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It certainly would be! SMILEY03 7 WEIGHTDICIPLINE
5/2/17 5:39 P
I had intended to run today but when treadmill decides to throw 15% inclines at me for almost 60% of CGARR442 6 COMEBACKKID12
5/2/17 11:39 P
Ran one hour today! Have only done that a few times and it does get easier! Will take a pic next tim KATETK 3 NOUVELLE3
5/2/17 4:56 P
Ran 50 easy minutes in the hills this morning. It was absolutely awesome! It was also the first tim JEANKNEE 17 MIRAGE727
5/4/17 11:29 A
I ate a good breakfast (veggie omelette) before my son came down and requested mini donuts. I manage MAGLITE7 26 KATETK
5/2/17 4:44 P
So I started a new job at a restaurant of all places last week. The one thing about working at rest TEEK961 4 KATETK
5/2/17 4:43 P
At work I came face to face with some Chips Ahoy chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies. My strate MOONBEAR7 7 KATETK
5/2/17 4:41 P
If i have measured correctly..... Ive lost three inches around my waist this month. HUFFELPOWELL16 5 LRJUSTUS1
4/9/17 9:46 P
Thankful for every sunrise KATETK 1 KATETK
4/4/17 8:27 P
I love this!! KATETK 4 MARCIALEE527
4/2/17 8:28 P
It's a small-snacks kind of day. (Day 3, snack 4) SERENE-AGAIN 6 REDROBIN47
4/2/17 10:05 P
We walked our first 5k today! LSIMONS54 111 _LINDA
4/2/17 11:15 P
After looking at these side by side I'm even more determined than ever. Can't wait till I hit my nex CHAIRBERRY 305 IMAVISION
4/30/17 2:58 P
Did you have a good Monday? My highlight was a short hike. How about you? -- chris/sparkguy SPARKGUY 107 HICKOK-HALEY
3/21/17 5:27 P
What is your favorite 21 day fix workout? Mine are split between dirty 30 and lower fix. Love them! KATETK 3 BRONXBABE
3/16/17 9:16 P
Yummy dinner all veggies and a couple eggs NEFF95 4 LSHAMRICK
3/14/17 8:04 P
What is everyone's favourite snack to have? I love having Rich Tea biscuits with the Yeo Valley 0% F DONNAMICHELLEE 23 ANNIEDS
5/12/17 4:55 A
If i do a hiit workout and i can't find it to log on sparkpeople can i log the cardio blast Boot cam MSBATTLE30 3 CHEIVOUS
3/7/17 7:58 P
I failed again today! I'm trying to go back to school, and am stressed and went binge crazy. I feel KINYA4571 5 MJOY559
3/7/17 7:44 P
#food. Can anyone give me a basic daily diet plan? EVOLVEGOAL 5 EVOLVEGOAL
3/1/17 7:19 P
So I researched kidney stone and I'm upset alot of things I eat to be healthy and lose weight causes GOTHICCHAOS87 11 GOTHICCHAOS87
3/1/17 6:15 P
I just watched the video of the one mile upper body circuit walk. I can't figure out how to log that LAHUDSONCHEF 6 LAHUDSONCHEF
3/1/17 9:50 P
I'm curious what works best for other Spark People out there: weighing in daily or weekly or some ot BACONANDQI 56 GLIDINGIN
3/2/17 6:06 P
Been off track for awhile but I'm back.,😋 LEAVELL110 4 VANILLASKY15
3/1/17 5:57 P
Woot down another 1.5 pounds. Clothes fitting loose. Feeling great!!!! WHITEBOXER2011 9 KATETK
3/1/17 5:56 P
Half way there! I've lost just over 15-lbs in 2 months and I've got 14 to go. Thank you to SparkPeop KEATON753 27 KEATON753
3/2/17 1:38 P
I've lost 10 pounds since 1/8. I was hoping to be down a little more but I measured today and I've l GALATAYA16 23 CHRISTYWORSLEY
2/26/17 7:17 P
Have such a hard time drinking 8 glasses of water a day....i gave up cokes 2 weeks ago but cant seem SISKROBERTA 78 DECARBONE1
2/21/17 9:57 A
Last night for dessert I had half of an oz of walnuts, fresh bing cherries, orange slices and a tabl CHEF1789 12 CHEF1789
2/9/17 8:49 P
Went over in food today when thought I was doing well. At least I worked out but frustrating still. KATETK 6 KATETK
