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Could use friends to help keep me on track, post idea's and kick my butt into gear! #friendfinder PYROMANIA 4 ALEOPARD
9/20/17 10:52 P
I've been sick most of this month. September sucks😩 SILVERSPARROW04 4 JVANAM
9/20/17 6:02 P
2nd day of far it is showing me what I need to do better! SHELLY8212 6 NANCYPAT1
9/20/17 7:01 P
Simply do your best. - don Miguel Ruiz JVANAM 6 NANCYPAT1
9/20/17 7:00 P
Hiking recently with my two younger boys at Wilderness State Park in Michigan. QUETZALGIRL 17 FRAN0426
9/20/17 6:14 P
Yay!! Second mile today! POPDIESEL 16 BUDDY256
9/20/17 6:41 P
Yes exactly😉😊 TIFFY30 11 JVANAM
9/20/17 5:50 P
Having fun playing in the sand CBULLIS1 7 CGARR442
9/20/17 9:32 P
In high school I was extremely insecure about myself. I wore heavy sweaters in 80+ degree weather, I THEJACKIEDEAN12 305 _LINDA
9/19/17 9:06 P
Take just one action to get closer to your goal today. Small steps build momentum to keep you on tra JVANAM 2 UNFINISHED56
9/19/17 12:58 P
166.6 from 173. i have been at this level for 2 week. i walk, i do resistant bands.any other suggest TRIGGER2 14 DCURT55
9/19/17 8:03 P
9/19/17 12:31 P
Down my first 20 lbs today! 👏 LINDSLOVESBRIAN 82 MDOWER1
9/19/17 4:38 P
Posted a goal KAYLEENL 5 JSUSAN1773
9/19/17 12:56 P
A little difference STEPHHIXSON 38 SPALOMO49
9/19/17 1:53 P
Left 188. Right 161 and I am not done yet. YENROD49 154 _LINDA
9/19/17 9:06 P
9/18/17 11:23 P
Starting a weight loss journey is hard. However it's something I have to do. ALLMIXDUP 3 JVANAM
9/18/17 2:33 P
Today's a new day. 💜 MOOSEY31 12 MERRYJO1
9/19/17 12:51 P
9/18/17 2:32 P
Janice from South Carolina called to share that she has now lost 30 pounds! She has more energy and CHAIRDANCING 8 1DAY-ATA-TIME
9/18/17 2:41 P
#workout #loveyourself This was a great reminder today!! SARALINDY31 6 ISABEAUSROSE
9/18/17 2:35 P
Ok increasing my exercise hoping to get out of this slump in have been in for 2 mo TEENGAIL 3 JVANAM
9/18/17 2:28 P
Posted a photo ALLYLIZZY 3 JVANAM
9/18/17 2:27 P
9/18/17 2:43 P
You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don't try. - Beverly Sills JVANAM 3 CONSTANCE067
9/18/17 6:39 P
Where do you find the exercise videos here on spark that I keep seeing people talk about? Is that so RACHELLENH 7 STAR135000
9/16/17 5:58 P
Posted a photo MISSYCAMERON 17 STAR135000
9/16/17 6:09 P
Yesterday while I was at work, I caught 2 of my coworkers making fun of me. I was bent over, doing m ASHWOO32 27 GGRSPARK
9/16/17 6:12 P
Well i was off line for awhile going threw 2 knee surgeries and healing and being sick. But back on PDXGIRL571 3 GWENHAVEN
9/16/17 5:19 P
Starting over AGAIN ugh WENDIWU 8 STAR135000
9/16/17 6:01 P
9/17/17 1:10 P
Waiting on my husband to get out of Hobby Lobby! It's a dangerous store for me to go in. So I'm enjo UNFINISHED56 6 ERICALEAHA
9/16/17 4:13 P
Feliz Sabado. Happy Saturday MEXIQUEEN 10 _LINDA
9/16/17 6:03 P
One good Husband is worth two good Wives; for the scarcer things are, the more they're valued. - Ben JVANAM 1 JVANAM
9/16/17 4:03 P
You must be the change you wish to see in the world. - Mohandas Gandhi JVANAM 3 SYLBA61
9/15/17 3:59 P
Yes so true😍😊 TIFFY30 10 _RAMONA
9/15/17 3:17 P
Keaira LaShae's Dance, Move, Werk! She beat the crap out of me but I finished the entire YouTube vid RACHELLENH 9 MDOWER1
9/15/17 3:31 P
I meant to share this in my first post, but somehow I forgot! Yesterday the manager at the gym I wor LYONSFARM 14 MWARNER211
9/16/17 5:52 A
Today is my 27th birthday and I decided that this is the year that I will start taking care of mysel IANGELAPEREZ 20 COOKWITHME65
9/15/17 4:13 P
If you're new here, feeling discouraged today or r FITSISTA79 54 1DAY-ATA-TIME
9/16/17 8:09 A
