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**NEW** Ruby-lite Chat and Support Place BUTTERFLYGRACE 10983 NANFACEMIRE1
6/27/17 7:18 P
A-Z Famous People TERMITEMOM 549 KATHYJO56
6/27/17 3:25 P
Challenge: Sightseeing around the Sunshine State TERMITEMOM 237 CHANSEN_20001
6/27/17 10:37 P
Change one of the two words BUTTERFLYGRACE 4261 KATHYJO56
6/27/17 3:24 P
6/27/17 3:22 P
I ain't working out for cute pictures lol #Nosmile CHINUA14 29 CHINUA14
6/27/17 3:12 P
Lost 7lbs in the two weeks I've been on here. So proud of myself, less than 10lbs to go ANGELASC26 17 GMAM48
6/27/17 10:48 A
Yesterday was a good day for me. . GRAMMYTINK 37 TSHAWGER
6/27/17 9:59 A
Good morning, everyone! Meet my walking partner, Maya. She keeps me on my toes! Going for a walk in SOULOFFIRE15 85 BARCELONAME
6/27/17 1:37 P
Posted a photo VHAYES04 67 MOHNEY2
6/27/17 11:56 A
Dropped below 180 this morning. :) 18lbs down since May 30th! MRSFITPANDA 193 EEJAA70
6/27/17 3:31 P
Just last year I was 200+ Now almost to my goal of 175!!! Eat right fellow losers 😁 QURANIZLAR 115 BARCELONAME
6/27/17 1:33 P
6/26/17 9:57 P
Size 20 I haven't been this size in almost 10yrs still not were I want to be but very proud of mysel KRISSIE096 135 SUCHADIVA215
6/26/17 7:55 P
Working on this today. BLUECAFE 2 KITT52
6/26/17 2:55 P
Canada my country I love 150 years young Niagara Falls Canada -- come visit TRAILWALKERJO54 12 KATHYJO56
6/27/17 12:21 A
I'm new here and finding my way around, but I do know one thing I need to be here. Today my goal is SHERHO7762 61 SHERHO7762
6/26/17 9:16 P
Better than tofu scramble. FULLMETALBLUNT 12 CBELLE02
6/26/17 4:34 P
Prayers pls. Dad is declining quickly. Sad, heavy heart. 1CRAZYDOG 34 GODS-PRINCESS
6/27/17 10:29 A
6/27/17 10:10 P
So far I have lost 30lbs. 70 more to go! KLIB88 97 KLIB88
6/27/17 7:20 A
Posted a photo TRI2_BFIT 165 TRI2_BFIT
6/27/17 12:47 A
7th week 15lbs pounds lost. I can do this! CTMOM 100 OMAJ1953
6/25/17 5:50 P
dancing with my hula-hoop to Radio 1 dance anthems #groovygranny RAWCOOKIE 6 BDTHOM
6/26/17 5:56 P
Had a rainy night, cooler this morning time for a walk. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 10 KITT52
6/25/17 1:42 P
A beautiful Saturday and more finishing work on our staircase. Keep pushing! THEADMIRAL 4 BETRHO48
6/25/17 9:17 P
strange fact about Canada ... 150 years young TRAILWALKERJO54 12 KITT52
6/25/17 1:41 P
little known facts about Canada 150 years young this year! TRAILWALKERJO54 16 GLORYB83
6/26/17 9:30 A
out first thing on the cliff path - fine mizzle and fresh winds - good start to my day: Sunday and o RAWCOOKIE 13 BDTHOM
6/26/17 5:53 P
When you believe anything is possible, it is. Gail Lynne Goodwin 1CRAZYDOG 10 ILOVEROSES
6/26/17 7:57 A
Planning a healthy week, going hiking today KITT52 7 -POOKIE-
6/26/17 5:17 A
Getting close to my goal of 150. MAMMYSHER 93 ROCKYCPA
6/24/17 3:58 P
Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. IAMVICKIB 107 JOHNWBROCKSR777
6/26/17 1:34 P
The goal is not to be better than anyone else, but rather, be better than you were yesterday. Jon G 1CRAZYDOG 13 CANNINGNANNY
6/25/17 9:06 A
Haircut this morning, varnished our newly finished hardwood staircase and pulled weeds from the gard THEADMIRAL 3 KITT52
6/24/17 9:35 A
my great country 150 years young -- the east coast off of Newfoundland TRAILWALKERJO54 41 RAINBOWMF
6/24/17 5:45 P
Took the kids to the zoo today and got to walk in for 60 minutes according to my fit bit blaze. Just SHANTODD420 4 KITT52
6/24/17 9:35 A
have a healthy Saturday KITT52 5 -POOKIE-
6/24/17 12:08 P
Just set my timer for 30 mins and headed out across the fields - now enjoying a cuppa and that conte RAWCOOKIE 9 BDTHOM
6/26/17 5:52 P
6/27/17 8:28 A
