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Do others have problems with points not being counted? First I had emails not counting, then article KILTORE 3 LAHUDSONCHEF
3/25/17 1:28 P
Let's talk yogurt....The only yogurt I have found that I like is Liberte (sooooo much sugar) and Fag GREENEYESKIGIRL 11 LINDSAYKIRK_
3/24/17 9:48 P
I know it is a big loss, but since I am so petite, I might have to be a size 2 or 4 to be healthy. I LR237787 4 JUDY1260
3/24/17 6:01 P
I'm not even to my first goal yet and already to a smaller size than I was when I lost weight to the LAHUDSONCHEF 1 LAHUDSONCHEF
3/24/17 4:26 P
I'm hooked on overnight oats ~ easy, healthy & yummy. Equal parts quaker oats (not instant), milk ( FAMILYGIRL1972 8 FAMILYGIRL1972
3/23/17 12:09 A
Missed lunch because of a meeting but had an early dinner at Panda Express, with Mixed Stir Fried Ve MCJULIEO 6 FOCUSONME57
3/23/17 7:44 A
Okay so here's my question. If I interact with something on my friend feed, how does the other perso LAHUDSONCHEF 4 LAHUDSONCHEF
3/19/17 11:15 A
Okay, so I finally see what all the fuss is app updated. Now, I don't like this feed LAHUDSONCHEF 13 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
3/10/17 8:20 A
#coach As you continue developing this, can we hav NAOMI_ACOSTA 17 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
3/11/17 9:00 P
Coffee with no sugar to start the day. I hope everyone likes our new community goal feed. Let's ha SPARKGUY 54 TOMATOCAFEGAL
3/20/17 7:50 P
280lbs down!! Thank You Jesus!!! God Bless!!! GPALMER29 205 JBCTRUCKER68
3/12/17 9:44 A
GO YOU CHICKEN FAT GO!! Anyone else remember this from the 1960's? MICKEYCLAUS 7 LAHUDSONCHEF
3/9/17 5:52 P
Too much like FB and other Social Media Sites. Not why I joined. I think SP and I will be parting co PRESTORJON 7 LAHUDSONCHEF
3/9/17 3:57 P
Why does Weight Graph only show goal? Where is the blue line? #coach BJK1961 12 SPARK_COACH_JEN
3/10/17 11:46 A
Last night's epiphany- The less sugar I eat today, the easier it'll be to say no tomorrow (or the n TZIP91 8 SAHMWICH
3/9/17 9:12 A
#food i I am 63 and need to loose at least 60 pound. How many calories do you think I should eat pe BILLFAN9 13 LUANN_IN_PA
3/8/17 7:24 P
ARG idk what's happening, I was doing good at first staying the 1200, then the next week it went up MALEANAMERTZ 11 VANILLASKY15
3/7/17 12:59 A
How do you add food. I scanned my food and clicked on the check, but nothing happened JORDASU1 3 HYEONLYFE
3/6/17 3:09 P
Made cauliflower rice from frozen cauliflower. Easy to make and a lot cheaper. SONGAHOLIC 10 SONGAHOLIC
3/6/17 3:03 P
The weekend I are more than I should, but I'm down 2 more lbs. I'm finally under 300 lbs! The first MRSTKR 14 SNOMAMA121
3/6/17 4:00 P
Can I set the record straight? If you eat something different to normal and still stay within your c NAOMI_ACOSTA 34 NAOMI_ACOSTA
3/10/17 9:36 P
How do we stay away from sugar RKOCH45 22 DREAMWEAVER64
3/5/17 10:08 A
What do you guys think of frozen dinners? I am on a really tight budget (those bills tho, amirite?). MUGGLEPUFF 19 RHIANONNON
3/5/17 5:46 P
What is your favorite way to tame a chocolate craving? I'm trying not to eat the Reese's eggs. I GREENEYESKIGIRL 49 SKINNYERIN5
3/5/17 3:54 P
Is walking around the Spring Home Show for 3 hours considered HOKIENCLT 10 MICKEYCLAUS
3/4/17 10:58 A
