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I need some new clothes, my clothes are falling of TASH37 18 SEWKOOLMOM2
6/22/16 8:54 P
#nutrition I need a tortilla chip alternative!! I TALLEN03 15 MSTATES
6/23/16 6:42 A
I have cut spaghetti squash face down in an inch o DIZZYBRITCHES 5 KIRALY31
6/21/16 1:29 P
I'm trying a no wheat diet. Although my calories a SKS714 3 NJSHAR
6/21/16 1:28 P
So far all my exercises have been using my own bod SASSYGINGER2014 3 KENDILYNN
6/19/16 10:50 A
I have ulcerative colitis so it's hard to try to e JACKIEDEE4 2 KENDILYNN
6/19/16 10:48 A
After being away from home for a few days , I find 7STIGGYMT 7 MMEQUEEN
6/19/16 10:49 A
I have a question? Im always working so I tend to MISSMELISS85 18 EMONFORTE4
6/18/16 5:14 P
Hi guys. just wondering... I have a huuuge sweet t MRSLAURAD 27 LOISLEL
6/15/16 12:45 P
SAHM, time to myself=staying up too late=stupid sn MRSMORRISON08 9 SEBARTLETT
6/20/16 9:38 A
So excited about this week. I don't know why, but CHRISTYIANNONE 3 KENDILYNN
6/12/16 11:11 A
Help!! I can't seem to satisfy my appetite, I've GRACEE1972 5 CLAYARTLIFE
6/10/16 11:21 P
Ive been slacking for a couple months how. Ever si COOKIEMONSTER92 5 COOKIEMONSTER92
6/4/16 11:52 A
How can i be down 22lbs but i dont see it and ever TMARIE571 19 TMARIE571
6/3/16 7:16 P
Very very super social weekend. I'm eating before every gathering and just going for a glass of wine KIWI1985 6 KENDILYNN
6/3/16 10:06 A
My average calorie intake is 818 calories. Is this INDIEHIPSTER10 19 CARDINALCANDY
6/2/16 10:42 P
Should my cheat meal/day be on my rest day ? Or a CHRISTIE1991 4 CHRISTIE1991
6/1/16 7:52 P
Today I walked two miles and deep cleaned my house BUMBLEBEESTING 20 SPURTLE1
6/1/16 6:41 P
I workout/exercise every day. I see some people on FRANSMITH1568 17 LANEYTHEGIRL
6/1/16 9:51 P
If I cycle every day of the summer for an hour how many pounds will I lose?(I weigh 136lbs and eat r CARA_GREY 4 KENDILYNN
6/1/16 2:21 P
What do you do when you have worked out more than JHIGGS41 15 JHIGGS41
6/4/16 9:06 P
I've just started working out and trying to loose FITBRITT315 38 FITBRITT315
6/1/16 11:31 A
Any thoughts or ideas about/with chia seeds? MOMMACAT1017 6 KPETROS
5/31/16 6:48 P
Moving Day! (first of many) Living out of our cam KENDILYNN 1 KENDILYNN
5/31/16 10:17 A
Do you eat your exercise calories? Just curious LAINABETH 58 LAINABETH
5/30/16 10:20 P
I am 5800 calories over maintenance total for the past 2 months (was travelling and eating out alot) 2LOGAN 7 MJWS00
5/30/16 12:11 P
Day 4 of my gym and exercise streak. I've tried s JADIEGIRL1974 9 WARIORLADY_2016
5/30/16 12:37 P
Children's wisdom...Anyone heard a good health jou BUBBA365 7 WIDOWSREVENGE
5/30/16 12:08 P
#techsupport I weighed in today for my first week. FRANSMITH1568 14 FRANSMITH1568
5/28/16 10:42 A
Need some ideas switching things up. For 4 weeks n ILOVEPIGGLET 3 KENDILYNN
5/27/16 11:28 A
Finished up my last day at the gym before our move KENDILYNN 1 KENDILYNN
5/27/16 10:26 A
Anybody else get crazy excited after grocery shopp NUTTYMCGILLICUD 5 J_GOODHEART
5/27/16 11:07 A
What are people's thoughts on exceeding their dail AKRYSTYNA89 16 PASTORKRAFT
5/28/16 7:25 A
Um, this may sound like a stupid question but... I FATBIRDY 2 KENDILYNN
5/26/16 11:26 P
Taking this one day at a time didn't realize I cou CYTHERIA89 8 NUTTYMCGILLICUD
5/26/16 5:44 P
Under armour- Does it work? Is it with the $$? CCARTER381 10 CCARTER381
5/26/16 10:13 A
So, the first time I had lost 89lbs, I think I was ANGELICMOMMA 2 KENDILYNN
