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HAPPY DECEMBER!!! Make this month count! JILLY814 2 DORHYGT
12/1/16 9:11 A
Would you believe I just bought 2 bags of dry cann JILLY814 9 D58701
11/28/16 6:35 P
Good morning!!! Give me your best grain free hidde JILLY814 2 TANGERINE_135
11/28/16 9:37 A
Not enough water yesterday, too many calories. 'Tis the holidays..... back on the healthy wagon toda JILLY814 12 DANCINCAJUN1
11/25/16 8:38 A
Best feeling in the world right now....putting on a pair of pants that were too tight a month ago an MELISSAG38 4 JILLY814
11/13/16 3:42 P
Best grain free snack???? JILLY814 6 DIZZYBRITCHES
11/8/16 7:48 A
What's your best non restaurant, inexpensive date night idea? JILLY814 9 DEBBIE1993
10/28/16 6:58 P
Bouncing between -25 and -30. Getting frustrated. JILLY814 3 JILLY814
10/18/16 9:10 A
I forget how much I like certain exercise when I g JILLY814 9 LANNEMACK
9/25/16 4:12 P
Hi this is my first post.I just bought a new activ SMSEIDEL2 4 SMSEIDEL2
8/23/16 9:21 A
ALL MEAL PREPPERS: how do you get started and what JILLY814 1 JILLY814
8/22/16 6:56 A
ALL MEAL PLANNERS: how do you get started and what JILLY814 2 DOROTHY592
8/22/16 6:53 A
I need some help sparkies. Between exercise sweat, summer sweat, stress and my special needs student JILLY814 8 MARVONE
8/15/16 8:28 A
I have lost 120 pounds I now weigh 145 but I still TWIST50 26 CHRISTI_W
8/4/16 9:05 P
What is something Healthy to eat for someone who d JORDANSWIFE 31 LAURAINSA
8/5/16 5:14 P
Any tips to keeping nights with couples within cal ELIZABETHBLAISE 7 SEBARTLETT
8/3/16 6:25 P
I have noticed an influx of comments that are mean VNESS77 17 SPARK_MERLE
7/31/16 11:38 A
When I started my healthy life style I weighed 240 BJARMAN 55 RAERAE415
8/6/16 11:47 A
7/28/16 9:39 P
My kids jokes anymore 'Hydrate hydrate hydrate'It' CONNIEGRAHAM 4 CONNIEGRAHAM
7/25/16 2:46 P
Why is SP calculated BMR so much higher than the JILLY814 3 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
7/24/16 8:08 P
I just synced my new tracker on here. How do I sync my steps? JILLY814 1 JILLY814
7/24/16 5:54 P
#exercise Does anyone do old school exercises at home. If so what is your routine. No dvd/electroni TRISH12211221 26 YISKAMIRYAM
7/26/16 8:59 P
What's your best piece of advice for someone tryin JILLY814 10 BIGRENTMAN
7/22/16 9:59 A
Hello, i am new since yesterday.bit d MISSLOBSTER 14 MISSLOBSTER
7/19/16 8:23 A
What pushed you to start your weight loss journey and what are your goals ? share your thoughts and FITNESSBLOGGERX 34 LADYREDCOMET
7/18/16 12:05 P
Hey all. I just joined! Im excited to find this si XMEEKEEX 13 LANAELAINE
7/6/16 8:36 A
I hate starting over, lost125 pounds 8 years ago. JGAVF1 17 MALLON75937
8/13/16 12:57 A
Is it possible to lose weight by only changing you ZZT313 8 SNAPDRAGON04
7/5/16 8:37 P
Hitting the hard reset after the long (read that u DARWINFISHY 4 JAHNAHOWELL
7/5/16 8:29 P
Does anyone only eat meat once or twice a week? Wh GEMINI16GIRL 13 GEMINI16GIRL
6/22/16 7:47 P
Summer salads are my favorite this time of year, l MYNAMESAUNTIE 10 MADFUNSPARK
6/22/16 6:49 P
1:30 PM, and I've eaten all my allowed calories fo MOTHERDUCKMJ 36 YOMORGAN56
6/22/16 7:18 P
Before you started Spark, do you know how many cal CLAYARTLIFE 25 LADYVOLSFAN1954
6/23/16 12:29 A
What does everyone track? I can't possibly track everything and stay in all the guidelines. I track JILLY814 9 JILLY814
6/16/16 8:38 P
I need suggestions. I know running is great for you but I hate it! Any thoughts on how to get starte JILLY814 11 JILLY814
6/16/16 12:10 P
