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210 lbs 5/21/17 JENNAE93 4 YMWONG22
5/22/17 6:05 A
5/22/17 1:34 A
Just getting started and i so hope this works! I love the calorie counter! REAHAYES 6 YMWONG22
5/22/17 6:02 A
Posted a photo PHOENIXRISING87 5 YMWONG22
5/22/17 6:02 A
Laundry, recycling, digging the box fan out of the shed for this heat wave! BONNIEMARGAY 6 CKOUDSI617
5/22/17 2:30 P
Good luck to everyone who has children taking their first GCSE literature exams today....including m SILVERTOMORROW 2 JVANAM
5/22/17 1:33 A
470 cal under my calorie goal. Three meals, no processed sugar, no grains, no legumes, no dairy, no ANGELKINS 2 JVANAM
5/22/17 1:32 A
5/22/17 3:40 A
Awww good ol' third shift work....can't wait for 7am to get here so I can hit the gym RAGERBOMB 4 RAGERBOMB
5/22/17 2:57 A
Believe in your ability to reach your goals and follow through without hesitation. JVANAM 2 RUSSELLFORD
5/22/17 12:59 A
Feeling very down today. I've lost 25 lbs since the end of January. Was pretty happy about that, b KAE0430 66 KB214R3
5/21/17 4:10 P
Posted a photo MIRANDAMASON603 5 JVANAM
5/21/17 12:58 P
The elevation is tough. Idk how mountain hikers do it JENMICHAELS 3 KOFFEENUT
5/21/17 3:28 P
Daughter graduated college yesterday, I only had one coughing attack, so that was good. Today I forc AALLEY2 4 SALAM4545
5/21/17 1:07 P
5/21/17 3:57 P
happy Sunday morning guys GLENDAK72 2 JVANAM
5/21/17 12:55 P
5/21/17 3:59 P
Make it a priority to fill your eyes and mind with people, places and images that inspire you. JVANAM 1 JVANAM
5/21/17 12:54 P
Starting my week off right! KH41487 3 JULIEA7201
5/21/17 1:01 P
"Thank you for being so wonderful yesterday, to us all, but especially to the littles. Jackson sound CHANGING-TURTLE 3 FAITHP44
5/21/17 3:33 P
Well yesterday I started my goal and stuck with it. I walked 3 miles for 45 min two times and took 8 TXCOWBOYS2 2 JVANAM
5/20/17 4:57 P
Day 3. Not feeling the best I ever have, but I can get used to it. JKUMMEROW71 2 JVANAM
5/20/17 4:55 P
My motivation has been low at times. I've hit two plateaus, have had max support from my wife, but I BARDIN 8 PINKPIXY22
5/20/17 5:17 P
Depression tried hard to grab me today. Was super emotional and wanted to crawl in bed and sleep. Wh FAERIEMAB 6 DEEREID2015
5/20/17 5:48 P
I have so much more energy now! Today I have cleaned out my car, cleaned the rabbit cage, cleaned th AMYANN2005 3 JVANAM
5/20/17 4:52 P
Treats for everyone! (Mine is the coffee :) note - my kids don't have treats all that often, but I GRATTECIELLA 9 CTYONIT
5/21/17 1:17 A
Feeling really hungry. Even when I'm kicking butt with protein and veggies. Need motivation to not t MCARP00 10 KITTYKNIT
5/20/17 7:49 P
Walk/ran my 5k today on a sprained ankle. I ha've to say that I have done a lot better cause I went LTRINH9 8 FROSTY99
5/20/17 6:01 P
Today I'm kind of in a slump. I've been trying to force myself to exercise. I did really good one da PREJEANR13 4 MDOWER1
5/20/17 6:26 P
It's never too late to make a healthy choice. JVANAM 7 SUSIEMT
5/20/17 5:02 P
Posted a photo SPKDREAMZZ 15 RAPUNZEL53
5/19/17 4:08 A
Day 30 and 16lbs down. Still a long way to go but feeling positive I can do it. GOOMASTER 7 JVANAM
5/19/17 3:48 A
Tired and struggling to keep my eyes on the "goals"... BERRY4 7 UGGGGGHHHHH
5/19/17 8:08 A
I'm starting to freak out about my first 5k coming up in two and a half weeks. Been training for a f TAMI-AKA-RED 10 JVANAM
5/19/17 3:47 A
I think I kinda messed up today. Today was graduation day for one of the kids in our family, and we CAJUNGAL328 12 CAJUNGAL328
5/19/17 10:06 A
Bad news: my son has pinworms. Good news: now I have zero interest in my before-bed chocolate, so I' GRATTECIELLA 13 CAROLINAGIRL69
5/20/17 5:27 P
5/19/17 4:08 A
#motivationalmusic I have been listening to a lot of 90s pop music lately! My favorite to get up and LKM641 7 RAVENMOON7134
5/21/17 12:12 P
