound at a time.....the last 20 are being very stubborn...... JANDLP 263 INCH_BY_INCH
6/11/17 11:33 A
Does anyone use the bragg or brogg apple cider vinegar on a daily basis MGHWSTRANGER42 2 LAHUDSONCHEF
5/20/17 8:25 P
Okay so the Crawfish Boil was awesome. And the sodium load was astronomical. But I employed a strate LAHUDSONCHEF 3 CORALDREAMS71
5/21/17 5:06 P
Visions of loveliness! LAHUDSONCHEF 5 KMMR87
5/19/17 9:08 P
Visions of loveliness! LAHUDSONCHEF 2 BEN87ADDICTCSI
5/19/17 10:27 P
This is a good and healthy snack. It's called Harvest Snaps snapea crisps. It's lightly salted pea c ECANELACINAMON 13 NANCYANND55
5/19/17 8:33 P
Enjoying my first crawfish boil in about 3 years! I've been so deprived up till now! I'll pay later LAHUDSONCHEF 2 MRSROBERSON09
5/19/17 7:21 P
My "Why". Zoo day getting my steps in the fun 💙 MANDAWOLFEY 5 LAHUDSONCHEF
5/18/17 9:23 P
Dinner was mostly vegetables... the meat was more of an afterthought... LESLIELENORE 4 LAHUDSONCHEF
5/18/17 9:21 P
Wondering how much oil to track when I pan-fry potato cakes and salmon patties? Advice? A tsp per c LADYFROMTHEWOOD 4 LAHUDSONCHEF
5/18/17 6:07 P
OK I have a question… Is there a way that I can enter a recipe and it will break down calories carbs OCEANNONNIE 7 GDFOOD
5/29/17 5:14 P
The only bad/good thing about losing weight, when the clothes you have is now too big for you. So al ERIKAM1027 9 WEIGHTDICIPLINE
5/10/17 11:41 P
I made a fabulous stevia cole slaw (yup, no sugar) lemon-pepper broccoli, sweet potato "chips" (bake EO4WELLNESS 5 EO4WELLNESS
6/21/17 1:41 P
Spinach manicotti for dinner. Never again JIFFYPOP413 4 JIFFYPOP413
5/10/17 11:01 A
So, the performance is tonight. I am showcasing a Rumba and a Mambo. In a couple weeks will be a Nig LAHUDSONCHEF 6 LAHUDSONCHEF
5/8/17 11:58 P
For those of you who have been asking to see video of my dance performances, here are two of them fr LAHUDSONCHEF 6 KILTORE
5/9/17 1:13 P
5/8/17 1:17 P
Do any of you fellow sparks eat dill pickles for snacks? My boyfriend just got me a bottle. Any o LILYSMAM2017 12 LILYSMAM2017
5/8/17 5:45 P
Adrenaline. Powerful stuff. Took forever to come down from it after the performances last night, so LAHUDSONCHEF 3 LAHUDSONCHEF
5/7/17 5:35 P
My old scale (left) stopped taring. Hello shiny new petite friend! GRATTECIELLA 10 LAHUDSONCHEF
5/6/17 2:32 P
Trying to do the right thing w this low carb deal. This is a quick meal replacement and gives me 12g JUSTSTICKWITHIT 8 CINDY247
5/6/17 4:01 P
Woah. Pickleball lesson with Mom and Dad kicked my @$$! Talk about a great cardio and body workout. DRINKALOTH2O 3 STARFISH1961
5/6/17 4:45 P
I love lindt , my guilty Pleasures lol .... Dark Chocolates are rich source of anti oxidants which k UDDZZY 6 MARZBARZ1
5/6/17 3:52 P
Feel awesome. I walked 3.14 miles today. It took an hour but only because my sister refused to walk YUKI_N 7 YUKI_N
5/5/17 9:01 P
Did you have a Woohoo Wednesday? My highlight was basketball with my son. How about you? Here is to SPARKGUY 69 LAHUDSONCHEF
5/5/17 12:15 A
Did you have a good Thursday? My highlight was jump rope. How about you? Like my fireworks? Here is SPARKGUY 25 4CONNIESHEALTH
5/5/17 2:46 P
Hey friends!! What brand of workout shoes do u love the most and why? I need new ones and don't kno BUNEJUG25 9 TIME4ME2017
5/4/17 3:47 P
I've learned that my weight loss progress may not be congruent with everyone's expectations of what LUVCONQUERSFEAR 9 LUVCONQUERSFEAR
5/3/17 1:59 P
Alright I am slightly more than a pound below that first goal and on the way to toward goal number t LAHUDSONCHEF 1 LAHUDSONCHEF
