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4/27/17 11:01 P
April Walking Challenge: Grounds for Sculpture TERMITEMOM 278 KATHYJO56
4/27/17 4:15 P
4/27/17 6:33 P
FINALLY!! ONE-derland! I know it just barely, but MISSHARTUNG1 271 I_ROBOT
4/27/17 9:05 P
Did you have a Woohoo Wednesday? My highlight was tennis practice. How about you? Here is today's b SPARKGUY 46 EJOY-EVELYN
4/27/17 9:45 P
have a happy and healthy Thursday KITT52 4 1CRAZYDOG
4/27/17 11:27 A
**NEW** Ruby-lite Chat and Support Place BUTTERFLYGRACE 10113 LAINIESNEWLIFE
4/27/17 11:07 P
have a terrific Tuesday! *♥ -:¦:-*♥~.•*´¨ )♥~*-:¦:-*♥~.•*´¨ )♥~*-: -*♥ Learn to love listening with 1CRAZYDOG 4 KITT52
4/26/17 4:34 P
Posted a photo TRAILWALKERJO54 4 KITT52
4/26/17 4:33 P
It's a beautiful Tuesday and my sweetie is free from crutches! WooHoo! THEADMIRAL 5 KITT52
4/26/17 4:32 P
Morning walk views... Beautiful day. -POOKIE- 15 SPARKLINGME176
4/26/17 6:30 P
Two months ago it took me 48 minutes to walk 2 miles, today it took 34. Today instead of focusing on BLUECAFE 8 MORTICIAADDAMS
4/27/17 8:38 A
Yesterday, 2.2 mile walk, 10 min. elliptical, 10 min. recumbent bike and 20 min. strength training. BLUECAFE 9 KITT52
4/26/17 4:33 P
It's WooHoo Wednesday! My sweetie is doing great, the weather is great and the tulips are in bloom - THEADMIRAL 3 KITT52
4/26/17 4:31 P
Posted a photo TRAILWALKERJO54 9 GLORYB83
4/27/17 7:43 A
Made it to New Mexico it here KITT52 5 TSHAWGER
4/27/17 7:53 A
4/26/17 11:35 P
4/26/17 8:37 A
Happy Monday, Sparklers! We have a day of medical appointments ahead of us. It's a lovely morning an THEADMIRAL 3 KITT52
4/25/17 8:19 A
Morning walk to start my day. BLUECAFE 6 KITT52
4/25/17 8:19 A
What we do with what we have is much more important than what we have. Gail Lynne Goodwin 1CRAZYDOG 5 KITT52
4/25/17 8:19 A
Who is ready for a Monday commitment to reach goals this week? Here is my short blog today: http:/ SPARKGUY 22 KITT52
4/25/17 8:16 A
Posted a photo TRAILWALKERJO54 7 KITT52
4/25/17 8:15 A
Posted a photo LIVINGLOVINLIFE 33 KITT52
4/25/17 8:15 A
2AM and I am wide awake. Tired but can't go to sleep. So I will Spark àwhile. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 7 MCJULIEO
4/26/17 12:12 A
It's very difficult to hate your body and do right by it. Why? When you don't like someone, do you r ~INDYGIRL 10 AQUAGIRL08
4/26/17 10:34 A
4/24/17 10:21 P
Posted a photo NATTAR 3 SUNSHINE99999
4/24/17 10:22 A
I saw someone else post their avatar of where they are today and where they aspire to. Very motivat ENLIGHTENME3 3 KITT52
4/24/17 9:56 A
First day of journaling food, measurements, and sugar cravings. The top of my page says: "You yourse NIRVANAGRRL 2 KITT52
4/24/17 9:55 A
It's a new week! God bless you all! GZELLEFRO 2 KITT52
4/24/17 9:55 A
First week/Four Pounds/Feeling Good! START40TRISH 8 SEXYMOMMOM1
4/24/17 10:43 A
Good Morning :) So yesterday me and my best friend went bowling. So fun!! She asked me if I wanted t DOLLIPS 23 FLUTTERFLI
4/25/17 12:56 P
4/23/17 10:46 P
Today I'm focusing on all the positive changes I've made. I'm not going to let the scale dictate my BOWDIDDLE 29 TOSTAYHEALTHY
4/23/17 12:02 P
Hope it's a blessed Sunday! 1CRAZYDOG 14 JAMER123
4/23/17 11:16 P
I made a carrot cake in a mug WBERRY57 11 NHEMBERGER
4/23/17 12:13 P
If we run after whats in front of us, we will leave whats behind us. WORKOUTMAN4252 6 KITT52
4/23/17 7:45 A
anyone ever have back surgery and maintained their weight during recovery.... surgery scheduled next XRAYLADY65 11 WLHOPE
4/23/17 11:15 A
It's sunday: sports, sun and sudz! WRITEMANN1 7 1DAY-ATA-TIME
