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11/23/17 6:01 P
I may have ended up going in the wrong direction however MY JOURNEY IS NOT OVER...2018 will have bet NVRGIVINGUP 17 SOTEIRA75
11/23/17 10:33 A
Happy Thanksgiving! DINKER0798 7 AMYBRO1
11/23/17 8:38 A
Wishing all my American Friend's a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving! JUDITH316 11 GARDENCHRIS
11/23/17 2:05 P
11/23/17 5:53 A
11/23/17 5:10 P
Wishing you ALL a very Healthy, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! FLASUN 14 ROCKYCPA
11/23/17 9:35 A
Happy Thanksgiving JANIEWWJD 4 MLAN613
11/23/17 6:22 A
name one non weight related goal for today TRIBEKAH 18316 JIACOLO
11/23/17 7:07 P
Poll: Today I feel.. LIANNALIANNA 53511 JIACOLO
11/23/17 6:59 P
CLICK if you love Spark! SONYA_J 106354 BARCLE
11/23/17 4:46 P
I am NOT going to let ________ get me down today! ANDREWMOM 10923 JIACOLO
11/23/17 6:55 P
Hope everyone had a great day, mine was full but all good, another full day of teaching, I love my T JUDITH316 15 JAMER123
11/23/17 12:03 A
She is my fitness trainer.....always going going going and loves her some bed time haha. NAENO 17 SCYANKEE46
11/22/17 9:42 A
Farmers’ market bounty! GRATTECIELLA 28 CHERIRIDDELL
11/23/17 1:21 A
After dropping my son at school this morning, I stopped at a traffic light. Directly in front of me WANNATHIN 13 CDS427
11/22/17 7:18 A
Alarm was set to 4 a.m.......ended up getting up @ 2:30 a.m due to dreams 😡. Had crazy dreams and d JOSHVA 11 JOSHVA
11/22/17 9:09 A
I'm so "THANKFUL" for these 2 beautiful grandsons! My DD is so far away but sends pictures to bright FLASUN 24 FOXBAY99
11/23/17 1:49 A
Happy day before Thanksgiving. I hope during this busy time you put a little ‘me’ time into your da PAMBROWN62 15 COMEBACKKID12
11/22/17 4:43 P
Did you overeat yesterday? LUNACELTA 143014 BLONDWUNN
11/23/17 9:20 P
Feeling Positive or Negative? BIGMAMA4U 141179 MSPENCER7
11/23/17 8:04 P
Did you walk today? RICK1947 119762 BLONDWUNN
11/23/17 9:20 P
11/21/17 5:23 P
Hello all, I am happy to be back after dropping out and gaining about 8 pounds while away. I look fo UGDIPLOMAT 12 LITTLEREDHEN8
11/21/17 4:45 A
11/21/17 11:54 A
#BeforeAndAfter This is just the start of something great! TARAMARTINEZ201 19 TARAMARTINEZ201
11/21/17 11:35 A
Huffed and puffed through a steep hilly sunset adventure with the Labracadabrador BONNIEMARGAY 20 CKOUDSI617
11/21/17 11:20 A
Registered for my second 5k, a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning in downtown LA. Eeeeee! Don't kno GRATTECIELLA 27 WHYTEBROWN
11/22/17 8:07 A
Busy day so far, got some work done since coming to work... but juss managed to sort my to-dos... No THORNORSEGOD059 13 CATHYRAEDAVIS2
11/21/17 7:48 A
Is weight loss just not an option for some people? LACOYTA 17 LADYSTARWIND
11/23/17 9:13 P
Whirlwind visit to Montreal foe s family bash. Great success and my weirdo ligament is much improved GGRSPARK 16 GARDENCHRIS
11/20/17 11:20 A
#motivate GLAMNGLOWDIVA 16 LIS193
11/20/17 12:17 P
After being a coach potato all day I felt really defeated at 7pm.. until I went on YouTube searched KITTYLOVERAJA 16 PLCHAPPELL
11/20/17 5:21 A
newest photo, lowest weight in more than 25 years at 195 lbs. REESEK65 154 EO4WELLNESS
11/20/17 3:15 P
Posted a photo JUDITH316 10 JAMER123
11/20/17 10:38 P
Clearing the mind. This might help others. For 9 months my garage has stored my parents estate it ZOOMTHOM 17 LKMANNING7
11/20/17 7:05 A
I hope this is the start of a fabulous week. Even though it is a holiday week, let’s make it a posi PAMBROWN62 16 COMEBACKKID12
11/20/17 8:34 P
How did you start your day??? PUYALLUPSARAH 7281 MSPENCER7
