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Post 7 for 21 LAKECHAMPLAIN 119453 PAULIE91952
3/27/17 7:13 A
3/26/17 8:44 P
Thought for the day! RHOOK20047 14 LKEITHO
3/24/17 8:30 A
I have literally got to tell myself this on the daily. Happy Friday ya'll! Stay encouraged and inspi FITSISTA79 20 MSNOVADAWN
3/24/17 8:46 A
Enjoy your morning, rain here! LITTLEREDHEN8 8 LKEITHO
3/24/17 8:28 A
Posted a photo ANNIM80 8 MARYM1962
3/24/17 8:19 A
Posted a photo KOOKI140 22 DEILENARIAN
3/24/17 9:19 A
Posted a goal AMBERR_77 20 SCHECK5
3/24/17 8:18 A
My motivation daily!! VSALINAS3 15 MAGLITE7
3/24/17 8:33 A
Every time I pack that bag for the workday is a victory! ONEKIDSMOM 58 SPARKLINGME176
3/25/17 11:41 A
3/24/17 3:06 A
Another 2 pounds lighter! So pleased with my progress, and proud of myself for sticking with it. Spa BJK1961 26 _LINDA
3/23/17 7:20 P
Posted a photo FOCUSONME57 4 MCJULIEO
3/23/17 6:25 P
Goodmorning friends, even though my progress has stalled to the point that a turtle lapped me this m JUSTSTICKWITHIT 9 _LINDA
3/23/17 7:19 P
Yesterday's workout BIGRENTMAN 14 SCHNOOTIE
3/26/17 11:23 A
Very slow progress but at last I think I know what I am doing. 50PLUSYOUNG 16 _LINDA
3/23/17 7:16 P
Work lunch. Salmon sandwich with greens and sliced peppers. Mixed nuts and some beef jerky for later ANNAMARIA6 9 _LINDA
3/23/17 7:18 P
It has taken me a year to lose 20 lbs. Each day seemed painfully long to get to a goal but looking b FREEMANSFOX 135 _LINDA
3/23/17 7:15 P
His made me laugh. Lifting weights tonight in the hotel gym. MICHCLEARY 10 BOB5148
3/22/17 9:32 A
;) nothing to do w weight loss just acting like a goofball JUSTSTICKWITHIT 5 JOHNMARTINMILES
3/22/17 8:24 A
Ok this pic does not show the deliciousness, but It was! Fresh strawberries that I had frozen, lemon NEWSHAREN 6 JOHNMARTINMILES
3/22/17 8:24 A
3/22/17 9:15 A
Weigh in today and lost a total of 3.9 pounds!! So excited only my second weigh in but its coming al INVISIBLEGIRL06 301 CHUBBAGRRL
3/22/17 5:04 P
I've had this dress for 2 years but didn't have the guts to wear it out in public until last night. LANAHOKANSON 184 CHRISSYROO
3/22/17 4:07 P
Exercise Bicycle and I are back together, but I'm still just going through the motions. I'm sure Ex BJK1961 8 DEEREID2015
3/21/17 8:58 A
We got this. One sip at a time KOOKI140 12 CMY1026
3/21/17 8:55 A
The healthier eating is starting to become easier. I feel better and am not craving so much junk. Fo QUILL35 5 JOHNMARTINMILES
3/21/17 8:53 A
found this old picture of the last time when I lost 50lbs wow!! gonna make copies and put everywhere MARIEB441 10 BAREFOOTMAMA86
3/21/17 9:03 A
3/21/17 8:52 A
Hi there! My name is Andrea and I have been on my health journey since 2009. I live a healthy lifest FITSISTA79 20 TLDENNIS5
3/21/17 9:04 A
First day here! πŸ˜€Got 100 pounds to loose. Good Morning SALSABLEND7 166 THOMS1
3/21/17 6:07 P
Good Morning! I am down 12 lbs in a month. I have a lot to go. I need to start a workout routine any PCANDY 303 THOMS1
3/21/17 6:05 P
Check out my new blog family! You have the Key to your success! READY4PROGRESS 2 JOHNMARTINMILES
3/20/17 9:12 A
Suns out - guns out! Me on St. Patty's Day showing off my Crossfit muscles! VEG_GIRL04 4 JOHNMARTINMILES
3/20/17 9:12 A
Have a blessed and productive day! LPORTER2015 15 MAYIE53
3/20/17 8:44 P
WHO-HOO~ Spring is in the Air! Sunny cold but not snowing I will take it!~ DEERLADY45 10 RUSSELLFORD
3/20/17 11:45 P
This weekend my partner and I went to the local animal society and adopted this sweet 1 year old dog GIRAFFERULES24 24 MRS_ROBOT
3/26/17 12:28 A
Down 37# this morning. Changed my way of eating in November. I'm so happy with my results. 23 lbs to M54708 122 2BDYNAMIC
