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Blueberries, bananas and apples with rice wine vinegar, lemon and honey dressing. Not the combinatio KPILVER 5 KPILVER
1/21/18 10:18 P
Snack time. Gluten free coconut chia cereal with bananas, blueberries and almond milk. KPILVER 6 FITGIGI0102
1/18/18 9:37 P
Just getting back on SP today! Been gone over 2 years. This time I am going to be using the low ca CIN3DEE2 7 CIN3DEE2
1/19/18 7:48 P
Taking a moment to appreciate how far I’ve come, but not forgetting that I’ve got more work to do to SWEETEPIPHANY 76 LADYARTIST41
1/18/18 7:59 P
Finding ways to meet my calcium goal. Second attem KPILVER 2 LEEWORD
1/18/18 3:42 P
At my favorite Greek spot. My server is adorable! KPILVER 6 GERRYH2
1/15/18 6:15 P
Jerk Chicken with Rice and Blackeyed Peas from my job plus my own personal addition of Avocado and a KPILVER 17 YAYOZHIK
1/14/18 11:53 P
#BeforeAndAfter 101 lbs weight loss SHESACOUNTRYSWE 177 LOSING_FOR_LIFE
1/17/18 3:38 P
Here's dinner. Tuna salad made with smashed avocad KPILVER 17 BILLTHOMSON
1/14/18 9:57 A
My mother just passed this morning. I’m flying the 1100 miles to stay with my dad. Been passing th NEEDBU66 250 TARADAWNEM
1/14/18 10:59 A
#BeforeAndAfter. This before picture is after one TXSUNSHINE512 252 BSPORTER66
1/16/18 1:56 P
Trying a new snack food today. Figured cereal would motivate me to drink more almond milk so I can m KPILVER 3 MAZUR157
1/13/18 8:37 P
Homemade chicken piccata! I went easy on the carbs today so I could have this. I couldn't wait for a STEPHI85 13 SADIEMYERS
1/12/18 9:05 P
Not quite as exciting as yesterday's version which was smashed garlic, turkey bacon potatoes with gr KPILVER 6 DCWILLIAMS831
1/12/18 11:06 P
Made myself a little spiced hot cocoa. Only 60 calories, plus protein and calcium. Trying to meet my KPILVER 6 KPILVER
1/11/18 6:18 P
Tired as I am, I still managed to whip up a little something. Griddled Tilapia (with no calorie cook KPILVER 7 AGEE1944
1/11/18 7:10 P
Day 3 of my low fat diet is proving a huge struggle. The possibility of gallstones pain is keeping m SHAPEUPCHELLE 8 CONNIET88
1/10/18 8:56 P
1/10/18 4:06 P
Basmati rice pork stir fry. I think I watch to many Asian food tours. LOL 😄 But they eat a ton of w DIALYSISCHIC1 29 BILLTHOMSON
1/10/18 9:39 P
This is delicious mock wendys frosty. I got from SparkRecipes this is a Keeper😋❤️ CBULLIS1 11 SUESCHINCK
1/9/18 9:25 P
Amari playing in NC snow --- we got about 3 inches plus ice. DBELLE39 4 1CRAZYDOG
1/8/18 9:14 A
One of the best #keto treats! BARBEDWIREKITTY 14 BLESSOME
1/8/18 9:08 A
Last meal of the evening. Gluten Free Avocado Turk KPILVER 3 KPILVER
1/7/18 10:10 P
This sums up my Christmas and New Years. Getting back on track... MEEMERS2010 9 ENGELKUH89
1/8/18 8:04 P
Making some turkey bacon for my bedtime BLT! KPILVER 2 MNABOY
1/7/18 9:00 P
Ok here is the meal that made my pie chart perfect KPILVER 6 MJ7DM33
1/7/18 11:18 P
Did some walking and other exercises....was so mad this morning....exercised helped a little, but co DAWN1830 19 EO4WELLNESS
1/7/18 2:43 P
Was a bad week weight loss wise this week. Still having a problem getting all my calories in. But Iv SWEETEMTB 32 NOCALORIES
1/6/18 10:37 P
I have done it, I have officially lost 30 pounds!!!!!!! 🤸All thanks to you guys and gals that keep KIMBERLYASHLYN 307 LOULOU1709
1/7/18 12:36 A
Stopped working to take the time to make my self 2 healthy tuna salads. 1 for now and one for tomorr KPILVER 8 LAW06211
1/5/18 9:11 P
Keep on tracking! Here's dinner. Dessert to follow. My pie chart is pretty balanced. Ate 28 grams of KPILVER 18 KPILVER
1/5/18 1:02 A
Gluten free turkey bacon BLT. Swapped the mayo for avocado today for some added fiber! Not gonna lie KPILVER 7 KPILVER
1/5/18 1:01 A
Didn't have time to prepare a meal from scratch. So I tried out a Dole Asian Salad in a bag, added s KPILVER 13 KPILVER
1/5/18 12:59 A
Greek yogurt with blueberries, strawberries, honey, cinnamon and pistachios. Yummy! KPILVER 5 KPILVER
1/5/18 12:58 A
Snack time! Trying something new. Not bad! Texture is like cheetos only a bit more of a subtle flavo KPILVER 10 KPILVER
1/5/18 12:57 A
Fell off the wagon this past week. Feeling stressed 😩. But today I'm back to tracking and trying no KPILVER 16 333HONEYBABE333
1/5/18 1:06 A
Been having sandwich cravings. Trying something ne KPILVER 15 KPILVER
