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Dropping the fluff and the extra bits now. Went from 174-170.5. Next week is TOM so I'm kind to mys JENNKFIT 6 MLR_00
11/22/17 6:49 A
176-174, good start. Thank you for the support. Working down to 172 this week is the goal. JENNKFIT 7 JENNKFIT
11/22/17 5:35 A
Oops back up to my January 1st starting weight. Depression has been kicking my butt. Trying to cope JENNKFIT 14 JENNKFIT
11/10/17 8:49 P
Day 3 affirmation. I can do more than I think I can. ALASKAPSYCH 7 EMIG96
11/8/17 7:05 A
10 Minutes of Fitness daily. What are you going to do today for your daily 10? I'll be walking today JENNKFIT 4 MADEINBRITAIN
10/16/17 3:55 A
30 day challenge. Need to stay focused. Getting at least 10 minutes of fitness every day. Can't let JENNKFIT 1 JENNKFIT
10/14/17 2:44 P
Make a menu, make a shopping list, stick to it. Fill your fridge and pantry with good stuff. Prep h JENNKFIT 4 MADEINBRITAIN
6/5/17 3:15 A
Has anyone changed from being morbidly obese to then doing yoga and looking fantastic? I want to st MS_JOEY70 6 JANMA17
5/31/17 6:48 A
Thank you to my Spark Family for all of your support. Total strangers, but totally family at the sa JENNKFIT 4 MADEINBRITAIN
6/1/17 3:09 A
Posted a photo MS_JOEY70 10 RIVERRAT79
5/31/17 7:54 A
Horrific, scary, crushing phase of depression right now. Finding a positive light to hold onto. My l JENNKFIT 18 NANCYANNE55
5/31/17 10:44 A
People tell me "Look at this wonderful life you have with no husband and no kids, it's amazing you c JENNKFIT 8 JANMA17
5/30/17 8:10 A
I've been going to the gym and eating a low calorie diet this past week. Trying to start better habi EMBERNBREESMAMA 8 GOODFELINE
5/30/17 11:30 A
Depression takes more from you than you thought you had to lose. JENNKFIT 5 IAMJUSTME79
5/30/17 6:52 A
I'm starting this journey again but this time for life. OAPRIL771 169 _LINDA
5/30/17 10:47 P
Set an intention for your day. Be present in the moment. Foster joy within. JENNKFIT 2 SHARONKHARTER
5/29/17 9:19 A
Beware of "Noli Yoga" pants. Yes the pattens are GORGEOUS, but you can't wear them in public, they'r JENNKFIT 9 JENNKFIT
5/29/17 8:44 A
My intention that I set for the day. Open. Open heart, open mind. JENNKFIT 1 JENNKFIT
5/27/17 6:31 P
How was your week everyone? #OptOutside this weekend and reap the benefits of bringing your workout JENNKFIT 4 MADEINBRITAIN
5/28/17 4:28 A
Extra focused on weight loss this week. Made my weigh in goal today. JENNKFIT 7 JENNKFIT
5/22/17 6:09 A
What won't you find in my grocery cart today? Bagels, English Muffins and croissants. JENNKFIT 2 JENNKFIT
5/22/17 6:09 A
This week I will focus on my health without work getting in the way of my goals. JENNKFIT 4 MADEINBRITAIN
5/23/17 3:22 A
Yoga class tomorrow, can't wait. Been knocked down with another cold. JENNKFIT 3 JENNKFIT
5/14/17 12:07 A
Tonight's dinner- baked chicken, turnips, squash, & sweet potato. MOBETTER6 9 BOLEBRON
4/30/17 9:15 P
I found the studio late in the month but I have done 6 classes at Yoga Haven so far. My formal April JENNKFIT 1 JENNKFIT
4/30/17 7:53 P
I need to share my hilarious epic fail. Goal weight was 171, hoping to lose another 2 pounds this we JENNKFIT 8 NANCYANNE55
4/30/17 8:13 P
Two more yoga classes during the week and another one this afternoon. I am loving this studio. JENNKFIT 1 JENNKFIT
4/29/17 11:40 A
Found a studio called Yoga Haven in Scarsdale and I signed up for a 12:30 Vinyasa class today. This JENNKFIT 4 TBRYAN-LU
4/23/17 1:34 P
I went to Yoga Haven for a second class this morning. Vinyasa 2, and it was great. Got a 50 class ca JENNKFIT 1 JENNKFIT
4/23/17 1:28 P
Even though work is okay again, I still wake up sick every day I have to go. I wish that would stop. JENNKFIT 6 JENNKFIT
4/22/17 11:26 A
I was 247 in this picture with my daughter. I have lost 22 lbs since Jan 3, 2017 MILKATRENA 13 MILKATRENA
4/18/17 5:17 P
I have to walk every day again like I used to. JENNKFIT 2 MADEINBRITAIN
4/18/17 3:15 A
Every year for New Years I make a Vision Board. What's on yours? JENNKFIT 6 MADEINBRITAIN
4/18/17 3:15 A
Yoga Every Day again yesterday, season 1 episode 2. The Gaia subscription is so worth the price. Ver JENNKFIT 1 JENNKFIT
4/17/17 10:07 A
Pulled up the carpet in the living room, made a home yoga studio. JENNKFIT 9 MADEINBRITAIN
4/16/17 4:32 A
Am a member of Gaia online and I love it. Finally started the Yoga Everyday series. Season 1 episod JENNKFIT 1 JENNKFIT
4/15/17 10:56 A
I want to go to a Bed and Breakfast in a quaint upstate town and take a yoga class in a local studio JENNKFIT 2 BARDIN
4/14/17 6:25 P
What can you accomplish in 10 weeks? JENNKFIT 1 JENNKFIT
4/14/17 10:21 A
Seriously recharging this week. I thought I'd be more social but I'm loving this week off to myself. JENNKFIT 2 TWEDEE777
4/14/17 8:42 A
It's beautiful outside! JENNKFIT 3 JENNKFIT
4/10/17 7:51 P
Not taking good care of myself lately. Feeling isolated and alone. Wishing I had work out buddies, v JENNKFIT 12 JENNKFIT
4/10/17 7:44 P
Little by little, back on track. JENNKFIT 3 MADEINBRITAIN
4/11/17 3:24 A
Happy birthday to ME! Just grateful to celebrate another year! πŸ™ŒπŸΏπŸ™πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏπŸ’ƒπŸΏ #birthday #celebrati YELIAB21 281 YELIAB21
3/30/17 6:35 A
I love my Garmin Vivoactive! JENNKFIT 2 JAYISOLDEM2
3/29/17 5:37 A
3/26/17 10:39 P
When your body is worn completely out. But your brain is still in LET'S GOOOOOOOO!!!!! Mode Lol ROLLIN76 18 MUNCHKIN1121
4/19/17 8:23 P
I think I'm getting a Garmin Vivoactive tracker for my birthday yesterday. We've been comparing mod JENNKFIT 3 ALATONA
4/20/17 7:15 A
New blog. 03/when-spring-seems-out-of-reach.html JENNKFIT 1 JENNKFIT
3/18/17 9:06 P
I want to spread happiness with photos. Follow me on Instagram @diverhiker24 :D JENNKFIT 1 JENNKFIT
3/18/17 8:16 P
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