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I've been on the #Keto diet for about two weeks now, I've been using almond flour as a replacement f COURTNEYGETSFIT 16 KELLIEKLUMPP
2/14/17 8:34 P
HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!! Lawd Reese cups are my weakness...I'm not gonna touch it... NOT GONNA TOUCH TINK0425 18 FRANKBELLOFAN
2/14/17 7:45 P
Good morning, chatting from sunny Phoenix, AZ. I am new to Sparks. I am hoping to find a way to get KATIEKRN65 11 KELLIEKLUMPP
2/14/17 8:33 P
Happy Monday! Energy! energy! energy! Day 5 #Keto. #ketoflu is gone yayy! Drinking more water, 1cup LGARAMELLA0226 10 SSMITH762
2/14/17 3:53 P
It's hard to do this when u have a husband that can eat a whole pie in front of u and not gain a pou BABYCHICK37180 19 JONIBUSHELL
2/14/17 4:04 P
Week one finished, down 5.4 lbs #keto #weighin CARALSAFIEH 23 CHUBBAGRRL
2/14/17 2:59 P
16.8lbs down in exactly one month today! Thank you #keto! Allow yourself to feel pride in making a c J9DALLAS 14 CHUBBAGRRL
2/14/17 2:59 P
Day 7 and I feel great! Havent cheated or wanted too! No breads pastas or garbage! Keeping my carbs LGARAMELLA0226 16 BESSIEBELL
2/14/17 4:15 P
I haven't actally weighed, but I can tell in my clothes I've shredded some inches....GO ME 😊😊😎 KIYYASMOM 19 IXFALLX2XPIECES
2/2/17 1:24 P
Im down 11 pounds in a month. Actually ahead of my goal!! :) :) I CAN do this!! SHAUNALVAUGHN 44 IXFALLX2XPIECES
2/2/17 1:20 P
Hello how is everyones sunday? IMFINALLYHAPPY 9 MUSICSPEAKS
1/29/17 4:03 P
Good Morning my spark friends have a healthy day BIGRENTMAN 6 KIERAM
1/27/17 9:04 A
So my stationary bike says I burn 300 calories during my workout. Spark says I'm burning 987. Why is TIFFANI260554 11 SPARK_COACH_JEN
2/3/17 6:31 P
A bad day food wise yesterday. Fell ashamed if myself for giving in to the cravings. Today is going MRSTKR 15 SKIERS26
1/15/17 8:49 A
11 pounds down! #weightcheck GANBARUGAIJIN 60 SARSAR_T
1/18/17 8:05 A
Well i'm down to 264lbs started at 524lbs Jan 2015!! That's 260lbs!! Did it without surgery!! A lot GPALMER29 229 OCEANBOOTS
1/23/17 12:05 P
As of today i am officially down 40 lbs in 4 months and 10 inches down in my waist. #weighloss #heal THEJACKIEDEAN12 44 NOODLEZ26
1/27/17 9:52 A
New Years Day! I started with doing the 7 min workout on Alexa Echo Dot. I had to make some modific JB122383 2 L86157
1/1/17 1:11 P
Well, here we go. Day one.... again.... wish me luck. I have no motivation and no energy. :( MRSKLAUSSNER 13 JB122383
12/30/16 11:00 A
Day one I'm new wish my luck.... DARMODY79 17 ACCJRC
2/6/17 9:27 A
90 lbs gone as of today. Started at 305 (scary). JJOHNSON5416 721 LONGTALLSLENDER
1/18/17 8:13 A
New to my spark! BOHEMIER 18 CHAMP57
8/23/16 9:14 A
Weighed in this morning and lost 4 lbs this week. SAM_1978 47 JULIENSMITH
8/23/16 11:27 A
Hello everyone im just starting this new app and a JACOSTS9 10 ROMI1984
8/23/16 12:14 P
#friendfinder #firstpost hi I'm new and I want to SIRXYBDH 38 JB122383
8/15/16 9:03 A
11lbs down and still motivated! SP has always work KAYDIAHENDERSON 5 JB122383
8/15/16 9:02 A
Good morning spark friends. I have a hard time get H36732 12 SATURNPOET
8/15/16 9:04 A
Down to 197 today! I'm ship happy to get under 200 MRSJCWASHINGTON 27 NENVERO
8/15/16 9:05 A
First timer here. Trying to find my way around th MYBETH1 10 JB122383
8/15/16 8:59 A
I fell off the wagon and when I fell I hit the flo VIDESB104 30 HAUGHTMESS
9/6/16 1:59 P
I am finally under 300lbs!!! I am so excited!!! Th LOSEINSTYLE 42 THEJACKIEDEAN12
8/15/16 1:24 P
Ugh! I cheated bad this weekend. Now I feel so gui KRUSCOE 12 CALA51
8/15/16 8:55 A
Friday August 12 2016 I'm starting over I'm so fat WEIGHTLOSSSTAR 70 WEIGHTLOSSSTAR
8/23/16 9:21 A
Down 16 lbs in less than 3 weeks!! #progress #hard CHASBROUC 32 JB122383
8/12/16 9:31 A
