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I know it's not Keto approved but sometimes you just need a Coke lol.... KAKONOLADY 11 KAKONOLADY
3/16/18 6:38 P
Hit and surpassed my first major goal!!!! 53 pounds down since January 15. I picked up a 50 pound we LINZY7 202 MIZKAREN
3/17/18 4:52 A
Beautiful SeaWorld in the distance...Love my San blessed to call it home..a nice 30 min s KAKONOLADY 12 KAYDE53
3/16/18 7:59 P
Thinking of trying #OMAD...any tips #keto TATA_TAINMENT 9 COOKWITHME65
3/16/18 11:13 P
Me....Food 😊 Exercise πŸ˜• TRACYSUL 19 GEORGE815
3/15/18 11:02 A
My morning breakfast...ran out of raspberries so I had a 1/2 cup of blueberries...very delicious but SWALLIS7 10 GEORGE815
3/15/18 10:53 A
This β€œbefore” photo is actually a β€œduring” photo! It was taken three months into my weight loss jou JBLESSER 255 SKYLAR_NIXON
3/16/18 11:36 P
3/15/18 3:41 P
Goal 70 lbs down . Thanks for all the support spark friends. Keep on sparking KEN1237 170 ONEDAY_ILLWIN
3/15/18 3:43 P
My love for cauliflower has increased πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ TABCOLEMAN 19 RECRUDESCENTIVA
3/15/18 5:32 A
After losing 77 lbs I have been plateaued for 6 weeks. I am gaining muscle but it has been frustrati TXAGGIEARCHER18 61 JAY61
3/15/18 8:50 P
Daily Chat (March 2018) -JAMES- 134 JUSTFURKIDS
3/16/18 9:32 P
Celebrating my 10 lbs (4.6 kg) weight loss today since I started my ketogenic diet almost a month ag DEM-TOM 30 KAKONOLADY
3/14/18 6:41 P
All of a sudden it went back down and then some...30 pounds from Jan just wow...I'm feel KAKONOLADY 10 FLOYDPAULEY
3/14/18 1:31 P
#keto #lowcarb I was really hungry this morning and had a lowcarb coconut floured bagel with cream c DEEO12 20 MNM41313
3/15/18 11:03 P
For some reason I'm up on the is day 13 keto....oh well gonna keep on pushing through.. KAKONOLADY 4 LAURAFOOTE
3/12/18 1:49 P
#keto friendly bread. 2 net carbs a slice! BCROWLEY1 12 BLESSOME
3/15/18 11:10 A
Working on getting back on stage this summer! This app is great for tracking my macros during comp FYTGURL 12 FYTGURL
3/11/18 9:21 P
Hi, i have been following the ketogenic diet. Any advice. I lost 45 lbs but have stalled the last 3 TRACYJO893 2 KAKONOLADY
3/10/18 2:19 P
Anyone else doing intermittent fasting? I’ve been doing it for the past month and have had great re FARRGAL 2 KAKONOLADY
3/10/18 2:08 P
DAY 40 of my 100 day exercise challenge (40 day exercise streak). I was feeling a bit lacking as I h STATSCAT 6 MUSTANGMOM6
3/10/18 2:15 P
3/10/18 2:13 P
Yummy breakfast! 4 egg whites cooked in coconut oil seasoned with 1 triangle laughing cow garlic and SANDYTOES612 20 MUSTANGMOM6
3/10/18 2:13 P
Just wanted to say hi. Just started today and looking around. JACKIEHUB 9 JACKIEHUB
3/10/18 9:19 P
5 miles on the elliptical after weight training. That elevation gain makes it difficult. Legs gonna SADIEMYERS 15 ANHELIC
3/11/18 2:37 P
What have you all noticed is the best diet/ way of eating for the best weight loss... WW? Counting c TAMMY0175 14 JOYFULNRG
3/9/18 10:25 P
Guess who gets a snack 😁 CINDY247 15 CINDY247
3/10/18 7:23 P
Sugar free and carb free brq sauce with asparagus and .5 cups fat free cottage cheese and pork chop MKPARKE77 10 _LINDA
3/9/18 9:59 P
55 lbs ago - seems like a lifetime ago. 20 more to go also seems like it will take a lifetime. But o BEVERLY1501 123 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
3/10/18 9:54 A
My morning so far now I'm on the bike...not feeling it but pushing through KAKONOLADY 7 GEORGE815
3/9/18 10:13 A
Okay so the thing is, how many times must I see those Arbys and Mcdonalds commercials? I swear drool IAM2OLD1 6 MSMITCHELL2696
3/9/18 8:37 A
We started dipping toes into keto this week more f LADYRHEES 8 GEORGE815
3/9/18 10:21 A
3/9/18 4:24 P
Friday motivational quote!! SHADOWBRAT 151 EAK-09
3/9/18 9:38 P
TBT this year will be three years since that picture!! I do look a lot Jollier back then, is that ev GPALMER29 19 PEARADUX67
3/9/18 9:15 A
Turned down some yummy things today. Nothing tastes as good as thin true. Can't wait f MEYE3SUNS3 5 NANAOHMEN
3/8/18 11:22 P
Today was day 66/100in a ROW OF doing 35+ min OF cardio and day 8 OF Keto...woohoo KAKONOLADY 3 EVIE4NOW
3/8/18 10:44 P
What's your story? NIGHTSKYSTAR 121 PIPPAMOUSE
3/12/18 9:49 P
2 weeks in..still no weight loss 😣 I just don't understand. I have Lupus and I am an RN so I know m CTNURSELMB 4 KAKONOLADY
