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This day last year vs this year KATIEPROULX8 198 FLOUNDER1323
3/24/17 3:17 A
Down 125 lbs since January 2016. I still struggle everyday, but I'm thankful to SparkPeople for all CMURPHY121 236 ERICAANN82
3/24/17 3:16 A
Balancing on a giant stump. Just because. ZORBS13 7 MEFATAGAIN
3/23/17 12:37 P
First full length since losing all my weight. SW 374 LW 215 Regain 14 Regain Loss 14 Next goal O MSLOUIE3 13 1DAY-ATA-TIME
3/23/17 11:35 A
Down 56 pounds! It's takin me a year but it was so worth it! Wish I could loose another 25 pounds. PLONG5 305 PLONG5
3/23/17 10:17 P
It has taken me a year to lose 20 lbs. Each day seemed painfully long to get to a goal but looking b FREEMANSFOX 135 _LINDA
3/23/17 7:15 P
A great day indeed. I am now below 150. πŸŽ‰πŸ˜™πŸ’ͺ TANDERSON2575 182 NANAGRIFFIN2
3/23/17 4:59 P
Day one for me! My dad and I are doing this togeth METALMAMA1017 10 KOHINOOR2
3/22/17 6:19 P
Worked out only 50 days this year. 50 more days of school. My goal is 50 more marbles and 14 pounds. MISSCNJ 7 SILVAS7
3/23/17 6:30 A
Hi my name is manna a mom of 6 kids been married 14 years my goal is to lose some weight and get bac M71208 16 CANDEE412
3/22/17 5:59 P
This is where I would love to be today. Have a blessed day, all! KACEYSW 9 KOHINOOR2
3/22/17 5:53 P
9 more pounds to go!! Stuck on a plateau! TRAILSENDAGAIN1 14 2DAWN4
3/22/17 6:15 P
100 pounds to lose. It's not going to be easy, but I'm determined to do it. LUIS260 37 EMMIB26
3/21/17 8:21 P
Just started!!! My goal is to lose 60lbs. So far I've lost 7lbs so far. Its a start N54888 18 QSHEPP
3/22/17 4:07 A
Ready for the chins to go! 50lbs to get rid of! Here I go! DOGLVER73 18 SUEPOO15
3/21/17 6:44 P
Setting small reachable goals!! VSOLIS73 47 CASTALLCARES1
3/21/17 5:30 P
I Had Spine surgery a year ago gained 40 lbs....This means I have to loose 40 lbs SALBIN1 16 SALBIN1
3/21/17 9:31 P
Completed my first full week on sparks and I'm down 10 pounds! Seems to be working well.... MAASMAN 13 JAYISOLDEM2
3/21/17 5:51 P
I posted earlier of my 166 pound weight loss it's embarrassing but this is my before and after keep CTRENT2 173 CHRIS3874
3/21/17 9:55 P
How often do you work out? THEQUEENBEE40 127 4ADANCE
3/24/17 12:24 A
just wanted to say Hi. I am new and ready to start a new journey. Hope everyone has a great day! LALARODRIGUEZ 6 KATAL773
3/20/17 6:03 P
Greek salad with homemade dressing. #anotherhealthychoice YOGADAILY 33 MORTICIAADDAMS
3/21/17 9:06 A
We all know the saying, if you don't have anything nice to say don't say it. I like to live by a dif BECCA_62283 4 KOHINOOR2
3/20/17 5:17 P
Amazing Quote!! ~*~SPUNKI~*~ 14 SMACG61
3/20/17 7:23 P
Posted a photo DK070263 8 GAYLLYNNE
3/20/17 5:42 P
I started my healthy eating lifestyle On Feb.22,2016 as of Feb. 22,2017 I have lost a total of 92lbs PATRIC10669 187 TRINELLE2
3/21/17 7:47 P
Today I hit a milestone! I'm down to 193lbs that's ONE HUNDRED less than my highest weight of 293lbs JEMMSIE 303 MALISSAPOLK
3/20/17 11:19 P
Posted a photo JUDY1676 9 JUDITH316
3/20/17 4:42 A
Pretty much sums it up. πŸ™‚ MISS-WILLOW 10 ~*~SPUNKI~*~
3/19/17 6:53 P
Sunday Workouts! #EmptyGym πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘β€β€β€β€ BEAUTYJERIDUGAS 6 LLLWITHPASSION
3/19/17 3:56 P
Not spark related buuuut,,,,, bought my daughter her first car today! Happy Day!!! ~*~SPUNKI~*~ 12 DIZZYBRITCHES
3/19/17 4:55 P
430 ft climb 4.7 miles of pure awesomeness 2AWESOME4U 12 2AWESOME4U
3/19/17 11:42 P
From 340 to 210 woot woot AMERICE9221 93 FITNESS447
3/19/17 5:15 P
Goal weight reached! Never posted a pic before, but if it will maybe inspire others to push themselv GROOMS74 305 MCCALI59
3/21/17 12:30 P
Made it through the Birthday today eating great food and more importantly sticking to my calories an ALICIAMAG 4 MEWHENRYSMAMA
3/19/17 1:15 A
Posted a goal ACLAYJAR 4 CTYONIT
