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4/20/17 3:32 P
Happy Easter! He is Risen! JB122383 4 CGARR442
4/17/17 10:16 P
How many grams of carbohydrates do you eat most days? I typically log between 50 and 100 and no more DANI_1987 10 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
4/13/17 4:12 P
Today I chose to make a healthier version of tuna salad (less mayo & less yolks +avocado & oil from CYMBULIZUM 14 DREAMERMS
4/13/17 4:34 P
Lately, this is so true! Have a great day everyone!!! SWEETMAMA227 15 PICKIE98
4/14/17 7:30 A
Happy Friday... OOOPS! I mean, Thursday! JOANNEJI 3 JB122383
4/13/17 10:19 A
Breakfast: Matcha green tea, mango, melon, strawberries, and a Western Omelet Muffin from the 30 muf MACABBEY 18 ADRIENALINE
4/13/17 2:03 P
4/13/17 1:20 P
Yay! 50 lbs lost as of today! Still have at least 20 to go but I'm feeling great! Gotta lose that HSBESA 258 ALOHRASMOM
4/14/17 4:11 A
Hi everyone I started receiving therapy for my pain in my left shoulder,neck It since my eyes wasn't MIOZP 2 JB122383
4/12/17 2:52 P
Actually starting to love the feeling of being all sweaty. The heavy breathing makes me feel so huma KCOOPER25 11 JUDYAMK
4/12/17 6:44 P
Ok I am trying to quit caffeinated drinks. Anyone have any pointers? JOESANGEL79 13 CHRISTINEBWD
4/12/17 3:28 P
Had my yearly mammogram today. If you are due for one, be sure to make an appt. My sister wanted to JB122383 5 MORTICIAADDAMS
4/13/17 9:35 A
Just finished hot yoga about passed out it was a really tough class but I'm happy it's done and that COWENS111 10 COWENS111
4/12/17 4:41 P
Today is D2/90. I wk/up and went into my zen room for a freestyle workout. Did .4m running, core w CYMBULIZUM 2 JB122383
4/12/17 2:35 P
I couldn't put today's walk on hold any longer, so in the rain it happened, it was so nice and refre NICSTAMPS 5 7STIGGYMT
4/12/17 3:11 P
I messed up last night and binge ate but instead of feeling guilty about last night I'm feeling posi NICKIKINNY 9 SKINNYERIN5
4/12/17 3:03 P
I ate like a jerk the last 3 days and felt like crap because of it. My stomach hurt and I was exhau SHIPANG 4 7STIGGYMT
4/12/17 3:12 P
Have a great day! ❤️❤️ making positive choices so far!!! WORKOUTGIRL58 3 SHARONKHARTER
4/12/17 2:42 P
LOVE my new shoes!! SARAHANN1021 14 BAYBNJOE2
4/12/17 3:02 P
Walking with my sister. Trying to go on a walk everyday, starting today KOOKI140 11 LALATIDAH
4/12/17 3:16 P
Stress can affect your life...I repeat...stress can AFFECT your life!! We read about it,,hear abou MOM4HOCKEY 7 CHRISTINEBWD
4/12/17 3:10 P
10 pounds gone KOOKI140 121 SWEETMAGNOLIA2
4/12/17 7:05 P
Posted a photo TAJBLACK 5 JIBBIE49
4/12/17 10:44 A
At the gym working out with my partner ZAZABEANDER 60 MISSCNJ
4/12/17 8:45 P
Good Morning!! ☀️ ☕️ Happy Hump Day! ❤️ Remember to smile and be kind. You do not know what people SARASMILING 125 SEXYMOMMOM1
4/15/17 6:49 A
Hi there! I'm a newbie (well kind of) to SparkPeople! I was using the app about two years ago and ki BELLIVN7 8 GOODFELINE
4/11/17 3:58 P
I have lost 10 pounds in a week using Thrive. I kn JRAGE72 3 CHKCHNC
4/11/17 2:45 P
So happy I found this app, all the tools I need for weight loss in one place. So glad I decided to k CANDOWILL 11 ADRIENALINE
4/11/17 2:40 P
Waliked 2.57 miles st Mt Trashmore today including 3 trips up and down these stairs. MSLOUIE3 23 MSLOUIE3
4/11/17 5:44 P
Staring my journey CYNDIIBEAR 13 GMACAMI
4/11/17 3:29 P
What I'm having instead of the donuts my hubby and grandkids just brought home! LSM3881125 59 AKELLY45
4/11/17 6:36 P
You may not know my story but I'm not who I used to be and I will never stop pushing towards who I w FITSISTA79 119 JOANNEJI
4/12/17 8:45 A
On my way into the YMCA to get my work out on ZAZABEANDER 160 HUMMINBIRRRD
4/11/17 11:01 P
My hair is messy right now as I just got some morning exercise, but I'm finally under the 180 lb mar TURRENTS 24 1DAY-ATA-TIME
4/11/17 10:48 A
Stayed at a friends and still walked my mile this morning. Trying hard to be consistant NANALOVESALL7 8 MDOWER1
4/11/17 10:41 A
Buckwheat, chicken breast and vegetable :-) DOMINIKA705 13 POLSKARENIA
4/30/17 4:33 A
