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Starting a virtual AT hike NICKTANK1 786 RAYLINSTEPHENS
10/1/16 7:20 A
9/30/16 4:57 P
Just downloaded the app going to start tracking to J23444 9 LINOU052
9/29/16 9:36 P
Good evening! Just got the app on my phone!! Sta WINNINGMOM71 29 BANANASLOUIE7
9/30/16 2:16 A
Day 47 going strong DEBYKING 13 LINOU052
9/29/16 9:36 P
How do you figure out the calorie count if you are CHERYLAMEY 8 QSHEPP
9/30/16 11:13 P
I shouldn't have bought the peanut butter! The sad BETTIE1970 19 LADYVOLSFAN1954
9/29/16 8:48 P
Had several family members and friends comment on how much weight I've lost (hubby too) they kept sa TORRIESJOURNEY 20 TAMMYWEINSTEIN
9/29/16 9:12 P
Tomorrow is my birthday. For my gift to me ...... S71810 48 DIZZYBRITCHES
9/27/16 8:40 A
11,000 steps today!!! Blew my goal out of the wate JOJOMOJO77 7 JOJOMOJO77
9/27/16 10:47 P
Do you also need to record tea as your water intak 1975EDITH1975 6 LSHAMRICK
9/27/16 12:22 A
#firstpost Looking to lose 65 lbs and become hea DONALDGANG6 9 LJBOWSER1
9/26/16 10:12 A
I put on a pair of suit pants today and it was the first time I was able to button them without suck LOPEAL02 18 LISABL09
9/25/16 10:44 P
Having trouble eating 1200 calories and loosing we JESSICATUTEN 24 JESSICATUTEN
9/29/16 12:23 P
It says my least amount of calories I should eat i GREENEYEDMOUSE3 20 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
9/25/16 11:18 P
Good night my dear sparkaroos. DIZZYBRITCHES 7 COCOAGOAL
9/25/16 10:24 P
How often do you guys weigh yourself? I've been do MORGAN020586 21 PREZURE
9/25/16 10:08 P
Is low calorie or low carb better MISSYFREE 8 TRACYK4659
9/22/16 11:09 P
What's the point in subway having cal counts if no PIXIE_MONSTER 5 RYANS133
9/20/16 12:27 P
So, I have 1.6# left to hit the 100# lost mark AND CHRISCANN 21 LADYVOLSFAN1954
9/19/16 9:51 P
As of today I've lost a whopping total of 61 lbs!!! Yes, SIXTY-ONE POUNDS!!! 😲 I still have 39 lb VANSRUFUS 61 ASHLEYRENFROW
9/20/16 7:55 P
Down to 200 to 165, still got 30lbs to go. ADRIENNEPOLANCO 11 TAZZIEJ04
9/19/16 9:50 P
After nine years of trying, I found out I'm pregnant this morning!!! I guess the 75# total weight lo TORRIESJOURNEY 141 GINA515
9/17/16 8:42 A
Just started walking for mileage again-woot! BECCABOO127 27 BECCABOO127
9/14/16 12:31 A
Red Flag points for the team! RAYLINSTEPHENS 59 BECCABOO127
9/24/16 10:32 A
Weight ages the body and the soul. TADAVIS33 2 LADYVOLSFAN1954
9/8/16 1:37 P
Good afternoon everyone. OCEANSBLUE205 3 LADYVOLSFAN1954
9/8/16 1:35 P
Woo-hoo, weighed in at 200 this morning, down 55 SSMITH762 80 MSMAKEOVER
9/20/16 12:49 A
Sick and unable to work out🤕🙁 send me health SHU370 8 KDICKSON53
9/8/16 1:47 P
I have a suspicion I am getting fired ;( MEREDITHMADILL 5 JANIEWWJD
9/2/16 11:28 P
I was able to incorporate 30 mins of cardio during D63783 30 LADYVOLSFAN1954
9/2/16 11:25 P
I am loving the support, encouraging words, and motivation that I'm reading on all the blogs! This s D63783 14 QSHEPP
9/3/16 7:31 A
I hope everyone has a fabulous holiday weekend😊 1LUCKY2 3 LADYVOLSFAN1954
9/2/16 11:24 P
When you just lose 2 ounces this week!!!!!! Not ha 74NANA 34 MMEQUEEN
9/3/16 1:15 P
My pants don't fit. I can grab a solid two inches of fabric on each thigh. So much for skinny jeans. CAROLI57 23 BYGEM68
9/1/16 8:44 P
Has anyone tried the spark people premium??? Is it SBALL27 6 GET2BEFIT
9/1/16 6:51 P
Are dairy products an essential part of my dietary IXFALLX2XPIECES 8 MICKEY86X
9/1/16 6:58 P
after a hetic stressful dealing with trying to ope SHKAJO48 3 AWROTEN
