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In Big Sky Montana this week! Ran almost 4 miles today with sprints at high altitude - woo hoo! KRISKECK 2 KOFFEENUT
6/20/17 1:33 P
My carrot pants fit yesterday! You know, the somewhat too small pants you hang on your closet door t KRISKECK 5 AMYG5025
6/20/17 1:41 P
Down 3.75 total inches since last month, the scale shows decreased body fat, and my running pace has KRISKECK 6 AMYG5025
6/17/17 10:10 A
3 mile run this morning after a 30 minute swim yesterday evening. This is a rest week in my tri trai KRISKECK 3 PRAIRIECROCUS
6/13/17 1:39 P
First brick workout today! 45 minutes on the bike trainer and 30 min run. My legs feel like jello an AMYG5025 3 KRISKECK
6/12/17 2:09 P
I've been struggling with depression recently, but today I chose not to stress eat, did yoga, and we CATS_MEOW_0911 7 COMEBACKKID12
6/13/17 2:02 P
Did a 15 mile bike ride and 5 miles of running this weekend! Goal for today: 30 minute swim, as my KRISKECK 2 AMYG5025
6/12/17 4:34 P
This artist invited the public to color her heart! ONEKIDSMOM 8 KRISKECK
6/12/17 11:38 A
2000 yard swim today and I made big improvements on form. Yes! KRISKECK 3 AMYG5025
6/12/17 1:35 P
Swam for 30 min and biked for 45 min today! I love it when my Apple Watch says I achieved 200% of my AMYG5025 3 KRISKECK
6/5/17 1:13 P
What a beautiful sunny weekend. What have I done? gargled w/salt water, held my head over steaming w KELLIEBEAN 14 JEANKNEE
6/7/17 5:01 P
I did a one mile=plus open water swim today! It was challenging but I learned a lot. KRISKECK 3 AMYG5025
6/5/17 8:11 A
Excited and a little scared! Signed up for a sprint triathlon with my friend. My one and only triath AMYG5025 5 GRACED777
6/1/17 1:27 A
First 5k of the season (and first in almost two years) done! I'm so happy I ran 28:48, faster than m AMYG5025 7 KRISKECK
5/22/17 12:58 P
FINALLY back at goal weight after many many weeks of hovering just above it. Now to work at holding KELLIEBEAN 13 CHERYLA2012
5/23/17 5:34 A
Morning run! MSKIZ69 4 KRISKECK
5/22/17 12:56 P
Today, I completed my very first Olympic Triathlon Distance (1 mile Open water swim, 25 mile bike, a SKEMERICH 21 NOLAHORSERIDER
5/22/17 9:33 A
C25K week 7 day 3 done today! Just a few more workouts until the 5k on Sunday! AMYG5025 4 NOLAHORSERIDER
5/15/17 5:31 P
Totally blown away today. I placed 2nd in my age group in a VERY challenging 5K AND earned an award KELLIEBEAN 33 KRISKECK
5/15/17 10:40 A
Not a stellar day but just finished yoga and feeling better. I let it all go! Happy Almost Weekend! KELLIEBEAN 5 KRISKECK
5/13/17 12:44 P
Swam 40 minutes this morning, feeling great today! KRISKECK 2 RAINYN2004
4/26/17 10:17 A
I know it's only day 4 for me. But how soon after do people usually see results? I'm okay waiting. I EBAMZM3 5 KEATON753
4/23/17 12:36 P
Had a really good stretch eating and fitness the last two weeks. Today, I ate a treat of M&Ms. I'm BEACHTIME9 6 4CONNIESHEALTH
4/19/17 10:15 P
Went to see the Chagall exhibition at the local museum. His works are stunning and a visual delight. SPARKARINA 10 EVILCECIL
4/20/17 7:09 A
We're having fajitas for supper. I love them, and they're not terrible for you, but the calories add ODDR1NA 14 ODDR1NA
4/19/17 8:19 P
Today is day one of my using this particular app, and recommitting to my weight loss goal. I lost al KANDERSON225 76 KANDERSON225
4/18/17 1:54 P
My son, who moved out in December, stopped by for a visit, for no reason. My heart is happy. KELLIEBEAN 7 KRISKECK
4/13/17 11:10 A
Raked for 2 and a half hours yesterday after a 12 mile bike ride! KRISKECK 2 GABY1948
4/10/17 5:59 P
Do i just log 4oz of chicken breast from my roasted chicken? TIA#mobilechat SUMMERFODRIE 8 SUMMERFODRIE
4/4/17 8:58 P
Tri-ing it and liking it! Training is going well with a 22.5 mile aerobic run this morning followed KRISKECK 3 GABY1948
4/5/17 7:23 A
Tri training is going well! 2 swims, two bike rides and two runs this week - woo hoo! KRISKECK 1 KRISKECK
4/2/17 9:07 P
I have never wanted this day to come while I was here on earth. Such a day is something a parent sho KEEPITUP4LIFE 14 MYBESTLIFEISNOW
4/2/17 7:04 P
Getting ready for my run! KRISKECK 3 MLR_00
3/26/17 8:23 A
