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Zumba sweaty! JLHNELL 1 JLHNELL
4/26/17 6:58 P
I've been celebrating a non-scale victory all day! A pair of cool jeans I could barely do up a month WHOIAM3 129 TCANNO
4/27/17 3:46 A
A lot has been going on and like most I've stumbled off track, but I'm still here, reviewing my goal SHMEMZ 9 BOOKLOVER501
4/24/17 3:17 P
Here we are. Another Monday. I'm still having issues with my inner thigh where I had a boil and a ra BBABY0924 17 BBABY0924
4/26/17 11:50 A
Yay!! First time in years sub-200 JASFOOTE 138 PAMLARAE
4/25/17 1:51 A
My last vacation run. So proud of myself! JLHNELL 73 YHINESS
4/24/17 1:20 P
His morning after water aerobics the instructor has offered to stay after class and help me on my la RAINYN2004 6 RAINYN2004
4/22/17 8:10 P
Good m😊 thing SparkPeople. Starting my weekend with some exercise - 2 classes at my gym. What's JADIEGIRL1974 3 SCHECK5
4/22/17 8:13 A
Dresses are working for me as I change sizes. A dress doesnt feel like it is going to fall off like MAR_V3 4 MYTIMEOK
4/22/17 10:09 A
I appreciate these lulls between the holidays where I don't expect to see piles of candy everywhere KHANES9 2 JLHNELL
4/22/17 7:56 A
Anyone got ideas of strength training exercises that do not involve any equipment/weights? I can't g CHIDERA 7 YJNANA
4/22/17 8:23 A
Now it feels like vacation JLHNELL 22 JOHNMARTINMILES
4/22/17 10:04 A
177.8 lost 2.3 lbs this week. TABBIE28 7 TRISSYINCHARGE
4/21/17 11:19 P
(Shared elsewhere before this!) Um, guys? I'm kind of freaking out right now. I'm out of the 200 cl MSCOTT138 225 TCANNO
4/21/17 3:44 A
Down 4 pounds in 3 days. I know it's the low-hanging fruit that's going to fall away fast, but I'm P-NOT-P 11 MISS-WILLOW
4/20/17 6:15 P
4/20/17 3:40 P
I'm not yet where I want to be in terms of fitness, but looking at where I am now vs. where I came f DREAMERSPIRITT 14 SHARONKHARTER
4/21/17 11:07 P
One week of tracking all my food and staying within my ranges. It's a mini-streak, I know, but it's BINEMELLES 4 SPARKGUY
4/20/17 1:52 P
4/20/17 5:08 P
Rightnow i am stuck and not loosing any single lbs. What do you guys do to break plateau?need Any a HIMREN03 7 HIMREN03
4/19/17 3:43 P
Posted a photo CBASS30 9 VIRGINIAGIRL
4/20/17 6:27 P
Posted a photo MANDIE05 8 INPRAYER
4/19/17 11:38 A
Thanks to some advice in here, I went and got a measuring tape last night in hopes of being able to AWESOMEAMANDA87 6 SPARKARINA
4/19/17 11:44 A
Pumping my iron JLHNELL 2 COMEBACKKID12
4/19/17 2:06 P
Happy Easter everyone! Give thanks and praise to whoever you worship by committing to a rebirth of h JLHNELL 3 VIVI65
4/16/17 8:45 A
8 months, 60 lbs, and I am no longer obese according to my BMI. Its been a long road. I swim an iron DESFLURANE1033 239 MIRAGE727
4/15/17 4:54 P
Any suggestions on the best fitness watch/tracker that would be pool safe? Hopefully not overly exp MISS-WILLOW 7 JEANKNEE
4/16/17 4:56 P
Today makes two months I've been soda free!!! YaaaaaπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ’ͺ🏾 SHARA03 4 MAYIE53
4/14/17 4:31 P
Just hit 17lbs down since the beginning of the year. Feeling good. Slow and steady wins the race. TKDKKC 5 SPARTANJAI
4/14/17 4:32 P
Starting again! After I had my 2nd baby I worked hard and lost 40 pounds. I put on lots of weight du R4STARS2464 3 XNANNY
4/14/17 4:00 P
Hubby is eating a pizza and drinking soda and I'm over here with my celery and peanut butter drinkin JINXX827 7 WVBUDDHA
4/14/17 6:31 P
Getting pumped! πŸ’ͺ JLHNELL 2 KOFFEENUT
4/14/17 4:03 P
Posted a goal J63662 2 JLHNELL
4/13/17 11:08 A
I just started this program 3 days ago but it has seem to help me a lot. I will weigh when I go to t STEELERSGIRL34 7 SKINNYERIN5
4/13/17 2:30 P
I am very tired today. 3 day weekend starting tomorrow. I am going to try and get some exercise this TXGAL5 3 MARATHON_MOM
4/13/17 11:36 A
I weighed in....20lbs lost! I got the Fitbit yesterday. Used it to track my sleep. Lets see how it CASTALLCARES1 3 JLHNELL
4/13/17 11:06 A
Day 14 of my 10,000 steps a day streak...striving to make 40 days. BLESSED2BEME 7 EJOY-EVELYN
4/13/17 11:33 P