I need some ideas for a late night snack my husband and I both have work nights and we can't get pas EROSE1311 22 ERIKAWI
3/4/17 12:09 A
Hello, my name is Amie. Im new to this.. The hardest part of eating right for me is being broke. D AMIE2881 46 DRLERI
3/4/17 8:47 A
Could someone please tell me were i would put under work out? I worked on my ford 1ton for over 2 ho LITTLECREEPER 5 LITTLECREEPER
3/8/17 1:54 P
How do you guys season your vegetables? What do you do to make them taste better? MISSQUINN21 30 SOPHIA1031
3/4/17 11:14 P
This is a way of life not a diet. The journey is taking me to a better place . Since June I've lost KAYMOL 26 DGIGGLES3
3/6/17 7:19 A
Please remember that weightloss is rarely a straight line progression. There are so many factors tha NAOMI_ACOSTA 66 DREAMWEAVER64
3/3/17 10:12 P
Hi everyone! Just getting back into the swing of this and am wondering what multivitamin you all use GWTEAL73 10 LAHUDSONCHEF
3/2/17 9:46 P
Yesterday I was really craving unhealthy sweets. Found some Starburst Fave Reds in the pantry. I de SHESMITH75 9 SMACG61
3/2/17 11:08 P
Day 3 and 3 pounds down do we change our weight on our profile as we lose weight #coach #nevergiveup SUSIEQUEEN73 10 MARJOHN164
3/2/17 8:50 P
It looks like I'm going to need a total left hip replacement. I'm very worried about losing my spin UNKYNDENESSE 11 UNKYNDENESSE
3/5/17 1:22 P
Omg, just realized how big I am!!! How did you guys get motivated, and stay motivated? Also how much TARAJAEE 14 PHOUSE99
3/5/17 1:18 P
Help! #newbie. Just learning to navigate around. I Made up a bean/veggie stew yesterday. Is there a TERJOH 5 TERJOH
3/2/17 4:19 P
So wondering if anyone has used raw apple cider vinegar for health benefits. Did it work?#applecider BAHHUMBUG 15 BROOKLYNBLONDIE
3/2/17 5:18 P
Read an article about how fat/calories change after cooking ground beef. Have i been logging it wron MWARNER211 24 NAOMI_ACOSTA
3/2/17 4:52 P
31 days no soda! I can't beleive I did it... and I feel amazing! Knocking these bad habits out one d FUNFITMOM2688 19 LADYARTIST41
3/2/17 6:35 P
We had a microburst the night before last and our neighbors roof is all over my yard. Spent all day MIYASEDAI 10 LISAMARIE2015
3/2/17 9:13 A
Ladies I need help. Do you use a natural aid for relief of period cramps? Due to family history of b ALEXANDRUA 5 NAOMI_ACOSTA
3/2/17 9:25 A
Went thrifting today, bought a size 12 skort, long way from the 22w pants i wore last summer TINALOUCHIC 58 TSHAWGER
3/10/17 8:52 A
Today's breakfast: Kimchi omelette! What's everyone else having? JDYUKI 6 DANCINCAJUN1
3/2/17 9:15 A
10# down and met my first goal of being under to move on to under 250... MRSTGARRETT 40 SCHNEID196
3/2/17 12:44 P
I just watched the video of the one mile upper body circuit walk. I can't figure out how to log that LAHUDSONCHEF 6 LAHUDSONCHEF
3/1/17 9:50 P
So I am starting on my 8th month, everything is great, down 74lbs, but what i am finding is that com LEDOORMAT530 16 CHERYLSCOTT54
3/1/17 8:13 P
#fitnessU am not sure how to do the whole calories burns verses the calories I am allotted to eat. H BEBEOFNINE 4 BEBEOFNINE
3/1/17 8:21 P
#recipes. What is a good substitute for cream or half & half? SEAKAEO 19 SPARKISBACK17
3/11/17 6:48 P
Feeling pretty good today. Ive been taking my meds regularly and i even worked out today. Go me!!! T PDBECERRA 14 GANNY46