9/1/16 6:46 P
Weighed in this morning and for the first time in SGARLETTS 958 THIS2WILPASS
9/23/16 5:43 P
When you've just had a horrible day and all you ne HLANIER4 10 HLANIER4
9/2/16 5:47 A
Running sucks, everything hurts, and I think I am SARITARIUS 13 SOLDIERHOLLA
9/1/16 6:19 P
I've been hearing alot about a military diet? FAMILY_FIRST01 6 LADYVOLSFAN1954
9/1/16 3:00 P
What's the best fitness tracker? I want to monitor my steps, calories burned, and other things relat GROOMS74 13 EATINGUPMYTIME
9/2/16 3:26 A
I don't post a lot but I'm proud to say I've lost COSWORTHLADY 14 CHAPPERS1987
9/1/16 4:55 P
#nsv I think I need to go shopping at the thrift store for some work slacks. I tried on 3 yesterda SSMITH762 23 BEVREADY2LOSE
9/12/16 10:46 P
I feel like a failure today last last night I got MRGRABIEL1 30 50YEARSAWIFE
9/14/16 6:06 P
My first day on spark and I ate 996 calories for b ANITAPOO 33 BRANDEE831
9/2/16 12:03 A
I started spark in february I think and when I sta KSPENCER0 25 EMILEESMOMMIE
9/1/16 1:10 P
So I just stating using spark people... Do you guy BRANHAYANA 14 CLOVEND
9/1/16 1:15 P
I'm so excited! I went to the doctor for my weigh 2_LEGIT_2_QUIT 28 PROUDMOM04
9/5/16 3:02 P
Weighed in this morning and finally under 400!! Do ONWARD23 166 CAMPBELL0609
9/8/16 1:24 A
Today my total calorie is 2000 and I am supposed t SHU370 14 YASSERALHINDI
8/31/16 9:23 P
I need advice on how to not eat junk food during t LOSEWEIGHTERS 25 DIGIDAD70
8/31/16 8:42 P
Is it okay to just take a break? Feel like I want BAYERNBABE 11 MOLLYEARLE
8/31/16 4:43 P
Emoticon....Say Hi to Your Team Mates HOMEBODY67 199 123TERRY
9/18/16 2:40 P
Walking the Pacific Crest Trail - Your Virtual Wal LADYVOLSFAN1954 555 LADYVOLSFAN1954
8/29/16 9:47 P
Where is everyone from, I will start! I am from Wi DOLLYMELISSA 34 7STIGGYMT
8/29/16 1:10 P
Ok i am back at this again for another try MHOPP65 16 AWROTEN
8/30/16 2:15 P
I am officially the smallest I have ever been in m KORRILCONGDON 488 LEDOORMAT530
9/27/16 8:49 A
Have a good night everyone! GABBSL 6 GREENSAPPHIRE
8/27/16 9:28 P
New to this? Need help on my journey☺ PEAANUT 10 JAYISOLDEM2
8/27/16 10:20 P
# Love my curves.I 'm finally learning that I don' LIEBLINGOMA1959 12 GREENSAPPHIRE
8/27/16 9:48 P
How do I connect my Fitbit and SparkPeople? MAMABEARLORI 3 MAMABEARLORI
8/27/16 6:44 P
does this app really work ? i mean ive been having trouble with eating healthy and keeping track wit VILLXNVANEZ 19 LANAELAINE
8/25/16 7:33 P
I'm so proud of myself. I've totally changed my ea KATRINA1201 47 DASHLOWE
8/25/16 9:40 P
Day 1 couch to 1/2 k app. Awkwardly jogged with ph SBOYD1982 23 SBOYD1982
8/24/16 11:00 P
Is everybody on a low carb diet? Guess I'm the onl JLYNN559 92 TSTEALL
8/26/16 2:38 A
I'm really tired now. My blood pressure is lower t 7STIGGYMT 10 DIZZYBRITCHES
8/24/16 10:47 P
So far I lost 81/2 pounds. I went from 305.2 to 2 SWEETPIE704 11 SONIA_THORNTON
8/23/16 11:03 A
Hi everyone Starting my weight loss journey today APRILJ73127 12 AMALLOY6
8/22/16 11:19 P
May not be much to anyone else, but I'm down 7 pou MROWE46 69 TINALOUCHIC
8/31/16 7:36 P
Well last night i ended up at emergency room light CINDYDELEON 12 CINDYDELEON
8/22/16 9:34 P
Just downloaded the app today. Super Excited. MY starting goal is to loose 20 pounds. Really think t KARRELS1 19 JLAA33
8/23/16 4:01 P
I just uploaded this app last week. It's much more JHOLLEY75 4 LADYVOLSFAN1954
8/22/16 1:24 P
Guess who's in the 350s and down over 86lbs, total JUSTSIMPLYQ 191 DRAPOSA-H
8/31/16 10:17 A

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