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Anyone use Apple cider vinegar? Results? Thoughts? Directions? JILLY814 1 JILLY814
5/6/17 12:57 P
Start my weight loss again last time nothing worked KAYM90 302 DEARONE3
5/1/17 1:08 A
okay I just started this site today. my weight is currently 274 lbs. I need to lose 124 lbs by may 2 COOPER2323 267 BROOKLYNBLONDIE
3/22/17 5:53 A
I did it, I did it ... I'm in ONEderland!!!!! Down 61 pounds ... and counting. Come do the happy, ha MTN_KITTEN 286 FOCUSONME57
3/20/17 10:05 A
I can't work out in my home gym until all the temp JILLY814 5 CONNIETEA88
3/19/17 9:03 A
Does anyone knows how much liquid you use to make soup. I keep trying to make various types but each MFAY13 7 GGRSPARK
3/16/17 3:54 P
New indoor pool opened up in our small community. I've been swimming laps in the mornings and I thin MRSADONIS 5 ~*~SPUNKI~*~
3/16/17 4:27 P
What a difference 120 lbs can make. Still working on reaching my goal but this is me then and now. MISS-WILLOW 259 DAWN1830
3/17/17 5:16 P
Slowly coming off RACKELLP 9 MARCY978
3/16/17 3:53 P
3/17/17 11:00 A
Lunch time wrap. Bummed we ran out of avocado but it's still tasty! TERRISTREK 7 HCOLLING1
3/16/17 4:11 P
I am new, and am really wanting to change my lifestyle, and lose weight, this is a before picture, t MKDS312 192 ANDANTE379
3/16/17 11:37 P
A question for those who #workout afternoons or evenings, shower wise. I shower at night now becaus CRAFTYRU 23 CRAFTYRU
3/7/17 10:10 A
I bought a new garmin tracker and my steps aren't loading to SparkPeople. It says connected but noth JILLY814 2 SPARK_MERLE
3/7/17 4:43 P
Probably going to catch A LOT of crap for be it. NOT everyone will benefit from #lowcarb, # LRJUSTUS1 62 NAOMI_ACOSTA
3/12/17 9:09 A
Does anyone not have a goal weight in mind? I am unsure of where I would like to be. BRIDEN79 9 7STIGGYMT
2/11/17 8:17 A
I finally figured out a way to like plain oatmeal! A bit of pumpkin seed/sunflower seed/dried cranb MEANTTOTHRIVE 32 NURSERATT1450
2/11/17 10:43 P
Does anyone log flavors they add to water? Lemon? Cucumber? Fruit? JILLY814 2 AUTUMN1020
2/9/17 1:04 P
Best grain free protein powders? Low sodium preferred JILLY814 2 KELLIEKLUMPP
2/5/17 3:06 P
So excited I figured out how to keep my fitbit synced with my phone and also synced this app with my ROCKNMOM21 6 RALPHDB
12/31/16 3:39 P
Why is there a bunch of food that I haven't eaten on my day 1 tracker?l CHERCHEL 6 CHERCHEL
12/31/16 3:44 P
I'm leaving 48lbs behind me in 2016. What about you ? #weightloss #fitness #lean #motivation #health PATOUED1 159 REESECUPS42
1/16/17 5:10 P
Starting over in 2017. In 2016 I managed to lose 30lbs then gain it all back. Thankful for my husba AMYANN2005 10 JILLY814
12/31/16 3:17 P
Hi guys I'm new, my mom and I are on a journey to loose weight together CALLMEKK1993 11 JILLY814
12/31/16 3:16 P
12/31/16 10:36 A
Favorite Greek yogurt dip recipe??? JILLY814 2 DIZZYBRITCHES
12/30/16 9:14 P
Ping pong is on the exercise list, but sex isn't... hmm. How many calories does sex burn? MICHAELALLEN74 15 LUANN_IN_PA
12/30/16 9:57 P
Lost my first 100 since March 23! Over the moon excited and ready to tackle the next 100! #goals PCODDENS 24 MSMAKEOVER
1/1/17 10:44 P
I am detoxing from sugar and I am absolutely dying. Any suggestions or past experiences? I cant last KENZIEALISEB 12 JILLY814
12/30/16 8:03 P
It may not mean much to some folks, but to me; going from a 5x in pants to a 3x in pants is a big de DAWN1830 204 MOM2RUDY-DUKE
1/23/17 6:22 A
These trolls are ridiculous! So immature, I swear there all 10 years old. Please report them MORGANDIVINE 8 BARRYHAPPY1
12/30/16 9:48 P
Anyone on a gluten free diet? What do you eat instead of bread? SHAPEUPCHELLE 10 KITTYZOMBIE1
12/31/16 8:23 A
Hi all! I am new and hoping to have lots of buddies to help me on my weight loss journey. #newbie#f JDUBOIS62 4 MSMAKEOVER
