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Has anyone gone over their calories first few weeks and then improved? Or did most people pull this 333108 21 E33156
1/15/17 7:07 P
Going out of town to visit my parents today. They always eat terrible. Don't have a game plan to sti CASSIEMA 11 KENDILYNN
1/15/17 11:10 A
Starting my weight loss Journey today my husband deployed for a year and I wanna be a healthier,happ MHAT2017 10 RHIO3TRE
1/15/17 12:50 A
Does anyone else feel almost like they need to stay under the lowest Calorie range. Like if you hit BL182NK 16 SMYERS840
1/15/17 12:24 A
My Fitbit bit the dust, so I replaced it last night, and to my chagrin, brand new Fitbit also a no g LAURCAM13 7 TMARIE130
1/14/17 1:14 P
#alcohol Does anyone else realize since they have been on their healthy journey ghat they just can't FRANKBELLOFAN 6 NAOMI_ACOSTA
1/14/17 1:14 P
Lost 14 pounds since Christmas. My family never supported my attempts to get healthy, and now I have HKECHELON 3 KENDILYNN
1/14/17 12:41 P
Today's my first day and I'm feeling nervous! I have a ton of weddings coming up this summer! My onl SRS081100 8 KENDILYNN
1/14/17 12:38 P
#coach some articles give me an error message when I click on them & the recipes want me to sign in GODDESSBELLA77 4 SP_COACH_DENISE
1/15/17 3:38 P
Baked Chicken Parmesan 290 calories 1\2 cup rice 🍚 80 calories and some zero calorie drink what's KTERHUNE09 31 ANN_72758
1/13/17 11:17 P
Should i go jogging before dinner or after? QUEEN_MOMMY56 10 TRICIARICE
1/13/17 9:41 P
Tomorrow is my son's 10th birthday party I haven't had sweets in 13 days but tomorrow I feel I have ANGEL2GOOD31 13 ANGEL2GOOD31
1/13/17 9:04 P
Thinking about purchasing a used treadmill off of Craigslist. Is there anything specific I should be IXFALLX2XPIECES 2 KENDILYNN
1/13/17 7:19 P
Went to goodwill and bought pants today. Not smaller pants yet, but its the least stressed I've been KARLTRUANT 21 KDDLMT71
1/14/17 11:30 A
Should i use pre-workout powder? I've heard it's great for a boost but I'd like to know what people SANDYMM94 6 SANDYMM94
1/13/17 4:28 P
So today in going to try and recreate a recipe from out local health food store. Its got beets, hone KTERHUNE09 3 SMACG61
1/13/17 2:38 P
I've gained about 5-8 pounds over the holiday and don't have the mind set to go to the gym like I us FREESPITITHIPPI 4 KENDILYNN
1/13/17 12:17 P
Cold after exercise LJACKSON121 3 KENDILYNN
1/13/17 10:45 A
Log #2: Guys this is great! I suddenly just hit a point after 6 days in after eating really healthy RYANMCBRIDE44 12 KENDILYNN
1/12/17 11:26 P
Is there any instant foods (canned, frozen in boxes type) that are actually remotely health to eat? KITTYCATNICOLEE 21 LSTREVINO2
1/16/17 8:13 A
According to these app I have eaten 949 calories. I only eat in my meals, and snack when If it's nec _THEBZIL_ 5 KENDILYNN
1/12/17 6:31 P
I keep having to add in food entries for weird percentages of a serving. Not because I'm wasting foo ADORKABLE-ME 4 KENDILYNN
1/12/17 6:26 P
I'm really craving a soda today. Ugh! I've had three glasses of water already and it's not helping. L41843 14 GET2BEFIT
1/12/17 7:22 P
Omg my mother in law loves to make sweets I cheated and are a chocolate covered strawberry but it a TSLUNDY 18 M58247
1/14/17 10:56 A
OK. To finish up my walk today I have stopped by Dunkin Donuts for an ice coffee (yes, it's warm en EDNAEDWIN 10 NAOMI_ACOSTA
