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Opinions on premium? CLPT1969 6 JAMIES
3/26/17 2:11 P
I'm gonna try to start my c25K today! I've been counting my calories for a week now. I will weigh in MJJBK2007 3 MJJBK2007
3/26/17 2:03 P
Spring in our garden VANILLASKY15 15 -POOKIE-
3/27/17 8:43 A
This is what I've been working on the past 2 days still a bit more raking then want to ad 2 or 3 mor ELLENGRAY54 15 HENJEN4
3/26/17 4:39 P
So I had a horrible day at work and binged out on food from work. How do y'all keep from eating y'al C19336 4 VIOLINCAT
3/25/17 3:58 A
I started the day by cleaning and then went to McDonalds for a bacon egger. I know bad me. lol LOVECAROL 3 GOODFELINE
3/24/17 10:42 A
Good morning is weigh in day and I weighed in at 261.8 lbs, which means I lost 8.8 THEJACKIEDEAN12 302 TFORD999
3/24/17 7:46 P
Scales were good to me this morning. 20lbs gone! 👍😊 JAMIES 4 IVANHOE64
3/24/17 8:31 A
Ready to hit some back & biceps today! Have about 25lbs until I hit my goal weight! I can do it! You READY4PROGRESS 12 BOOHOOBEAR
3/23/17 6:08 P
Today was the day we said goodbye to our dog. It was so hard. LIZSPRINGSTEEN 37 REBBUL67
3/27/17 1:01 A
Hi everyone. Decided to give honest travking a try. 225.8 today and never again. DD_DANNER 9 PAMJTAV
3/23/17 5:30 P
It was a slow mile, but it was a mile. On Thanksgiving Day I weighed myself and I weighed 303. I was LULU487 44 BIGGULL
3/22/17 1:06 P
Haha. Good am! I just saw this and thought it was a good one. Today is "Danny Day"..aka trainer day. BBABY0924 26 GAYLE2017
3/22/17 12:49 P
Someone noticed my weight loss today. Felt good! :) JAMIES 2 CMY1026
3/21/17 1:21 P
So, I am here again... A little lighter but I stil YELIAB21 4 SPARK_MERLE
3/20/17 4:11 P
Posted a photo TLDENNIS5 12 RODRIGUEZ41508
3/20/17 11:29 A
Two weeks ago i was super proud of myself. I had 12 pounds gone, felt like a new person, meal planne ASHLEYLINAMEN 45 ROBBGIN
3/20/17 12:00 P
This is where I'm starting from M46098 11 JBUHAY3
3/18/17 11:12 P
Ok spark friends losing my motivation. Literally making myself walk on the treadmill. How does eve P73255 17 P73255
3/18/17 8:54 P
Been thinking abt buying Spark Premium for $30- Do any of you see the benefits of paying?, Im assumi ALOFA0509 5 ALOFA0509
3/18/17 10:19 P
I've been off site for 4 years. Still battling weight issues, survived cancer (so far) and my mom d GETFITALREADY 8 *GINA*
3/18/17 8:37 P
Lost my Fitbit at the mall. Not happy! JAMIES 10 TIBURONA
3/18/17 8:02 P
Happy Pi Day. I'm just staying out of the break room today! JAMIES 19 MOONGLOWSNANA
3/14/17 4:10 P
I got a compliment today... from a co worker who doesn't give out compliments... he said are you los MIMIGEE2 270 SEAJESS
3/14/17 1:31 P
Anyone's family not supportive? My husband is constantly trying to pressure me into "oh just a littl KTZIER 6 KTZIER
3/13/17 9:54 A
I just celebrated a year of changes on March 6th. I started out at 363 pounds last year and am curre NEVERQUITGETFIT 337 FUNNYFACE101002
3/13/17 9:48 A
My 38th wedding anniversary today! I took the day off and walked 4 miles this morning so I have the JAMIES 5 MOONGLOWSNANA
3/10/17 2:23 P
Im worried my scale is off, if i were to put down a 5 pound weight and it reads 5lbs, does that mean ABBYKAY123 2 JAMIES
3/9/17 4:44 P
Not a fan of the new goal feed. Takes up too much space, keeps going back to trending (which I do n NOTFATCAT 6 SISSYFEB48
3/9/17 5:09 P