Today's lunch again. (Need to use up some food lol) 60g turkey breast, roasted 20g ham slice 20g ch SOULOFFIRE15 8 RITAASHMAN
6/23/17 4:15 P
My goal is to reach my ideal weight of 125lbs JAYDEAREST 22 MYBABYDOLLY
6/23/17 3:52 P
Higher protein bread with local orange tomatoes, e -POOKIE- 50 KITT52
6/23/17 12:19 P
Have a awesome Thursday. Going to be another hot one. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 10 KITT52
6/23/17 12:18 P
I walked 2.8 miles this morning, very humid day. ST next, keep pushing! THEADMIRAL 4 KITT52
6/23/17 12:18 P
Canada 150 years young --- east coast -- flower pot rocks TRAILWALKERJO54 12 KITT52
6/23/17 12:17 P
Picota cherries for dessert. Just delicious cherries of protected origin, grown only in certain reg -POOKIE- 12 KITT52
6/23/17 12:17 P
Low carbing the avocado "toast" by having pastrami instead of bread today! Delicious and decadent wi -POOKIE- 18 KITT52
6/23/17 12:17 P
6/27/17 8:27 A
On the left is my boyfriend and me back in May of 2012... On the right is us in May of 2017. We have LIGHTWOLFMELODY 32 YMWONG22
6/23/17 4:45 A
I decided to buy myself a promise ring as I am working on learning to love myself. It is a real diam MS_JOEY70 100 CLPT1969
6/23/17 4:58 A
Same shirt just two years and 300 lbs difference!! Keep climbing those mountains, you will fall down GPALMER29 201 CAJUNGAL328
6/23/17 8:28 P
At the Drs and i am down another 5 lbs this month. SPARKE77 118 SPARKE77
6/22/17 4:24 P
Posted a photo NEPTUNE1939 123 GGRSPARK
6/23/17 8:49 P
Today I made it out of the "obese" BMI category into the just "overweight" BMI category. It's been GREEN-EYED-LADY 207 MARYJOANNA
6/23/17 5:34 A
BOOM...another 2 pounds this morning...woohoo...57 pounds gone now CHERYL4846 261 SUTTON1350
6/22/17 6:44 P
Hit 85 lbs lost today. I didn't think I would cry until my goal of 299 but I looked at the nurse who TIPHI1228 182 EDLEAR
6/23/17 3:38 A
Waiting for a hair cut KITT52 2 GLORYB83
6/22/17 2:19 P
6/22/17 9:35 P
Have a wonderful Summer Solstice. -POOKIE- 18 KITT52
6/21/17 2:48 P
Aubergine and courgette, roasted with no oil, gently spiced with tomatoes and garlic. And look at th -POOKIE- 12 KITT52
6/21/17 2:47 P
First day of Summer ... Woo Hoo! GLORYB83 15 FOXBAY99
6/23/17 3:36 P
Don’t listen to what other people say. People judge to make themselves feel better. Suzanne Lamou 1CRAZYDOG 12 STARFISH1961
6/24/17 1:07 P
Started the day early this morning with 10 minutes of balance board in the sunshine (free vitamin D) SPARKGUY 23 CINDY247
6/24/17 10:08 P
Happy Summer Solstice 🌞 Sharing seeded sun blush tomato bread with my family. My little girl and I -POOKIE- 9 KITT52
6/21/17 2:43 P
I just HAD to go for a run after work (I must be a real runner!) RAWCOOKIE 8 RAWCOOKIE
6/22/17 3:30 P
Reminding myself why I need to get up and move. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 10 -SHOREIDO-
6/22/17 12:22 P
look at my beautiful birthday cake a fellow spark gal made for me ... and it is all edible ... oh my TRAILWALKERJO54 106 CHARTHESTAR
6/22/17 11:14 P
6/21/17 10:19 P
6/20/17 11:28 P
Couldn't button this blouse on mother's day! JMASSEY4 28 KAMAHULME
6/20/17 3:51 A
It's sad when your coach gets old and infirm...Daisy is my personal trainer. Over the 13 years we've ANITAJJ 15 MORTICIAADDAMS
6/20/17 11:36 A
Walking as like to Walk Away the Pounds my second workout today for a total of 43 min MYSONG_MYDANCE 8 YMWONG22
6/20/17 1:33 A
well this is my first day at a new life/ I am so tired of feeling bad about myself and not wanting DEBI4151 179 VIV1914
6/20/17 1:33 P
I am a new member and my goal weight is 175lbs. My current weight is 280lbs. I am ready for this jou 4YOLUNDA1 147 VIV1914
6/20/17 1:32 P

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