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I picked up a pair of size 12 jeans today during a thrift store shopping spree. Omg, they actually SSMITH762 175 JERSEYSHELL79
1/22/17 8:20 P
Today I had a lunch meeting with my boss. He chose an Italian restaurant & I was worried I'd blow my RAGAMUFFIN70 9 HENDRICKSSHEREE
1/12/17 10:25 P
Hey. What do i do to curb cravings? MSWSUPERSTAR 6 JAYISOLDEM2
1/12/17 9:55 P
If I eat a fast food meal within my calorie restriction, does it still defeat my weightloss goals or AMAZINGALEXIS 11 LAHUDSONCHEF
1/12/17 9:21 P
Hangry. 😡 Keep getting hungry late. What to do. #Advice BUFF21CC 17 ACERBIC7979
1/12/17 10:07 P
My dietitian has me on a plan, part of that plan is no carbs in the morning for breakfast. Does anyo KENZIEALISEB 35 CRYSTALECKMAN83
1/1/17 11:28 A
I'm leaving 48lbs behind me in 2016. What about you ? #weightloss #fitness #lean #motivation #health PATOUED1 159 REESECUPS42
1/16/17 5:10 P
#coach Is the calorie burn listed under heavy cleaning accurate? Seems mighty high. LAHUDSONCHEF 9 SPARK_MERLE
12/30/16 11:32 A
I see so many people on here that make comments about using other weight loss plans. I'd really like PRECIOUSME1 69 IXFALLX2XPIECES
1/9/17 3:11 P
Welp was starting get discouraged and bout to throw in the towel but today was my weigh day and I've NIKLVCAR1991 29 FL0WER4U2
12/30/16 1:52 P
What's your take on diet soda? I'm considering occasion diet sodas to cut out some calories. I've ne KITSUNEMOMMY 42 GABYMORRIS
12/29/16 10:31 P
My regular 1200 calorie intake is leaving me hungry and craving for sugars and other bad stuff :( GULSHAFAQ 6 NAOMI_ACOSTA
12/28/16 8:18 P
#coach just a suggestion for the next app Up-date. Could a "notes" section be included where we can SUNSHINE4244 12 KILLERANTHONY
12/29/16 1:05 A
Nothing. NOTHING logs into the new app, and I can LAHUDSONCHEF 33 LMCBEE53081
12/28/16 8:03 P
Starting a new cleaning job today. This is a deep clean which'll take about 6 hours and SP says I'll LAHUDSONCHEF 4 LAHUDSONCHEF
12/28/16 9:58 A
For some reason when I try to add food it isn't showing up or saving? Anyone else having this proble B20431 7 TSHAWGER
12/28/16 9:54 A
I made some unhealthy choices today - but I enjoye DRSUS312 13 SPARKINGMEGHNA
12/23/16 12:05 A
I've been eating healthy these past few days and I AVERIETAYLOR874 5 7STIGGYMT
12/22/16 8:54 P
Haven't been on here in forever! Done horribly on TINA34S 16 LYNETTET123
12/25/16 8:30 P
In the new, updated app, where is the weight log? #techsupport LAHUDSONCHEF 2 SPARK_MERLE
12/21/16 4:52 P
Do you get mouth hungry? Like your mouth wants foo JHUCKER 25 CC3082
12/15/16 5:20 P
What's for breakfast? Drum roll DEBSANKS 22 KSWEE16
12/15/16 3:31 P
Feel good because my blood pressure seems to be ge SMCLAUGHL1 11 MSMAKEOVER
12/15/16 4:41 P
My elderly father had a medical procedure this wee PAMSTERDAM 4 LAKERMRB
12/15/16 10:29 A
So what #Fitbit do you wear? JU5TJ3NN 41 TODAYIAM
12/30/16 11:20 A
Crazy realization today: I don't actually like co J41803 7 EILEENC1959
12/14/16 1:49 P
YAY ME!!! I am now wearing my jeans from 6 yrs CARTAY25 10 VANILLASKY15
12/14/16 1:22 P
#advice #tracking OMG can someone tell me what lis MAO-MIAOWS 27 MAO-MIAOWS
12/16/16 2:58 P
What's your favorite detox drink? #recipes MRSBALESTRACCI 22 LMCBEE53081
12/14/16 12:12 P
Hey! Does anyone have issues with muscle cramps, FRANKBELLOFAN 7 GETTINFITASTIC
12/12/16 9:35 P
Still fighting and slowly winning! Started about 6 FATSQUIRRELMAMA 13 LUANN_IN_PA
12/12/16 11:06 P
When I am starving after a long 10 hour surgery (I LGOUWENS 5 AUTUMN385
12/12/16 9:26 P
Opinions sparkfriends! Low-carb or calorie countin MOMMY_LOVE8260 16 LAHUDSONCHEF
12/12/16 9:15 P
Been on SP for a week now ...1lb lost , over on my DRICCIO1 6 DRICCIO1
12/12/16 9:40 P
Slept too late AFTER waking early but not hopping ALASKINI 2 LAHUDSONCHEF
