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5/1/16 3:15 A
5/1/16 3:15 A
Hi, I burned 798 calories today and consumed 1050 calories today. When I look at my calorie report o LILMISSY076 27 SHERRYLEA69
5/1/16 2:23 A
Day 4 of 30 with no alcohol. Watched a whole movi HEALTHYME162 11 GIGILOVE4
5/1/16 1:38 A
What did everyone do for exercise today? BDOYLE03 701 KIMBERLY6664
4/30/16 11:54 P
How often should I weigh myself? Yesterday I was d LILBITOSPUNK 11 KIMBERLY6664
4/30/16 11:59 P
Has anyone followed the Leslie sansone dvd's? Tho DTRIP28 14 BLESSING406
4/30/16 11:54 P
I weighed in today at's barely under 200, GAILIEBEE69 200 1BABYSTEPS
4/30/16 11:59 P
Rainy and chilly. Knees are killing me, but was bu ALASKINI 2 LADYVOLSFAN1954
4/30/16 11:08 P
I loss 2 pound . CYCLE3815 9 ARAZA30
4/30/16 11:11 P
I know this may sound silly but, is a glass of wat MARIADEE602 13 ARAZA30
4/30/16 11:11 P
Ughh! Awful day. I have been sick up and down all BEEBURTON 12 THEPINCESS
4/30/16 10:19 P
Rainy day = baking!! My family is thrilled but I w JTHOMPSON421 6 JTHOMPSON421
4/30/16 10:10 P
I think i broke or sprained my wrist. I don't know what I did to it. It's swollen and painful. It hu FROSTBITTEN007 14 NJSHAR
4/30/16 9:33 P
So I've been having a very rough week! Been starti IZAACHMD 4 JEMADE
4/30/16 8:30 P
I'm having a rough day. I don't know why and I'm n BRANDI_4 25 NVRGIVINGUP
4/30/16 9:34 P
What a long day, curling up with my book, a hot cu MLEIGH9 5 LADYVOLSFAN1954
4/30/16 6:51 P
Walked 5k Walk to cure Arthritis...felt so great! JACQUELINEJAX1 15 JACQUELINEJAX1
4/30/16 8:52 P
So an update on my '50 by 50' goal... lost three SEPT2016 13 LADYVOLSFAN1954
4/30/16 4:40 P many times can you say "today I'm goin JEFFFS 24 BEACHROSE1965
4/30/16 7:21 P
New to this and struggling to eat right as we eat NBARTLETT79 4 NBARTLETT79
4/30/16 4:41 P
Well I just Took the dogs for the daily 1 mile wal MUFFETREATH 11 MOMMANOSMOKE
4/30/16 5:24 P
New here, I'm a truck driver. As you can imagine, CLOFLAND 5 CTEA88
4/30/16 4:40 P
Does anyone have any exercise tips/routines for be ASJENKS 10 GET2BEFIT
4/30/16 5:05 P
Had a friend over for coffee this am...she put 2ts LRJUSTUS1 30 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
4/30/16 3:45 P
Really excited now. Haven't been exercising much b GPSMILES 18 MGBLUE
4/30/16 4:26 P
I'm really emotional today and I'm not really feel SEDWARDS0 13 SEDWARDS0
4/30/16 6:38 P
I walked my 1st 5K today. I just wanted to finish. SINGLEMOMKS 20 JADEOWL98
4/30/16 3:45 P
Happy Saturday everyone SANDY1380 4 SEPT2016
4/30/16 3:50 P
I feel a little discouraged because I am counting MWILLIAMS18 10 VPHIPPS3
4/30/16 2:51 P
I saw a post that said the first 15 minutes you burn calories and then at 30 minutes you start the f BOWMAN0821 3 LADYVOLSFAN1954
4/29/16 11:56 P
How do I lose 2 pounds a week like what type of ex JANJAN1999 3 FUNNYFACE101002
4/29/16 11:59 P
Thinking I should have checked the calories in tha TOXICMISSLISA 2 LADYVOLSFAN1954
4/29/16 11:54 P
I haven't been wearing my fitbit lately cause the KITTY-KAO 11 2EATCLEAN
4/30/16 12:25 A
I have had indian tea and indian breakfast..i am already more than half calories finished.. changin AMNEW1111 9 RO2BENT
4/30/16 7:11 A
The new treadmill came we clean the living room wh JTGURL2001 3 AMYE22
4/29/16 11:49 P
Super stressed!! Going to get separated from husb KATAUB11 14 AUTIEJ
4/30/16 12:09 A
