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2/22/18 12:39 A
2/22/18 12:37 A
Had a Mediterranean Crunch Salad for lunch with some grilled chicken. CATHYSFITLIFE 4 BONNIEMARGAY
2/21/18 7:36 P
Change your mindset. Change your life. ELF41978 84 SUSIEMT
2/20/18 4:05 P
Weigh in Tuesday 2.6 pounds 😊 total 47.6 in 5.5 months. I'm super proud of myself today 😊 To all TMP0418 185 ALEOPARD
2/20/18 11:08 P
Posted a photo SHANED2017 36 MUSTANGMOM6
2/20/18 12:16 P
Feeling GREAT for a 63 Year Old Lady Today! Come Celebrate my Years with ME SparkFriends!!!! FLASUN 311 JAMER123
2/20/18 10:54 P
Sooooo, this happened over the weekend which completely threw me off track, lol!! (Dorky shirts cour DANYGIRL40 303 CHEIVOUS
2/20/18 5:42 P
I am sure glad we are smarter than this! lol 2BDYNAMIC 38 RASPBERRY56
2/21/18 4:43 A
2/20/18 7:21 A
..:: Today is National Random Acts of Kindness ... May we spread some around! 2BDYNAMIC 34 JAMER123
2/18/18 12:29 A
Posted a photo NISSANGIRL 23 LIS193
2/17/18 12:51 P
Picture on the left I was 260. Picture on the right I'm 250. Not a big difference but still its prog NIKKIINEDLER 80 ALLYLIZZY
2/17/18 3:54 P
Posted a photo TINABEANA16 19 MERILEES
2/19/18 9:48 A
#iminspired 21 Days of Calm DAUGIE73 8 WONDERCUTIE
2/17/18 9:17 A
Getting ready for a healthy Saturday! CALORY4 27 MIZKAREN
2/17/18 9:42 A
Feeling pretty fine! Ran around shopping and doing errands today. Even though I thought I would die JEWELRYLOVER 7 SHOAPIE
2/17/18 8:29 P
Since New Year I've lost 5lbs and also 1.25 inches off my waist!! Now hoping I don't stall! SHAPEUPCHELLE 9 MUSTANGMOM6
2/16/18 11:41 P
#BeforeAndAfter A month apart. Someone at work told me I am really losing but I honestly don't see i NAOMIRUNS 82 LSMITH2017
2/18/18 3:35 P
I have been at this for a year and a half started at 270 down 71 pounds #BeforeAndAfter M03574 33 LSMITH2017
2/18/18 3:32 P
Plz excuse my feet. I’ve been through a lot yet, I NEVER gave up!! At 288 I was morbidly obese. Ju DIANEDOESSMILES 218 SKCASON
2/17/18 12:51 P
I thanked my husband for continuing to love me when I was fat. He said "you were never fat. You were MUSICLADY923 167 LSMITH2017
2/18/18 3:17 P
2/17/18 2:34 A
It's been a long time, but I finally had a chance to get a good walk in! I feel SO much better. Stuc LKMANNING7 18 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
2/16/18 9:02 A
Made myself a delicious dinner tonight. Blackened salmon with yogurt/dill dressing and asparagus. I JEWELRYLOVER 7 SHOAPIE
2/16/18 9:13 P
I have never really been a fan of fish, other than a little bit of smoked salmon. It is a texture th STATSCAT 15 JEWELRYLOVER
2/15/18 5:54 P
299 to 279-20 lbs lost so far. Down 1 clothing size. #BeforeAndAfter FILMINGLIFE 46 FILMINGLIFE
2/16/18 9:45 A
Hope you are having a goal reaching, thankful Thursday. PAMBROWN62 7 SPARKLINGME176
2/15/18 8:35 P
It’s now been 2 years and I’m ready to get the rest of this off!!! CADDYSRX1 100 TMP0418
2/15/18 7:46 P
Started my day with SC Minestrone soup for dinner. Get those veggies in! 2BDYNAMIC 30 CVRONEK
2/17/18 9:03 A
I'm posting this side by side Then and Now photo to motivate me. I weighed this morning and I'm up KIMBERAKA 120 M_AYALA92
2/15/18 2:35 P
Just a reminder about what you eat. :) CATHYSFITLIFE 15 CATHYSFITLIFE
2/16/18 10:36 A
Down 65 pounds today! KACKLEY5 297 MOONGLOWSNANA
2/15/18 5:46 P
My extensions for hitting ONEderland came in today!!Weighed in at 197 today, my lowest weight in ove KIMBERLYASHLYN 15 LSALITE
2/16/18 8:27 P
Feeling pretty crummy from this cold but I need to do my PT exercises. CATHYSFITLIFE 5 MBPP50
2/15/18 9:10 A
In 2014 I was 268 lbs and diagnosed with onset diabetes. I was taking three insulin shots a day to c LISA_KYLE682 249 DINZEL
2/15/18 6:12 P
#BeforeAndAfter It's official!! Today I am now 101.2 pounds lighter! Finally lost over 100 pounds! S ORIGINALGDP 259 ONEDAY_ILLWIN
2/14/18 8:14 A
Almost 6,000 steps in already today! JEWELRYLOVER 4 SHOAPIE
