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Ok need friends. New to site got 100 lbs to lose p GIRLONTHEINSIDE 21 SKINNY_GAL
10/29/14 8:49 P
Bowled with my sister for Unified Special Olympics UKWILDCATFANRN 7 JB122383
10/27/14 9:38 A
I bought a bag of mirlitons over the weekend at th JB122383 1 JB122383
10/27/14 9:35 A
I've started and stopped so many times. Even on he GAINERW 7 GAINERW
10/27/14 10:37 A
I only did 15 squats just now and did 15 jumping j SHERAMC8586 11 REDELAINE1990
10/25/14 9:24 A
I'm very excited and nervous. I am headed to my MISTY1127 19 DAKARISAH430
10/25/14 2:03 P
I made myself a promise last night. Today is my la VERONICACLAY 17 CITYBLUESGIRL
10/24/14 9:25 P
I don't know where to start. I tried a thousand ti C_SALCEDO 4 KHATLAW
10/24/14 8:03 A
Well I finally feel well enough to start exercisin MISSA526 4 GLOWNUT
10/21/14 11:22 A
lastnight i went into the kitchen to make a snack. CHRISABOL7 4 BMCC488
10/21/14 11:26 A
Hi everyone! I just joined today! I'm Renee and I RS_WINONA81 19 DYNAMICFIT84
10/31/14 6:05 A
I am starting again today. I am determined to chan MAGNETIC21868 8 HMBROWN1
10/21/14 10:50 A
I got really discouraged today,..caught my side vi MIMI371964 15 SONEYJR
10/21/14 11:06 A
Hi everyone just have to share no matter how you c NICOLEDRUDA 41 ANG23MUNCHIES
10/21/14 11:05 A
I was so close to caving in..but I stopped remembe SYRAMRO 5 DANELLE34
10/21/14 12:01 A
So I just started spark people and really hoping i WENDYSEABOLT 15 JB122383
10/20/14 9:33 A
Well I took a well needed cheat day yesterday but STACEYANDDAZ 5 CLAYMACT
10/20/14 12:25 P
Been gone for a couple weeks. Really need to get m FINDING_SANDRA 8 FINDING_SANDRA
10/20/14 7:47 P
How do you get motivated to go to the gym when tir JMAZYCKBROWN 3 JB122383
10/20/14 9:23 A
Hi everyone. I was advised to give up meat and ani RIHAFG 8 RIHAFG
10/20/14 10:19 A
Starting week two. Last week tracked everything I JOEYINTULSA 10 SHRINKINGSCRUB
10/22/14 9:20 P
How do you avoid the holiday goodies everywhere th LACY77 5 JB122383
10/20/14 9:12 A
I stopped tracking food for a while thinking I cou LEMIRA931 5 JB122383
10/20/14 9:09 A
I can't believe it! Five lbs down in five days !!! CJS168 2 JB122383
10/20/14 9:05 A
Hi everyone. I'm Coeliac and struggle to eat healt CAKEYWOOZ 7 SENATORSAM83
10/20/14 9:40 A
Morning huh back to work!!! Let's make it a littl LUBDUB1122 2 JB122383
10/20/14 9:01 A
Trying to eat clean, just veggies, fruit and lean LADDANNA 3 JB122383
10/20/14 8:59 A
The tap water where we live tastes so gross someti JB122383 8 JB122383
10/18/14 4:00 P
I made it a whole month! This is a first time eve EATTHEELEPHANT 45 CITYBLUESGIRL
10/24/14 8:33 P
I was in the military for 5 yrs and when I got out NSTEFFINE 6 LUBDUB1122
10/18/14 3:47 P
Hourly commitment thread.. A place to pop in and o JOL1KEY2BOL3 423 --CHERYL--
10/30/14 12:38 A
Hello i have decided to change my weightloss goal SYREETA1983 40 LUBDUB1122
10/18/14 3:46 P
Considering buying a tracker like Fitbit anyone el HOGANZOO2 8 EZRIN101
10/18/14 6:43 P
Hello everyone this is my first day. CRYSTALMMEAD 32 HONEY8EE82
10/22/14 6:15 A
I finally made it yo 200 lbs this morning. Down 4 CBARCH 48 SURESURE22
10/18/14 10:29 A
Having a hard time choking down my 8 glasses of wa SHESLOVIN 31 SHERAMC8586
10/16/14 12:56 P