Needed a light day, and it was a chilly morning, so stayed inside. Hopefully run Saturday JLHNELL 2 ADRIENALINE
4/13/17 2:02 P
Yay! 50 lbs lost as of today! Still have at least 20 to go but I'm feeling great! Gotta lose that HSBESA 258 ALOHRASMOM
4/14/17 4:11 A
Sparkin' and planning my day after my morning walk. Love my outdoor "office"! BLUECAFE 25 MORTICIAADDAMS
4/13/17 9:36 A
Walking Adam's Co. Lake in Ohio. SANDY1969 16 DDWMITCH
4/12/17 1:29 P
Gained 4 lbs πŸ˜” but not giving up. Goals for today: 4 miles on exercise bike, 5 minutes on elliptica AWESOMEAMANDA87 3 JLHNELL
4/12/17 10:59 A
It's a gorgeous WooHoo Wednesday! Not only is it sunny, but my sweetie got the "All Clean" news afte THEADMIRAL 5 YELLOW09RED
4/12/17 3:37 P
So happy down 1.4 pounds so far this week. ESCLAVEDUSOLIEL 2 JLHNELL
4/12/17 10:58 A
4/12/17 12:33 P
I had a really bad sugar craving yesterday so I was going to buy sugar free candy. At the last minut DREAMGIRLCITYC 4 FULLERFARMS
4/11/17 9:16 A
On my way into the YMCA to get my work out on ZAZABEANDER 160 HUMMINBIRRRD
4/11/17 11:01 P
Down 11 pounds in 16 days. I know that I will hit a plateau at some point, by I'm happily riding thi LOLA32FL 3 LESLIEHUFF
4/11/17 9:49 A
Ugh so didn't want to do it today, but knew I'd regret it later! πŸ’ͺ JLHNELL 1 JLHNELL
4/11/17 9:10 A
So took my 2 week measurements this morning. Lost 2.5" in my thighs, almost 1" in my arms, but only JIFFYPOP413 5 DIANALAZZELL
4/6/17 11:50 A
Have a great day everyone. SUSANYOUNGER 3 PSALMISTLD
4/6/17 9:43 A
Decided I would walk to and from my new job its only a few miles. More than I've done. In a long tim JOYLYNNFRANK 4 ANGEL2GOOD31
4/6/17 10:04 A
I have a question...This morning I made myself a 3 egg omelette with chopped onion chopped bacon n m SAMMEB17 6 PSALMISTLD
4/6/17 9:41 A
It's not my favorite but it sure feels good when it's done! #strongisbeautiful JLHNELL 1 JLHNELL
4/6/17 9:34 A
Last summer when a sporting goods store was going out of business I bought a very nice 1 piece swims FIBROMITE87 12 BRENDA_77039
4/5/17 9:58 P
Gained 2 lbs, and feeling really down about it. Just on Sunday I was 2 lbs less and so close to a sh MIRIKAM 6 SHELLYAHNEN
4/5/17 1:05 P
Posted a photo ASHLEY0123 8 LALATIDAH
4/5/17 2:05 P
I weighed in today. First time weigh in since starting two weeks ago. I lost 8 pounds. I'm excited t SCAMPBELL57 5 AQUAGIRL08
4/5/17 12:27 P
Rode my recumbent for the 5th day in a row...making it a habit. Also made room for that juicy bacon ITSALLGOOD6 2 JLHNELL
4/5/17 11:21 A
Swam for 130 min! LR237787 3 AQUAGIRL08
4/5/17 12:28 P
Enjoyed a tough 4 miles with a buddy JLHNELL 2 KOFFEENUT
4/5/17 12:20 P
Remove if not allowed because of attire after work out. I have been fat my whole life. I am sick o MORGANAPP94 94 DDWMITCH
4/3/17 4:52 P
Since I have lost 16 pounds does it automatically change my calorie range or do I need to leave it w ANGEL2GOOD31 5 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
4/3/17 11:40 A
Ugh...I hate me today. AMYJO1967 4 BDTHOM
4/4/17 6:36 P
-3 lbs 4/3/17 BELINDAS264 4 JANTHEBLONDE
4/3/17 11:19 A
4/3/17 11:19 A
Evey day is a new start! HAVING_HOPE 7 HAVING_HOPE
4/1/17 1:57 P
It's raining outside again but lots to do around the house. As long as I'm up & moving it's a win. A RUNAROUNDTOWN 2 JLHNELL
4/1/17 9:32 A
This is going to be a fun day! Going to the Irish parade to catech cabbage and hang with friends and IMPPENNY 3 BRENDA_77039
4/1/17 9:40 A
Posted a goal JLHNELL 1 JLHNELL
4/1/17 9:30 A
There's nothing more motivating than going into your doctors office for a minor procedure and gettin JLHNELL 2 -ABEAUTIFULME-
3/31/17 12:20 P
The scale hasn't been moving for me for months now. Just joined Weight Watchers a week ago with my FLAMINGO_CHICK 3 JLHNELL
3/31/17 11:40 A
13 pounds down. KATGONGORA 4 MYTIMEOK
3/30/17 12:01 P
It's crazy how great losing just 30lbs makes you feel! I've got 6 more lbs to go before I hit my goa JGODWIN1091 7 ANITAMHALME
3/30/17 1:39 P
40 minute zumba class completed today ...and let's just say it kicked my butt. I didn't realize how PAMADOR04 4 PAMADOR04
3/30/17 11:41 A

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