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My treadmill shows 250 calories burned walking 2.5 GUIDRY1012 12 SPARK_MERLE
9/26/16 10:26 P
Having trouble eating 1200 calories and loosing we JESSICATUTEN 18 JODTOL
9/26/16 7:20 P
Are dried figs bad in sugar? I eat way too much EV AISHASHAHEEN03 4 KENDILYNN
9/26/16 2:38 P
Does anyone else have problems going over their fa KERIASB403 9 CARROTKID
9/26/16 2:39 P
Bought a cute dress. Gotta look fabulous in it by TUTUTUTUTU 8 JUDEDEL
9/24/16 2:21 A
Is maintenance pretty much the same as what I been CATERPILLAR-JEN 11 MIDDLESIS3
9/21/16 3:09 P
do you guys think coffee is enough to jump-start m NATALIE428 14 SNAPDRAGON04
9/21/16 1:44 P
Help please my fat percentage is high but I haven't ate dinner.. Does any one know what I can do or MCCAINMICHELLE1 3 MCCAINMICHELLE1
9/21/16 7:46 A
Curtains, how much would you spend? NSKYLINE115 6 MANDIETERRIER1
9/20/16 5:07 P
I fall asleep but wake allot then can't go back to MILKQUEEN90 9 CPHILLIPS64
9/21/16 1:41 P
Coffee before anything! :) hope everyone is having CARLENE2016 18 DRAPOSA-H
9/20/16 10:12 A
An evil donut has been lurking in my kitchen. So f GODDESSMOM11 27 BUSCHSA524
9/20/16 7:39 A
If you are reading this, I challenge you to post o MIKANORI 1656 KENDILYNN
9/19/16 7:17 P
I had to present to a training class for a couple ALLNEWSUE 5 DONNASCOTT57
9/19/16 3:57 P
Going to give the fat diet a try, the healthy fats of course. (Avocado, Bacon,Nuts,ect.) Low carb APRILBAKES 3 KENDILYNN
9/19/16 3:03 P
OK so I love salad which is healthy however I know MOMMYMO13 23 T45773
9/18/16 7:49 P
How do I enter into spark that I'm pregnant? TORRIESJOURNEY 13 ALPARTLOW
9/16/16 7:32 P
#gastritis anyone suffering from chronic gastritis ALLENMC2002 8 ALLENMC2002
9/16/16 6:22 P
After nine years of trying, I found out I'm pregnant this morning!!! I guess the 75# total weight lo TORRIESJOURNEY 141 GINA515
9/17/16 8:42 A
Been slipping for a while now, I maintained for su UMIWOBBEAR 15 SONIA_THORNTON
9/16/16 11:16 A
I want to start running as a cross training for sw LR237787 9 MMEQUEEN
9/16/16 11:54 A
Doing really well calorie-wise and husband gifts m DANIFAIRE68 15 B-LESS-ED
9/16/16 8:56 P
What is suggestions for high protein -low fat food CARSUNSHINE333 3 KENDILYNN
9/15/16 3:42 P
I Work Alot And Have 4Kids So Sometimes I Do My Fo MRS_MIRANDA 22 DHUDSONS
9/15/16 10:48 P
How do I stop myself from thinking my SO won't fin DREZINETTE 6 DREZINETTE
9/15/16 11:55 A
Im a new college kid who has diabetes in the famil HALFHAIRY 6 BEAUTYMOVEMENT
9/14/16 8:19 P
My husband snacks through out the day but doesn't PIXIE_MONSTER 5 KENDILYNN
9/14/16 12:57 P
Well apparently I've been eating way too little. I GROOMS74 31 JANAEHILL
9/14/16 11:41 A
I'm sorry I know this has been asked 48274 times, but am I supposed to eat my min calories before my GROOMS74 13 IDIOTBAINES
9/26/16 5:22 P
I had no idea that avocado had so many calories. I ROSEMARY3747 7 KENDILYNN
9/13/16 11:51 P
Getting back on here for the first time in a year. EMBERLBECK 3 KENDILYNN
9/13/16 6:20 P
Any recommendations on French vanilla coffee cream ALSM22 19 KSUTTO09
9/13/16 8:23 P
2 years ago I was very fit went to the gym 2 hours G69054 5 G69054
9/13/16 3:04 P
Does anybody else have this issue yesterday .I was starving so much I'm all day trying to stay in m SMARTIN2015 3 KENDILYNN
9/13/16 2:46 P
Wanted to eat a chocolate chip cookie yesterday, b USHALBERTS 3 KENDILYNN
9/13/16 12:22 P
I realized that I really need to cut back on the c HAIDYNSMOTHER20 7 KENDILYNN
9/13/16 12:20 P
Is anyone else addicted to Starbucks? It is the on CHINADOLL313 6 KENDILYNN
9/13/16 12:03 P