3/7/18 8:35 A
Been #keto for over a year. Easiest thing for me. Food fits my lifestyle. Total loss 42 lbs. Wo SIMPLY-CRM 10 JUSTFURKIDS
3/8/18 12:25 P
I've only lost 1 lb in 2 weeks... what am I doing wrong??? Ugh help!!! TPFPRICE 8 TPFPRICE
3/7/18 10:11 A
Do you allow people on Keto? GRANDMA_58 6 KAKONOLADY
3/6/18 10:09 P
Day 3 completed on Keto. This is so hard. I feel so restricted.. Losing weight is a huge challenge t ALAINAABDUL31 12 ALAINAABDUL31
3/7/18 1:44 P
Hi Everyone! I hope you had a good Tuesday? My highlight was exercise bike. How about you? SPARKGUY 34 LGSEARS1
3/13/18 3:36 P
Finished my first 7-day diet challenge. For next week I made a #keto diet plan. If i like the food, MAGGY5 6 KIMBERLY925
3/9/18 5:30 P
I love low carb on day 5 and so stomach is shrinking dramatically ..yesterd KAKONOLADY 1 KAKONOLADY
3/6/18 9:46 P
OMG...these are for KETO/Low carb diets....high in KAKONOLADY 4 AMBER461
3/6/18 10:16 P
Posted a photo ANDYSUN 9 CHRISTOPHER63
3/5/18 7:31 P
i have hit a plateau and have no idea what to do to break through (been at 160 for several weeks now JOAND1911 4 MSMITCHELL2696
3/5/18 4:29 P
#BeforeAndAfter here's a little stomach transforma JJOHNNISE 38 LIZBROOKS4848
3/9/18 1:52 P
Gotta. Keep. Going..... Have a great week, Spark Friends! COCOAGOAL 15 7STIGGYMT
3/5/18 8:05 A
Guess what ??? I'm eating lower carbs (30-40%) than my normal 144g a day (45-50%) I'm eating more Fa CINDY247 6 PATRICIA-CR
3/5/18 6:10 A
Day 4 Keto/Low carb... What took me sooo long love this way of eating... KAKONOLADY 4 SADIEMYERS
3/4/18 9:34 P
Feeling great this Sunday morning...75 min walk at the lake is's routine now for my Sunday KAKONOLADY 7 BANEWLAND
3/4/18 3:22 P
I want to see this movie called "I Feel Pretty" so bad! The movie will be out in theatres by April 2 ALLYLIZZY 10 KAKONOLADY
3/4/18 1:36 P
Guys i know its stupid but i eat the left over foo FITAFSAH 14 FITAFSAH
3/5/18 12:47 P
As of today, under 200! BRIDEOFMOOKIE 29 MIRAGE727
3/3/18 7:41 P
Note to self: check labels and track calories BEFORE eating. πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ thought eating baked beans was a LAM200514 6 SEBARTLETT1
3/3/18 7:09 P
Today felt low carb..I'm not as hungry. Once U learn a couple yummy fat bomb recipes f KAKONOLADY 3 BECCABOO127
3/3/18 10:45 P
Ok. This is Day 1 I'm starting with a 7 day cleanse to kick start my diet. Hopefully, by this tim DREDZONE71 24 NDSTOIC44
3/3/18 8:40 P
#keto #lowcarb Ready to go into the oven. Chicken breast filled with hard cheese slice, asparagus, o DEEO12 22 THANKFUL2018
3/5/18 8:38 P
Am in my 3rd day of Keto..down a pound....228.4.. I love it KAKONOLADY 2 ALLYLIZZY
3/3/18 2:22 P
Good evening Spark Family hope you are have a great Friday. Raining her in California. Had a fanta ERICALEAHA 20 ZRIE014
3/3/18 1:02 A
#BeforeAndAfter been tracking for a year and I am TRINA 127 GRUMPY85
3/3/18 7:40 P
2 workouts today 2 and a half hours total of cardio. Day 2 of Low carb/KEto waiting on my strips to KAKONOLADY 5 FRISKYCRITTER
3/3/18 8:21 A
Keto friendly snack ideas. Seen this today thought it might be useful for people who are looking for MSMITCHELL2696 18 KAKONOLADY
3/2/18 6:25 P
Last nights dinner was a HUGE success!! Keto pizza! So yummy! This was the first time I had attempte SHELLLEY2 22 SADIEMYERS
3/2/18 9:12 P
I've been using this app off and on for over 10 years now, and today is my first post. About this ti ZYDECOBABE 83 CELTIA51
3/5/18 8:53 P
Not sure how to share nutritional report but my day 1 keto was perfect!! 70% fat, 25% protein, and 5 KAKONOLADY 3 CRYSFOOTE
3/2/18 2:17 P
Dinner, 1/2 cup vegetable rice, 1 cup veggie stir PAMMIESUE81 13 SYLBA61
3/1/18 8:23 P
Ok so this is difficult to post, but I feel like I’m safe to here because SparkPeople is always a ve GETTINLEANIN18 304 GETTINLEANIN18
3/2/18 2:15 P
Today is going great...will take some adjusting to low carb..found low carb yogurt....and pork rinds KAKONOLADY 5 WALKZWDOGZ
3/1/18 4:52 P
#keto #lowcarb Fried avacodo in bacon grease along with homemade keto wraps with ham, cheese and may DEEO12 16 SHELLLEY2
3/4/18 9:43 A
Today is my first day on a low carb diet..not sure if I can do Keto .gonna try though...starting wei KAKONOLADY 4 SEBARTLETT1
3/1/18 12:03 P
450 calories yum yum TMP0418 22 -POOKIE-
3/1/18 4:57 A