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Knew it would happen but kept pushing this week to get some extra steps n ended up crashing today so RAWN13 7 FISHGUT3
10/21/17 9:47 A
I walked in Walmart for the second time this week. Feels nice to be out of the scooter, even if it i SPARKELLY20103 18 ORTATK
10/21/17 8:46 A
Have a goal reaching day! This looks good for a chilly day. (Not my creation, looks like beef stew) LITTLEREDHEN8 17 TMP0418
10/21/17 10:59 A
Last nights meal prep for lunch today. Asia chicken breast and kale, spinach, green beans. Deliciou 1BODY_1LIFE 12 KINYA4571
10/21/17 8:10 A
Week 5 of my drop a pound personal challenge . I have dropped 4 pounds after a stumble last week. MARINEMAMA 16 NANCYANNE55
10/21/17 8:44 A
Good morning folks! I just wanted to check in with you and, let y'all know that, ...... I'm Still On F5-FURY 13 FRISKYCRITTER
10/21/17 7:25 A
No better person to be than yourself! WINTERFLOWER 10 HOLLY61FIRE
10/21/17 6:52 A
Daughter and new Son-in-law! We're blessed! MISSLORI5 27 DETERMINEDJANET
10/20/17 12:35 A
I didn't keep anything down yesterday so I don't know if anything i ate counted. so far today I've o LEEMONIQUE 12 JO88BAKO
10/19/17 5:16 P
Hey, in my defense, Tootsie Rolls are healthy. The amount of work it takes to chew one is a solid w MCASKEY6 13 AIMLESS549151
10/19/17 6:27 P
Spagueti squash, avocado and Tahini Jummie! B30112 16 ALOFA0509
10/19/17 6:57 P
Went for a walk to see the leaves changing color. TITANIUM303 11 KCCAMERONCAM1
10/19/17 7:34 P
Work in progress DANWAIKIKI 4 AQUAGIRL08
10/19/17 5:27 P
#BeforeAndAfter so amazed to have seen a change in my body finally after so long. Yes it took me a y MIZZ_DANNI87 120 VIRGINIAGIRL
10/20/17 1:51 P
Hope your Thursday is going well. Hang in there the weekend is coming. PAMBROWN62 12 SPARKLINGME176
10/19/17 8:13 P
Keep going no matter what! TEAGIRL49 11 PATRICIA-CR
10/20/17 10:30 A
#BeforeAndAfter My Thankful Thursday. Thankful for all the blessings in life. Thankful for the seco MIZ-FENTON 201 I-AM-TITANIUM
10/21/17 4:07 A
Anybody want a pair of pants...Free! MFIG303 148 _LINDA
10/18/17 10:18 P
Happy Wednesday! #wednesday #wednesdaymorning SPARKPEOPLE 17 MBPP50
10/19/17 4:55 A
"The fount of health is in your soul; it has a door locked fast; the key is faith." -- Jesus-- DIALYSISCHIC1 19 HAWKTHREE
10/18/17 9:59 A
Breakfast and midterm review .... grrrrrrr ... good morning sparkers!!! have a wonderful day!!!! MANONAMISSION73 29 TMP0418
10/18/17 11:51 A
Have a wonderful day. MISTYPAWS 16 GEORGE815
10/18/17 9:29 A
My baby turns 5 today!! Love him so much 😍😍😍 CROD1830 42 MISSYCAMERON
10/18/17 12:22 P
Planning in place for a good day! NETTER61 40 MOMMY445
10/18/17 10:26 A
Woke up today with The Black Eyed Peas song I Got a Feeling in my head KATRINAHAY 33 TINANELSON15
10/18/17 10:31 A
Hit a plateau going up and down a few pounds for about a week and a half. Finally back to where I sh KATRINAHAY 91 _LINDA
10/18/17 10:17 P
I am down 44lbs!!!!!!!! NIKKIE430 299 GABIRUSZCZAK
10/18/17 11:50 P
Trying to move more --get more steps in today! LEANJEAN6 94 RAINBOWMF
10/19/17 9:33 P
Did you make your bed today? KIM22211 12903 JANTHEBLONDE
10/21/17 11:05 A
Did you say a pray for some one today SPUNKY521 3132 SHAZMOLA
10/21/17 10:23 A
Are you walking with God today? MJRVIC2000 24521 NELLIEH1
10/21/17 7:30 A
Have you been outside yet today? SCOTLA 20083 JANTHEBLONDE
10/21/17 11:06 A
Change A Word STINAMARIE86 25963 MASE72
10/21/17 6:00 A
change a word 102633 34006 MASE72
10/21/17 6:03 A
Posted a photo NEPTUNE1939 24 REGILIEH
10/17/17 2:29 P
Everyday trying to eat healthy LEANJEAN6 34 GARDENCHRIS
10/18/17 6:54 A
Posted a photo KEENA47 8 AUNTRENEE
