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So who knew there is a such thing as white sweet potatoes? Not sure if the nutrition is the same but SPICUZZAC 8 KENDILYNN
7/21/17 7:04 P
Oy! *BIG SIGH* One month off my moderate low carb/low cal diet and I'm drowning in the weight gain. RIEFOR 21 TEMAR128
7/21/17 11:36 A
So much fun to walk the Labracadabrador at the Pride festival in Balboa Park tonight! BONNIEMARGAY 10 GARDENCHRIS
7/16/17 12:39 P
Suggested Nutrition Program & Goals FAT2FITNESS 4 SPARK_COACH_JEN
7/13/17 2:36 P
Ate a few to many chips now feeling the burn....the heartburn that is!! Always eat poorly while watc JUSTSTICKWITHIT 14 EASTVALE1
7/7/17 12:37 A
Is this good or? I'm still learning lol MONICAGAILXO 16 RUBYREDIVY1
7/6/17 5:05 P
I just tried my first La Croix, and it's horrible! #mobilechat SUMMERFODRIE 13 KENDILYNN
7/5/17 12:42 P
Life has been crazy busy and I REALLY need to get back into a routine @.@ lol Good news? I started d ADORKABLE-ME 9 MICHELLEFOUND
6/29/17 2:55 P
I want my own garden. The only thing I've grown is herbs. What are some easy things to grow in the d WITHVENGEANCE 7 KENDILYNN
6/28/17 1:02 P
And my oldest daughter! Hard to believe she's 11 & going into middle school this Fall (somebody save M_FITZX3 5 KENDILYNN
6/28/17 12:58 P
Get excited cause thursday I'll be gettin all fancy and dolled up for my 10th year wedding anniversa FITSISTA79 25 KENDILYNN
6/28/17 12:56 P
A friend gave me these Campari Tomatoes today. (He knows the way to my heart. lol) Going to save GREEN-EYED-LADY 5 KENDILYNN
6/23/17 12:48 P
I am hoping my first goal isn't too hard. This week I want to cit back on sugar but don't know how. KMBRBN68 5 KENDILYNN
6/19/17 12:57 P
And the heat has begun here in AZ. Of course my body has rebelled by covering itself in hives! I itc MICKEYCLAUS 4 CITYBLUESGIRL
6/19/17 4:35 P
i found a really awesome treat today. someone had posted about Halo ice cream but i can't eat that RAVENJAE 32 KENDILYNN
6/19/17 12:41 P
ok, so the number on the scale isn't as important to me as is the body fat percentage. i need someth THE_SU 6 KENDILYNN
6/19/17 12:35 P
Injured neck/back and can't do much exercise. Is this the right way to go for me? Light weights and LOSEITLORI73 7 DLD2DLD
6/17/17 8:18 A
Just two more hours and I will be able to proudly say she resisted the doughnuts all day. I've also DISNEYDAMSEL1 4 KENDILYNN
6/16/17 3:37 P
Spouse sabotage need help now! CMRKSU12 17 NHELENE
6/20/17 9:32 A
I went out of town so now got to get back to the grind and nock off White Castle and Churches Chicke STEPHANIE0071 6 REEDSKI
6/13/17 1:36 P
This past year I've been making a conscious effort to eat less meat...and one thing I've learnt from ARYA56 5 ASHRAMBO830
6/13/17 1:08 P
Eggplant/How to use in Salad DONNA_CPS2 5 DONNA_CPS2
6/22/17 9:58 A
Home cardio OLGA18 7 OLGA18
6/13/17 4:45 P
Also, can anyone tell me some strength bulding excercises for your core that won't hurt your back? C59688 4 C59688
6/12/17 6:21 P
So I used to have a desk job now I have a job in a restaurant so I'm on my feet either standing or w LEVISGIRL4EVER 5 LEVISGIRL4EVER
6/13/17 11:05 A
Yes! Finally found a used rowing machine for my home gym! (I'm too cheap to buy new). Hopefully it g KENDILYNN 4 KENDILYNN
6/12/17 12:32 P
Ok choices for lunch tomorrow are Qdoba, Subway, Noodles, or local places that fry everything (yuck) CLAYARTLIFE 9 KENDILYNN
6/11/17 11:45 A
Low Fat Dairy may not necessarily be Better. According to David Ludwig, MD, PHD, "Studies suggest t GREEN-EYED-LADY 6 KENDILYNN
6/9/17 5:37 P
On vacation. Still drinking my water, trying to be sensible with food choices. Everyone keeps trying ALATONA 3 CTYONIT
6/9/17 4:07 P
Proceed with caution when consuming artificial sweeteners according to the Reader's Digest (Feb 2017 GREEN-EYED-LADY 6 JIBBIE49
6/9/17 4:21 P
Today is my thrift shopping day!! Anyone coming with me??? I'll send you your bag goodie to fill up FLASUN 20 LESSOFMOORE
6/10/17 8:33 P
Does anyone else get freezing cold after a workout? Like goosebumps, need a sweater cold??? JEMMSIE 5 BRENDA_77039
6/8/17 11:54 P
Broccoli cauliflower GRAMCRACKER46 19 MICHELLEXXXX
6/7/17 7:27 P
What book are you reading? TEDDYBABE 6819 ANNIEAFG
7/20/17 8:26 A
What is your go to meal. J38850 17 SUMMERATL
7/10/17 10:57 P
Signed up for Softball! BABYSTEPS2015 6 MLAN613
6/7/17 6:10 A
6/11/17 1:47 A
I have a picky eater and to transition this five-year-old over to a lifestyle of healthy eating I ne BDUTCHESS1 10 JENGLAND09
6/1/17 2:37 P
