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What Did You Get Rid of Today? WISTERIALODGE 527 KMF2018
3/23/18 10:06 A
Just got back from a quick 20 minute walk before breakfast. Feel great! KNITTINGKITTY 5 JOYCEHARRIS3
11/6/17 12:23 P
Chaneg one letter to make a new word STROYECK5 23060 1DAY-ATA-TIME
3/23/18 8:55 A
Change one letter JAZZYJUDE 22915 KAYDE53
3/22/18 11:46 P
3/23/18 10:06 A
Three weeks left until retirement. This was a stressful, hectic week at work. Only managed one 75 mi KNITTINGKITTY 7 JOYCEHARRIS3
10/16/17 1:06 P
Just finished baking five pies for our church bazaar. I satisfied my baking itch and got a few more KNITTINGKITTY 7 DEVONSCOTT3525
10/7/17 10:16 A
Week 3 eating lots of kale and other green veggies. Yum. Also including fish (which I’m trying recip CAROLSGAMER 13 CAROLSGAMER
10/19/17 7:40 P
So I've been doing this SparkPeople thing for 5 days now. There is a learning curve to logging every SHERMANTANK 5 MARYLOTUS
10/6/17 10:24 P
I have to make something for a church lunch tomorrow so I'm using up some processed foods from my pa KNITTINGKITTY 3 KNITTINGKITTY
9/23/17 12:17 A
Plateau question THALLO 11 SERENDIPITY_DAY
10/18/17 12:24 P
I had to go to the emergency room today. I was foundly able to weigh in. I wasn't sure how much I we DEVONSCOTT3525 4 KNITTINGKITTY
9/18/17 9:51 P
Breakfast and lunch ideas..... SARJAJO4 17 IMREITE
11/21/17 12:08 A
What's wrong with "food" these days? JUSTEATREALFOOD 103 LIVELYGIRL2
9/17/17 9:55 P
Walked in the Stepping out in Pink walk for Breast Cancer this morning. Good time with good friends! KNITTINGKITTY 9 JOYCEHARRIS3
9/10/17 6:24 A
I had one hour of yoga class after work today and that was the only good hour in the day. Come on Fr KNITTINGKITTY 4 SPARTANJAI
9/8/17 7:40 A
Bike or Walking????? CDAUPHINET 1047 LOVECAROL
3/22/18 1:55 P
Just finished a three mile walk. It was chilly in the house and yard, so I wore long pants and even KNITTINGKITTY 4 BEVERLY1501
9/3/17 1:56 P
9/2/17 8:29 A
Here's how much weight I've lost since starting over in June - 20 pounds, the equivalent of four rea KNITTINGKITTY 22 CHAIRMASTER
9/2/17 10:53 A
Have a sore shoulder and neck. Took some ibuprofen. Hope it doesn't hang around too long. KNITTINGKITTY 3 ENGELKUH89
8/25/17 9:05 P
So, I'm staying under my limits/within my goals, but I know I'm doing it wrong. I'm trying a little DANIDANI11 4 KNITTINGKITTY
8/23/17 12:16 P
#deliciousdailymoment I hope these taste as good as they look. Parmesan eggplant slices. KNITTINGKITTY 15 PILLARPOINT
8/20/17 10:44 P
"New word from last two letters" TERRACOTTAGE 3432 JULIEA7201
3/22/18 11:39 P
Question: Any suggetions for a good app for tracking the route and miles WALKED. (Some of my route i CAROLJCM 8 KNITTINGKITTY
8/13/17 4:31 P
Any tips/tricks for resisting office snacks? Help! HAPPY_HEART_JEN 96 JADIEGIRL1974
9/24/17 8:20 P
I thought I was growing eggplant, but then they look like this. Anyone grow eggplant before? I got 9 MIAMI_LILLY 13 BERRY4
8/13/17 10:22 P
Starting my first intermittent fast. Tea, water, coffee and broth are all I will have between now a MOMMACASSEY 10 MOMMACASSEY
8/12/17 7:24 P
I'm huge starting today to loose weight SAMMYJOE95108 89 BRENDAJ1818
8/17/17 12:16 P
So happy it's Friday and I don't have any special events or outings planned for the weekend. Time to KNITTINGKITTY 5 JOYCEHARRIS3
8/12/17 6:34 A
It rained during water aerobics tonight and then there was a huge rainbow over the pool! KNITTINGKITTY 3 RAERAERAE62
8/10/17 11:13 P
8/14/17 10:27 A
Up and awake at 3 am. I knew the minute I woke up I wouldn't be able to drop back to sleep easily. F KNITTINGKITTY 7 KNITTINGKITTY
8/9/17 10:00 A
food and money MISSEYD 187 KNITTINGKITTY
8/8/17 10:25 P
8/8/17 12:12 A
I took my first ever yoga class tonight. I took a hot yoga class and I really enjoyed it. I was the CDS427 8 PUGLOVER1999
8/7/17 11:26 P
