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6/22/17 12:48 P
Ok everyone on December 26th of 2016 I said 2 myself done being over weight I got on the scales and PATTERSON1958 21 GLIDINGIN
2/25/17 8:17 P
I tried on my bridesmaids dress that I bought several months ago, and I need to have 4 inches remove MFAGALY 28 MOEPALMER
2/24/17 1:06 P
Today I've made my first blog post in about 7 years! Please check it out, I could use some #motivati KERANCE 6 LRJUSTUS1
2/22/17 4:56 P
Where in the Midlands? TATTERSAIL 97 A1WINCHESTER
6/15/17 3:30 P
#WeighIn today! I've made a few little changes which helps with #motivation. I haven't caught a lift KERANCE 1 KERANCE
2/22/17 4:19 A
Trying to stay on track. Weigh in on Friday with doctor. So far lost 45 pounds. #weightcheck A63456 84 LYNETTET123
2/23/17 8:22 P
I am having a fruit salad for dinner. Okay it's gr CORALINE01 70 PMCCALL4495
2/22/17 4:33 A
Since I became sick I've missed talking and dealing with people, I've done it my entire life. Now b KNUTSONJP 4 ANGELAJANEDOE
2/22/17 4:21 A
I've lost 110 lbs and fell off the wagon, enjoying life. Gained about 5 lbs and tomorrow I'm back on GAILIEBEE69 43 MTN_KITTEN
3/10/17 11:21 A
Trying this new diet. Breakfast: 3 hard boiled eggs. Green tea. Lunch: 2 hard boiled eggs Apple ASHG123 33 KELLIEKLUMPP
2/22/17 9:52 A
I can't seem to find help on the mobile app. Does anyone know if you can sync your fit bit using the JPHOLDEN 4 JPHOLDEN
2/21/17 5:48 P
Vegetarian peeps? Looking for vegetarian or vegan peeps, recipes, wisdom for keeping up protein and GEEZGRL808 7 CARMINE52
2/15/17 9:45 P
Success I put on a pair of jeans that I have not worn in 2 years!! The fit was GREAT!!! # firstpost MYCHANGE2O17 70 MYJERR4ME
2/24/17 5:14 P
Good book for meditation, new outlook I have been rereading, Power of Now ACERBIC7979 3 KERANCE
2/15/17 8:38 P
Birthday parties at work tough not to eat the chocolate cake from Costco had a small piece. CARMINE52 13 GANNY46
2/15/17 10:06 P
# first post. #weightcheck love the encouraging posts. What is the recommended frequency of weigh-i UGDIPLOMAT 33 JAYISOLDEM2
3/1/17 7:37 P
I managed to be up before I had to be, 30 minutes in the gym before uni, I didn't catch the lift onc KERANCE 17 DGIGGLES3
2/13/17 5:57 P
Zumba in 15 minutes, I'm debating wether to go or not because it makes me feel silly - even tho I us KERANCE 6 KERANCE
2/13/17 4:11 P
Down 8.8 pounds in four weeks - with minimal exercise and not ALWAYS sticking to my calorie range. M LEBRIST 25 JOCELYNH711
2/13/17 2:29 P
There's a #fitness app called 30 days. You choose some, or even just one challenge and log progressi KERANCE 23 DGIGGLES3
2/19/17 2:06 P
App VS Website?? I have found material on both that I love! Is anyone finding advantages of using o CNELSON0717 12 FIBROMITE87
2/13/17 6:27 P
Somehow I found the #motivation to get up at 7am and go to the #gym before uni πŸ˜ƒ I spent 30 minutes KERANCE 7 RALPHDB
2/13/17 6:46 A
#recipes I lack in Protein & Fibre almost every day. I have minimum cookin utensils too so I'd appre KERANCE 6 TIFFANYGF
2/12/17 11:28 A
So today has been pretty good. I was prepared and MCKINNON33 9 CHEIVOUS
2/12/17 9:55 A
2eggs & 1 mashed banana all mushed and mixed together make lovely healthy pancakes. Filled me up for KERANCE 23 JKL219
4/5/17 10:31 P
I don't own a scale, I just go by how my clothes fit. So I'm working on dress sizes. Good or bad ide KINYETTAG 23 WANNACANHAVEIT
2/16/17 11:01 A
Started at almost 200 down almost 10 lbs feel great started Jan 31st...... #weightcheck#keeppushin# SISKROBERTA 22 SISKROBERTA
2/12/17 12:20 P
1 month down and 17 pounds GONE!!! πŸ™πŸ» MOMMYLULU2 45 CHEIVOUS
2/12/17 9:55 A
I was kind a down because I've been at the same weight for two weeks now the scale hasn't budged but ELBOURDO 15 TRISSYINCHARGE
2/9/17 6:40 P
1.4 pounds away from 20 lb goal.. need some extra determination this weekend!! KEVINAANDREA 13 IVANHOE64
2/9/17 8:46 P
Last night for dessert I had half of an oz of walnuts, fresh bing cherries, orange slices and a tabl CHEF1789 12 CHEF1789
2/9/17 8:49 P
I cried, I swear I cried. I weighed in at 145 toda MCRAYCRAFT 2521 NAVY-GIRL
3/23/17 6:46 A
I finally find a veggie I actually enjoy eating, and it gives me awful gas! #funny #justmyluck GABABYDOLL89 8 SPARKISBACK17
