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Post Daily Points GGKIDS7 11755 REJOHNSON3
6/24/17 6:21 A
Tracking for life? HYPATIA207 48 JANIEWWJD
6/22/17 8:15 P
This is still pretty snug, so I can't wear it just yet, but, I'm getting closer. It's a size 10 dre MISSDORKNESS 246 IRISHEI
6/17/17 2:29 A
Never thought I would have this figure. A year ago today I was still in the 300's. Crazy. NEVERQUITGETFIT 174 KEATON753
6/19/17 2:13 P
Question: I only have eaten 825 cal for the day. I am not hungry at all. Should I try and eat some GETTINFIT130 13 GETTINFIT130
6/18/17 3:10 P
SSDD. Same shirt, different day. 2 years and 100+ pounds apart. #mobilechat Logging my calories accu MISSDORKNESS 306 PBVHCCVH
6/16/17 7:31 A
Love my library. Keep staying active and eating healthy everyone . Lots of nice fresh fruitis and IRISHEI 2 MCJULIEO
6/16/17 12:16 A
Still no tv, internet or phone. tomorrow now they say. Sure hope so. i did get some good books to r IRISHEI 6 MCJULIEO
6/16/17 12:15 A
Needed a bit of motivation this morning... found the picture on the left from last summer on a frien PHOXYM 304 INCH_BY_INCH
6/18/17 10:09 A
My internet, phone and tv have all been out since yesterday. NO Fun. They said tomorrow was the soon IRISHEI 4 KATHYJO56
6/15/17 12:38 A
I just moved to Hanover Germany with my husband. I don't speak German and don't know how I'm going t WALKITOFF 7 SMORSEBVR
6/13/17 5:18 A
6/12/17 8:59 P
What will you have for lunch today? IRISHEI 19 NELLJONES
6/21/17 1:23 P
We on Sparks are a great team. Have a awesome Thursday. KURTZIE1998 6 IRISHEI
6/10/17 7:07 A
Have a wonderful Friday all you beautiful people. Today is our babies 2nd birthday. We adopted her KURTZIE1998 22 WINTERFLOWER
6/10/17 7:52 A
6/10/17 7:04 A
Four days off the rails. Enough's enough. Back on track today. Happy Saturday everyone! Let's get up STUCKINMYCUBBY 8 SCHECK5
6/10/17 7:52 A
Looking forward to the pool today. We finally have warm temps to enjoy. My kids and grandkids are l IRISHEI 6 SPEDED2
6/10/17 9:19 P
The day before I started Spark I weighed 205 lbs. This is today and I am about 3 weeks in! So excite C97281 116 FRANKBELLOFAN
6/9/17 2:02 P
Harder to Control Cravings When Stressed? STUDENT_NURSE18 20 RUMERHUNGRY
6/19/17 5:07 P
16 daysin. I haven't had any soda and have been drinking more water. Getting better at tracking. Try SERAKI 18 ARMSTRTT1
6/8/17 7:52 A
what are you GO TO spices BLINDS50 59 BECCABOO127
6/23/17 12:48 P
How do you plan your daily eating? ROSEBOMB 40 CED1106
6/5/17 7:02 A
Hope this is a good week and you accomplish all you set out to do. PAMBROWN62 15 JUDITH316
6/5/17 6:42 A
Good Monday Morning! Grocery shopping day for me! Do you go shopping for the whole week or do a dail FLASUN 36 LESSOFMOORE
6/10/17 8:38 P
**list your GOALS for 2017** JANE1216 23 IRISHEI
6/4/17 8:41 A
Help with Portion Control GOTTALOOSE0122 18 CED1106
6/12/17 4:16 A
A little new at this JOY2BSNR 4 IRISHEI
6/1/17 9:13 A
tracking when out of town WALKIN4JEANIE 15 IRISHEI
5/26/17 11:57 A
Friends motivating Friends FROGLADY719 5089 PHATPAT18
6/23/17 5:24 P
What Healthy Foods Have You Eaten Today? PERSISTENCEMIMI 8 PERSISTENCEMIMI
5/20/17 10:01 P
Good Morning Beautiful Spark People! I posted this question on another site and got no responses so TRACY1168 36 COLLEGEMOM23
5/17/17 10:23 A
Walk away the Pounds dvd's by Leslie Sansone are a great way to exercise if you cannot get out to a IRISHEI 7 TIME4ME2017
5/17/17 8:33 A
Hope all my dear spark friends have a wonderful and lovely MOTHER"S day tomorrow. Enjoy! IRISHEI 2 JUDITH316
5/13/17 4:19 A
How to Stop Any Craving Right When it Hits PERSISTENCEMIMI 2 IRISHEI
5/12/17 7:08 A
Happy Easter to all my Spark friends! IRISHEI 4 IRISHEI
5/9/17 1:15 P
dealing with food cravings JHDIETNOW 36 DESROCHERS2
5/18/17 1:06 A
Daily Chat LINDA! 411 LINDA!