1/12/17 3:38 P
Feeling hopeless. I've been trying so hard to loose weight and although I admit there are times I'm DEBC82 11 KENDILYNN
1/12/17 2:42 P
Does anyone on here use a soda stream?? I was pretty disappointed when I realized that the Skinny Gi TRENTONMAKES 3 KENDILYNN
1/12/17 2:05 P
Any way I can reach the challenges through my app/phone? Don't want to have to turn on the computer NARMIN_92 7 NARMIN_92
1/12/17 2:22 P
Protein and healthy fat suggestions GRAMCRACKER46 8 KENDILYNN
1/12/17 1:47 P
Needing to reset DAGNY99 9 -JAMES-
1/13/17 12:30 A
#20byeaster What do you do with an avocodo when a receipe calls for only 1/4? I end up either eatin TOSTAYHEALTHY 12 MARILLY
1/16/17 8:22 A
How many oz is a glass of water with this app BRENDAKNI 8 HOLLY61FIRE
1/12/17 1:19 P
I am going on a vacation mid-February for three weeks.What are some tips for staying on track while LISA_MCNURSE 4 KENDILYNN
1/12/17 1:11 P
My doctor get me off the diet they put me on salad grilled food bake food no oils no salt no sweeti PRINCESSDESS 4 PRINCESSDESS
1/12/17 1:04 P
I got put on 45 carbohydrates at a meal to get my surger better not much food KRISIE73 3 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
1/12/17 1:01 P
I'm looking for a low carb low sodium diet is that something this app can help me with. My doctor's HOLLY4570 5 KENDILYNN
1/12/17 11:26 A
So, the calorie intake this app has calculated for me is WAYYYY less than what I normally consume wi JWELLINGT 14 KELLYRN06
1/12/17 1:55 P
Hello I've been away from this app for about a year now put about 15 pounds back on. 😭 I am trying HOLLYM1985 14 7STIGGYMT
1/12/17 11:34 A
Set my goal to 2lb a week, but it didnt change my log. . .. should i still manage the same calorie i T63387 4 KENDILYNN
1/12/17 12:04 A
It was my boyfriends birthday and we went to longhorn steakhouse and I ended up going 300 over my ca JUE420 10 KENDILYNN
1/12/17 12:01 A
Was wondering how to get my fat intake down I'm a vegetarian (newly) and when using the app I never LASHANH88 9 LASHANH88
1/11/17 8:03 P
Woe is me! A co-worker introduced me to peppermint M&M's today. They are like crack so addictive. I LSTANDRIDGE1 5 LSTANDRIDGE1
1/11/17 8:59 P
I need to figure out how to stop eating junk food when its around me. Any ideas? DAWN_BRITT 8 MUZICA_05
1/11/17 5:11 P
I'm just now starting this 1200-1500 calorie diet, but I've gone about 800 over. I believe it is bec CMINERD97 23 SSTEPHIESMILES
1/12/17 1:21 P
Anybody else have a Sugar alcohol intolerance? Ive just found out the hard way that my body reacts V BECKSAX 13 DEBBIE1993
1/13/17 7:13 A
I have a serious addiction to diet soda. I do not drink tea or coffee, so this is my caffeine intake NEEDACHANGE4ME 12 P7058PGA
1/11/17 9:36 P
Having trouble with fiber intake. I should be consuming between 25 and 45. The past few days i have SHARON.LELA 10 2AWESOME4U
1/11/17 3:26 P
My stomach has definitely been going down. I'm still weighing in the same though really. How is that SHANNY1017 7 KENDILYNN
1/11/17 2:27 P
Question for the people doing these extreme low carb plans because there seems to be a lot. Is this ERIN2016 14 ACERBIC7979
1/11/17 2:14 P
Anyone have any low budget meal plans???? I'm 23, I pay all my bills, and only work in a coffee shop JWELLINGT 42 STINKY54
1/11/17 2:42 P
I'm starting to make my own smoothies but idk how to add the nutrition value only the cal, fat, carb C0UCH_P0TAT0 7 KENDILYNN