1/31/17 5:18 P
Hi everyone. First week on site. Wish me luck😀 LLLARSON51 8 LAURCAM13
1/9/17 4:59 P
Lost 4 lbs in a week feeling amazing so far ADRIANALAN0408 10 CINDYSKE
1/6/17 5:32 P
Cold, cloudy days don't motivate me to exercise!! LORIKRANZ1 4 KATETK
1/6/17 4:23 P
What's your take on diet soda? I'm considering occasion diet sodas to cut out some calories. I've ne KITSUNEMOMMY 42 GABYMORRIS
12/29/16 10:31 P
I weighed 105 over the summer and now weigh 119!! CARLIE_WALTON 4 GRAMMICHELLE
12/24/16 4:03 P
Well, it's not 20, but 15lbs in less than 2 months MICHULLLL 35 BEACHTIME9
1/1/17 11:21 A
Happy Holidays everyone.. Stay healthy and don't o DAPHINIJIMENEZ 8 JOCELYNH711
12/24/16 4:25 P
Hard run today, it killed me! Hope everyone has a KATETK 1 KATETK
10/18/16 8:55 P
Hard run today, it killed me! Hope everyone has a KATETK 2 CORADEAL
12/24/16 4:15 P
If you are reading this, I challenge you to post o MIKANORI 1735 LEVISGIRL4EVER
2/8/17 3:34 P
Why don't ants get sick? They are full of antibodi KATETK 8 CORADEAL
12/24/16 4:16 P
This is my worst day ever... I ate two types of ca AISHASHAHEEN03 26 KITT2531
9/12/16 10:10 P
Monday is done! Pretty good day. How was everyone KATETK 6 CORADEAL
12/24/16 4:16 P
I'm a 60-something old, young at heart woman. Started Spark a few months ago to lose ten pounds. It LIZDENBEN 17 TUSWEETSMITH012
9/13/16 4:58 P
Happy end of summer! KATETK 1 KATETK
9/5/16 4:21 P
Happy end of summer! KATETK 1 KATETK
9/5/16 4:21 P
Not looking forward tithe long day tomorrow 😢 LIGHTDRIVEN 5 JOCELYNH711
12/24/16 4:26 P
Went off sparking lately. First time having done t KATETK 11 DAWNJACKSON72
7/12/16 11:05 A
I have been going through a lot here lately. I hav BRITTAIN1991 10 AMALLOY6
8/4/16 11:15 A
Hit my goal weight today ! It sure feels good to STHAMMACK 537 DANIRENEE2015
7/15/16 9:49 A
If U R reading this, I dare U to drink a cup of water. SOOKIE 4298 IGNITEME101
5/18/17 6:37 P
What is the one thing you did today that you are p DEBORAHLEE82 972 TINALOUCHIC
11/2/16 2:22 P
Where is everyone from? KELLBELL86 2410 BURNINGTHYME101
4/20/17 12:59 P
28 Days to a Fitter Body BOLEBRON 48 BOLEBRON
3/7/15 12:37 P
Another Newbie here SUZYQ1979 9 OOLALA53
3/9/14 10:42 P
Welcom New Members IS1GAR 81 LITTLEONE87
4/15/16 3:52 P
Welcome to our new members! SHANIMCK 1024 KAZABLANKA2009
9/6/14 8:32 A
8/23/13 5:18 P
How do you feel today? Use a emoticon MOONCHILDISME 296 GIRLGETTINGFIT
6/3/14 5:12 P
Question Of The Day June 1 NUTRON3 18 SAMMIE20131
6/2/13 2:02 A
What did you do today for your workout BABEZ1 12058 IMREITE
5/21/17 12:01 A
Did you drink your 8 glassses of water today. DIDMIS 335 LORETTA24
6/15/13 8:31 A
Please Post Your Goals for the Next 8 weeks SWEETLIPS 17 ARTHONES
2/29/16 8:12 P
5/21/17 3:29 P
12/2/12 12:26 A
Emoticon for today COLT2008 55 KATETK
11/5/12 9:38 P
Are you feeling Positive or Negative today? BIGMAMA4U 53187 SKEMERICH
5/22/17 12:11 P
Are you walking with God today? MJRVIC2000 23498 MSPENCER7
5/22/17 9:29 A
CLICK if you love Spark! SONYA_J 103028 PEACHY_GIRL
5/22/17 11:59 A
Shout It Out! Brag about your accomplishments here WINACHST 237 WINACHST
4/24/17 6:56 P
My Goal for today... ........ One step at a time. SHAKENMA 1917 MAYIE53
1/8/16 11:50 A
My virtual long-distance walk MRS.DOYLE 326 YARELL
6/19/15 10:32 A
Reintroducing myself WINACHST 9 KATZZASTAR
6/10/12 11:48 P
5/25/12 9:51 P
Cardio tracker for Golf - does everyone use it? REDHEAD582 18 SPARKYFLOWER
3/23/14 10:00 A

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