3/20/17 5:41 P
Simply Beautiful ~*~SPUNKI~*~ 6 LKWQUILTER
3/19/17 11:24 A
Gotta convince Exercise Bicycle to give "us" another chance. If we don't reconnect soon, I'll proba BJK1961 8 FBAILEY24X
3/19/17 11:39 A
Can I get an AMEN!!! Let's Kick some a$$ today! ~*~SPUNKI~*~ 12 RUNBIKEGURL5K
3/19/17 12:27 P
I Finish my 10K today!! (rainn ning.....really a mess!!) STARMONICA 43 HICKOK-HALEY
3/20/17 3:13 A
3/19/17 4:11 P
It's my first day here! Looking for weight loss buddy. Needs some friend to keep motivated. Contact FIYANDAPIRO 21 MRSPIXIE23
3/20/17 7:19 A
Goal weight reached! Never posted a pic before, but if it will maybe inspire others to push themselv GROOMS74 305 MCCALI59
3/21/17 12:30 P
7 Times 3 Equals 21 TEEDEE911 413 BARCELONAME
3/21/17 1:03 P
Happy Saturday! #goals SKEMERICH 16 FLITTERBYG
3/21/17 4:01 A
Now it all makes sense! JUSTSTICKWITHIT 15 MWARNER211
3/18/17 12:54 P
Posted a photo KEASTON7 17 DLD125
3/18/17 10:19 A
King Size Rag Quilt IS Done !!!! 104 Thank Goodness the final step is washing the quilt CANNINGNANNY 32 DEE107
3/19/17 12:07 A
Posted a photo KEASTON7 4 MOCNVW23
3/18/17 9:55 A
Today's a new day and I'm excited about it! HEALTHY-ALWAYS 10 REDROBIN47
3/18/17 8:10 P
A little motovation for a gloomy Saturday KEASTON7 28 LISAMARIE2015
3/18/17 11:43 A
There's been ups and downs. But 41 lbs down in a year!! SUNGIRL822 248 FBAILEY24X
3/19/17 8:12 A
It's going to be a great day SLIVERBULLET 7 JOHNMARTINMILES
3/17/17 9:12 A
How are you changing today? SPARKPEOPLE 10 MARINEMAMA
3/19/17 5:53 A
Love the walking stick my love carved for me out of a hickory branch. It supports my knee on longer FOCUSONME57 16 MAYIE53
3/17/17 10:19 A
hahaha #fitmoms #Runforyourlife #badassmomsworkout ~*~SPUNKI~*~ 5 ~*~SPUNKI~*~
3/17/17 11:40 A
Bad pic of amazingly good shrimp tacos from last night. SERENE-AGAIN 4 STARFISH1961
3/17/17 9:41 A
Keep pressing on. Don't play Russian roulette with food. It will eventually win. Check out my recent READY4PROGRESS 96 MSGO72
3/19/17 8:07 P
Posted a photo BRITTNEY0720 9 MAYIE53
3/17/17 10:17 A
Rightmost picture, 3 years ago... When I was at my chubbiest. This is my #ThrowbackThursday Have a PYR0KAGURA8 12 DAWNDMOORE40
3/16/17 9:42 A
My husband and I at our son's wedding KESTRYLL 4 SUSANYOUNGER
3/16/17 9:20 A
Posted a photo KOOKI140 10 LISAMARIE2015
3/16/17 10:02 A
Happy 15yrs anniversary to my husband him to no endsπŸ’‘πŸ’‘πŸ’‘πŸ’‘πŸ’‘let's turn up tonight.πŸ˜‚ FITNESSCHIC007 125 FISHGUT3
3/16/17 1:55 P
Down ten and a half pounds! Feeling great, feeling strong, feeling determined. KBEGEY 47 KIMLADYBUG
3/16/17 10:54 A
Oh, man. The scale is NOT pleasant today. I saw a shocking number that will hopefully motivate me t KIMLADYBUG 17 TINALOUCHIC
3/16/17 1:45 P
You can do ANYTHING with God and Hard work! Clap for yourself and crush your goals so you won't look BEAUTYJERIDUGAS 8 LISAMARIE2015
3/15/17 9:23 A
Once my headphones and playlist is on, I do so much more just because my favorite music is playing! BEAUTYJERIDUGAS 12 UMUCGRAD
3/15/17 9:10 A
3/15/17 9:08 A
Hi there, just trying this site. Hopefully I can get to my goal weight of 130. MARILYN0000 57 RAGNAR359
3/15/17 9:09 A
So true,I excel in this workout! JUSTSTICKWITHIT 11 SARA-SMILE2017
3/15/17 9:41 A
My exercise for the day! 36 inches of snow to shovel from around my car. UBERGOOBER28 163 JB122383
3/15/17 4:14 P
Focus on one day at a goal at a time...Let's plan for a blessed and productive Spark day! LPORTER2015 82 BELLACUDDLES
3/16/17 9:45 A
Goodmorning, have an awesome day! JUSTSTICKWITHIT 9 1CRAZYDOG
3/15/17 9:50 A

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