4/23/17 4:14 P
Is it better to break a total weight loss goal into smaller goals or just go for it all? My ultimate BAREFOOTCHELLE9 21 TSHAWGER
4/23/17 8:41 A
I havn't been on in about a week because I have be KORRILCONGDON 20 RAYMOSSISTER
4/23/17 9:19 A
Jump starting again this week, but planning meals and snacks with NO sugar! Need to bust the craving BECCA_73 9 BECCA_73
4/23/17 8:41 A
Good Morning KITT52 13 -POOKIE-
4/24/17 2:22 A
Happy Saturday KITT52 2 SPARTANJAI
4/22/17 4:16 P
4/22/17 12:32 P
Pleased to have maintained being 198lbs over Easter! No gain to take away my excitement of getting u -POOKIE- 22 JEANKNEE
4/25/17 8:13 P
Enough said! I feel so GOOD! I'm healthier everyday 👐👐❤❤ BEAUTYJERIDUGAS 6 BIKE4HEALTH
4/22/17 1:45 P
4/22/17 1:45 P
23 lbs done. Alot to go. But I feel motivated this time. And I feel like I'm among friends here. SARAHNRICKY1 27 DLJONES50
4/22/17 1:31 P
This is me in all my glory! I'm looking to get back to the way I looked in one of the first pictures ALEXANDRA_131 4 KITT52
4/22/17 12:29 P
Breakfast today was a hard boiled egg. Less than 100 calories and packed with protein and other goo GREEN-EYED-LADY 9 CLPT1969
4/22/17 1:51 P
Im down 6lbs in 3 weeks 🤗🤗🤗 I cant wait to hit that 30lbs Goal 😍 TAMAYO2016 31 DEBORAHLEE82
4/22/17 3:07 P
So happy, worked my butt off this week. I lost 3.7 pounds. MISSCNJ 57 QSHEPP
4/22/17 3:03 P
Still red in the face, but I got my race bling! For an added bonus, it's a bottle opener! TIFFA409 10 ASF220
4/22/17 2:54 P
After all the hard work and many many steps later. My hard work is finally starting to pay off:-) no J38850 86 EVILCECIL
4/23/17 8:20 A
I did it met my goal this month. And under 200. Its fantastic to see this number! That's a total of DEBBIEABATEY 273 ANGEL2GOOD31
4/22/17 9:21 P
In order since January. The grey is current. As of this morning. Hit goal, down 36 pounds total! MRSKLAUSSNER 198 BABY_GIRL69
4/22/17 7:00 P
4/22/17 7:23 P
Got 35 minutes of intense bike in this morning and...... an hour of hiit style Aquafit class today. LORIGHANY 10 RAC1973
4/21/17 12:16 P
So I went to the doctor for a check up Tuesday. My doctor talked to me about losing weight. Since th KMARTIN27 7 KITT52
4/21/17 11:08 A
4/21/17 11:17 P
I fixed these this morning and they are delicious and healthy, there the{ Simple Mills} chocolate mu J38850 13 RAC1973
4/21/17 12:16 P
I gained 6 pounds in the past couple of days because I haven't exercised much and poor choices in fo AUNTRENEE 8 LUVCONQUERSFEAR
4/21/17 11:35 A
Great Rising, feeling a little down today. I will keep my head up, it's a new beginning and I refuse VLREDMOND1 5 TRISSYINCHARGE
4/21/17 12:07 P
#10minutes clearing weeds - not my favourite task, but #Ididit RAWCOOKIE 5 -POOKIE-
4/22/17 4:06 A
4/21/17 8:10 P
4/21/17 10:50 A
Shannon Anniversary today 4-20-17 NANFACEMIRE1 13 PINKNFITCARLA
4/22/17 1:18 P
Carla's b/d and anniversary 4-20-17 NANFACEMIRE1 11 PINKNFITCARLA
4/22/17 1:19 P
I did lower body strength training and than a boosted mile both using the walk at home app with Lesl LOVEBELLA897 2 KITT52
4/20/17 7:52 A
I plan on giving it my best shot AZMOMXTWO 3 KITT52
4/20/17 7:51 A
Kill everyday! You are worth it. Take pride in the fact you can tell the frenemy in your head that DINKER0798 6 JOHNMARTINMILES
4/20/17 8:52 A
my mini goal for today is to go the extra mile and get more done to help some one else out AZMOMXTWO 2 KITT52
4/20/17 7:50 A
Upped the incline on the treadmill and upped the weights on my lifts. you know what they say, 'if it LADYTARLTON 3 JEMMSIE
4/20/17 8:53 A

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