The vigil in Trafalgar Square yesterday for the victims of the attack on Westminster Bridge and the NEW-CAZ 13 JANTHEBLONDE
3/28/17 11:26 A
Wimped out on the ten miler once I experienced the weather conditions on site... feel it was a wise ONEKIDSMOM 14 JEANKNEE
3/27/17 11:35 P
Happy Saturday! Weekend Check-in: what's one thing you will do this weekend to reach your goals? SPARKGUY 66 JEANKNEE
3/27/17 11:34 P
pledging to stick 100% to my plan today! KRISKECK 3 MLR_00
3/26/17 8:21 A
Have a lovely and awesome day's cold here in MI!17F GABY1948 7 KRISKECK
3/23/17 12:09 P
3/23/17 11:03 A
This is the view out of my pottery studio window. Have a great weekend everyone! HIPPICHICK1 13 KRISKECK
3/19/17 8:45 P
Chilling with furry friend after the morning's run. Canine fix courtesy of my sis! ONEKIDSMOM 8 AQUAGIRL08
3/21/17 9:31 A
Signed up for a sprint triathlon! KRISKECK 2 GABY1948
3/20/17 6:31 A
Ran 3 miles on the treadmill this morning at my new gym... woo hoo! KRISKECK 3 1DAY-ATA-TIME
3/19/17 12:04 P
Tried to take my picture but it didn't work out. so, I will try it once more. Today marks 59 days of LOVESWEETS2 210 EO4WELLNESS
3/29/17 8:59 P
I'm so mad at myself. I lost 35 pounds then I just lost it. I stopped tracking, I stopped trying. I E83872 8 NETSUE64
3/13/17 12:19 P
Went swimming yesterday and did 40 laps! Could a triathlon be in my future? We shall see how it goes KRISKECK 2 SPARK_JOE
3/13/17 10:56 A
I'm starting the 50th year of my life... and the past 6 years were the happiest! 286 weeks of mainte KRISZTA11 23 MIRAGE727
3/13/17 11:56 A
Planning to work out 5 times this week! KRISKECK 3 WHYTEBROWN
3/12/17 7:19 P
I am so ready for the weekend - bring it on! Planning swimming and running and who knows what else? KRISKECK 1 KRISKECK
3/10/17 9:28 A
Just wanted to say hi!! Im new here ROSA324 37 ADORKABLE-ME
2/14/17 6:14 A
Today I am out of the 200 club at 198.8 lbs. LSTONESTREET1 44 ABRENNAN7
2/7/17 5:46 P
#coach Does exercising really help with the weight loss? I know this is an irrational fear, but I am 123MAINE 28 SPARK_MERLE
2/5/17 10:27 P
# exercise Does anyone have some suggestions of exercises to do while sick with a head cold? Normall LNWALL 13 LNWALL
1/31/17 7:07 P
Okie dokie SparkPeople.... Fill in the blank! To NMARION3 93 HEREWEGOAGAIN23
1/15/17 3:43 P
This really sucks, gaining weight, back up 281, trying to get house in order plus having my son admi ELLA320 4 KRISKECK
1/12/17 9:41 A
Needing Reassuring: I started my diet and excercising last Monday. I completely changed and my diet JKELSEY76 9 KRISKECK
1/10/17 7:29 A
I'm awake.... ate breakfast, drank 1 cup of coffee and I'm still just sitting here. Telling myself I KENT07 15 DONNYJ2585
1/3/17 1:47 P
Today is the day that I start tracking everything that goes into my mouth. YISKAMIRYAM 21 7STIGGYMT
1/3/17 11:38 A
I've got a holiday party that I'm super nervous fo OLIVIASHEEHAN 10 BREROCHA8
12/24/16 8:38 P
So sore but must push through and workout! CATINACOT 8 RAMONA1954
11/22/16 10:27 P
Thanksgiving 2016 Beck Challenge KRISZTA11 36 KBEHNKE81
11/26/16 11:01 A
This weekend was my mom's 50th birthday weekend.. EMILYGLAM 20 ERGEORGIAGAL89
11/7/16 3:00 P
Yay! I couldn't believe it, but this morning the s RILLEWEN 50 ANGGOTTHIS
11/7/16 12:40 P
Only 1lb down this week...but hit the 15lb loss mi SARITARIUS 33 S_MHANCOCK
9/6/16 8:10 A
I'm close to my goal weight-10lbs to go. I've lost DDACHE 8 DDACHE
8/22/16 8:47 A
Has anyone lost 20 lbs in a month? I know that's a LOVE2TRAVEL78 5 TWEDEE777
8/10/16 8:06 A
It's my first day using this app and I'm really li KETIANA 16 UNKYNDENESSE
7/19/16 5:16 P
Any suggestions on how I can better control myself SARAHEMILY1988 11 SARAHEMILY1988
7/10/16 10:28 P
Team News: Onward. Upward. And Steadily Sparking. RUSSLANE 143 SPARKLINGME176
9/23/15 10:05 A
What is the best/most helpful Beck tip? SPARK-IN-ALASKA 42 KRISZTA11
8/29/15 3:39 P
And another newbie... KRISKECK 6 GABY1948
9/6/15 8:30 P
The Biggest Loser: CBG Edition, Week 1 DXTREME45 6 BECKTY
1/19/11 10:48 A
What is MOD to you? BAILEYSMOM4 22 PHOENIX_2015
1/6/11 3:19 P
this is my first attempt at a day of AF IRISHGIRLLY 13 WILLAMLC
9/3/10 10:29 A
September 2010 AF/MOD Days Monthly Challenge BEFITSPIRITED 155 WINDSTAR3
10/11/10 11:35 A

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