12/12/16 7:40 P
I am back, I was gone way to long and put 10 pound MOUSER1030 6 MPARAGIN
12/12/16 8:03 P
Alright. So need help. Lately since I'm now strength training, I find myself hungrier and I can tell GROOMS74 14 KIRALY31
12/14/16 1:28 P
Laughing Cow pepperjack cheese triangles! 35 calo SARITARIUS 18 APRIL003
12/12/16 10:43 P
Supper stress full day so i used it as a cheat day VETWILLIAMS 3 JULIENSMITH
12/12/16 7:37 P
What is your final goal weight and how close are y HOLLYROBIIN 48 MPARAGIN
12/12/16 7:59 P
I care a lot about my lower body part, so what's y LISALORDE 40 BEACHTIME9
12/11/16 7:54 P
I just weighed myself. Lost 2 more pounds today! � ORIONZ 16 LOISLEL
12/11/16 1:42 P
Just did my weigh in...down 3 pounds! Wasn't very AUTAUR81 19 LOISLEL
12/11/16 1:42 P
It's been a month to join and l checked my weight HIMREN03 17 LAURCAM13
12/11/16 1:49 P
IVE OFFICALLY HIT 150!!!! Its my last goal til my GROOMS74 34 TALISHA976
12/11/16 1:49 P
How old is everyone on here? KATELYNMARIE137 318 MARYMAZILLA
1/20/17 12:27 A
Remember, how they say you know your getting old w CBASS30 9 LAURCAM13
12/11/16 1:48 P
Had dental oral surgery. Hurting and asking you an AOKDIET21 13 JOCELYNH711
12/11/16 1:25 P
Just saying hi DOUG1972 15 REESE1717
12/11/16 1:47 P
Down 3 more lbs for a total of 62! Feeling awesome LAURIEB55 70 CONSTANT80
12/11/16 2:57 P
Starting this once again...learned I can not do ch CORIDWEN 12 LOISLEL
12/11/16 1:52 P
In the past 2 weeks I've slacked on exercise and d CHIDERA 9 JULIENSMITH
12/10/16 6:55 P
500 calorie Starbucks drink... epic fail. Busted MEEG__ 17 LYNETTET123
12/9/16 9:39 P
So, I'm i beef kind of girl 👧 and i know it's not at the top of the Health chart, But it's what i DREDREE 4 AKISTLER55
12/7/16 12:45 A
When and how often are you supposed to weigh yours MEGZIKA 26 BANANASLOUIE7
12/7/16 5:41 A
Dancing is Excersize y'all!!! MARIEK7693 9 INAMINIT
12/7/16 10:41 A
i have discovered kids meals. they are awesome fo SARITARIUS 8 MILISSAMCDANIEL
12/6/16 9:06 P
Pushing the top number of calories for the day. B M18847 13 PROUDMOM04
12/6/16 9:30 P
Is it normal to get OVERLY BLOATED even if you eat MAYASTOLEMAN 24 VIVI65
12/7/16 8:02 A
Cooking steamed veggies with grilled chicken no se OLGAGONZALEZ715 10 OLGAGONZALEZ715
12/6/16 3:22 P
Hello people! I want to know what you had for brea POSITIVEHIPPY12 40 XANGELASUSANA
12/6/16 4:12 P
How come when I add my exercise calorie ra AMBERLYNNXX 13 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
12/6/16 6:11 P
Gosh it's 6:15 am and I'm doing my spark page but INSPIRED85 5 LAHUDSONCHEF
12/4/16 10:29 A
Staying withing my calorie range is not a problem MARABOU 16 EO4WELLNESS
12/4/16 12:58 P
Going to the movies today. I go to the movies abou PUPPYBUG 11 LYNETTET123
12/4/16 10:12 P
Hello, Iam a full time college student in nursing GUMMYGEAR26 5 POSITIVEHIPPY12
12/4/16 10:22 A
Can someone help me figure out how to reset my calorie range after losing weight... I updated my wei AMBERLYNNXX 2 LAHUDSONCHEF
11/30/16 10:08 A
Someone sent me a comment but it was not a profile LAHUDSONCHEF 4 LAHUDSONCHEF
11/30/16 10:05 A
Only lost .2 of a pound. This is disgusting!! VREEKE 24 KATKARI
11/30/16 7:28 P
Anyone have any suggestions on protein or breakfas ALYSEEEE 12 MYJOURNEY1970
11/30/16 6:35 A
So I've noticed I eat most of my calories at night SAVANNAHC 6 DARKORANGE
11/29/16 11:34 P
I struggle every day to reach my calories suggeste WILSONDRAKE4 6 HEALTH_NOW
11/29/16 8:38 P
I am so ill today. Just sinus congestion big time. QUISHAONSPARK 11 BLUEEAGLEME
11/29/16 10:05 P
How quickly should i see weight loss eating 1000 t BATCHELORSTEPH 25 BLUEEAGLEME
11/29/16 10:17 P
Pasta is my curse. I love pasta so much I have no EVOLUTIONIZE 16 IMAWRKNPROGRESS
11/29/16 11:14 P

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