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Good morning, have a terrific Tuesday. Here is a good thought to remember... JERSEYGIRL91305 139 MOMMY445
10/10/17 2:20 P
Posted a photo RAME123 13 ENGELKUH89
10/8/17 2:46 P
I want to say Happy Birthday to my Dad..93 you Dad KITT52 10 BECCABOO127
10/3/17 5:10 P
#BeforeAndAfter. Still on my journey. I want to lose 70 more pounds. I’ve lost 200 so far thanks t ~INDYGIRL 272 NEWBARBARA2017
10/8/17 9:59 P
Praying for the families in Las Vegas KITT52 7 -POOKIE-
10/3/17 2:52 A
Good morning all... first post... staring this to try and lose some weight I have been carrying for LEALJOHNMATT 222 LILIWHEELER
9/29/17 7:34 P
I'm trying to get back into walking like I did before. Felt so good to be outside and walking. KADUFRESNE 3 KADUFRESNE
9/28/17 12:49 P
It's my birthday today! I want thank God for life! 14lbs lost - closer to my goal! RAUNESCA 305 SMYLES5376
9/28/17 12:39 P
I am so embarrassed to post this but i feel like i am not making progress!! Trying to be more positi CITRUSLOSER 302 KWYUNNY47
9/27/17 11:19 P
Starting over!! I turned 46 today. I’m so disgusted with myself. All the weight that I lost last yea DAWN27367 304 MESANDEE
9/25/17 8:43 P
Happy 54th Birthday to ME! DYANNE4293 211 DYANNE4293
9/22/17 1:43 A
Passed my goal of 140!! Yaaahhh! ❤❤👍 began 248 1 yr ago!!! DIANEPAG 304 INSPIRED26
9/14/17 8:59 P
Started my journey at just shy of 280lbs. 2 years and a baby later down to 220lbs. So happy right no JLSTRAUSS 253 DARRINISM
9/8/17 6:27 P
Half my size! ~INDYGIRL 121 AQUAGIRL08
7/28/17 6:54 P
This morning I have definitely read some awesome sayings on the post. Thank you all for sharing the KADUFRESNE 4 KADUFRESNE
7/22/17 12:34 P
OMG i did my first 10 min walk today and heaven help me 😭😥 i hurt so bad but im doing 3. 10 min wa DOINITNOTGONNAS 308 BELLACUDDLES
7/23/17 9:14 A
7/22/17 10:26 A
Happy Friday! RAME123 54 HARROWJET
7/21/17 8:07 P
7/17/17 6:16 P
Back for the millionth time, but this plan so works! Thanks for all the support. We CAN do this toge RAME123 89 KELLIEBEAN
7/8/17 4:25 P
Freshening up my program today. I never restart b ~INDYGIRL 22 KEKEIKO
7/7/17 11:18 A
I DID IT!!!! I walked on the treadmill 22 minutes...I only did .75 miles and burned 168 calories but CHERYL4846 313 KAMAHULME
7/4/17 4:35 P
Ok, so I have literally been celebrating our 10 ye FITSISTA79 302 INPRAYER
7/7/17 7:24 P
Day 1 of tracking again ~INDYGIRL 10 JAMER123
7/2/17 11:19 P
First time wearing a dress to work in over 10 years! RAYMOSSISTER 303 UMUCGRAD
6/7/17 6:36 P
Have a healthy Tuesday KITT52 8 JOCELYNH711
6/7/17 7:57 A
Praying for London and our world KITT52 6 REGILIEH
6/4/17 4:13 P
a good nights sleep after two bad nights TCANNO 10 NEW-CAZ
6/2/17 5:29 A
My step goal was 500k this month but so far it is 831K with luck it should get to 850K TCANNO 13 ANNDANDY
6/1/17 3:12 A
Im new i just started so here i go DPEREZ874 304 DARLAE1
5/29/17 11:30 P
5/12/17 9:44 P
Stayed on track yesterday, going to do it again today. I not only stayed within my calorie guideline EAMOMMA 195 ADRIENALINE
5/9/17 2:58 P
Happy Easter to all of Sparkpeople!! Hope you all have an awesome, blessed day!! KADUFRESNE 2 BOOKNUT52
4/16/17 4:22 P
Well 13 years ago I got married o Keith. It was our second marriage as our spouses had died. We have OUTDOORGIRL-72 94 DEE107
4/3/17 12:31 A
I haven't been too successful in keeping some of my lost weight off. It's depressing, but I'm back KADUFRESNE 5 TCANNO
3/31/17 4:00 A
Hello everyone! This is my first day here...not really sure how to start this journey other than to AWILSON0328 199 ROCKYCPA
3/24/17 7:00 P
Lost 3 lbs. today... Lord, I've got a TON to lose! Almost literally! MRSJENNI 31 SCHNOOTIE
3/21/17 8:09 A
All SparkPeople, no surgery, crazy diets, or extreme exercise. Have faith! You can do this if I ca ~INDYGIRL 241 FELICIA1963
8/12/17 8:23 A
2/5/17 9:17 A
I did it!!! I FINALLY did it!!! This week I reac BABYGURL45 1132 TB_SHUGAPIE
6/5/17 12:50 P
August Birthday's please TCANNO 11 ADEANNKRUE
8/12/15 8:48 A
Do you take your HBP meds morning or night? ALOT2GO 188 SIRIRADHA
5/24/16 11:25 A
New to Spark Activity Tracker, but not to SP KADUFRESNE 11 SUSIEMT
12/19/13 11:25 A
9/2/13 8:25 A
10K Steps a Day Challenge for August KADUFRESNE 3 BARBIEE52
7/31/13 10:45 P
July Personal Step Challenge KADUFRESNE 3 KADUFRESNE
7/17/13 1:06 P
July Personal Step Challenge TRAVELISMYGAME 46 MOEE45
8/2/13 11:05 P
Healthy Blood Pressure Reading DDUPRE315 22 ALIDOSHA
11/20/12 5:28 P
10/17/17 10:44 A
Laughter Corner POLLY20 7339 ROCKS8ROX
9/19/17 4:52 P