3/9/17 5:43 A
I'm eating better #food - however something is bloating me & giving me wind πŸ™ˆ I've heard of eating KERANCE 1 KERANCE
2/9/17 1:21 P
Today makes 11 days no soda for me and I am beyond happy! I used to drink soda every single day. 11 FUNFITMOM2688 61 JONIBUSHELL
2/11/17 1:39 P
I haven't caught the lift at uni for 2 days now, feel so #motivated when I reach the top! #motivati KERANCE 4 NAOMI_ACOSTA
2/11/17 8:29 A
#coach Is it possible that the change in my diet is causing me to have a headache? I've been eating SUMMERFODRIE 6 TEXASGAL76
2/9/17 12:29 P
I lost 8pounds.YayyπŸ™ŒπŸ€— Must admit im not on diet just eat kid size portions. My will power got str HOTMOCA26 19 RAYEJ53
2/11/17 11:29 P
I noticed today that I am able to put my hands in my jean pockets while seated...never been able to KIKIE1973 25 LEAHMAHRT1213
2/9/17 6:24 A
Weighed in this morning and for the first time in SGARLETTS 1315 NUNNERYGRL
2/28/17 8:36 A
2/8/17 10:19 A
I got #backontrack by making small changes & trying to keep it up and make it a new routine x KERANCE 2 MAMAJID
2/8/17 9:56 A
My #fitbit is saying I burn almost 1000 calories a day, I'm unsure if this is correct as I haven't d KERANCE 7 MOJAVEHIKER
2/9/17 3:57 P
Wow I have been very busy today I just looked at m PLRAGAN 11 KERANCE
2/8/17 8:36 A
I have a #fitbit charge HR . Is it compatible with this ? If so how do I connect the two ? CPHILLIPS0506 5 KERANCE
2/8/17 8:34 A
Good morning everyone. I'm kinda stuck on the same weight. Seems like whatever I do it doesn't chang HLOPEZ84 5 HLOPEZ84
2/8/17 10:05 A
As of this morning I'm down to 216. Total weight loss thus far is 127 pounds over the course of one D4RKLYNOON 102 D4RKLYNOON
2/12/17 9:18 A
16.8lbs down in exactly one month today! Thank you #keto! Allow yourself to feel pride in making a c J9DALLAS 14 CHUBBAGRRL
2/14/17 2:59 P
I really want to stop smoking but I'm having problems. Even I know it's as simple as just stopping b KERANCE 25 KERANCE
2/8/17 8:20 A
I picked up a pair of size 12 jeans today during a thrift store shopping spree. Omg, they actually SSMITH762 438 KANHIOTE
3/8/17 1:40 P
Have lost 12.5 pounds on new diet. Started at 294 8 days ago. Am now at 281.5 on Day 8. MMRUSSELL73 26 HECATEFAB
2/6/17 8:49 P
Just came back from 45 min walk and ate a salad for dinner. JUSTSTICKWITHIT 8 KERANCE
2/6/17 7:47 P
I need to get back to the grind. 10 year wedding anniversary coming in October and I want to be smal BIANCART 7 KENDILYNN
2/6/17 8:49 P
Lost 26 pounds in 2 and a half month πŸ’ͺ KAYTLEENN 45 JAYISOLDEM2
2/6/17 11:36 P
So I have lost a half of an inch on my stomach SJJACKSON921992 19 MYJERR4ME
2/7/17 3:20 P
cleaning up the diet...suggestions? ALASKINI 47 CHEYENNE78
2/14/17 8:20 A
Did you eat breakfast? If so what? LITTLE-SASHA 92817 CALGARYDAVE
6/25/17 12:45 A
7/3/14 10:55 A
Post 5 times for your 15 points per day BADDIZ 368129 EDWARDS1411
6/24/17 1:00 A
Coffee today? HAPPYWIFE 126108 ALICIA214
6/25/17 1:18 A
8/12 – Blog – β€˜Things that Make Me Happy on SPARK' FROMBABY2BRIDE 26 2BAHOTMAMA1976
8/13/10 2:39 P
Blackberry Messenger Goup DAPUTTZ 334 STARDUSTGR
9/4/12 2:52 P
100 Post for 10 points VHASKEW36 233400 ELRIDDICK
5/5/17 7:19 A
7/18 -- Summer Fun in the Sun Sunday! FROMBABY2BRIDE 22 2BHLTHY4LIFE
7/18/10 11:05 P
How Many Points Until Your NEXT Trophy??? MISHEE 188674 POEDAUGHTER7
6/25/17 1:50 A
Make a sentence using Last WORD as First... OREGONHOPE 22315 DMEYER4
6/24/17 8:04 P
7/17 -- Spinning through SPARK Saturday! FROMBABY2BRIDE 29 BEAR_GURL
7/18/10 1:17 A
7/16 – Find a Friend Friday & Birthday Vibes! FROMBABY2BRIDE 34 TIME4ME-CHERYL
7/17/10 10:23 A
7/15 -- Thumbs Up! Thursday FROMBABY2BRIDE 37 KERANCE
7/16/10 5:46 P
7/14 – (((( SSV! )))) Superstar Celebration! & BV! FROMBABY2BRIDE 50 2BHLTHY4LIFE
7/15/10 1:46 A
7/13 -- Stay on TRACK Tuesday & Birthday Vibes! FROMBABY2BRIDE 40 BRAVAH
7/15/10 4:28 P
7/12 – What’s in a Name? Blog Challenge & Birthday FROMBABY2BRIDE 54 HLF1972
7/13/10 10:49 P
7/11 -- Oh, Goodie! Sunday & Birthday Vibes! FROMBABY2BRIDE 41 RUFFIT
7/11/10 8:27 P
7/8 – (((( SSV! )))) Superstar Celebration! FROMBABY2BRIDE 45 KERANCE
7/10/10 5:54 P

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