11/23/17 8:04 P
60 day cleanse/juice only reboot.. thoughts?.. ALIFROMMCALI 6 NYARAMULA
11/19/17 5:38 A
Great play time today! BONNIEMARGAY 11 MBPP50
11/19/17 7:45 A
Posted a goal EO4WELLNESS 16 RYCGIRL
11/19/17 8:57 A
Got burnt by an ice pack :( i had paper towel over it which slipped and now i have a giant welt wher JOYLARK 12 VIRGINIAGIRL
11/19/17 5:40 P
How is everyone going to tackle thanksgiving? SMOTT_4451 17 TXAGGIEARCHER18
11/19/17 4:30 P
Another pound down, bringing me 4lbs away from the next milestone and 11lbs from my goal weight. I c SILVERTOMORROW 19 SILVERSPARROW04
11/20/17 9:24 A
Ok I have gone over my calorie count for the past 3 days! And still haven't started working out any ALLENLISA5357 20 AMYWESTMAN
11/19/17 10:52 A
What made you smile today? MARINERSFAN 65217 SUNSHINE99999
11/23/17 12:43 P
11/22/17 6:09 P
Been getting enough sleep consistently since I switched off of night shift and rotating shifts. New HAPPYMEG 6 PLCHAPPELL
11/18/17 6:02 A
Just got back from visiting my daughter in Spokane Washington. We’ve made a pact to change our eatin F7LINDA 18 DARLAE1
11/18/17 9:45 A
So I DID go to gym after work on a Friday afternoon (like a BOSS) and BLASTED through leg, butt and WANNATHIN 11 PLCHAPPELL
11/18/17 6:01 A
11/18/17 1:28 P
11/19/17 6:11 P
11/17/2017 Great week even if I haven’t lost an ounce. Yesterday, I pushed up into wheel for the fi STINAPAG 21 HAWKTHREE
11/18/17 8:00 A
Yesterday finally entered one-derland 198.8 so proud of myself! I haven't been in the 100's the pas AROCHE23 138 AROCHE23
11/19/17 5:57 P
what is the coolest thing you own under $100? MELISSAFTS 17 MELISSAFTS
11/22/17 6:10 P
Glad my girls are tired tonight. Yesterday they kept running up and down the stairs. MOUSE 25 KENNYBARBIE12
11/17/17 10:56 A
11/17/17 6:03 A
#motivate GLAMNGLOWDIVA 17 LIS193
11/17/17 11:29 A
nearly 400k steps this month TCANNO 16 SPEDED2
11/17/17 9:22 P
T.G.I.F. Hope you have a great “day before the weekend” Friday. PAMBROWN62 20 COMEBACKKID12
11/17/17 7:36 P
Wishing you all a Blessed Day and Weekend ahead... JUDITH316 18 WHYTEBROWN
11/18/17 8:11 A
Who made you laugh out loud and why? KRISUA 52 KRISUA
11/22/17 1:18 A
11/16/17 11:45 A
Why is it that people have such a hard time with my changes? Why is it that now that I eat to live a DOINITNOTGONNAS 18 CLAYARTLIFE
11/16/17 8:04 A
#hypothyroidism bloodwork time. WILDHEART4VR 15 ALALADY
11/16/17 5:54 P
So after a day of feeling sorry for myself, eating too much and not tracking I've ended the pity par LINZID1987 41 LJC10PERCENT
11/20/17 5:42 P
Posted a photo KILTORE 25 JUDY1676
11/16/17 9:56 P
So I have begun this is the photo that made me realise I needed to do something. TAZA2WHEELS 26 ALALADY
11/16/17 5:53 P
Looking forward to the holidays? LISALOOPNER 35 REYNAJUST4KIX
11/22/17 8:43 P
Got school pictures back today and just had to compare to last year's. Oh, my! #BeforeAndAfter LKMANNING7 137 CMARTIN5383
11/22/17 8:31 A
I saw this yesterday on a friend it :D happy wednesday everyone. hope you all have AMBURCH2 15 CHERYLHURT
11/15/17 5:22 A
Sick again the flu has me down. Been a bit slow at losing wt. Idk what's happened. Just not losing a SHESACOUNTRYSWE 11 PATSYGO
11/15/17 4:20 A
I can't believe I'm going to be 44 in about a week . Stuck on a plateau this past month. But I am ma MAMAJOJO73 19 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
11/22/17 8:34 A
up at 3 am coughing my head off #bronchitissucks!!!! REESEK65 11 SKCASON
11/15/17 11:11 A
Just finished putting in a 10 hour day, taught a class today and co-lead a group tonight, so it's of JUDITH316 17 JAMER123
11/15/17 11:09 P