3/1/17 6:07 P
So I researched kidney stone and I'm upset alot of things I eat to be healthy and lose weight causes GOTHICCHAOS87 11 GOTHICCHAOS87
3/1/17 6:15 P
Half way there! I've lost just over 15-lbs in 2 months and I've got 14 to go. Thank you to SparkPeop KEATON753 27 KEATON753
3/2/17 1:38 P
went to the beach yesterday and I was playing volleyball, I was trying to reach the ball while walki EZZ305 10 LAHUDSONCHEF
3/1/17 10:59 A
I blow it, every evening I need an evening hobby that takes my mind off eating CAMBRIAK 19 LADYSUISEI
3/1/17 4:35 A
#Weightloss as of today 15lbs down, 15lbs more before I hit my first goal and weight doc wants from BOBBIDOLLZ71 49 BROOKLYNBLONDIE
3/7/17 5:01 P
Hello everyone. Today I had a very good day. I worked out for 2 hours and stayed within boundaries FORTHYORMORE 6 OUMABOUD
3/1/17 12:41 A
Cauliflower rice is amazing. Came home from workout starving & was able to mix half a cup of black SARITARIUS 17 SSMITH762
2/28/17 9:20 P
Today's Breakfast asparagus sausage and swiss frittata 84 calories each and 10.3 grams of protein #l JAYJP321 17 SSMITH762
2/28/17 9:21 P
Down another 2 pounds since I have joined a group at church. I am now down to 244 still have a way t ANGEL2GOOD31 43 BECKYJBUNNIES
3/6/17 11:14 P
I had a friend who gave up drinking coffee for Lent and she had terrible migraines. I don't think gi GANNY46 4 LRJUSTUS1
2/28/17 7:51 P
Well, the acorn squash was a hit! He likes it, He likes it! #win SUMMERFODRIE 8 TBRYAN-LU
2/28/17 5:39 P
All you powdered peanut butter users out there, have you ever used it for cooking? If so, are there NAOMI_ACOSTA 37 NAOMI_ACOSTA
2/28/17 2:57 P
I wrote out my blog post twice but since technology (and the universe) hates me, it won't post! I CRAFTYRU 24 SAN47BEE
3/1/17 12:58 A
I am doing terrible with my calorie count. Going over everyday! I am so hungry when I get home from SEEKHEALTHYLIFE 47 DEB_IE
3/3/17 8:19 P
What does everyone do for a living? SOULOFFIRE15 609 ACRAZYCRAFTER
3/3/17 8:32 A
Can anyone explain the calorie differential report? Im confused with BMR vs calories eaten. #help GDFOOD 11 GDFOOD
2/28/17 3:19 P
Do I have to apply butter or oil onto an acorn squash? Every recipe I've looks at has already one, a SUMMERFODRIE 7 JAX-AX
2/28/17 2:43 P
Danced in the Madi Gras parade through my city, good exercise and fun this weekend. BQUINN20 4 QSHEPP
2/28/17 6:30 A
Huh #nsv Ok, no laughing, whats an nsv? GARRYSWIFE13 8 SCOTTDEAN
2/28/17 5:25 A
I am not a runner by any means but I feel like we can only grow if we push ourselves. Training for m J3PO 29 J3PO
3/1/17 6:18 P
I wish, when you reset your weight loss goals on here, that it didn't erase all your prior record. LAHUDSONCHEF 4 LAHUDSONCHEF
2/26/17 9:58 A
Are there any supplements that anyone has tried and had success with? I'm struggling to get started JENSHILLY 7 JENSHILLY
2/26/17 2:08 P
Yesterday was my husband's 40th b-day. He ended up eating out 3x & had cake, cupcakes, & Oreo cheese HAVING_HOPE 12 JWELLS9499
2/26/17 9:43 A
I have not been under 270 in almost 2 years! Today I weigh at 269!! That is a total loss of 18 pound BUGGYBRITT 61 ONEKELLIEBELL21
2/27/17 5:01 P
I have bad frequent gas, what could be causing it? #Needadvice ANGELDELINKWENT 9 LAHUDSONCHEF
2/26/17 8:22 A

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