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ten minutes after dinner tonight- got it done THE_PLAN 5 JANIEWWJD
5/29/17 2:07 A
Posted a photo LINDA! 46 WALLAHALLA
5/29/17 8:57 P
28 May 2017 - My "Do Something Fun Every Day" goal - Day 3 - Today I took the kids swimming at a loc 94TOGO 21 SWDOTB2
5/29/17 5:48 A
Did it again! Yay me😁 SARAH_ARAUJO 10 RHIO3TRE
5/29/17 2:12 A
Hey everyone im a newbie My sis wedding next year im getting ready for all those pics and dress SUGAFOOT25 102 KARENWILL2
5/29/17 6:16 A
Tomorrow's lunch. No oil is used. Only 245 calories :) #feelinggood S61665 10 NYARAMULA
5/29/17 3:14 A
Three hours of clearing and organizing the garage for friends who need to move, but so much of it wa BONNIEMARGAY 5 MBPP50
5/29/17 8:07 A
CLICK if you love Spark! SONYA_J 103173 FISHGUT3
5/29/17 7:22 P
Feeling Positive or Negative? BIGMAMA4U 137180 JIACOLO
5/29/17 8:41 P
What do you drink most frequently during the day? TRI_BABE 28329 SUNSHINE99999
5/29/17 1:24 P
Did you overeat yesterday? LUNACELTA 139033 _CYNDY55_
5/29/17 10:29 P
I am NOT going to let ________ get me down today! ANDREWMOM 9790 JIACOLO
5/29/17 8:42 P
My motivation station above the treadmill. I can just look up when the urge to quit comes over me. AMYJOILPN 12 RAGANKGORDON
5/28/17 8:54 P
Grilled dinner for the week on my new outdoor electric grill (live in an apt). No oil was needed at ALICIAMAG 10 BRENDA_77039
5/28/17 10:37 P
It's been an extremely disappointing week. Last week I tore my MCL and ACL on my first day of work a JDNLRD 8 LENGZI
5/28/17 10:32 P
5/28/17 9:33 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 9 KATHYJO56
5/29/17 12:12 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 12 GETDONE
5/29/17 5:17 P
From 524 to 224!! God Is Great!!! GPALMER29 250 NANCYANND55
5/29/17 10:16 A
Are you happy with your progress? ZIGGYSTARSHAY 657 MSLOUIE3
5/28/17 4:57 A
Poll: Today I feel.. LIANNALIANNA 51139 JIACOLO
5/29/17 9:31 P
name one non weight related goal for today TRIBEKAH 17317 JIACOLO
5/29/17 9:22 P
Today is the anniversary of my beloved dog's birthday. She passed a few yrs ago but I had her for al WARRIORGIRL121 17 NANCYANNE55
5/28/17 2:28 P
Another magical sunset walk with the Labracadabrador. BONNIEMARGAY 16 REGILIEH
5/27/17 12:16 P
All you can do is try SHEWILLIAMS06 17 SHAPEUPCHELLE
5/27/17 5:20 A
More meal prepping done! Made Vegetarian Black Bean Soup and now it's portioned out and ready to be SHANAHALL82 16 EJANWAY
5/27/17 4:13 A
Posted a photo RD03875 6 MARYJOANNA
5/27/17 5:55 A
Some humor for all of us. Blessings to all. MISSPEACHES3 13 4CONNIESHEALTH
5/27/17 6:19 P
Write 1 blessing your thankful for. RDCAGAIN10 37 ETHELMERZ
5/29/17 7:44 A
Mixers/blenders for smoothies suggestions OREGONGAL7 4 JANIEWWJD
5/26/17 8:11 P
Did you walk today? RICK1947 115744 LKEITHO
5/29/17 9:23 P
This week I have had a major flare with my arthritis so not a lot of sparking. But in spite of that JUDITH316 17 COCOAGOAL
5/27/17 2:35 A
That's the highest amount of steps I've ever taken. So proud of myself !! LINDA33GB 12 YELLOW09RED
5/26/17 7:12 A
My "Do Something Fun Every Day" goal - Day 1 - Today I told my 6 year old son a wild, winding and fu 94TOGO 8 RAPUNZEL53
5/26/17 4:52 A
Forgive the fuzzies. I am horrible at selfies. My progress to date. 39.8 lbs. down. PAMBROWN62 18 COCOAGOAL
5/27/17 2:05 A
Pulled pork green beans and quinoa for dinner. Served on a smaller plate to make it seem like more. SMACLACHLAN 9 TRANSPO12345
5/26/17 5:37 A
The weather is going to warm up nicely MANDIETERRIER1 6 SUNWARDWINE
5/25/17 4:50 A
220 calories of deliciousness STUFFY864 3 JANIEWWJD
5/25/17 3:15 A
5/25/17 5:54 A