12/30/16 8:30 P
Who's ready for the new year? I'm excited to see how much I'll lose in 2017. My #goal is another 50l CSILVERS 10 LEDOORMAT530
12/30/16 10:54 P
What's for dinner? BRENEE73 2 JILLY814
12/30/16 7:58 P
Took a 2 week holiday health hiatus, yuck! I'm back on track today. JILLY814 2 MSMAKEOVER
12/30/16 8:31 P
Hello all. I am very new to Spark and will start my weight loss journey next week. I have a very str DONAGRIFFIN1 13 SWCHKLT
12/28/16 10:36 P
Day 1 of 365 day planks. Here we go,... JILLY814 10 SPARTANJAI
12/16/16 9:00 A
I am stronger than my want to snack. I am stronger JILLY814 18 CTEA88
12/13/16 7:49 A
This may b really obvious but how do I find someon WILLFULGIRL1 7 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
12/12/16 7:23 P
Good substitutes for foods? Like turnips for potat CORIDWEN 12 CORIDWEN
12/11/16 8:15 P
What do you do when you get in a 'funk' and it las TRICIARICE 12 JOANNEELIDRISSI
12/11/16 7:56 P
Today, I bought a completely new underwear wardrob MICHULLLL 12 SANSANDY1
12/11/16 8:08 P
What sort of rewards have you got for when you hit HOLLYROBIIN 9 JILLY814
12/11/16 7:16 P
Feeling tired of being over weight !!! I need to g IPATINO 12 BECCAISDOINGIT
12/11/16 9:00 P
Alright, I want to try a spiralizer. I've seen how UNKYNDENESSE 13 JILLY814
12/4/16 12:55 P
Staying in my calorie limits, drinking 15 cups a d JILLY814 9 UNKYNDENESSE
12/4/16 12:25 P
Why do recipes call for "fresh squeezed lemon juice" ? Is there something wrong with bottled all nat JILLY814 8 EO4WELLNESS
12/4/16 12:57 P
HAPPY DECEMBER!!! Make this month count! JILLY814 2 DORHYGT
12/1/16 9:11 A
Would you believe I just bought 2 bags of dry cann JILLY814 9 D58701
11/28/16 6:35 P
Good morning!!! Give me your best grain free hidde JILLY814 2 -_-LJUBAVI-_-
11/28/16 9:37 A
Not enough water yesterday, too many calories. 'Tis the holidays..... back on the healthy wagon toda JILLY814 12 DANCINCAJUN1
11/25/16 8:38 A
Best feeling in the world right now....putting on a pair of pants that were too tight a month ago an MELISSAG38 4 JILLY814
11/13/16 3:42 P
Best grain free snack???? JILLY814 6 DIZZYBRITCHES
11/8/16 7:48 A
What's your best non restaurant, inexpensive date night idea? JILLY814 9 DEBBIE1993
10/28/16 6:58 P
Bouncing between -25 and -30. Getting frustrated. JILLY814 3 JILLY814
10/18/16 9:10 A
I forget how much I like certain exercise when I g JILLY814 9 LANNEMACK
9/25/16 4:12 P
Hi this is my first post.I just bought a new activ SMSEIDEL2 4 SMSEIDEL2
8/23/16 9:21 A
ALL MEAL PREPPERS: how do you get started and what JILLY814 1 JILLY814
8/22/16 6:56 A
ALL MEAL PLANNERS: how do you get started and what JILLY814 2 DOROTHY592
8/22/16 6:53 A
I cried, I swear I cried. I weighed in at 145 toda MCRAYCRAFT 2521 NAVY-GIRL
3/23/17 6:46 A
What is everyone's goal weight? How tall are you? FROSTBITTEN007 372 SPURTLE1
1/21/17 12:31 P
ROLL CALL! Where is everyone from? Wyoming, USA he MOMMA_CLEM 815 KRPRDH
3/4/17 10:01 A
What's everyone's goal weight? Mine is 105. ANON76 325 HOLLY61FIRE
2/22/17 6:15 P
If U R reading this, I dare U to drink a cup of water. SOOKIE 4303 SOOKIE
7/4/17 3:09 P
I DID IT!!!!!!! Out of the 200 club. 199.6 💪 TITANIUM303 1082 HSBESA
2/22/17 11:34 P
Made it to my 1st mini goal! I have lost 20 lbs BRATTY_ME27 181 SAM128
11/12/16 12:57 P
Weighed in this morning and I am officially down e IMDOINGTHIS4ME 2290 HERGRAMMY2017
3/1/17 4:14 P
Where is everyone from? KELLBELL86 2412 CMFRYE
8/12/17 7:29 P
Get back to grain free JILLY814 4 _RAMONA
1/2/16 10:34 P
Anybody interested in joining a little support group with big motivation?? I already have a few memb SOLFLOWR 198 PMBOURQUE
12/29/16 9:40 A
Change a letter TLAVEN2 71721 OOKLATHEMOK
8/20/17 5:46 P
Shake question JILLY814 3 JILLY814
9/22/12 3:10 P
Two words - change one BOBBIEDAZZLER1 158304 MRS_TOAD
8/20/17 10:41 A
8/20/17 8:40 P