3/19/17 12:56 A
My first weight loss running shoes! BARBARAMJ 43 DIVINAMAMA
3/19/17 3:10 A
Posting my daily total for each day #fitbit GOLDENYEAR66 4 MISSY455
3/19/17 1:47 A
No sugar added dinner. Mmmmm!! AMBULINCKX 10 CTYONIT
3/19/17 4:14 A
Got glass meal portion containers. Filled one side protein other side veggies!! Yum LOIS263 11 MSGO72
3/19/17 8:02 P
Went hiking 4 miles πŸ’ͺ HFOTWTH 5 LOULOU1709
3/17/17 8:24 P
I haven't taken a photo in 5 years, I was too embarrassed by myself, so I don't have a "before". Her GOODFELINE 14 BOLEBRON
3/17/17 9:25 P
All SparkPeople, no surgery, crazy diets, or extreme exercise. Have faith! You can do this if I ca ~INDYGIRL 239 RAINBOWMF
3/18/17 8:29 P
went out and did my 2 mile walk,it was such a beautiful evening. MARIEB441 16 NCFITCHICK
3/17/17 8:46 P
Lost 3 lbs. today... Lord, I've got a TON to lose! Almost literally! MRSJENNI 31 SCHNOOTIE
3/21/17 8:09 A
Posted a photo AMYBRO1 4 BOLEBRON
3/17/17 9:24 P
2 years, 5 months. That's how long it took me to lose 117 pounds. No gimmicks, no quick fixes, no CARRIEB1011 282 BEVIEG41
3/18/17 5:28 P
Get up and move- we can reach our goals. GARDENSFORLIFE 9 JAMER123
3/18/17 1:19 A
Friends photo of their vacation in Hawaii GREENRUG 7 DJ4HEALTH
3/16/17 10:51 P
Posted a photo SUSANYOUNGER 7 HOTROD53
3/17/17 5:48 P
Did some jogging tonight 49 mins SHERESMITH 9 DJ4HEALTH
3/16/17 10:52 P
June 2016 to March 2017 99lbs difference...Wow I'm actually blown away seeing this. MRSOLIVER455 84 MRSOLIVER455
3/17/17 8:02 A
What a difference 120 lbs can make. Still working on reaching my goal but this is me then and now. MISS-WILLOW 259 DAWN1830
3/17/17 5:16 P
One year today the pic. on the left was taken. I did not start my life style change till March 25 20 MBLACK2085 246 MLR_00
3/17/17 6:24 A
Happy 15yrs anniversary to my husband him to no endsπŸ’‘πŸ’‘πŸ’‘πŸ’‘πŸ’‘let's turn up tonight.πŸ˜‚ FITNESSCHIC007 125 FISHGUT3
3/16/17 1:55 P
The Dance of the Scales SLASALLE 71 QUAIL75
3/23/17 4:04 P
Goodnight my friends! Have an awesome sleep and an even better tommorow :) JUSTSTICKWITHIT 7 OSONIYE
3/16/17 12:30 P
3/16/17 7:34 A
3/15/17 11:55 P
Tried to take my picture but it didn't work out. so, I will try it once more. Today marks 59 days of LOVESWEETS2 209 EGGBASKET1
3/15/17 11:59 P
Finally weighed myself 386 down to 362 I lost 24 pounds yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh πŸ˜²πŸ˜²πŸ˜²πŸ˜†πŸ˜† G23447 150 YMWONG22
3/16/17 3:45 A
Keep pushing! Don't stop trying... If you make a mistake, don't quit, just get back on track. When a READY4PROGRESS 31 EMMIB26
3/15/17 11:17 A
Focus on one day at a goal at a time...Let's plan for a blessed and productive Spark day! LPORTER2015 82 BELLACUDDLES
3/16/17 9:45 A
Yay!!! JULESANA8818 153 RAPUNZEL53
3/14/17 3:03 P
I'm new JENNIF40 47 JENNIF40
3/14/17 2:43 P
Booked an active weekend. Tennis practice on Friday, kayaking on Saturday, and tennis again on Sunda GREENSUBMARINE 10 GREENSUBMARINE
3/14/17 1:51 A
Posted a photo DSMITH620 15 KOHINOOR2
3/13/17 10:33 P
3/14/17 2:27 A
Dinner tonight was delicious. Southwestern grilled chicken, baked sweet potato, and brussel sprouts. CATRICEJ 6 KOHINOOR2
3/13/17 10:29 P
Hungry! snacking on veggies RUN-GIRL71 8 KOHINOOR2
3/13/17 10:26 P
before & after ... have about 23lbs left to go! left (314lbs) right (183lbs) STAYSTRONGX0 190 KAREN8880
3/13/17 10:52 P
My husband and I, lost a total of 220 pounds together. Him a couple of years and I, 85 pounds since MISAIS 158 PREMAMEHROTRA
3/14/17 5:39 A
Did you overeat at your last meal? IAMJOYFUL2 11678 SISTERPRETTY
3/23/17 11:11 P
Some beautiful desert views on yesterday's walk! LIFEFOUNDONARUN 18 1DAY-ATA-TIME
3/13/17 8:50 A
This week I will be with SP for 5 years!!!!! I'm thrilled to be so much healthier! SPARKLINGME176 12 BONNIEMARGAY
3/14/17 12:49 A

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