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It's so hard to keep eating clean. Working in an o LIFE85 8 DBARTL1958
5/4/16 9:52 A
Started today. I have the awesome situation of de SBETGRO 28 SUMMERWATER
5/4/16 5:42 A
Looking for simple ways to quickly reduce BP. No IAMHOLDINGON 19 DIZZYBRITCHES
5/3/16 9:35 P
GM All Many Spark recipes call for whole wheat flo FRANNY5727 11 FRANNY5727
5/3/16 9:41 P
Drum roll? Dinner tonight is ? DEBSANKS 55 WWETTELAN
5/3/16 11:04 P
I need good exercises for someone who is on crutch MBLAKLEY5 13 MBLAKLEY5
5/3/16 9:03 P
What was your workout today? THATSMAMA 86 MRYLND870
5/3/16 11:31 P
Skechers or new balance LAINABETH 13 LAINABETH
5/3/16 8:20 P
My self-run fitness program starts today. My husba LOVSSUGAR 6 LOVSSUGAR
5/4/16 8:52 A
I'm so annoyed! I ate 3 healthy meals today, and went over the limit by 1,000 calories! It's my fir RCIMENT 21 DTERESA
5/3/16 12:18 A
Tips on going vegetarian in a house of meat eaters BRANDI_4 11 ZMAMA2
5/2/16 4:58 P
Good morning and happy Monday. What did everyone h SHELL6238 50 3DOGS13
5/2/16 11:53 A
Anybody here from Southern Arizona? Pleeeaaassssee DOGZ4EVER 11 2HAMSDIET
5/2/16 6:29 P
Hello May!!! 4 weeks until Memorial Day, the offic CHANGINGWITHIN7 2 KENDILYNN
5/2/16 10:06 A
How does one learn to breathe while jogging? I ba ABCDOPEY 9 SMYERS840
5/2/16 10:54 A
Dinner tonight is what?Drum roll DEBSANKS 61 REARNEST8518
5/1/16 8:25 P
What is your number one goal for May and how will you go about achieving it? NUTTYMCGILLICUD 73 BABYSWEET1982
5/1/16 9:08 P
Using this app is not easy. I already have weight AWHITE1982UK 4 KENDILYNN
5/1/16 2:04 P
Does anyone take B12 Complex and has it helped you DPRYOR28 3 JPINKARD
5/1/16 2:24 P
How often should I weigh myself? Yesterday I was d LILBITOSPUNK 12 KENDILYNN
5/1/16 11:47 A
I'm confused. I have resistance bands. I lost the EPPIESMOM 4 KENDILYNN
5/1/16 11:43 A
What exactly IS the Spark People diet? Is it just NURSEMOM3114 15 NURSEMOM3114
5/3/16 7:29 P
NSV: Three compliments from the doctors office tod KENDILYNN 24 2MUCHSUNSHINE
4/30/16 11:39 A
accidentally ate an extra 200 calories today just CARLIED7 10 GSABASS
4/29/16 5:29 P
Drink some water or do a plank if you see this! Ev CRALLR 17 MDXCRUZ
4/29/16 6:53 P
I'm on a low-calorie, very low-carb diet. I limit DZGRL2000 11 KENDILYNN
4/29/16 4:13 P
So it's the end of the day ... Looking back what w TINA_GAIL 55 TIFFANY1411
5/1/16 10:24 P
Is anybody else fixing to exercise JHARMOM 8 EJENSEN6
4/28/16 11:29 A
I only ate back 72 of my exercise calories yesterd MMMBUJI6 6 MMMBUJI6
4/28/16 12:01 P
I saw my breakdown of what I am eating and it was SLICK72 21 ELP14586
4/28/16 2:28 A
What's your favorite foreign food or foods? Indian ELLEOHAFRIKA 19 CHEIVOUS
4/28/16 8:20 A
How do I stay healthy and exercise while breastfeeding! I just don't know where to start. SRUSSIAN20 14 POLLYBFB
4/27/16 9:06 P
I do a 40 min lower body strength workout on Mon a NEXTSTEP2014 6 NEXTSTEP2014
4/28/16 12:58 P
Was already having trouble eating enough (healthy) CHAZWAINE 20 BETH4SUCCESS
4/27/16 1:19 P
I feel like I'm at a stand still I've lost 12lbs i DEVYNLEIGH 12 MYJENNI1984
4/27/16 10:19 A
Anyone take dulcolax?!? Do you think it is work w SELUCZAK 22 SKIRUNNER1
4/28/16 2:33 A
reached weekly burned calories target in 2 days is JAWADIQBAL3262 3 JAWADIQBAL3262
4/26/16 4:06 P
Great tip for those looking to buy a hrm. I took a free Orangetheory fitness class and bought their JNMORRIS15 7 DIZZYBRITCHES