2/14/18 12:17 P
Omelet for lunch. Spinach, tomatoes, onion, mushroom and goat cheese. All weighed or measured. Only JEWELRYLOVER 8 SHOAPIE
2/14/18 12:17 P
After 3 weeks for bouncing back and forth from 204 to 205 I was finally able to break the plateau an RACHAROO702 105 PAULA3420
2/13/18 1:50 P
Just had to share! At my heaviest I was 243 pounds, today I am 218.4! Slow and steady still wins! MILLYMAE1 93 SLINKYREDDRESS
2/13/18 3:16 P
Eat the rainbow!😘 FITSISTA79 123 PWILLOW1
2/13/18 8:51 P
2/13/18 4:11 P
Down 2 more pounds! I have a long way to go, but am on my way. JEWELRYLOVER 6 CATHYSFITLIFE
2/13/18 2:58 P
Posted a photo JCOLEMAN15 117 ALICIA214
2/13/18 1:51 P
Posted a photo LATEASHA2 116 PWILLOW1
2/13/18 8:59 P
Got to lose this weight DIANE0125 64 BELBINA123
2/13/18 3:23 A
40 lb loss since Oct. 128 lbs total since June 2016. Feeling great SHESACOUNTRYSWE 39 CHERYLHURT
2/13/18 4:47 A
Tomorrow will be better, today can be forgotten. RED1172 21 CHERYLHURT
2/13/18 4:46 A
Before and now, 25 lbs down! 25 to go! CARALSAFIEH 14 WHITEANGEL4
2/12/18 11:36 P
#Keto #lowcarb Chicken, lettuce and mayo on a home DEEO12 16 CHRISSYCAPPY
2/16/18 8:15 A
128 lbs lost from June 2017 to Feb 2018 SHESACOUNTRYSWE 77 CHERYLHURT
2/13/18 4:39 A
Me now got alot of work cut out for me but time is all i have ALYSIA7878 130 CHERYLHURT
2/13/18 4:39 A
Lateral walks w/ resistance band. Doing bits of PT exercises. Trying to not overdo it while not feel CATHYSFITLIFE 4 GARDENCHRIS
2/13/18 7:19 A
Eating healthier mixed greens bacon bits broccoli and chicken with some onions and salad dressing DIANASKALAK2 20 NIKKINIKKI136
2/12/18 8:43 P
Listened to Alexa read a book to me while taking a relaxing bath. CATHYSFITLIFE 4 GARDENCHRIS
2/12/18 7:21 A
I ate like garbage this weekend... I need some encouragement to get back on track! KAYABOBB 10 KT_2POINT0
2/11/18 11:07 P
Surrounded by beauty !! Good Night !πŸŒ™πŸ˜΄πŸ’€ SANDYGG75 51 GODSCHILD2_2011
2/11/18 1:41 A
Vegetables are wonderful things! They are so good for you, delicious and they really fill you up for JEWELRYLOVER 7 CATHYSFITLIFE
2/11/18 10:01 P
My homemade adult coloring sheet. Each shape holds JUNES-HOPE 173 APPLEVEE
2/12/18 1:33 P
Watching the snow come down while I'm nice and warm inside. :) CATHYSFITLIFE 17 SRWYLIE
2/11/18 11:13 A
I am at the end of week 6 and I really can see it. I'm proud of what I have achieved so far and am l JESSFJOHNSTON 24 HARROWJET
2/10/18 6:51 P
Me after walking the mountain this morning. Idk why its sideways.πŸ™„ FIREBRTHR 9 AMBLEEBEAR2152
2/10/18 3:02 P
22lbs down, 78lbs to go! I can do this! KRYSTIN_ZELLER 216 JUNETTA2002
2/10/18 4:42 P
Checked out Latin dance workout DVD. Love the library! JEWELRYLOVER 2 SHOAPIE
2/10/18 8:10 P
Its been awhile since I posted a pic of my change went from 256 to 146 😁πŸ’ͺ CRISTALO321 236 JUNGLEGIRL8
2/10/18 2:15 P
I've come this far; no sense turning back now ... 2BDYNAMIC 27 WALLAHALLA
2/10/18 1:02 P
...::TGIF and time for a little chuckle .. have a great day everyone! 2BDYNAMIC 34 CHRISTINEBWD
2/10/18 10:57 P
New dress and new attitude this morning. Boss brought in breakfast sandwiches for a β€œtreat”. but I o LEAHCAVEMORGAN 38 MDOWER1
2/9/18 1:02 P
Hit my 1st goal weight today. Need to lower my body fat as well but nevertheless, I’m very happy. IDUBRAWSKY 177 IDUBRAWSKY
2/12/18 10:30 A
I have my meals planned out for the day, finished my 1 mile circuit workout, and ready to shovel sno INSIGHT62 13 97MONTY
2/9/18 11:54 A
Ethyl said one too many times: "If i didn't have my head attached, I'd lose it!" .... Be careful of 2BDYNAMIC 27 52BINCE
2/9/18 7:54 P
Enjoyed a wonderful walk at the park; nice warm sunny day. 2BDYNAMIC 35 YELLOW09RED
2/9/18 9:51 A
πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰Weighed in at 198.2 today! Yay! 🎊🎊Now let’s KIMBERLYASHLYN 10 KIMBERLYASHLYN
2/7/18 6:04 P
45 mins circuit training. My ribs are goibg to be sore tmrw.😁 #moveit FIREBRTHR 5 JEWELRYLOVER
2/7/18 2:33 P