Looks like a good day for a walk. :) JAMIES 7 LOULOU1709
3/9/17 8:53 P
3/27/17 6:56 A
3/27/17 8:36 A
Does anyone still feel hungry after they eat and drink all their water? RHETTDOG 19 JAMIES
2/26/17 8:18 A
#firstpost today is my first day of commiting to reducing my weight by food. I have been on Sparks f HUNGOO66 9 HUNGOO66
3/13/17 10:03 A
How old is everyone on here? KATELYNMARIE137 590 MBLANKFORD
3/3/17 3:25 P
Had a very stressful the bandwagon. Had an entire burrito from qdoba and chips and salsa a TROTTGIRL 17 MONTROSE28
2/19/17 1:29 A
Word Association Game SHARON632 7553 RMUL2013
3/27/17 11:05 A
Have had some crappy setbacks and things have gotten outta hand. Haven't gained any weight but feel BUGGYGIRL13 8 JONIBUSHELL
2/16/17 1:08 P
Heartfelt Ramblings NANCYANNE55 11 MYBULLDOGS
3/23/17 9:17 A
A to Z Women name's REDGINGER1 672 GRANDP
3/26/17 10:46 A
Had a really off weekend but gonna try to get back on track on Monday. It's so much easier to keep m CHRISTYBALLARD1 8 SAPHIRA70
2/5/17 8:24 P
Ate one bad meal yesterday and it feels like all my work has just gone down the drain :( need to fin LALA0400 13 MRSBKM
2/4/17 3:48 P
Got on the scale today and officially down to under 200 lbs I am so happy what an accomplishment. So KLIVELY7 55 NANAJU69
2/4/17 9:05 A
As of today I have lost 100 pounds! #weightloss #100pounds WEISSMC 231 JAYISOLDEM2
2/8/17 12:19 A
I know it will slow down and have a way to go, but so excited in my first month lost 18.4 lbs! Thank ALICIAMAG 14 LMCBEE53081
1/28/17 8:28 P
Positve Quotes LPORTER2015 155 BELLACUDDLES
3/25/17 8:01 A
word association CHARLIE1357 1737 TXGRANDMA
3/26/17 2:11 P
3/19/17 12:03 A
If you are from Southeast Kansas say Hey! SEKSUNSHINE 28 JAMIES
1/23/17 9:55 A
Laugh away the weigh! RIZZOTRAINING 259 TERRI1458
3/2/17 12:22 P
3/27/17 3:56 A
A to Z Names of Cities. REDGINGER1 790 RRMADSEN
3/27/17 3:58 A
1/24/17 12:54 P
Chat thread 2016 CHANGING-TURTLE 147 JAMIES
1/15/17 2:54 P
Weekly Goal - 2017 - 01/15/17- 01/21/17 ROCKMAN6797 41 RETIREDAT60
1/22/17 4:17 P
WORD ASSOCIATIO ...another game to play. :o) BARBEQUESUE 7849 RMUL2013
3/27/17 8:07 A
Week 2 Check In MRS_4EVER_AFTER 706 CTHOMAS3040
1/24/17 8:51 P
Anyone want to be friends on TIMETOLOSEIT99 4027 WTLOSS2LAST
3/27/17 12:40 P
#weightcheck 365 to 316 we can do this 2017 FULLMETALBLUNT 6 HENDRICKSSHEREE
1/7/17 8:22 P
Accountability Tracker Week 1 SWAYDE 266 MISSA526
3/19/14 9:39 A
6/12/12 5:41 P
Tell us about yourself and your goals! COACH_NICOLE 224 TRAILBLAZER6
10/10/16 8:01 P
Are You Walking and/or Running Today? MJRVIC2000 27388 ROCKRS
3/27/17 11:12 A
Sunday Drive in Kansas JAMIES 12 KAYHLENAMNELL
5/23/12 11:50 A
Kansas State Chat room GRALLEN 3045 NASCAR_CHICK
3/6/17 10:42 P
Exercise Inside or Outside Today? TRIKEMAMA1 48174 DANAKA4
3/27/17 8:46 A
Eagle Days in Kansas JAMIES 11 GRALLEN
1/10/11 9:38 P
1/7/11 1:31 P
Romance Genre RENATA5 529 ABBYSHARPE
11/11/13 10:34 A
Did you take your vitamins today? HARLEYANGELONE 51675 ROCKRS
3/27/17 11:13 A
Are you feeling Positive or Negative today? BIGMAMA4U 52722 QUAIL75
3/27/17 11:39 A
What is your exercise plan for today? INSHAPE4LOVE 26169 LOUIE-LILY
3/27/17 10:21 A
What did you eat for lunch today? SLK347 46435 CMY1026
3/27/17 12:03 P
Did you walk today? RICK1947 114355 ETHELMERZ
3/27/17 11:37 A
Stop by and leave a smiley... DAIZYSTARLITE 45897 ATZIONCH
3/26/17 8:34 P

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