5/25/16 7:22 P
Anyone know any good excersize for the inner thigh MOMMAP676 2 KENDILYNN
5/25/16 6:25 P
Can a person lose a pound a day? If so how? MEJOEM 26 NWATERS121
5/25/16 8:28 P
When counting calories, do you count good fats? Ex ANDI_TOYSTORY 10 DIZZYBRITCHES
5/25/16 3:24 P
None of my friends are driven to get healthy and u KEKELYNN85 12 KEKELYNN85
5/25/16 8:43 P
I make myself find ways to eat veggies i dont li BOT2823WADLEY2 16 WASU132
5/24/16 8:13 P
Had a sugar craving. Was able to resist the cookie NELSANNA 2 KENDILYNN
5/24/16 7:19 P
Roasted chicken breast, corn on the cob and green GINGB1985 13 KENDILYNN
5/24/16 7:18 P
I tried Spaghetti Squash instead of pasta and love AHENNEY524 20 KORRILCONGDON
5/24/16 9:54 P
I'm doing good with counting my calories. But when FRANSMITH1568 30 NBKVXU86
5/24/16 6:19 P
I'm having some trouble. I have reached my goal CBOYER42 5 KENDILYNN
5/24/16 3:24 P
Do you eat a full meal within an hour of waking, o EPPIESMOM 22 KATHYS103
6/20/16 1:04 P
I am so sick of researching diet (in the sense of MMMBUJI6 39 HSARMYWF
5/24/16 4:00 P
Hello all! Just back from a walk. (1 mile at 3 miles an hour). What pace does everyone walk at and h SARAHMOL 36 SFULLER65
5/28/16 5:20 P
Discouraged! Weight gain while building muscle or NATALIEANN1987 17 NATALIEANN1987
6/5/16 5:28 P
Hey everyone! So I am 8 weeks and 3 days pregnant DANCINGFLAME101 3 KENDILYNN
5/23/16 2:26 P
Question about building arm strength SILVERSPARROW04 5 KENDILYNN
5/23/16 12:24 P
For breakfast I had .75 up of egg whites which eq TJXS40 7 RALPHDB
5/22/16 4:26 P
Thinking of getting a Fitbit, but not sure if it's JENNWIN12345 46 GOODLIL991
5/21/16 10:37 P
Can't decide what I what my diet to be like. Woul SDAUGHERT8 2 KENDILYNN
5/21/16 10:10 A
Saturday? What's your plan for this glorious day? LEANLEIGH 23 MSDELTAGIRL
5/21/16 10:18 A
Newbie question: Counting egg calories is a myster CALREE 6 SSMITH762
5/21/16 12:15 P
You can't out exercise a bad diet, but what about the reverse? CHRISSYP123 10 CHRISSYP123
5/22/16 2:48 P
Tough times ahead! I've broken both ankles, so no BATTLEMAX 9 KENDILYNN
5/20/16 4:45 P
I keep reading that people put their scales away. CARMEN213 20 MR-LICKY-LICKY1
5/20/16 2:27 P
I have been killing myself at the gym and staying STEUCHERT3 11 STEUCHERT3
5/20/16 12:23 P
My friend's birthday is coming up (who is also on LANE1998 8 RUTHRINA
5/19/16 10:55 P
How can I motivate my boyfriend to workout? I've t AJAKAP88ALWAYS 18 HEY_LEIGH
5/19/16 6:26 P
I was really excited to try hummus for the 1st tim DIDDLESTAR 4 KENDILYNN
5/19/16 2:51 P
I'm thinking of buying a fitness tracker but I hat DEANOFWEIGHTLOS 22 MDHALL20088
5/20/16 4:20 P
Has anyone ever trained for a half marathon? Or ev JADASMOM628 8 JENNYMAC1980
5/19/16 12:37 P
Trying to get over my fear...that I will not succe KSWANSON6 26 EBENTLEY-
5/19/16 9:47 P
Hey Sparkers, I'm feeling very discouraged. I've b KIMMYKAT253 18 KENDILYNN
5/19/16 10:43 A
Does anyone have some tips on how to keep fruits a MHALCOTT1993 15 LUDIEH
5/23/16 9:37 A
Are there any ladies out there doing weight traini NUTTYMCGILLICUD 13 NJSHAR
5/18/16 5:15 P
The last 3 weeks I have only lost 3lbs and have be ASTAP419 14 AJISUUN
5/18/16 4:31 P
I HATE working out. I've been trying so hard to le DSTRONG91 17 VDOG24
5/18/16 7:38 P
Spark claims that my bmr is 2130 when I put my hei SBRAY4 3 KENDILYNN
5/18/16 10:29 A
What's/was for breakfast? I'm having low fat cotta TORRIESJOURNEY 12 BUBBA365
5/18/16 10:51 A

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