#help I weighed myself this morning and I gained w CMGIRL87 28 7STIGGYMT
9/26/16 3:15 P
Because of🍁🌺I want a pumpkin spice latte☕. SONIA_THORNTON 8 RALPHDB
9/12/16 3:24 P
I am gaining weight after following pretty regular SIOBANGMOM 4 KENDILYNN
9/12/16 2:54 P
Getting a little frustrated, I lost 8lbs in five d KARIDOW 13 DANIEL_JV_LU
9/12/16 3:40 P
How do you cut your addiction to good food? My add AMANDAPANDA4268 14 QUEEN_CARLOTTA
9/12/16 11:32 A
I'm wanting to try new foods. Anyone have any #veg INDIEHIPSTER10 24 GOTALOTAPETS
9/21/16 12:58 A
I hate drinking water and I found something called Sparkletts Ice . It's basically Flavored sparklin SEBALOVEIT 10 TRENDA155
9/11/16 7:16 P
What are yall making for dinner? Can't decide on c TINALOUCHIC 111 SAMMONS1843
9/11/16 5:43 P
Have you checked your battery in your smoke alarm AOKDIET21 11 NASHUA12
9/11/16 12:23 P
Idk, what 2 do 4 dinner. Choices r - zoodles in AKELLY45 14 MISSDORKNESS
9/9/16 7:59 P
How to cook without using bread, dairy, or meat? S RYLIZ8794 5 KENDILYNN
9/9/16 3:12 P
I need to lose 5 pounds in the next 8 days.... I h BITTERJAVAMAMA 19 FIBROMITE87
9/9/16 12:20 P
Back on track today. Between the Labor Day holiday KENDILYNN 2 SHARONKHARTER
9/9/16 11:06 A
Seriously. Just ran my second half marathon. Have THEMOSTHAPPY 13 KENDILYNN
9/9/16 12:52 A
I have been exercising 6-7 days a week averaging a JAXNSAM 14 KENDILYNN
9/8/16 6:30 P
WORKOUT ROLLCALL... What was your workout for tod MSMAKEOVER 89 QSHEPP
9/15/16 8:40 P
Working in an office with bowls of candy EVERYWHER AUDRIEBEE 12 2PERMONTHCAROL
9/10/16 3:35 P
any advice or suggestions on how to keep the weigh WMUNOZ06 4 SHARONKHARTER
9/8/16 11:56 A
Feeling defeated. Just did a new weights class at DREZINETTE 41 L48429
9/8/16 5:58 A
So I don't eat veggies 😥 sad I know! It's the t SKIBUGG 20 XRUNNER4LIFEX
9/8/16 2:48 A
So, friends and friends -I've-yet-to- make, if you GRYPHYNSMAMA 20 BALEXBLACK23
9/7/16 7:34 P
Looking for a shake to replace one meal a day poss GINAMALIBU 6 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
9/7/16 4:03 P
I haven't figured out why when I start dieting my LKHAWKINS74 4 DIZZYBRITCHES
9/7/16 3:00 P
Any other atheists out there? I would like to star CHELSEY6972 11 QUEEN_CARLOTTA
9/6/16 11:58 P
So what's better sugar free or less natural sugar? RUGRATS1222 3 RHONDALYNN23
9/6/16 5:10 P
Well, I work overnights. I ate last at 10 pm and p ZOOYORKMONROE 14 ZOOYORKMONROE
9/6/16 8:25 P
I am starting a Nurse Practitioner program in less JLPETERS85 7 KENDILYNN
9/3/16 8:29 P
Do you have a go to meal for a night you forgot to KPETROS 20 KPETROS
9/3/16 8:56 A
#cize #techsupport Can anyone tell me if Shawn T C FITNESSQUEEN2B 4 KENDILYNN
9/1/16 12:08 P
Is anyone else secretly afraid that their bellybut D4RKLYNOON 6 LACEYLOUHOO
9/1/16 12:07 P
Ladies who do Zumba: what do you wear? I'm thinki DIZZYBRITCHES 7 MUFFYR
8/31/16 9:13 P
If you have 3 different popcorns with the same cal TINKER918 8 MUFFYR
8/31/16 9:14 P
hi...i been eating healthy and exercising for abou WMUNOZ06 10 KYIREL
9/1/16 3:11 P
Anyone else find they are freezing after they coo NELSANNA 2 KENDILYNN
8/30/16 8:19 P
Pea Protein shakes taste terrible...what to add? WICKEDGARDEN 6 GRACEINAZ
8/31/16 7:36 P
It's 11:03pm and I finished my day with 507 calori BOT2823WADLEY2 16 BOT2823WADLEY2
8/30/16 11:27 A
Since working out and sweating alot more my face is really breaking out. I'm 37 so I thought these d 1PRISSYDL 21 ITRICHBOBBIE
8/29/16 10:54 P
I was surprised to find out how little soda i drin ANG3LWINGS1998 17 DIZZYBRITCHES
8/29/16 1:59 P

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