10/17/17 8:42 A
Posted a photo KAMLS9845 13 TMP0418
10/17/17 9:11 A
There is no better way to start my day. This mornings run felt glorious. Still waiting for the sun t OUTSIDEJOJO 37 RETAT60
10/17/17 9:49 A
But win it, you can! #tuesday #tuesdaymorning SPARKPEOPLE 81 MBPP50
10/18/17 6:01 A
Don't wait until tomorrow to make a change. NETTER61 33 GINNABOOTS
10/17/17 9:09 A
Good morning and happy Tuesday y'all!! CROD1830 31 KOHINOOR2
10/17/17 10:25 A
When you go to work and then see that the moon and LUCYZA19 39 KOHINOOR2
10/17/17 10:11 A
Me with my sisters on Saturday! The kids thought we were the real Sanderson Sisters!!! It was fun BRASHONG 108 BRASHONG
10/18/17 2:58 P
Posted a photo KENISHA-1 42 SCYANKEE46
10/17/17 10:58 A
Did you take your Vitamin(s) today? TEA_LADY 61090 MSPENCER7
10/21/17 10:41 A
Are you choosing to be happy today? JAROL7 5336 SHAZMOLA
10/21/17 10:22 A
Did You Take A Vitamin D JOEH71 9741 NELLIEH1
10/21/17 7:32 A
Did you sleep well last night? TPETRIE 9048 ROX525
10/21/17 6:13 A
10/16/17 4:06 P
Just introducing myself and saying "Hi!" I'm Lorelei, from Virginia. I lost 50 pounds, in 2009, wit SOUTHERNSIREN66 47 CHRISTOPHER63
10/16/17 8:22 P
Lunch :) BECCA12231 6 OMAJ1953
10/16/17 3:57 P
Posted a photo 4CONNIESHEALTH 16 KATHYJO56
10/17/17 12:30 A
Seems like I get to ever Monday to realize weekend eating could have gone better. I am tired of Mon NEEDBU66 5 GEORGE815
10/16/17 4:07 P
I also Food prepped lunches for the week Cauliflower rice / Broccoli/ salmon and a few shrimp The NCFIT34 13 SHERRYLYN83
10/16/17 10:08 P
I was off my diet for 3 weeks while on vacation in Italy and Spain but didn't gain any wait because RAYXHDWRENCH 13 1BODY_1LIFE
10/16/17 4:55 P
Made a Salmon / fruit salad with poppyseed dressing NCFIT34 29 LINDASOUTHER
10/16/17 6:16 P
I’ve been needing much motivation recently. I’m just very tired all the time and some days I would r THEJACKIEDEAN12 225 ENGELKUH89
10/17/17 7:19 A
My husband and i have done this together. I am so proud of hpw far he has come. MBLACK2085 39 AMBLEEBEAR2152
10/16/17 8:00 P
Still not were i want to be, but really happy with how far I have come. MBLACK2085 254 TENACIOUS10
10/17/17 8:50 A
ONE-DERLAND...I have Arrived!! Can't stop me now! 🎉 POGIRL17 303 POGIRL17
10/16/17 9:21 P
Did you sleep well last night? ILOVESP 41125 NELLIEH1
10/21/17 7:32 A
Happy or Sad today? KOREENREGIS 22424 NELLIEH1
10/21/17 7:31 A
166 from 200ish lol . My wish to 140 again SWIFT6913221 27 REEDSKI
10/13/17 10:22 P
Got my sleep apnea machine Tuesday this week its been helping me get some better sleep I felt so goo TOMBENAVIDEZ 8 KATIE520
10/13/17 10:09 P
I've been on this journey for 8 years y'all! I'll never go back! FITSISTA79 20 JBLESSER
10/14/17 9:17 A
Perfect day w food, exercise, and water! That's 4 days in a row. Back on track and "back on the hor JOANHAGEMIER 6 REEDSKI
10/13/17 10:11 P
Definitely a good reminder to myself as well JOYLARK 11 PATRICIAFS
10/14/17 4:44 A
I Just Took Some Vittles Off The Smoker! F5-FURY 9 FITGIGI0102
10/13/17 9:06 P
Needed more veggies and no salad stuff in the house. So whipped up some stir fry. I've got to get on BEVERLY1501 17 TOMATOCAFEGAL
10/13/17 8:37 P
Walked a Mile and 1/2 in 17 minutes. I'm getting better walking on a tiny torn Meniscus inside my kn AMYMBUNCH 19 HEALTH_NOW
10/13/17 9:42 P
The wake up moment IWILLRISEUP86 41 PATRICIAFS
10/14/17 4:41 A
Today at Sweet Creek. Love this place. F8CONE8 38 PICKIE98
10/14/17 9:31 A
It's been awhile since I've updated so here it is I reached my goal at losing 60 pounds in the begin STEPHANIEH2017 239 INSPIRED26
10/14/17 11:02 A
#thursday #thursdaymorning SPARKPEOPLE 11 MBPP50
10/13/17 5:58 A