I started working out with a Jillian Michaels vid ROBINCOL1 5 JB122383
10/16/14 11:21 A
On limited income, healthy food is so expensive! a TINA34S 47 TINA34S
10/18/14 10:34 A
Happy day for me lost 8 lbs :-) yay!!! EVALL03 9 EDWIDGE6
10/15/14 1:34 P
Saw my doctor today... Down 30lbs since I started AMANDADEAR 30 LADYJ234
10/14/14 11:39 A
Hey everybody!!! I've been on sparkpeople off and SEXY_MA 12 TKBLAZIERUHC
10/14/14 10:05 A
I'm. Excited!! Started this on 9-17 at 211.8..toda 1231DONNA 56 MRSSIMPKINS1
10/10/14 12:04 A
This 35 yr old mom of 4, now weighs what I did bac COFFEEQUEEEN 46 MAO-MIAOWS
10/11/14 10:06 P
Finally my first full week of consistency! Feeling KIRSTY1982 7 GYMGAL1951
10/6/14 3:11 P
Odd question. But how old is everybody? I feel lik CIROSEOXO 316 MAMARAINM
10/26/14 10:06 P
Hello everyone, so I'm just going to jump right in ZWENIE13 9 JB122383
9/27/14 5:33 P
Was not sure on what to have for lunch. I purchase FAB5150 9 MSKIZ69
9/27/14 7:01 P
Hi sparkers just checking in to say hello I've bee AVENJEE 4 JB122383
9/27/14 5:27 P
Thank goodness after a week of food poisoning and TAMARAOGINA 6 JB122383
9/27/14 5:25 P
Down 5 lbs...very surprised felt like I was slacki JESSESGURL721 21 VBALCHICK_90
9/27/14 5:24 P
Had a bump in the road. While getting ready to lea GEORGI1832 5 GGRSPARK
9/28/14 1:03 A
On a cloud right now! I always weigh myself first S-REYNA29 17 FAB5150
9/30/14 12:42 P
New to this site, hello everyone... SHANERICA90 11 GOGETSMOM
9/21/14 12:39 P
I'm new to Sparkpeple. Today is the first step on GENTLEMAN55 17 CTJENN
9/22/14 6:55 A
I've reached my first goal of 210 and beat it by a BRITTTREADWAY 63 DBUTCHER2010
9/17/14 11:21 A
Well, I got one week left before my monthly weigh ARAZA30 28 ARAZA30
9/15/14 5:25 P
I have been doing Spark for one week and I am so e JLSPINLER 9 ARAZA30
9/14/14 4:11 P
Hi! I am new to this site. I am planning on doing ZOMBIESGRRRL 20 COOKINNANCY
9/15/14 9:27 P
Hi everyone! I am new here and need some help and KIMBO1227 69 BRANDIDIAZ2717
9/19/14 10:42 A
Hi. I am new here. I have tried other groups. So I CARAMEL_LOVE 3 JB122383
9/14/14 3:36 P
I just ordered a FitBit, does anyone else have one LACY77 13 BANJALUKA547
9/14/14 8:26 P
Loving my fitbit. It helps motivate me. MSAMMONS321 4 CRITTMO
9/11/14 11:36 A
Why, why, why, is this such a struggle for me?? I JB122383 40 SOUTHTABOR
9/8/14 11:21 P
Hi I am Anita amd I just found this app. I am exci ADESERTROSE4ME 4 JB122383
9/8/14 4:17 A
Hi Al Im new in here, a little bit scared but I ne CYN7H14 12 MOONCHILD38
9/8/14 6:50 A
Huge argument with hub yesterday . Cant sleep Hes LINMAT 4 LINMAT
9/8/14 4:31 A
I've explored spark people in the past, but want t JHORTON37 8 JHORTON37
9/7/14 3:46 P
I think I'm going crazy. I'm in a depression, sick MISSA526 9 CHRISTYB1227
9/7/14 2:33 P
I Want To Be A Turtle! JB122383 14 MEMORIES7
1/1/13 9:15 P
Share Your Birthday Here LJCANNON 129 BA5454
10/6/14 7:58 A
What is your fasting morning glucose number, today GEMINISUE 7211 TRAVELLING_MAN
10/29/14 11:54 A
4/4/12 6:01 P
Challenge - What did you do today that is healthy? MORTICIAADDAMS 3438 MORTICIAADDAMS
12/27/13 10:44 P
How Many Eggs Are In Your Basket? JB122383 41 MORTICIAADDAMS
4/1/12 11:12 A
Please post your daily fasting glucose #'s here GEMINISUE 1737 AUNTALICE2
7/10/14 12:43 P