4/26/16 11:45 A
What did everyone eat for lunch today? What's on t CRAZYHAPPYMOMMY 40 ENELSON0830
4/25/16 7:18 P
Water! How much do you drink a day and how do you track to ensure you get it in? LIBRAWN24 50 SLYFOXXIE
5/2/16 7:48 P
To add or not to add. That is the question. Seriou EPPIESMOM 11 KENDILYNN
4/25/16 10:02 A
I just started yesterday but I'm so sick and I hav XKRIS54X 5 KCURRY48
4/25/16 12:49 A
Signed up for a half marathon about 4 months ago - SISTERHUGS 9 MASHAR
4/24/16 10:41 P
4/25/16 5:15 P
What's for dinner? EVAMARIE_87 13 BEACHROSE1965
4/24/16 10:41 P
Hey ! So my question is if my calorie intake is 15 LETHY82 20 BALANCE15
4/24/16 8:40 P
I was lookomg to drop just a few more pounds to re FUBUKIORI 18 AMCMAKIN
4/26/16 1:19 P
I'm going to suck this evening. We are going to ou PSALM1139 7 SPRINGLOVE101
4/24/16 3:46 P
Happy Earth Day lovely Sparkers! What are you goin TAMP_IT 3 KENDILYNN
4/22/16 10:11 A
Yoga done. Over 2 mile walk done. Now to clean the BUMBLEBEESTING 7 BUMBLEBEESTING
4/22/16 11:03 A
How do I work out my legs with out making them big LEGGLESSGOAL 10 NJSHAR
4/21/16 10:06 P
Two years ago I lost 47 lbs! Thanks to that weight loss I was able to get pregnant with my second d MIMICITA83 4 KENDILYNN
4/21/16 1:24 P
How many calories do u burn in a week with exercise and how many minutes do you workout in a week? I TORRIESJOURNEY 10 IFBBB1982
4/21/16 10:21 A
It is so hard to stop eating fast food when McDona BRENCESS914 7 GUTZMOM
4/21/16 12:45 P
It is hard to stick to this lifestyle when you are a pretty good cook and must feed a naturally thin LADYGERRI 27 CSMOLKO0
4/20/16 8:24 P
Wow. I thought I had finally found a "place" on th JROBINSON84 12 MMMBUJI6
4/20/16 10:25 P
Why do I feel so guilty? Today I have had Oatmea DANN98 18 KENDILYNN
4/20/16 7:06 P
Any good tips for getting your kids to eat healthy GEEGBUNCH 22 JENNY2SMILES
4/20/16 9:31 A
gym routine ADRIANNA123 5 AMANDA_220
5/4/16 3:48 A
Any good ideas out there for losing the "freshman SARAHJAAYYY 4 SARAACATHERINEE
4/17/16 6:06 P
I want to hike Cowells mountain. My husband is suc ILOVEPIGGLET 9 EJENSEN6
4/17/16 4:17 P
I want to stop eating fast food because it is expe JENNIFER1111111 11 LLISAH123
4/16/16 2:52 P
What about your body are you grateful for today? INSPIRED1314 20 KAMELIA71
4/15/16 5:08 P
What is everyone's favorite healthy food /snack? KSTEVENS72 14 RHIO3TRE
4/16/16 4:08 A
I really want to get down to 120lbs but I am not e KIERAEDWARDS4 20 INAMINIT
4/15/16 10:32 A
Am 'trying' to start a low-no carb diet... I fid i COLTENMT86 19 COLTENMT86
4/15/16 1:13 A
Could I lose weight on 1800 calories if I wanted t KIERAEDWARDS4 8 KENDILYNN
4/14/16 3:17 P
All right, time to get serious. We're moving this KENDILYNN 6 KENDILYNN
4/14/16 11:17 A
So I've lost 4lbs in 4 weeks, but now I'm slowly g MTTRAVELS 3 KENDILYNN
4/12/16 4:31 P
I'm up and ready to start the day who else gets up PINKCOFFEE89 18 KENDILYNN
4/12/16 11:10 A
Can someone explain to me (dumb it down) I heard i ROSEDEVILE 10 ROSEDEVILE
4/12/16 10:10 A
Aghhhhhh these carbs. . . .Help OK so I made myse UMIWOBBEAR 14 UMIWOBBEAR
4/12/16 9:13 A
I work out with a friend and she keeps telling me KRUPERT8 28 KRUPERT8
4/12/16 10:12 A
How did everyone do today on eating healthy? 😊 KWEST247 20 KBULLOCK6
4/11/16 8:34 P
Who struggles with people making comments about ho MOMGONEHEALTHY 22 NESSI19
4/11/16 8:20 P

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