5/3/17 9:19 A
Am NOT digging the app-centric ads that have begun popping up today. They are very intrusive, inter LAHUDSONCHEF 6 DUANEHUNTER1
5/2/17 8:24 P
Mmm..lunch😆 came in from gardening famished! Threw together "fish tacos". A whole can of tuna, quar MWARNER211 7 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
5/2/17 7:10 P
Nothing like opening a can of tuna salad, that you think will be a reasonable answer to the need for LAHUDSONCHEF 1 LAHUDSONCHEF
5/1/17 1:30 P
Quick survey. Do you eat your exercise calories, or do you stick to your range? I have 100+ lbs to MARZBARZ1 7 COOKIEHUNTER06
5/1/17 8:37 A
What do yall do to relieve seasonal #allergies ? I SOULSEEKER77 6 PINKPIXY22
5/1/17 12:22 A
Is there any food with only protien? Because i hit my fat and carb macronutrients but i have left o GXNXSIIS 5 RUSSELLFORD
4/30/17 7:38 P
Does anybody know how I can change my plan percentage for each category! Exp: I want 50% protein! A HEBAAMEEN 8 HEBAAMEEN
4/30/17 3:32 P
Angry & venting about the salad I got for lunch.. 650 calories for a big pile of lettuce with small BROOKES59 7 MRS_ROBOT
4/30/17 2:03 P
Is there anyone here from North Louisiana? GR03916 2 LAHUDSONCHEF
4/30/17 1:10 A
Healthy ways to eat Domino's pizza? Thinking cheese on thin crust, any thoughts? JONIBUSHELL 7 PUPPYBUG
5/2/17 7:36 P
I'm bumping my calorie intake up just slightly. I'm stuck where I'm at no matter what I do, and this MAMABEARLORI 7 SUNSHINE99999
4/29/17 4:46 P
#help major chafing from my hydration belt and fanny pack while running. Should i put neosporin on i PLAINJANEDOE 7 PLAINJANEDOE
4/29/17 9:05 P
i will take my own lunch with lots of water this way I will stay on track AZMOMXTWO 3 LAHUDSONCHEF
4/29/17 2:20 P
I was going to say happy Friday, but early this morning my sister in law passed away. She had stage SHASTA1991 8 JARPHILLY
4/28/17 11:41 P
I forgot that the nutrition macros reset when you set a new goal. It was confusing for a sec, til I LAHUDSONCHEF 1 LAHUDSONCHEF
4/28/17 11:12 P
So, the new goal is set. I'm entering entirely new territory here. I've not lost below 160 in the l LAHUDSONCHEF 3 CORALDREAMS71
4/28/17 11:15 A
Finally! I hit my stage one goal - with 2 days to spare on my original projection! LAHUDSONCHEF 1 LAHUDSONCHEF
4/28/17 7:02 A
Am I doing right by logging my sweet tea in my calories? #advice. Just want to make sure I have to ANGEL2GOOD31 6 ANGEL2GOOD31
4/28/17 1:47 P
I am still within my calorie limit but I overate without realizing it. When I got up I felt really u ANYOTHERTEEN 2 LAHUDSONCHEF
4/27/17 9:26 P
Healthy, protein-pqcked lunch of poke, seaweed salad, and brown rice at the halfway point of my beac GRATTECIELLA 4 LAHUDSONCHEF
4/26/17 7:42 P
Tried to make a new style of cold oatmeal using plain nonfat greek yogurt. Don't know what went wron JOEDOLLAR 3 LAHUDSONCHEF
4/26/17 7:32 P
I log everything and I am always low on iron... #needadvice #help BEACHTIME9 7 BEACHTIME9
4/26/17 10:12 P
Getting my workout in while keeping my nutrients and electrolytes replenished, LOVE this stuff!! Wh HEALTHWARRIOR86 5 HEALTHWARRIOR86
4/26/17 7:19 P
I am less than a half a pound away from my first goal. I've been here for two weeks. .4 lbs away. Th LAHUDSONCHEF 5 LAHUDSONCHEF
4/26/17 1:21 P
I'm struggling to trust Sparkpeople's calories burned "daily activity". I had 11,500 steps yesterday SAMMYJOY623 6 LAHUDSONCHEF
4/26/17 10:44 A
It's snowing! 17 degrees wind chill! ITSALLGOOD6 4 LAHUDSONCHEF
4/26/17 10:34 A

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