This little gem greeted me this morning!! PK-HOUSTON 175 COVDAR9
9/15/17 6:16 P
My company has a small campus of buildings. I'm sure it's common sense to some folks, but nothing e CAROLINEINCITY 7 JVANAM
9/14/17 2:31 P
Posted a photo CURLYLADEE 6 KURTZIE1998
9/14/17 8:42 P
Trying to remind myself and keep up motivation. BRENNA204 2 JVANAM
9/14/17 2:29 P
I have often wanted to drown my troubles, but I can't get my wife to go swimming. ~Rodney Dangerfiel JVANAM 2 7STIGGYMT
9/14/17 3:07 P
Another smoky photo, although now most of the smoke has cleared. Geese landing in a harvested wheat 4URYOU 4 JVANAM
9/14/17 2:25 P
I spend one or two hours in my pool throughout the day. It's amazing how energized you become after TFOSTER781 29 AVINADY1105
9/14/17 2:43 P
Well we're past the halfway point of Thursday!! A little bit of old school black and white picture I GPALMER29 10 DIALYSISCHIC1
9/14/17 3:03 P
Posted a photo MEXIQUEEN 28 ASPEN
9/14/17 9:28 P
Posted a photo ST3PH 4 YMWONG22
9/13/17 3:00 A
900 miles in 5 months, not bad for a chick with a chronic illness! #feelingproud LALAP1012 13 LALAP1012
9/13/17 10:26 A
Posted a photo KATHYJO56 26 IAN2409
9/13/17 11:37 P
Close enough for me ST3PH 6 MAIZIEPAIGE
9/13/17 6:03 P
Posted a photo YULEIMAMALONE 5 CARINA640
9/13/17 4:19 A
I love you more than yesterday, less than tomorrow. - Edmond Rostand JVANAM 2 YMWONG22
9/13/17 1:30 A
I remain without power, please send positive prayers, I have not had a proper meal in days and it's CHERRYBLOSSOMOM 19 CHERRYBLOSSOMOM
9/13/17 10:11 A
Just finished my workout! I started at 278.9 now I am at 232.3! It's not much but I feel a differenc M65000 163 MDOWER1
9/13/17 5:47 A
New workout buddy. OKIE728 36 OKIE728
9/12/17 3:53 P
September 8 Fitbit stats - Calories in 3,125 vs calories spent 2,219 (includes basal metabolic calor NANHBH 2 JVANAM
9/12/17 12:21 P
This is definitely not easy 😂 glad I've got a rest day with this challenge! NEW_ME_IN_2017 5 DINZEL
9/12/17 1:07 P
I'm getting faster! Been pushing myself to do a mile on the Elliptical in under 10 minutes. Yesterd YAATSUUUNI 4 LINDASOUTHER
9/12/17 12:56 P
I still have work to do but I put the same clothes on except for the bra which I used to be 52 G now NATASHA_D1 63 NATASHA_D1
9/12/17 7:04 P
September 9 Fitbit stats - Calories in 2,225 vs calories spent 1,836 (includes basal metabolic calor NANHBH 3 ALICIA214
9/12/17 12:51 P
My stomach is definitely one of my biggest insecurities. It was over 100 lbs ago and sometimes now i THEJACKIEDEAN12 231 WOMANOFLOVE
9/16/17 3:44 P
#mobilechat Holy moly...this old photo popped up o LRJUSTUS1 108 CONNIET88
9/14/17 7:45 A
Slowly I'm getting there. 4 years and 52 pounds lighter. More muscle tone now too but this process SADIEMYERS 203 B12455
9/14/17 6:03 A
Goal weight. BEAKERS11 7 MDOWER1
9/11/17 5:40 P
Goal weight. BEAKERS11 6 DAXXDAY
9/11/17 8:30 P
Goal weight. BEAKERS11 8 MDOWER1
9/11/17 5:39 P
Hugged my favorite superfood at the avocado Margarita festival! ITHILDRIEL 14 GREEN_TREES
9/11/17 5:22 P
Trampoline down! Or up depending on how you look at it! Irma we will always remember you. The day yo LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 13 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
9/14/17 3:30 P
top picture I was 183 pounds left-hand corner picture started gaining and of course the last picture LCOLLINS194 19 MAMATOOWEN
9/11/17 5:51 P
Love you all!! Real quick I wanted to say that my son's school is raising $ and supplies for the sch RHETTDOG 4 JVANAM
9/11/17 4:34 P
Saving the trampoline and carport from further damage. Glad i chose to stay home with the family. LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 10 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
9/12/17 7:57 A