Looking for a NON BLUETOOTH fitness tracker NHELENE 4 NHELENE
6/1/17 2:57 P
does anyone else hide the scale?? BITHOO 13 1WAHAELA
6/29/17 3:59 P
How to survive a kids birthday party treats DILLBACK 9 MANDIETERRIER1
5/24/17 8:13 P
Temptation for desserts. NICJAC 28 MADDOG193
5/25/17 8:45 P
more treadmill JWRFLINT 4 MSLOUIE3
5/23/17 7:04 A
Motivation is gone after holiday DOMINIKA705 10 LOVEXAVIE
5/27/17 11:09 A
Hi im new. Where do I enter a weight so it calculates excersie s calories burned correctly?? Thank y KKF2010 7 KKF2010
5/14/17 7:45 P
I need to make a plan to kick my diet soda habit. Those of you who have done it, I'd love your advic JLB2109 44 MSLOUIE3
7/18/17 12:41 P
If you on a diet how much shrimp can u have ELIZA1477P 9 CHKCHNC
4/7/17 4:47 P
My husband called me and told me that he's giving up on the healthy eating. I can't make him eat the WALTSGIRL74 14 FUNNYFACE101002
4/7/17 10:01 P
This was me about 2 years ago. I want this back. JNEAL544 21 KENDILYNN
4/7/17 10:44 A
I'm trying so hard NOT to eat a donut this morning. There are several dozen in my office break room LCM797 9 KENDILYNN
4/7/17 10:42 A
I am new to the community and super excited! I was invited by a friend and know her username but do AGRANGER4 5 KENDILYNN
4/7/17 10:39 A
A friend of mine has informed her daughter's First Grade Teacher, that her daughter is NOT to partak PATRICIAANN46 11 KENDILYNN
4/5/17 1:59 P
#mobilechat Mom is making an 8 hour trip down to visit for the remainder of the week. Talking to he MWARNER211 21 MISSDORKNESS
4/5/17 12:11 P
#mobilechat I've got to get this drilled in my head. I MATTER. I NEED TO TAKE CARE OF ME! ME FIRST MWARNER211 15 SANDEN2006
4/5/17 6:31 A
I've gotten to this point where going out to eat isn't enjoyable anymore. It's just a pain. The food PUPPYBUG 9 KENDILYNN
4/4/17 10:08 A
Well gained about 30lbs back. Got into a funk and left myself go for several months. Ready to get se RAYOFSUN01 6 BEVBHORTON
4/3/17 9:14 P
I'm really not a breakfast person. I just hate most breakfast foods, so what is everyone's favourite DONNAMICHELLEE 16 ACRAZYCRAFTER
4/1/17 9:20 A
Even though I'm unable to exercise right now due to illness, I've still maintained a negative daily PERRYBABE 7 GRALAN
4/2/17 2:55 A
What's everyone's favorite filler vegetable ??? I personally love green beans 💚 AMBERR_77 33 KENDILYNN
3/30/17 11:21 P
Is granola bars and organic z bars considered sweets? Back to day one with no sweets husband's birt ANGEL2GOOD31 7 ANGEL2GOOD31
4/1/17 10:07 A
Feeling so hungry but trying to save my snacks for later. I ate two pieces of toast and carrots but KOOKI140 9 KENDILYNN
3/30/17 10:54 A
Have to fast for blood work this morning but so hungry. Hoping time goes by quickly and the the lab GINGB1985 13 SUMMERFODRIE
3/31/17 8:19 A
So today I decided to measure how much creamer (and calories) I put into my coffee as I usually just SHORTIEISLAND 31 VIOLINCAT
3/25/17 1:34 P
Going vegetarian, any tips on how to eat correctly and how to deal with making two different meals s TGRISE 2 KENDILYNN
3/23/17 10:51 P
Wondering if anyone else does this: Toasting a mini bagel this a.m., and I don't want it to taste *t KENDILYNN 6 KENDILYNN
3/23/17 10:04 P
Any suggestions on low-carb recipes/ snacks? As of today I am going to see how far I can go without MWILL2226 6 ASHMB86
3/23/17 1:35 P
How does everyone like their coffee in the morning ? 💛 MWILL2226 8 LIZSPRINGSTEEN
3/23/17 1:07 P
My clothing is getting too baggy! Time for another trip to the thrift store to buy some smaller clot DREAMERSPIRITT 7 MAYIE53
3/24/17 6:40 P
Is an apple really 110 calories? I've started not BECKAXOBEE 16 BECKAXOBEE
3/23/17 4:12 P
I have several friends that are selling products to lose weight..Plexus, Tru-vi and others. I need t VICKIEBROACH52 11 KENDILYNN
3/22/17 2:37 P
Is there a way the nutrition page tracks net carbs minus fiber. So that the percentage MAMMAGAIL 4 KENDILYNN
3/22/17 2:34 P
Is a calorie a calorie? Is a 100 calorie carrot the same as a 100 calorie brownie? ROSEANN1956 8 ROSEANN1956
3/22/17 3:16 P
Anyone else like gardening? I burned a ton of calories yesterday working on preparing my garden. Im MWARNER211 9 MOMWANTSNOWAIST
3/22/17 11:23 P
Tonight I'm cooking half a stuffed bell pepper, stuffed with ground turkey and half a cup of low fat THEJACKIEDEAN12 5 PANHEAD75
3/24/17 3:00 P
Need some new ideas for fruit infused water...sick of the basic lemon and strawberry! #help MKP2013 10 WAKA111205
3/28/17 10:41 P

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