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Got on the scale this morning down another pound from last week. Walking 5-6 miles a day plus work i R41266 2 JO88BAKO
4/24/17 10:16 A
At a crossroads in my weight loss journey, either man up and get it going or go down the same excuse JUSTSTICKWITHIT 22 LRJUSTUS1
4/24/17 1:16 P
First week/Four Pounds/Feeling Good! START40TRISH 9 SEXYMOMMOM1
4/24/17 10:43 A
Siggi's. Lovin' it. TERI-RIFIC 10 SUSIEMT
4/24/17 12:37 P
Good Morning :) So yesterday me and my best friend went bowling. So fun!! She asked me if I wanted t DOLLIPS 22 SHARONKHARTER
4/24/17 11:15 A
I've gained back some weight and i am feeling very discouraged.... anyone have and tips/tricks? SARAHANGELS 67 MOUCHE
4/24/17 11:36 A
4/24/17 10:37 A
I have been ALCOHOL FREE for 12 days and I feel amazing! I find that alcohol hinders my weight loss SOKOLUVTRAV 146 MOONGLOWSNANA
4/24/17 1:45 P
I've learned that no matter where I was/am in my weight loss goals - Everyday IS Day 1 all over agai GAILIEBEE69 106 KEERAKYRAM
4/24/17 12:58 P
My last vacation run. So proud of myself! JLHNELL 74 YHINESS
4/24/17 1:20 P
Did You Take A Vitamin D JOEH71 9058 ROX525
4/24/17 5:12 A
Did you sleep well last night? ILOVESP 40217 GRANDMABABA
4/24/17 12:40 P
Did you eat 1 raw meal today? INGRIDSLIM 2726 INGRIDSLIM
4/24/17 11:43 A
Have you been outside yet today? SCOTLA 18612 GRANDMABABA
4/24/17 12:39 P
Are you walking with God today? MJRVIC2000 23329 GRANDMABABA
4/24/17 12:43 P
4/24/17 12:52 P
change a word 102633 33125 GRANDMABABA
4/24/17 12:52 P
Steak and fry salad with veggies and berries!! NAZYTEACH 7 JO88BAKO
4/23/17 5:15 P
#motivated #pushthru BUGZYBEAR 13 RETAT60
4/23/17 6:33 P
Made my fresh tomato onion red pepper chilli and garlic spaghetti tonight 🤗 wish I hadn't had a sna FIT4BARCELONA 6 JO88BAKO
4/23/17 5:14 P
Perfect spring hike on a sunny day with my love! Pure peace. SARAKATHRYN76 7 KNUTSONJP
4/23/17 5:30 P
Yum!! Made my breakfast for the next couple days. It is egg substitute​, red/yellow peppers, turkey DOLLIPS 23 LAAMONICA
4/23/17 5:30 P
Beautiful hike with the family enjoying the last of California's super bloom and ocean views! GRATTECIELLA 14 GZELLEFRO
4/24/17 9:54 A
Enchanted forest hike SARAKATHRYN76 22 ACRAZYCRAFTER
4/23/17 7:10 P
Good advice!! MTTRAVELS 7 RETAT60
4/23/17 6:32 P
Sunday fire pit and cow socks DAWNSUCCESS 6 LIS193
4/24/17 1:05 P
Almost 100lbs down YOUGOTTHISJESS 260 EOWYN2424
4/24/17 1:17 A
Down 4.8 pounds this month so far. I guess this is the first month I have been serious since January MISSCNJ 19 COMEBACKKID12
4/23/17 11:02 P
Did you make your bed today? KIM22211 11858 GRANDMABABA
4/24/17 12:45 P
Did you go outside today??? ROXYZMOM 17209 GRANDMABABA
4/24/17 12:39 P
Down to 145 from 153.8. On track for goal. RACHELNACOL 4 TRISSYINCHARGE
4/22/17 9:34 A
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 12 HOLLYM48
4/22/17 10:49 A
Today I cease my focus on the weight I have to lose and focus completely on the me I am creating! NOCALOVE1 2 JO88BAKO
4/22/17 9:13 A
Have a happy Saturday!! LINDA33GB 21 JOHNMARTINMILES
4/22/17 10:03 A
Posted a photo SCHECK5 14 1CRAZYDOG
4/22/17 10:29 A
You are capable of big things! Just be brave a face your fears! SKEMERICH 8 ETHELMERZ
4/22/17 9:43 A
3weeks in and got this today. On my way!! SMONT7189 24 JULIEA7201
4/22/17 10:23 A
After all the hard work and many many steps later. My hard work is finally starting to pay off:-) no J38850 86 EVILCECIL
4/23/17 8:20 A
Have COURAGE. The courage to love yourself, the courage to not be liked or loved by everyone and the BOOHOOBEAR 15 IAMAGEMLOVER