6/23/17 10:56 A
Do you avoid carbs or embrace them? MARIONH4 127 CED1106
5/30/17 8:41 A
I've lost 36.1 pounds. I've got another 42 to go :/ feeling overwhelmed. 2LOGAN 303 USMAWIFE
5/1/17 4:09 P
Happy May to everyone. Let's have a healthy and active month. IRISHEI 1 IRISHEI
5/1/17 7:47 A
Happy May to everyone. Hope it is a great healthy month for everyone. Let's be determined Spark fr IRISHEI 1 IRISHEI
5/1/17 7:46 A
Let's make this week a New beginning and plan to be strong.! IRISHEI 2 KJEANBRADY
4/30/17 7:56 A
"Three months from now you will thank yourself. " Love this one, from a motivational mantra today. IRISHEI 2 PENOWOK
4/30/17 7:58 A
I've gained back some weight and i am feeling very discouraged.... anyone have and tips/tricks? SARAHANGELS 67 ISNESS
4/25/17 6:37 A
6/24/17 6:31 A
Weekly Supper Menus what are you having? LIFESGREAT2DAY 27 PRIYATLS
5/17/17 6:14 P
The Single Persons Grocery List AGITATOR1 34 06SARAHLIZ
5/2/17 8:36 A
8 months, 60 lbs, and I am no longer obese according to my BMI. Its been a long road. I swim an iron DESFLURANE1033 239 MIRAGE727
4/15/17 4:54 P
Ok. So I'm new here. I'm In the past 18 months I've lost 91 lbs all on my own. I was 241 now I'm 150 ROCHELLE22490 9 KRISTINALAMBERT
4/11/17 11:29 A
How do y'all prepare your broccoli?? I love broccoli, but to be completely honest, I've never cooked JINXX827 9 LUANN_IN_PA
4/11/17 1:10 P
Sicker than a dog all week. ..can't anything down or. have made it a point to walk a HPOFBC 9 HPOFBC
4/11/17 2:59 P
Still having cable, tv, and internet problems. Today they founds some frayed wires outdoors and put IRISHEI 6 KATHYJO56
4/12/17 12:20 A
Missed logging in yesterday....UGH!!! Still sick with bronchitis and sinusitis....somehow I forgot. IRISHEI 5 KAREN2LOSE55
4/3/17 11:47 A
I wasn't really posing for either photo, they were only for my DietBet weigh ins and were both taken DEILENARIAN 226 PRIMEDOUGHNUT
4/1/17 5:33 P
Turning 51 today,and my first gift to myself was the scale read 180 it has been a long time since I KENJR8 302 MARIANAD2
3/30/17 3:57 P
I've lost 80lbs in 7 months. I'm only 10lbs away from my goal weight. Couldn't have done it without RUTHIE0609 97 NANCYA8689
3/29/17 8:55 P
285lbs lost since Jan 2015!! With no surgery!! Don GPALMER29 282 DEEBREF52
5/10/17 8:59 P
Been sick with Bronchitis and Sinusitis for over a week. )-: Cannot do my normal exercising. So try IRISHEI 8 FEEDTHEHUNGER
4/3/17 8:44 A
Are you a breakfast skipper? At least try to have a glass of milk (dairy or non). The carbs give y PATRICIAANN46 10 IRISHEI
3/28/17 11:21 A
Do any of you have apple trees? If so, what is your favorite for taste and also for baking? PATRICIAANN46 4 IRISHEI
3/28/17 11:20 A
What is your favorite cooking oil? I cook with Olive Oil and my husband likes Canola. PATRICIAANN46 9 GINNABOOTS
3/28/17 3:06 P
Whether it's your friends,family,significant other or people at work, they can really bring you down JUSTSTICKWITHIT 6 MWARNER211
3/28/17 11:33 A
Went for a 4 mile walk by the river last evening , felt inspired from you folks on SPARK ! Slept lik STARFISH1961 26 KELLIEBEAN
3/28/17 9:08 P
This Rub Makes the Chicken Breast Yummy. Easy! PERSISTENCEMIMI 5 PERSISTENCEMIMI
3/28/17 10:02 P
Still plugging away! Getting more and more proud of my hard work every week. Another few pounds and CHOLA82 167 ANGELAFREEMAN88
3/26/17 7:04 A
Well today is my 27th birthday, I haven't done much as far as changing my habits yet. Tho I am proud MRSPIXIE23 21 JOANNEJI
3/23/17 9:57 A
My husband's in the military, and our first PCS was to Italy January 2016. I didn't realize how the PRETTYPOPPET 10 LYZZIEO
4/15/17 1:41 P
I posted earlier of my 166 pound weight loss it's embarrassing but this is my before and after keep CTRENT2 173 CHRIS3874
3/21/17 9:55 P
Good Morning! I am down 12 lbs in a month. I have a lot to go. I need to start a workout routine any PCANDY 305 BELLACUDDLES
4/20/17 8:36 A
3/21/17 9:45 A
There's been ups and downs. But 41 lbs down in a year!! SUNGIRL822 248 FBAILEY24X
3/19/17 8:12 A
All SparkPeople, no surgery, crazy diets, or extreme exercise. Have faith! You can do this if I ca ~INDYGIRL 240 CHUBICHICK
3/26/17 6:05 P
What a difference 120 lbs can make. Still working on reaching my goal but this is me then and now. MISS-WILLOW 259 DAWN1830
3/17/17 5:16 P
Posted a photo LPORTER2015 17 RAZZOOZLE
3/17/17 12:02 P

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