Lost 2 lbs and feeling good. LAURENGOODHEART 9 J38850
4/11/17 10:07 A
Have a great Tuesday! Show the real you! Make positive choices! WORKOUTGIRL58 4 SPARKLE142
4/11/17 10:24 A
I'm feeling so positive today. LAURENGOODHEART 2 JB122383
4/11/17 9:51 A
I was thinking this morning how blessed I am to have a 14 year old son who is willing to walk with m JETTE_516 3 JB122383
4/11/17 9:50 A
Two days in a row people have offered me cake and cupcakes and I'm so proud for refusing. Sweets wil CEARINA0 3 JB122383
4/11/17 9:50 A
My goal was to reach 194lbs by April 18th. As of today, April 11th, I weigh 193lbs! Woohoo! My ne MCASKEY6 96 RAINSTORM17
4/11/17 7:57 P
Happy Tuesday SparkPeeps! Lets make some great choices today! HIGHWAYGIRL2004 2 JB122383
4/11/17 9:48 A
Nice day to walk the dogs outside. Beautiful weather for Holy Week, praise God! MEMENANCY 5 JB122383
4/11/17 9:47 A
I finally got up early enough to make breakfast, Good morning 🙌 MKSPENCER82992 7 LALAHMAE
4/11/17 11:32 A
Wanted Mexican food so bad last night, and there is some I could have had, but knew I wouldn't stop JB122383 2 CGARR442
4/11/17 9:32 P
Passed up McDonald's today while my husband got breakfast, stopped at Sheetz and got a mini fruit t LAM200514 2 JB122383
4/11/17 9:41 A
I'm down 24lbs since January 5th!! I can't believe I'm 193! CRASHPIXIE 127 KARENWILL2
4/11/17 5:37 P
Posted a goal JB122383 2 CGARR442
4/11/17 9:32 P
Before: Top photo January 27 Today in progress : Bottom photo April 10 ASHLYNND76 85 MYTIMEOK
4/11/17 1:24 P
So proud of my little guy! His truck got 3rd place at his first ever Pinewood Derby! FFXMOMMY 7 1935MARY
4/10/17 11:58 A
4/10/17 11:45 A
4/10/17 11:46 A
Downn to 257 - 34 gone - 100 more to go KNITTYKITTY01 4 ESTACEY2011
4/10/17 11:42 A
Doctor appointment today, down 9lbs more. 362, I've not been this low since before I had my daughter LADYHOWLETT 6 LADYHOWLETT
4/10/17 3:35 P
Hi all, I am new here and would like a little help with my motivation. I hope we can help each other FLUFF2016 5 KENDRACARROLL
4/10/17 11:44 A
Gained 2 pounds over the weekend 😶😶 FAMILY_FIRST02 3 JB122383
4/10/17 11:36 A
SO happy that my scale didn't show any gain after the weekend with my parents. I was. ERY careful wi BBABY0924 4 MIRAGE727
4/10/17 1:39 P
Actually ate breakfast today. Haven't done that on a weekday in months. 😊 FMOELLER 3 JB122383
4/10/17 11:34 A
Good breakfast in my belly to start off the work week! Eggs, tomato, red pepper, avocado and lots of TERRISTREK 6 JCG1036
4/10/17 11:52 A
I knew my pants were getting loose, so I decided to pick up a few new pairs. Mine were old and worn BENCHED 7 TIME4ME2017
4/10/17 2:41 P
Today is weigh in day, down 5 more pounds from last Monday 👍 MONZILLA724 114 MONZILLA724
4/10/17 6:07 P
Pool this morning. Good workout! Feels great! JB122383 2 MARCHAPRILEMAY
4/10/17 11:37 A
Today is my first time on here goal 180 at 204 now KYLIE24775 19 EGGBASKET1
4/9/17 10:14 P
Today is day 1 for me. Walked the park with my daughter, husband, and my grandson. It was a good day CHIAWOYA 27 DEBBIESUE1959
4/9/17 11:17 P
Recently I have no motivation to exercise. My eating and calories are perfect. Im having no issues w INVISIBLEGIRL06 7 -POOKIE-
4/10/17 1:38 A
Hi Cal Brunch... planned a resting day. Lazy slow start to day with a big Brunch .. scrambled, fre MMWUSA 5 JB122383
4/9/17 3:19 P
Have to start somewhere. (April 9 2017) HIHELLOITSKAEL 33 IMRAN99
4/9/17 4:00 P
Posted a photo BJK1961 10 LANNEMACK
4/9/17 3:24 P
Feeling pretty good.. Less than a month and thw diffrence has already broughten some confidence i ne A-A2008 13 RDCAGAIN10
4/9/17 3:36 P
Yay me! I was able to put on some clothes that I wore 9 years ago! And they fit perfect....never tho SUMWITCH 35 SPARTANJAI
4/9/17 5:12 P
Stay focused. Stay strong. Stay positive! HAVING_HOPE 8 RDCAGAIN10
4/9/17 3:36 P
Do y'all see the difference in the last four weeks I'm down 13 pounds and still have some way to go ZAZABEANDER 145 FFRANKS2
4/9/17 8:59 P
Beautiful day here with a little coolness in the air! Happy healthy Sunday to all! JB122383 2 SUSIEMT
4/10/17 9:03 A

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