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Good Monday Morning Sparkers! Let's kick our plan into high gear this week to reach a few goals. Co BOOHOOBEAR 23 EO4WELLNESS
12/11/17 6:46 P
Enjoy this Beautiful Day !!! MOCHAMAZZJAZZ 31 JACKIEWALKS4FUN
12/11/17 8:25 A
12/11/17 12:01 P
Posted a photo TINABEANA16 9 AUNTRENEE
12/11/17 8:40 A
Good morning 😃 KEENA47 35 KEENA47
12/11/17 2:50 P
12/11/17 9:09 A
Up and on the Dreadmill for 30 minutes LEANJEAN6 38 RAINBOWMF
12/12/17 10:12 A
#lowcarb. OBSIDYAN2 38 GEORGE815
12/11/17 12:47 P
Posted a photo LPORTER2015 53 WOMANOFLOVE
12/11/17 9:33 P
Planning to enjoy my birthday today since we only get one a year! LPORTER2015 311 KATHYJO56
12/12/17 12:08 A
Baby it's cold out. This was how Titan prepared for his morning walk here in Miami Beach this mornin TUBLADY 17 ABUELAMEMA52
12/11/17 8:31 A
It's starting to come off, 2.75lbs down 😁 ZENNITH 12 MLR_00
12/10/17 9:06 A
Special Christmas party at my Mothers rest home. My brother, Mother 89 and I. So blessed to still ha ZOOMTHOM 19 WOMANOFLOVE
12/11/17 9:38 P
Workout complete run. Only 5k SANTS77 7 TMP0418
12/10/17 7:02 A
1st season of snow fall yesterday... why not GYMLYF_RJONES 10 ORTATK
12/10/17 7:26 A
12/10/17 4:54 P
Walked all 4 dogs over to the groomers - 20 minutes - dropped off the fluffies (Pom & Papillon). Wal DESERTDREAMERS 19 ILOVEROSES
12/10/17 4:24 A
Wintry wishes. May this season bring you the gifts of peace, hope and joy. For my friend, I send SPARKFRAN514 7 ILOVEROSES
12/10/17 4:23 A
Never confuse your actions, possessions and connections wit who you are. Get to know yourself! Mar 1CRAZYDOG 13 CANNINGNANNY
12/10/17 6:39 A
The snow is falling--hopefully it won't stick to the roads--but it does look lovely! Got to the gym, DIANNEMT 3 ILOVEROSES
12/10/17 4:22 A
Posted a photo SHOCOSS 12 EDLEAR
12/11/17 2:48 A
I am continuing to lose on the Keto lifestyle. Praise God! I hope to be at goal weight in February NOLAHORSERIDER 8 BARB4HEALTH
12/10/17 11:29 P
Haven’t been losing any pounds so I tried another way to track progress. I will put this dress on ev SBREWER1021 92 GABIRUSZCZAK
12/8/17 9:59 P
I still have a few pounds to go, but my before photo showed up today and reminded me how far I’ve co MOMMALGT 200 LARKDC
12/12/17 7:50 P
Snow man advice Be a jolly, happy soul Spend time outdoors Stay cool It’s okay to be a little botto SPARKFRAN514 13 ILOVEROSES
12/8/17 9:05 A
The wind has kicked up & temps are dropping. Good thing I already walked the little dogs while the s DESERTDREAMERS 25 ILOVEROSES
12/8/17 9:05 A
Rebounded this evening and both @Fitbit and @Walkr app agreed I went over 10,000 steps ... this is t PROVERBS31JULIA 17 ILOVEROSES
12/8/17 9:04 A
. . . you are enough just as you are . . . you are loved beyond measure and capable of anything. K 1CRAZYDOG 9 ILOVEROSES
12/8/17 9:03 A
My Christmas picture with Racey and my birthday with his other mom followed SPARKFRAN514 18 1CRAZYDOG
12/8/17 12:03 P
Morning workout. Done. Breakfast..healthy. Off to a good start. How about you? CYNTHIAAJ 15 HOLLYM48
12/5/17 9:38 A
Posted a photo NEPTUNE1939 13 REGILIEH
12/5/17 11:48 P
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 39 DIINTRP
12/5/17 11:48 A
trying very hard to stick to my calories allowed to-day! LEANJEAN6 66 CKOUDSI617
12/6/17 2:30 P
I'm out here again. Getting it done. Running a few miles today. Look at that sky. Off I go into th DENISEA495 106 CHRISTOPHER63
12/5/17 8:00 P
Down another 3.2 lbs. So happy! Total since October 10th is 18.5. Goal right now is to be under 220 APUCHUCHU2 133 APUCHUCHU2
12/5/17 10:15 P
Want more love? Be more loving. Gail Lynne Goodwin 1CRAZYDOG 15 CANNINGNANNY
12/6/17 5:29 A
Determined Daisies KALISWALKER 39 RONDAJO56
12/14/17 9:51 A
This month is always special too me. Besides the holiday it's my birthday month. Dec. 19 will be 76. TUBLADY 21 ILOVEROSES
12/2/17 9:24 P