Late night snack since I missed dinner. KKRAVIG1975 7 DEL129
5/25/17 5:26 A
I bought this top last night to wear to my Mum's birthday celebration next Saturday - now I just nee SHAPEUPCHELLE 11 SHAPEUPCHELLE
5/25/17 4:27 P
Nothing like a protein shake by muscle tech to feed those 3rd shift munchies....go to hell you sugar RAGERBOMB 8 AR1EL1
5/26/17 12:59 A
Compression clothing for loose skin MISCH42 4 NITEMAN3D
5/25/17 11:49 A
Ever bought something you didn't need for EOWYN2424 13 MANDIETERRIER1
5/25/17 11:48 A
Do you like getting Sparkgoodies from the wheel? DIZENT 23 MSLOUIE3
5/25/17 7:00 A
14,730 logged for yesterday....hoping to beat that today 😎 RAGERBOMB 8 SANAABUBACKER
5/24/17 5:12 A
I love the advice and motivation I get here! Thank you all!!!! ZELDA13 5 MARINEMAMA
5/24/17 4:43 A
So I've been gone for awhile. Found out while in the hospital why I couldn't eat. Now that I'm able RAYEJ53 7 STARRYTHOUGHTS
5/24/17 4:04 A
Ever have that moment where you feel like you could sleep a week? BARBEDWIREKITTY 13 COMEBACKKID12
5/24/17 12:45 P
I work midnight's and curving my cravings is the hardest part but fruit gets me through M57523 12 JANIE7DAVIS
5/24/17 5:38 A
Set new habits! #MindOverMatter K37WYN 10 RAPUNZEL53
5/24/17 5:28 A
Most of my SparkFriends know where I go on my Wednesday's...3 Hours of Thrift shopping! Who wants to FLASUN 16 JAMER123
5/24/17 11:10 P
What are you grateful for today? ALLEYCATTUS 398 JIACOLO
5/25/17 8:14 A
24 more days to vacation #vacation #happy RD03875 2 JANIEWWJD
5/23/17 3:52 A
Me last Mother's Day! Me this Mother's you see a difference! #1happymommy #82lbsgone4good AURORA91 69 AURORA91
5/23/17 6:35 P
One Liners 9/15# 9. Next, was a job in a Shoe Factory. Tried hard but just didn't fit in. NEW-CAZ 13 IAMAGEMLOVER
5/23/17 12:39 P
Good sleeping weather for a change :) RASPBERRY56 3 RAPUNZEL53
5/23/17 5:24 A
I joined a weight loss challenge and won the most inches lost. Down almost 17 inches, and 14lbs in 2 QUILL35 165 RAGERBOMB
5/24/17 7:35 A
I woke up to find that my city had been attacked in the night :( 19 people who should have woken up STATSCAT 21 DGFOWLER
5/23/17 5:36 A
Off to the Chelsea Flower Show today! POLSKARENIA 17 SPARTANJAI
5/23/17 3:32 P
What made you smile today? MARINERSFAN 63887 FISHGUT3
5/29/17 7:23 P
Rower or Elyptical machine SHUTTERGIRL1 9 ETHELMERZ
5/29/17 7:42 A
Hello Sparkers, I'm new to the group and hoping to lose quite a bit of weight. I currently weigh 2 LBARROW05 263 MARYJOANNA
5/22/17 5:10 A
Celebrated 35th anniversary with DH today! ALASKINI 9 MSLOUIE3
5/22/17 2:28 P
Had a great day packing for an impromptu week of vacay! CTYONIT 17 MRSFANCYLADY
5/22/17 10:31 P
2 mile walk for the homeless. Great time with my family. FIREMEDIC11339 19 TVAUGHN57
5/24/17 11:38 A
We hit the beach at the John Wayne Marina and Park today. INITFORLIFE3 9 JOCELYNH711
5/22/17 6:37 A
It is easy for me to get enough sleep! Lol NOCALOVE1 9 IRONADONIS
5/27/17 11:03 A
I'm so proud if the # of steps I logged today. We hiked in Sedona, Arizona then I took my dogs for a KITAH 14 KITAH
5/22/17 9:03 P
How did you start your day??? PUYALLUPSARAH 5828 JIACOLO
5/29/17 9:37 P
Just finished my first 24ozs. of water. Now off to the gym for my 3 a.m. workout. FITWITHIN 9 BONNIEMARGAY
5/21/17 3:42 P
My workout from few days ago, but I wanted to shar MEDKATE95 6 YMWONG22
5/21/17 4:14 A
A Sunday funny. Have a blessed day. PAMBROWN62 10 JANIE7DAVIS
5/21/17 5:02 A
I've worked so hard to be where I'm at today. Started at 279. Down to 188!! Praise God:) QUEENGRAHAM 104 QUEENGRAHAM
5/21/17 3:28 P
Posted a photo SFELDER7 11 MARINEMAMA
5/21/17 7:26 A

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