First Photo of my Journey, current weight 265lbs, goal weight 145lbs, Its going to be one hella of j TIFFY30 162 BIGFLABEAR
8/14/17 2:16 P
Made fresh healthy muffins this morning. No sugar, and plenty tasty! 2BDYNAMIC 31 SASHASMOM1122
8/11/17 2:16 P
Happy Sunday Sparkers - A Sparker commented, "There is no shame in taking a Rest Day". That made me ASF220 22 CHELZANNE
8/6/17 1:51 P
#deliciousdailymoment Weekly Weigh in this morning - down 15 pounds! Halfway to my goal of 30 pound KNITTINGKITTY 6 JACKIEWALKS4FUN
8/6/17 9:23 A
Are You Happy Right Now? SMYLEERED 37439 SKEMERICH
3/23/18 10:39 A
Off topic, but going to a wedding solo next week. First dressy event since I lost the weight. I boug FIBROMITE87 266 DSJB9999
8/8/17 3:57 P
So I'm trying to get my sleep back on track. It's been out of whack for days. Maybe I'm just trying KS_JULYBABY 5 MAIZIEPAIGE
8/1/17 5:10 P
Last night I tried going to bed at 10:30 and couldn't fall asleep until after 2am. I did some knitti KNITTINGKITTY 3 BEVERLY1501
8/1/17 2:00 P
Two Words--Change One (game) -WRKNG2ABTTRME- 1339 PAULALALALA
3/23/18 11:11 A
Two Word Game- Change one SUNSHYNECOOKS 5183 TWEETYKC00
1/14/18 1:41 P
Working from home and overeating HOMESHAD155 42 ON_A_DIET
8/31/17 2:58 P
I went for a 2.21 mile jog last night and ended with a 2.21 mile walk, while I was jogging I had 2 w SHENTE 325 MORTONDH
7/26/17 10:15 P
#deliciousdailymoment Made wonton mini quiches this morning for breakfast. These will be great for w KNITTINGKITTY 18 C38622
7/22/17 11:29 A
So my bf asked me today how much i weighed. I told him and burst into tears. He didn't say anything CATTONER 11 PINKPIXY22
7/16/17 11:12 P
Weigh-in this morning. Hit the 10 pound mark! #deliciousdailymoment KNITTINGKITTY 6 BEVERLY1501
7/16/17 9:09 A
Posted a photo CHKCHNC 16 SUITELADY69
7/16/17 8:59 A
Mowing in the heat today wore me out. KNITTINGKITTY 2 BEVERLY1501
7/15/17 7:22 P
Team has gotten quiet! SCRAPPY42 3 DEMONA
8/25/17 7:21 P
7/31/17 1:41 P
Change one letter to make a NEW word MIRFA71 12104 NORASPAT
3/22/18 9:17 P
alternative for kleenex or paper tissue JJSS84 16 JSPEED4
9/19/17 1:26 P
7/14/17 11:37 P
Two Word Game- Change one SUNSHYNECOOKS 7042 GEORGE815
3/23/18 10:57 A
Sleep is eluding me again. Maybe time to invest in a good book. Have a great day everyone. JUSTSTICKWITHIT 21 1CRAZYDOG
7/14/17 12:49 P
3/17/18 12:21 A
Anyone know any weight loss groups I can join that isn't very expensive? I need more motivation to s ANGEL2GOOD31 5 SOUTHTXXRNNR
7/13/17 1:37 P
The best part of Thursday is yoga after work followed by water aerobics. I look forward to it all da KNITTINGKITTY 1 KNITTINGKITTY
7/13/17 1:33 P
New to the team SUZEQ601 3 KNITTINGKITTY
7/12/17 1:57 P
I tried to take the diet pill Belviq because my Dr advised it. It's made me so sick. I couldn't slee BEVERLY1501 4 LRJUSTUS1
7/12/17 7:17 P
Tried a single serve yogurt from the store this morning, and it just confirmed for me how much bette KNITTINGKITTY 1 KNITTINGKITTY
7/12/17 1:36 P
Stopped Drinking Soda MATTD63 22 MATTD63
7/18/17 3:37 P
Was felling a little down. Invited my mother in law for a walk and was telling her how excited I was JHONNMIDWAY 45 CZECH102
7/11/17 5:40 A
Back on Spark for one month now. Lost 8 pounds. Still have some fatigue but eating more mindfully. # KNITTINGKITTY 3 PARISGRL7
7/10/17 12:37 P
7/10/17 12:32 A
July Accomplishments BEEJAY49 3 BEEJAY49
7/9/17 4:36 A
Ready to go out to dinner last night in the new bolero I made to go with my summer dress. KNITTINGKITTY 18 EWALKER1989
7/8/17 8:06 A
Had healthy food at each meal, did yoga then a little swimming, then a hail storm came through. Golf KNITTINGKITTY 19 MSGO72
7/7/17 12:14 A
The first day of the new me!! #imdetermined #weightlosshereigo HMULHEARN 30 2DAWN4
7/7/17 12:45 A
I had to go on blood pressure medication today... doctor says stress and genetics etc.... but then h ALILIZ78 5 KNITTINGKITTY
7/5/17 9:15 P