There is beauty in simplicity! Gail Lynne Goodwin 1CRAZYDOG 12 CANNINGNANNY
12/3/17 6:43 A
I'm being lazy today. Not doing more than I have too. Of course I always do some exercise and walk T TUBLADY 11 JAMER123
12/2/17 10:27 P
Posted a photo SPARKFRAN514 7 1958TMC
12/3/17 4:32 P
We are all unique individuals w/our experiences, culture, perspectives and beliefs. We need to embr 1CRAZYDOG 14 ILOVEROSES
12/1/17 4:45 A
Even with the beautiful weather today, I had to take it easy. My lower back and right hip has been a NOLAHORSERIDER 11 ILOVEROSES
12/1/17 4:44 A
Did you have a Woohoo Wednesday? My highlight was rowing machine and weights. How about you? SPARKGUY 30 _LINDA
12/5/17 5:29 P
Since I have moved to an area that calls for more summer type clothes. I can no longer hide in leggi TUBLADY 9 MORTICIAADDAMS
12/1/17 8:38 A
Collaboration and cooperation will beat competition every time. Gail Lynne Goodwin 1CRAZYDOG 6 LIVEDAILY
12/1/17 8:44 A
I'm retiring today - 40 years a Federal Nurse (10 in the Army Nurse Corps; 30 as a civilian nurse) DESERTDREAMERS 187 ILOVEROSES
12/1/17 4:36 A
Posted a photo SPARKFRAN514 12 ILOVEROSES
12/1/17 4:35 A
Keep balloons on the first page DAIZYSTARLITE 13735 NASFKAB
12/9/17 12:34 A
Keep Mr. Turtle on the first page SMITTY934 23431 NASFKAB
12/8/17 11:39 P
Keep the grapes on the first page MINDYJ1 8837 MINDYJ1
12/14/17 10:27 A
A my name is Alice ... A-Z GRATTECIELLA 5574 SUSANH1230
12/13/17 9:01 A
A healthy day starts with a healthy breakfast - homemade almond milk & berries smoothie with chia se MADA 21 AUNTRENEE
11/28/17 8:52 A
Cold windy and sunny walk of 4 miles -POOKIE- 29 IAN2409
11/29/17 12:11 A
I am up way too early... I guess I will go for a walk... LESLIELENORE 19 CHERIRIDDELL
11/29/17 1:29 A
November in Las Vegas. Caroline Jasmine in full bloom outside my door and 79 degrees. I’ll take it PAMBROWN62 30 COMEBACKKID12
11/28/17 11:07 P
Tuesday = try something different! This was different for me, and felt good! I'm cooking millet for RAWCOOKIE 10 KITT52
11/28/17 11:28 A
Another day of starting again after two mentally and dietary catastrophic days. Hope I do better tod IREMIA 13 _LINDA
11/28/17 8:48 A
The sunset last night as I walked the dog... Not sure why it is loading sideways...? But you get th LESLIELENORE 25 CHERIRIDDELL
11/29/17 1:28 A
Focused attention results in attracting what you want. Gail Lynne Goodwin 1CRAZYDOG 15 ILOVEROSES
11/28/17 4:44 A
I had a great sleep...over 8 hours in fact. That's just unheard of in my household. :D NOLAHORSERIDER 6 ILOVEROSES
11/28/17 4:43 A
You can't live in the past, but you shouldn't forget it either. But how I conduct myself today will TUBLADY 9 ILOVEROSES
11/28/17 4:43 A
Ate sparingly during Thanksgiving dinner. Actually wasn't hungry. Can't wait for weigh in tomorrow.. NOLAHORSERIDER 9 ILOVEROSES
11/27/17 7:18 A
Going to stay in my Caloric range to-day for sure! LEANJEAN6 45 PATRICIA-CR
11/28/17 8:23 A
Morning breakfast on most days is , Cottage cheese, cantaloupe and blueberries. Ran out of blueberri TUBLADY 20 ILOVEROSES
11/27/17 7:17 A
Since starting the Ketogenics on Sept 25, 2917 I have lost 14.8 pounds. WooHoo!! NOLAHORSERIDER 7 ILOVEROSES
11/27/17 7:17 A
I have had such a fabulous week. I decided to splurge today for a healthy multi grain smallish bagel TUBLADY 20 ILOVEROSES
11/27/17 7:15 A
*♥ -:¦:-*♥~.•*´¨ )♥~*-:¦:-*♥~.•*´¨ )♥~*-: -*♥-* Oneness is the law of nature: what we do to others 1CRAZYDOG 7 ILOVEROSES
11/27/17 7:14 A
Keep the cornucopia on the first page! MINDYJ1 233 NASFKAB
12/4/17 9:11 A
post a fitness icon LINDABENEDICT 1134 NASFKAB
12/13/17 11:36 A
Post A Fitness Icon GOODHEALTH08 1340 NASFKAB
12/12/17 7:58 P
11/24/17 6:53 A
11/24/17 7:59 A
First run in over a week - it felt good :) RAWCOOKIE 15 BDTHOM
11/26/17 8:26 P
Update: Last time I posted, I was depressed about CUTE_FLUTE40 22 WLHOPE
11/24/17 9:58 A