1/5/18 12:52 A
Snack Time! Popcorn, Apple, Mixed Nuts and a littl KPILVER 5 KPILVER
1/5/18 12:50 A
I'm having a surprisingly hard time getting enough fiber in my diet during they day, what are your f JESSIRABBIT88 11 KPILVER
1/5/18 12:45 A
Back at my starting weight. I wish I had some motivation. NAZYTEACH 12 MYWAYHIWAY
1/4/18 7:31 P
500 calorie dinner yummy!! I eat 1000 to 1100 calories a day i measure weigh track everything im doi BUTLEREGC3 4 BUTLEREGC3
1/4/18 7:01 P
Outside cardio and calisthenics ...... peaceful evening!!! MANONAMISSION73 13 LGSCARRIE
1/4/18 11:59 P
-10 with wind chill but buddy the cat don't care. Stay warm my friends. JOEDOLLAR 9 NANCYANND55
1/4/18 8:40 P
So in the last month I have lost 8.6 lbs. Slow and steady wins the race. I still have a long road to INKODINKO 3 JENNGROGAN
1/4/18 7:21 P
9° and a little bit of snow early this morning turned my jaunt into a mystical little adventure. The J2002HEIDS 6 ALOFA0509
1/4/18 8:24 P
Working a 12 hr pm shift tonight. Preparation is key to reaching my goals. Lunch-tuna salad and cele HWNHMMBRD 31 HWNHMMBRD
1/5/18 1:42 A
Does it look like I lost 30 lb #BeforeAndAfter RONDAJO56 171 DMARQUEZ35
1/4/18 7:46 P
Posted a photo CARLI_TDG 15 CINDA11
12/31/17 3:46 P
I always like to have a beverage during my IF. I don't starting eating until 2pm. First time having KPILVER 1 KPILVER
12/31/17 12:55 P
Starting over again. Fell off the wagon. Time to pull up my boot straps and buckle down. BLAPPLETON 3 BLAPPLETON
12/30/17 3:58 P
Christmas season almost over. I have been enjoying too many Christmas treats & cheer. Have been limi PETERMORRIS966 3 AMYINTHEWILD
12/30/17 3:43 P
Cant wait til I lose this weight... 75 pounds to go ANNAWALLS1987 35 MDOWER1
12/30/17 5:51 P
I think that if I replace "No More Sodas!" with "Try Something Else First" I might be more successfu BURBANOVSKY 3 NANCYPAT1
12/21/17 5:01 P
Yesterday was the day I decided enough was enough. I decided I needed to stop making excuses, I need TYLYN00 8 MSMITCHELL2696
12/21/17 6:30 P
Hi spark friends I need help... yesterday started my spontaneous intermitted fasting was able to com GULSHAFAQ 10 LRJUSTUS1
12/21/17 8:32 P
Avacado / egg toast brunch , after 10 km walk!! BEANPOD61 13 TIGERSEYEHEART
12/21/17 3:28 P
I hit my weight goal! My goal was to be 295.0 by today! I worked hard for this! Today is my hubby an ANGELICMOMMA 100 KIPPER15
12/21/17 3:49 P
Turned a can of Amy's Organic Curried Lentil Soup into a hearty meal by adding some boiled potatoes KPILVER 5 KPILVER
12/20/17 7:32 P
I was luckily asked to join a 12 days of Fitsmas Facebook group. Each day we add to the previous day KPILVER 2 DINZEL
12/20/17 7:27 P
Putting the Beyond into Bed, Bath & Beyond? And putting Mellow into family Christmas dinner? I'm in KMCGR3 6 ALOFA0509
12/21/17 1:38 A
Needed to make my protein goal. Tuna, Greek yogurt, avocado, celery and onion. KPILVER 11 CFITZ1
12/17/17 11:26 P
I wasn't going to cook tonight but you know what? Standing in the kitchen after dialysis feels about DIALYSISCHIC1 22 STARFISH1961
12/16/17 7:37 P
My surgery has gone well. Behold my giant splint. DISNEYDAMSEL1 49 DEBIGENE
12/16/17 8:20 A
Over snacked at work. I work in a deli and it is so easy to just snack. I have binged ate 2 times th KJMARTIN86 5 WOMANOFLOVE
12/15/17 9:05 P
I had the Oreo cookies on the kitchen island for 2 days and didn't eat one!!! Some will power. JWRFLINT 12 NOCALORIES
12/15/17 10:40 P
Goooood morning lol😁! Keep on sparking💫🌟✨. WOMANOFLOVE 8 KPILVER
12/13/17 3:38 P
16th day of fighting the beast. The day was ok food wise but silently I am despondent. On top of c IREMIA 5 LORINTY
12/13/17 3:42 P
It's a daily struggle to not eat the wrong things or eat to much of it and today I lost the battle. JENNABEAR2020 5 MWARNER211
12/13/17 6:18 P
Posted a goal TMP0418 18 DIALYSISCHIC1
12/15/17 10:38 A
1/12/18 9:10 P
Hello Spark Family I hope you had a good Sunday. I went to my 11 yr old grandson's Martial Art Tour ERICALEAHA 5 LAH1222
12/10/17 11:30 P
Motivation moment... RHOOK20047 7 MBPP50
12/11/17 8:55 A
Note to self.... RHOOK20047 16 MBPP50
12/11/17 8:55 A
Check out my new kitten! She is so sweet. SEEJANERUNSLOW 22 PBVHCCVH
12/11/17 2:33 A
A few months ago. I love this "Michelada" drink. Ha Buenas noches! NOMASHOTCHEETOS 10 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
12/11/17 9:34 A