First day! Hope It Will Be wonderful!! ANDREA0424 11 PASTORKRAFT
6/9/16 7:25 A
I'm sick of the same old food! Im looking for new LEMTIMES 31 CASSIEEMERY
6/13/16 7:26 P
4 glasses of water down. That's 8oz. Each. Aiming SLIMGRAM4 51 KTERHUNE0509
5/31/16 9:28 P
Did anyone find using the calorie counter, time co JCNAM45 15 RAJMHJ
5/28/16 3:28 P
New here, could use some tips and words of advice. DNBOYD 11 KOALASTREE
5/27/16 11:28 P
On a road trip. Eating at a roadside stop. Having NICOLY 11 WHYTEBROWN
5/27/16 7:39 P
Just went and bought 2 pairs of shorts today. One JILLY814 8 BOSSLADYESCO
5/27/16 7:42 P
I am so close to being under 200lbs. I have 1 lb t SUGARBUTT30 18 LIVIE1231
5/27/16 7:39 P
I just recently started trying to lose weight and SSPRADLIN001 9 DIZZYBRITCHES
5/27/16 7:25 P
I can't seem to get up to 1200 calories.. I'm unde GETTINGFIT572 11 JUSTSIMPLYQ
5/27/16 7:38 P
Thrilled I survived my first two weeks on my own g DARYL_TEBLUM 6 BOSSLADYESCO
5/27/16 7:45 P
I just got bad news about my cholesterol and trigl LAMP1234 8 7STIGGYMT
5/26/16 12:59 P
I have been slacking, back on track and ready to l JILLY814 4 1BOOMBALATTY
5/24/16 6:41 A
Does anyone have any recommendations for a healthi CSCOTT821 25 CSCOTT821
5/15/16 8:44 P
I'm on this journey and I'm having ridiculously sl KATYDID2016 23 LEXI2023
5/6/16 9:58 A
Hello fellow Sparks! 36 year old, very busy, singl KIBIYE 12 LADYARTIST41
5/6/16 9:03 A
I'm making a casserole for dinner, my own recipe, CRAZYHAPPYMOMMY 9 GRAMMICHELLE
5/4/16 4:47 P
I saw someone post that they are doing low card. A SHANNONNICHOLSO 18 SHANNONNICHOLSO
5/2/16 8:43 P
Question....if my normal calorie intake is 1200 an LELE088 26 LITALISA
5/2/16 11:29 P
Happy May! New month, new possibilities! JILLY814 5 JILLY814
5/1/16 8:38 P
I wanna lost about 125 pound. I wanna make sure i PATRICIAPETTY 5 FUNNYFACE101002
5/1/16 4:30 P
Hi, I can help you stay on track and I'm looking f NIVLAGE999 18 NIVLAGE999
5/1/16 5:34 P
Start a low carb diet 4 weeks ago.. I have all but MHULEN 20 SUSIESPARK4444
5/1/16 4:39 P
Making my lunch list for the week. I really could MYSTYDREAMER 4 NUTTYMCGILLICUD
5/1/16 4:32 P
Looking for weight loss buddies to share the highs SPORTSLVNFOODIE 25 MARGARETGERBER
5/26/16 4:21 A
I've been miss judging my water, boo! I thought my JILLY814 3 JILLY814
4/28/16 8:30 A
Does anyone have any favorite low carb salad dress 2PERMONTHCAROL 42 LCJEMS
4/28/16 8:56 P
Does anyone use Plexus? Thoughts? Recommendations? JILLY814 9 JILLY814
4/26/16 4:10 P
17 days of plateau and the scale could only budge DRAGONLADYCLASH 18 AWHOLENEWROSE
4/26/16 11:26 A
Woke up today and weighed in 25 pound lighter! Yay JILLY814 33 CSMITH698
4/8/16 6:33 P
I was highly addicted to Pepsi. I was drinking 5-6 SPEREZ76 13 AWHOLENEWROSE
4/6/16 11:56 A
For those of you that use protein powder, which is DANICASTRUTIN 36 MYBOOTY
4/3/16 8:21 P
Starting a new diet plan today. Hopefully all goes DLABELLE6 10 GGRSPARK
3/29/16 3:07 P
Today is your day to succeed!! S_MHANCOCK 6 PASTORJEFF2
3/29/16 9:44 A
Ok just weighed in at 255.0, goal is 235.0 by Apri BYEBYE2XL 9 MPENA1976
3/29/16 9:40 A
I have been a slug! I will get 10,000 steps today. JILLY814 4 TWEDEE777
3/29/16 9:39 A
Hi, I'm Brenda and I am new..let's see how this go BADIVA 17 MLIEN913
3/25/16 3:58 P
90 days of spark! 90 days of a new me. 90 days to -22.2, here's to the next 90! Cheers (clink water JILLY814 2 GR8AUNTCYB
3/25/16 8:56 A
All I want is a Reese's peanut butter egg!!! HDEVINE2 7 HDEVINE2
3/25/16 9:44 A

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