Hit my first goal today and 3 pounds over. 13 poun MSONDAG 8 WHYTEBROWN
8/12/16 9:42 A
90 days of sobriety today and life is GOOD!!! 😆 LUHNA023 82 SPARKLE1908
8/7/16 7:26 P
Lost 2.2 lbs today. What a great birthday presen DEBBASUE2007 34 SWEETNIK19
8/5/16 9:11 A
#celebration #happy #anniversary Today I celebrate 14 yrs married to my wonderful, supportive, hand MAMAGIDGETJ 36 LUCASMOM2016
10/4/16 3:54 P
Today I did something I would not have believe I c QUEENDEANWU 7 COCOAGOAL
8/4/16 10:27 P
My husband and I just joined the gym and we are trying to eat healthier too. We need to lose 50# eac D85043 19 CINDYB0905
8/10/16 8:52 A
Made broccoli and cheese stuffed chicken breast wi RENBO01 9 HEALTHEATER711
8/4/16 10:32 P
Down 30 pounds at least 15 to go MBALDWIN8 39 RALPHDB
9/20/16 2:24 A
Just went kickboxing for the 3rd time with my.hunn BRINALYNNSEBENS 6 GREENSAPPHIRE
8/4/16 10:24 P
15 hours into quitting smoking.... YIKES is all I CAITIEHALL94 47 SHAMMROCK68
8/1/16 1:49 P
Restarting my fitness goals... Got off track for a JOURNEYTO185 11 MISSA526
8/1/16 11:46 A
New member here, day one. Type2 diabetic. A1C 8. DERWEASEL50 7 CMBRAKOB2164
8/1/16 7:20 P
It's been a long journey and im not even close to BELLAOHA50 31 HAPPYJENNY05
8/2/16 2:13 P
I made an important decision today. I am going to BLAIRBEAR120 8 APAQUIN55
7/31/16 2:33 P
I'm at 164 pounds today. I started at 329 pounds o AUTIEJ 2988 SPARKISBACK17
2/25/17 9:25 A
Weighed in this morning and I am officially down e IMDOINGTHIS4ME 2275 SISNEROSMD
2/22/17 1:26 A
Obstacles. the biggest obstacle you'v CROBE87 371 SAB1926
6/7/16 12:05 A
Happy Thursday, everyone! Hope all of you have a JB122383 3 MSDELTAGIRL
6/2/16 8:04 A
What's for dinner? I had chicken stir-fry... you? NESSA626 60 NCIAPPARA
5/16/16 12:17 A
So far ive lost 6lbs in a little over a week!! FSIERRA0 22 DKALWEIT
4/24/16 3:28 P
Checked the scale this morning and I'm at the goal ORANGESUNRISE 37 SRAIFORD8
4/24/16 2:53 P
Finally reached 50 lbs gone took a little longer t MPACE91 40 EARTHANGEL62
4/24/16 5:23 P
Remember, it's not the minutes spent at the table CARLPRANGE 15 KFSTAAB
4/22/16 9:47 P
Lost 23 pounds in two months thanks to this app LLEWIS8168 50 MEGAN_ORTIZ
4/21/16 10:26 P
So I cheated on my diet. Completely stopped it for LPEEBLES5 4 JB122383
4/21/16 11:59 A
Starting spark people today. Any words of wisdom KRRN12 6 EPAYNE961
4/21/16 11:57 A
Start of a new week. Let's all kick butt, meet goa GROWINGSOUL 7 JB122383
4/18/16 2:09 P
What's everyone tips to stay motivated? ROSEDEVILE 21 SEVERORIVERA
4/18/16 4:32 P
Hello. I just started to change my eating habits a MARYLOUISR1966 34 DEJACE12
4/18/16 4:55 P
Getting ready to go for a walk before work tonight BOT2823WADLEY2 3 JB122383
4/18/16 2:05 P
Please Pray for Houston and surrounding areas, maj POWDERPUFFGIRL 9 JLYNN6420
4/18/16 3:29 P
Its my first week on spark and i have lost 3 lbs on the first week. I have messed up only the types TEDDYNALEXIS 11 CHYMAN33
4/18/16 3:34 P
Just looking for a little motivation. SKUNTZ74 13 NKRISTINA
4/18/16 3:12 P
Is it to late to go to school at age 45 and get a TINAONEROM 35 MUFFINTOPTIFF
4/18/16 3:52 P
Well can you guys believe I turned 70 today??? I s ACTIVEGRANDMAP 196 BETH4SUCCESS
6/3/16 11:48 P
Great day working in the yard playing with grandki KBICK214 4 JB122383
4/17/16 5:46 P
Hope everyone is having a great weekend! No offici MEGAN343 3 JB122383
4/17/16 5:45 P
Just bought size 6 jeans. First time ever! I've ELISABETHBOYS 8 JB122383
4/17/16 5:45 P
what is one thing you are thankful for today? LIBERTY_JOY 1646 DFITCH5
2/23/17 6:43 A
How often should I weigh myself? I have been doing POWDERPUFFGIRL 11 ICANDOIT8711
4/17/16 5:55 P
Just doing it - post something small steps, you to MONARCH17 20 JB122383
4/17/16 5:40 P

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