Leslie Sansone 1 Mile, 100 day Challenge - April 5 to July 13. Day 44: 1 mile WATP cardio workout/ PAMBROWN62 7 REEDSKI
5/19/17 5:09 A
Just feel like giving up I ate so much today!! Chocolate, pizza, chicken fried btw, rice and beans p KARLIITA13 20 FRMYHLTH
5/19/17 9:16 A
Enjoy the day before the weekend starts. :) PAMBROWN62 8 MUSICNUT
5/19/17 5:22 A
One Liners 5/15............. 5. Then, tried being a Chef – figured it would add a little spice to m NEW-CAZ 12 JEANKNEE
5/20/17 12:24 P
Smile. It's contagious! JVANAM 6 GR3ATGIRL
5/19/17 7:28 A
#motivated GLAMNGLOWDIVA 10 LIS193
5/18/17 12:34 P
#fitbit I was low so I went on a walk this evening! Yeah!!! TWAGNER59 7 LWLAR7
5/18/17 3:57 A
Was at work from 8am-8pm but still managed to get 10k steps and stay within calories! #winning #smal GRATTECIELLA 13 IAMAGEMLOVER
5/18/17 10:31 A
Went out on a date today with my boyfriend and we walked about 6 miles and change. I walked almost 3 SUCHADIVA215 12 SHARONKHARTER
5/19/17 9:46 A
Walk/run and climber 😬 YULEIMAMALONE 7 JVANAM
5/18/17 3:33 A
My new motivation JJOHNSWINN 7 JANIEWWJD
5/18/17 3:45 A
Leslie Sansone 1 Mile, 100 day Challenge - April 5 to July 13. Day 43: 1.50 mile outdoor walk. Dai PAMBROWN62 3 JVANAM
5/18/17 3:32 A
Aw, don't beat him up! Biking faster through the stressful parts of season 4 of The Good Wife. BONNIEMARGAY 4 REGILIEH
5/18/17 9:13 A
27 pounds in 2017... I can see it now! Can u??? RUTHSOTOP 21 RUTHSOTOP
5/18/17 8:50 A
Posted a photo SMCNUTT0 2 JVANAM
5/18/17 3:30 A
Parents visiting me in Honolulu. We went out to dinner, and I ordered the chicken and veggie skewers GREENSUBMARINE 10 WHYTEBROWN
5/18/17 5:09 A
Feeling ready for my fasting day, overdid the pasta yesterday IONA72 6 MARINEMAMA
5/18/17 4:25 A
Day 4 Yesterday was a team meeting and the boss bought bacon butties for everyone. As I was asked JOG321 4 MERIWYLE
5/19/17 9:39 A
You are stronger than you think you are. JVANAM 3 READY4LIVING
5/18/17 4:06 A
The struggle is real this week. Got to try to rein it in today SILVERTOMORROW 19 BIKE4HEALTH
5/17/17 4:20 A
Important reminder.. I am so tired of starting over, I refuse to give up! BARBEDWIREKITTY 16 DAWNIEHEATHER78
5/17/17 4:22 P
I could never seem to get all the vitamins in my nutrician tracker. Some of them we even 0% at the e EMBRACEWELLNESS 9 KARENWILL2
5/17/17 12:39 P
Posted a photo FAT2FAB18 12 YMWONG22
5/17/17 5:56 A
Lost my first 15 pounds. Next goal is to be under 230. That's only 4 more pounds! I got this MARNIZZLE22 16 DIANALAZZELL
5/17/17 10:35 A
Tuesday (05/16/17) Cardio: Tonight in group we did 2 Miles with Leslie Sansone. It was an invigorati LOSTNSPACE4NOW 7 DAWNIEHEATHER78
5/17/17 4:22 P
When we embrace our mistakes, we embrace living. JVANAM 10 YMWONG22
5/17/17 5:56 A
Daily Chat FRANCA1P 1056 FRANCA1P
5/21/17 7:08 A
Good morning, have a nice Tuesday! ERICAANN82 4 JVANAM
5/16/17 3:58 A
Well I went over a little but I exercised a lot. Thank you God for another good day. SCTT123 5 ILOVEROSES
5/16/17 9:53 A
Leslie Sansone 1 Mile, 100 day Challenge - April 5 to July 13. Day 41: 1.25 mile outdoor walk. Dai PAMBROWN62 3 JVANAM
5/16/17 3:56 A
This morning work out 40 min tread mill started speed 2.0 incline 5 for five minutes then kicked it R87247 10 MARINEMAMA
5/16/17 4:16 A
Does anyone else feel like they annoy people when you talk about your weight loss, goals, or challen TMOODY84 10 KARENWILL2
5/17/17 12:45 P
Just started my low carb diet, yesterday day 1 and JOG321 12 JOG321
5/16/17 4:49 P
How are you all doing this??! I've got 30 lbs I want to lose...I'm tracking all my food, watching al IAMME_ 9 SMITIM
5/16/17 4:24 A
2/15# one liners Then I worked in the woods as a Lumberjack, but just couldn't hack it, so they gav NEW-CAZ 9 JEANKNEE
5/16/17 1:17 P
The only thing you really own in life is your attitude. JVANAM 4 WHYTEBROWN
5/16/17 5:09 A
I can't break the binge cycle. :( CFRY53 6 AYEDAVANITA10
5/16/17 5:45 A

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