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About to head out to run my 5K. I'm not feelin' it this morning, not sure I'll do as well as I hope MARATHON_MOM 9 MLR_00
3/25/17 8:11 A
Very social weekend for me. Being careful on the food and wine intake :) Hope all are having a su BLUEJEANS27 2 JANET552
3/25/17 7:58 A
QUIET weekend for me after a VERY busy week! Ahhhhhh GABY1948 3 IAMAGEMLOVER
3/25/17 10:39 A
Finally under 300 again! Hope it sticks this time. Bad dreams all night, 2 of the 4 times that I wok P02165 11 P02165
3/25/17 11:21 A
Had an unexpected "cheat meal" last night. Still stayed within my calorie range. But I just feel hor AMBERDAWN427 11 CHUBBYNOMORE3
3/25/17 11:04 A
Happy Saturday everyone. Enjoy your day. DGFOWLER 7 HAPPYSOUL91
3/25/17 9:47 A
#mobilechat this has nothing to do with weight loss but what does one typically wear to a wake? I'm EMMAYBEE 10 EMMAYBEE
3/25/17 8:35 A
Does anyone exercise in the morning? I have always preferred the evening. Im using an app called fab ALILOUBIR 13 CHUBBYNOMORE3
3/25/17 11:06 A
today is my wedding anniversary it is 40 years SPARK2017 19 CHUBBYNOMORE3
3/25/17 11:02 A
3/25/17 10:35 A
Come on in and chat! HICKOK-HALEY 1311 WHIPPETWALKER
3/25/17 11:14 A
3/25/17 9:34 A
It's Nat'l Chocolate covered raisin day NEPTUNE1939 3 JANET552
3/24/17 7:36 A
Why can't dieting and exercising be easy? Why can't the weight just come off fast like it's easy f FEALSTON 3 ZORBS13
3/24/17 7:42 A
My MRI verdict...A bulging disc. It's funny how sciatic nerve pain acts. I don't have any back pain DGFOWLER 12 LIVINGLOVINLIFE
3/24/17 12:31 P
Hit the 140s today! I'm proud of myself for sticking with this... I am down 12 1/2 lbs!! 😊 ELINORDASH 5 ELINORDASH
3/24/17 9:39 P
Good morning SparkPeople. Happy Friday!!! JADIEGIRL1974 13 ENIGMANUPE
3/25/17 10:08 A
Ready for whatever today brings! #backontrack MOOSE1022 8 LOSEITGIRL2016
3/24/17 7:48 A
Posted a photo NEPTUNE1939 5 CHERYLHURT
3/24/17 8:03 A
Thought for the day! RHOOK20047 14 LKEITHO
3/24/17 8:30 A
Have a great day ☕😀💪 CHRISTINA332017 12 WHYTEBROWN
3/24/17 10:43 A
I have literally got to tell myself this on the daily. Happy Friday ya'll! Stay encouraged and inspi FITSISTA79 20 MSNOVADAWN
3/24/17 8:46 A
Posted a photo KOOKI140 22 DEILENARIAN
3/24/17 9:19 A
Post any animal emoticon DEB2448 1147 JUDY1676
3/25/17 10:52 A
3/25/17 10:53 A
3 Letter Words A to Z LAURA44851 4973 JUDY1676
3/25/17 10:51 A
Two Words - Change One DEB2448 3784 JUDY1676
3/25/17 10:54 A
Word Association ANNIE1962 6329 NELLJONES
3/25/17 7:11 A
Good day for yard work NEPTUNE1939 2 JANET552
3/23/17 7:39 A
Posted a photo LPORTER2015 8 BANANASLOUIE7
3/23/17 10:21 P
I'm ready for another day! 👍 Finishing my coffee and breakfast then headed to work out b4 work, it TFLOYD1969 7 4CONNIESHEALTH
3/23/17 9:49 A
Have a Spark filled day on purpose! LPORTER2015 20 BANANASLOUIE7
3/24/17 10:12 P
Have A Terrific Day! AMYROSEC 9 EMMACORY
3/23/17 8:47 P
Posted a photo NEPTUNE1939 20 POSEY440
3/23/17 7:14 P
Another 2 pounds lighter! So pleased with my progress, and proud of myself for sticking with it. Spa BJK1961 26 _LINDA
3/23/17 7:20 P
It has taken me a year to lose 20 lbs. Each day seemed painfully long to get to a goal but looking b FREEMANSFOX 135 _LINDA
3/23/17 7:15 P
Trying to cope with all the day situations while planning my day to get some things that are botheri LADYANDREA2012 7 JANET552
3/22/17 8:25 A
Haven't weighed in since March 1. It's nearly killing me!! I used to weigh every day but I needed to LOWCARBJEM 9 BANANASLOUIE7
3/23/17 10:23 P
31 degrees this morning headed to 53 with a cold rain forecasted NEPTUNE1939 2 JANET552
3/22/17 8:24 A
Posted a photo KRISUA 8 VALERIEFLORA53
3/22/17 8:47 A
Sorry,now it's out of my system! Finished being a goofball. But this cartoon is real life purgatory JUSTSTICKWITHIT 8 CHUBBYNOMORE3
3/22/17 11:24 A