1/11/17 10:47 A
What do you do or eat when the "sweet tooth" goes into hyper drive? Besides fruit, I was curious of MRSKN16 44 HAMEELER
1/11/17 8:51 P
It's raining in California! Happy we are finally getting the precipitation we desperately need. The MAINSTREETGAL 7 MAINSTREETGAL
1/12/17 1:07 P
Thought I made a good choice by ordering green beans and broccoli as a side to my grilled chicken wh PRISSYMOMTOO 6 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
1/11/17 10:08 A
do people get sick when they start a diet like this MDL1131 25 KGUYTON24
1/11/17 1:30 A
I'm 418 pounds and I need help fast. I'm 20 and can't stop eating McDonald's. it's getting to the po BELIEVE301 41 OGBURNCC
1/13/17 8:28 A
What's for dinner? Myself and my family are having a healthy salad with romaine hearts baby spinach IXFALLX2XPIECES 14 IXFALLX2XPIECES
1/10/17 6:59 P
Does anyone has any helpful workouts for burning arm fat? If so, could you let me know? :) #exercise BECKK_N 8 MAR_V3
1/10/17 6:31 P
Day 2 of 21 if any one knows of some good gluten free vegan breakfast ideas I would love to hear the STACEYEXLEY 3 KENDILYNN
1/10/17 5:44 P
Girl Scout season is upon us. What are your thoughts and tips? NIKILISTICK 18 NEEDBU66
1/10/17 4:45 P
I can't believe how hard it is for me to get back on track. I was doing well last uear up until the SEEKHEALTHYLIFE 7 SEEKHEALTHYLIFE
1/10/17 12:38 P
Started at a university yesterday and it's so hard to walk around campus and smell all the food truc RELLEFSON 10 KENDILYNN
1/10/17 11:30 A
I am new to this but am looking for good tips for my eating and my 13 yr old son are a bit KBROWNING0 9 KBROWNING0
1/11/17 7:21 A
I've been eating 1500 calories or less and doing cardio and weights 3-4x a week for the past week an AMAZINGALEXIS 12 SP_COACH_DENISE
1/10/17 10:55 P
I have a question. I started losing weight the unhealthy way by barely eating. Now I am trying to be MSDETERMINED88 7 MRSDONORAIL
1/10/17 11:30 A
I need some advice. I seem to do good with mu calories, sugar, sodium, and protein. But​ when it com T23269 8 EDDYDVM
1/10/17 12:41 A
I just uploaded the app to help track how much I eat. I actually have to eat MORE calories to help g AARCURI7 3 KENDILYNN
1/9/17 6:11 P
How do i change my level of calories i want to take in? Like from the moderate level to the intermed ARHODES32 3 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
1/9/17 3:32 P
Anyone have ideas on something else I can drink during the day besides water that won't be bad to dr MEAGAN19843 16 JOANHAGEMIER
1/9/17 3:30 P
Hi everyone I was hoping for some ideas I need something to add to my dinner to bring up my fat inta TERJUL 9 MMD1978
1/10/17 8:01 P
Any suggestions on how to actually enjoy All-Natural Greek Yogurt. YUK! MPENA1976 17 ELIZABETHBECK1
1/9/17 1:19 P
I gained almost 25 lbs. since my 10 yo daughter started playing elite/travel softball. Anyone else h JENI_SHORT 7 KENDILYNN
1/8/17 10:37 P
Looking for a healthy salad dressing that I can eat a decent amount of, because when I eat a large s NETTIESARAH 16 KENDILYNN
1/8/17 8:40 P
I can't have cottage cheese (really any cheese), yogurt or soy. What are some good protein options f AUDREY_HUNT 6 LRZRJR
1/8/17 5:57 P
What do you do when you're craving snack foods? So far I've had light popcorn, a light pudding snack JESSWILKINS12 10 KENDILYNN
1/8/17 5:46 P

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