4/22/17 10:48 A
In order since January. The grey is current. As of this morning. Hit goal, down 36 pounds total! MRSKLAUSSNER 199 BABY_GIRL69
4/22/17 7:00 P
Are you choosing to be happy today? JAROL7 4831 GRANDMABABA
4/24/17 12:46 P
Hello hope everyone is having a bless day,it's been a great day for me,down 3 more pounds this week. GLO4LIFE48 6 SPARTANJAI
4/21/17 5:51 P
Loving this day! My lunch time view LILMEMEJEAN 9 JO88BAKO
4/21/17 4:41 P
Ugh so frustrated. I spent most of the morning at the doc office with my dad and then cleaning house ANNIM80 6 ANNIM80
4/21/17 6:00 P
#mobilechat I was going to wait until Monday to check.. but i couldn't wait! I'm so happy! I met my MWARNER211 194 SPARTANJAI
4/21/17 5:54 P
Posted a photo JUDITH316 11 DEE107
4/22/17 12:36 A
Today's garden pick. I cook many times from harvest, not what,we want! This looks like a real challe MMWUSA 11 EVILCECIL
4/22/17 8:20 A
I don't think she knows who she is..Lol, kinda like me w a fridge full of vegetables. ...clueless :) JUSTSTICKWITHIT 8 HOLLYM48
4/22/17 10:50 A
Me March 2016, not proud of my weight then. Pretty sure I was 216 lbs in this pic. Can't believe I a BARBEDWIREKITTY 16 SPARTANJAI
4/21/17 5:55 P
Since I had my daughter I am the biggest I've ever been at 280 and it's not helping my confidence at RILEYSMAMA0808 120 NANCYANND55
4/21/17 10:58 P
Today is the 2 year anniversary of my last treatment for breast cancer. I am a survivor 😁 ELLENGRAY54 129 NANCYANND55
4/21/17 11:33 P
Started at 240, the picture on the left is at 207, the right is at 115 JGENOVA7 152 NANCYANND55
4/21/17 10:55 P
Did you sleep well last night? TPETRIE 8448 GRANDMABABA
4/24/17 12:40 P
4/20/17 1:21 P
My besties & myself. Almost 30 years of friendship! UBOWLES 7 STRONGERLEANER
4/20/17 11:28 A
Other good workout DMB024 3 IGNACASTRO19
4/20/17 10:12 A
I am now at 79lbs lost!!! BKISSEE1 259 PASTORDAN_ATDCC
4/20/17 7:28 P
My son and grandchildren CASBURY3 3 MOONGLOWSNANA
4/20/17 10:14 A
Good morning all! ANGELIADEANNE 117 GOODYBAR58
4/20/17 1:59 P
4/22/17 9:11 P
Taking my time and trying to do it right this time! HAVING_HOPE 5 SLINKYREDDRESS
4/19/17 10:42 A
228 days until my first marathon!! I've run a half in the past and many 5ks. But it's time for more. ARODRIGUEZ87 9 SOUTHTXXRNNR
4/19/17 1:26 P
Little things in life get you places with the right mindset!! 7REENIE 11 READY4LIVING
4/19/17 1:31 P
Posted a photo 7REENIE 8 READY4LIVING
4/19/17 1:31 P
Starting the Dash diet phase 1 today just went shopping and got a few things I'm going to get my TABBYKAT75 7 RAERAERAE62
4/19/17 6:05 P
Aim for your goals! JOANNEJI 55 SPARKARINA
4/19/17 11:42 A
Grand Canyon with hubby February 2017 CINDY4SONS 8 -SHOREIDO-
4/19/17 11:10 A
My first non-scale victory! Being able to fit in my old dress COMFORTABLY. It's an amazing feeling. JFIALLO 50 LINDZZ3
4/21/17 8:28 A
I have 7 more pounds until I reach my main goal I DHUDSON1977 122 COMEBACKKID12
4/19/17 9:26 P
Me in a swim suite (left) 2016 200's (right)2017 170's. One year can make a huge difference! LTRINH9 132 TSHAWGER
4/20/17 7:21 A
69lbs lost since October. Happy my hard work is showing. Still have a ways to go but I know I will g TIFFANI260554 283 MELISSASPARK727
4/19/17 10:12 P
Once again. Me on the left was 3 years ago at 215 approx. And on the right, today at around 180. 😊 TRISHXROSE 23 CYNCRAWFORD
4/18/17 1:27 P
Posted a photo LPORTER2015 11 MAYIE53
4/19/17 10:50 P
4/18/17 10:43 A
I am right on track with my elimination protocol and walking 5x a week. DD is walking with me!!!!! I MTN_KITTEN 9 PICKIE98
4/18/17 4:06 P

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