I've had this dress for 2 years but didn't have the guts to wear it out in public until last night. LANAHOKANSON 184 CHRISSYROO
3/22/17 4:07 P
I lost only ONE pound this past week, even though I kept my calories between 1200/1500. I plan to k MAWDOT35 21 HENJEN4
3/22/17 11:03 A
Weigh in today and lost a total of 3.9 pounds!! So excited only my second weigh in but its coming al INVISIBLEGIRL06 301 CHUBBAGRRL
3/22/17 5:04 P
Scattergories MILDREDDRYSDALE 709 JANET552
3/21/17 4:52 P
Spring it ON ~ Chit Chat KPACE7 193 MAGICAL13
3/25/17 11:33 A
The truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it. 1SANDRA2BFIT 6 SILVER1369
3/21/17 12:25 P
Feeling so sick at work today, and just want to go home. Unfortunately, my boyfriend and I rode in MARATHON_MOM 4 WORTHEYMOM
3/22/17 10:19 A
Exercise Bicycle and I are back together, but I'm still just going through the motions. I'm sure Ex BJK1961 8 DEEREID2015
3/21/17 8:58 A
We got this. One sip at a time KOOKI140 12 CMY1026
3/21/17 8:55 A
Hi there! My name is Andrea and I have been on my health journey since 2009. I live a healthy lifest FITSISTA79 20 TLDENNIS5
3/21/17 9:04 A
Good morning have a great day a new day and it will be a great one 😀💕 CHRISTINA332017 12 CHRISTINA332017
3/21/17 8:50 A
First day here! 😀Got 100 pounds to loose. Good Morning SALSABLEND7 166 THOMS1
3/21/17 6:07 P
Good Morning! I am down 12 lbs in a month. I have a lot to go. I need to start a workout routine any PCANDY 303 THOMS1
3/21/17 6:05 P
2017 - MOVE IT IN MARCH!! ODAT1117 39 ODAT1117
3/21/17 8:31 A
I think this is my favorite day of the year! Happy Spring! WINTERFLOWER 8 REDROBIN47
3/20/17 12:31 P
Happy spring! Son off to head start, now it's breakfast time with daughter. Yay! Most important meal ANDMARPEART 5 NELLJONES
3/20/17 9:07 A
Need advice...I have lost 30 pounds on my own and have about 15 more to go. My bday is coming up an RBCAN8V 9 TEAGIRL49
3/21/17 12:54 A
Hey Everybody, I know its the First Day of Spring but its 40 degrees out and Brrr Cold! So I think t DETERMINED569 14 JIACOLO
3/20/17 7:59 A
Seriously, March, what are you doing? 98° smh THEBLONDEGENIUS 9 YELLOW09RED
3/21/17 2:55 P
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 18 HOTROD53
3/20/17 8:55 A
Spring means greens from our greenhouse! I picked this big bowl on St. Patrick's Day. Happy Spring! CHRYLG 8 ARGYLEMYSTERY
3/20/17 9:32 A
Happy Spring. This is my spring basket. SHASTA1991 38 DEERLADY45
3/20/17 9:04 A
Getting back on track...I stumbled over this gem today and thought I'd share. GEORGIOUSONE 7 JANET552
3/19/17 7:57 A
Can wait to get back up and moving again! After 2 years serving on my feet 40+ hours a week in fina THEGOLDENGENIE 17 PEACEFULHOME
3/19/17 8:39 P
Erik at the TBI meet the artist expo, the masks are expected to go on a tour for Brain Injury Awaren GINIEMIE 6 MORTICIAADDAMS
3/19/17 10:10 A
Good morning !!! Happy Sunday !!! What will you do to "de-stress" and take care of your body, mind, KIMLADYBUG 12 4CONNIESHEALTH
3/19/17 4:50 P
Posted a photo NEPTUNE1939 6 CHERYLHURT
3/19/17 7:55 A
I used to think I had to go all out on every workout, if I didn't I thought what's the point??.... T BMW_GURL 17 LISAMARIE2015
3/19/17 9:41 A
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 9 JO88BAKO
3/19/17 8:33 A
On a 75 day streak. Feeling good. Down 22 pounds and 2 sizes. 😊 DUFFYDYER 11 JANET552
3/18/17 7:38 A
Day 5 on here. I usually go out to dinner on the weekend and eat junk.Gotta change that habit. Gonna GEMINIM 9 MARCHAPRILEMAY
3/18/17 9:31 A
I was such a grump last night. I wanted to binge so badly. I truly wanted it. I even woke up this HEALTHYV2015 9 SPARTANJAI
3/18/17 8:38 A
Great day to have a birthday NEPTUNE1939 11 YOGADAILY
3/18/17 1:42 P
Haven't been able to work out since Tuesday thanks to a head cold. GO AWAY HEAD COLD I HAVE GOALS TO BELLISSIMA81 5 CINDY247
3/18/17 7:44 A

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