Can anyone give me tips? I want to loose belly fat CHRONIC-CUTIE 5 KTERHUNE13
4/29/16 11:50 P
I can't believe that i eat so much! This is my fir ASIMON63 8 MELSMIMI
4/29/16 11:58 P
4 more days until my birthday! I can't wait! I wan ANGELICMOMMA 6 BUNNY142
4/30/16 12:25 A
I am on my sixth day of low carb diet. Drink just MCANTRELL43 7 JETSETPETE
4/29/16 11:41 P
When you feel like ordering in or picking up inste CRAZYHAPPYMOMMY 32 LALOAFY
4/29/16 8:02 P
I had 1200 calories today. I burned 750 calories LILMISSY076 51 LILMISSY076
4/29/16 7:58 P
It's been 33 days for me, today I treated myself t GRACEE1972 4 HMARLOW5
4/29/16 6:06 P
Does anyone count fat grams. I went to a weight lo NECMUR 9 BEACH_KANGA
4/29/16 10:49 P
What is a "cheat day?" What can I eat? LITALISA 15 MAGGIEB1971
4/29/16 9:26 P
Help! My bfs birthday is coming up and he's been b MISSMONMON 15 COOKIE268
4/29/16 8:13 P
Does anyone have trouble with constipation? I went WASU132 5 MDXCRUZ
4/29/16 6:23 P
Happy Birthday to me! I weigh 163! Last birthday I TKNISLEY 110 ARAZA30
4/29/16 6:39 A
What's a good interval for starting weigh-ins? SABRAMOWI 2 LADYVOLSFAN1954
4/29/16 2:14 A
Wipe away the teardrop from your eye You're lying RCOLYER 3 LADYVOLSFAN1954
4/29/16 2:14 A
Anybody use any kind of affordable diet/energy pil RICCI80 20 SKIRUNNER1
4/29/16 2:28 P
So sad to realize regular long grain white rice ha LADYGERRI 39 LADYVOLSFAN1954
4/29/16 2:10 A
On the 11th this month I weighed a total of 297.6 JCHRISSY92 18 ARAZA30
4/29/16 6:36 A
1,481 all day calories burned and 13700 steps. GABYMORRIS 18 ECAREY6
4/29/16 7:08 A
Is a fit bit really worth the investment? CRAZYNURSEMOM 23 STRIVE2FITNESS
4/29/16 10:21 A
I'm a teenager and I run track and cross country. BRANDONFENECH15 4 DTERESA
4/28/16 11:28 P
UPDATE ON JESSICA the drs were able to remove 2 bu EARTHANGEL62 10 KIYOKIFU37
4/28/16 9:58 P
Do you guys log fruits? I had an apple, a banana, SMELLIEELLIE 35 LADYVOLSFAN1954
4/28/16 6:58 P
What does everyone like to do for exercises? KVIKSE 42 DSKROBOT
4/28/16 8:30 P
Volunteered at a Clothing Giveaway. Lots of exerci ROYALMASTRPIECE 3 LADYVOLSFAN1954
4/28/16 6:57 P
Think I busted through the plateau I have been on SEPT2016 19 ARAZA30
4/29/16 6:38 A
Hi, I am back yet again, struggling with his weigh JOENCHRIS1231 19 JOENCHRIS1231
4/27/16 9:03 P
What's for dinner everyone? LAFAYETTE86 46 HEMAY12
4/28/16 3:21 A
Hi guys.So for the past 2 days ive been feeling really weak, not really hungry and allot of fatigue. CGABE1 10 BUBBA365
4/27/16 6:14 P
Does any one take any vitamins or supplements to h JMHERR 21 WEIRBETH
4/27/16 8:07 P
Is sleep apnea real? I have a CPAP but find it int DORIE53 19 LORELLAB
4/30/16 11:51 P
I had been doing really well on my diet and have g GABSLOSINGIT 12 GBATTEN4
4/27/16 5:29 P
Does anyone else log your food even when you have BP30680 68 KIMMERJB
4/27/16 8:04 P
One month weigh in today and I am proud to report LISAMAYHEW 31 CHARBAR114
4/27/16 9:48 P
Do you guys have cheat days? I cheat 1 a week for ZILL78 10 STACYLPALMER
4/27/16 6:00 P
What do you do when you feel like snacking?! EMILYAG11 34 CONNIEDZ
4/27/16 5:06 P
One month weigh in today and I am proud to report LISAMAYHEW 5 LADYVOLSFAN1954
4/27/16 5:03 P
I have lost about 15 pounds but honestly I don't s SHARRIS8854 29 KITTIE1919
4/27/16 4:38 P
Nsv tried on a shirt that was snug now it's loose. TAMARAOGINA 11 NEXTSTEP2014
4/27/16 3:36 P

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