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New workout leggings ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ 2AWESOME4U 20 EEJAA70
1/16/18 10:42 P
45 pounds gone. And this shirt was NOT purchased from the plus size section!! I am closer to my goal WHUTTAQT 66 PATRICIAANN46
1/16/18 11:07 P
Got an hour of walking and other activity in so far today. Had to wait a half hour for the shuttle t SQUIGGMOOCOW 6 SADIEMYERS
1/16/18 4:13 P
I feel like the little engine that could. I can do this. I know I can. STALBOTT48 5 7STIGGYMT
1/15/18 11:46 P
My new sweet treat at the end of the day. Swiss miss hot cocoa. ๐Ÿ˜Š IBSHAUN 7 WOMANOFLOVE
1/15/18 11:51 P
Went for water a day instead! ๐Ÿค— LOSING_FOR_LIFE 2 IBSHAUN
1/15/18 10:23 P
Zucchini boats with ground chicken and sun dried tomatoes AYLAH-MAY 24 SUESALLA1
1/16/18 6:26 P
Fifteen days later than I was gunning for but target weight achieved. Not sure where I'm going with RONFOXX58 30 BEBAUGH1
1/15/18 2:31 P
Down 45 lbs since July 25th 2017 DOM924530 274 AMPC30
1/15/18 7:31 P
I'm nervous about doing this, but this is the only way anything is going to change. HEYITSCRYSTAL26 3 IBSHAUN
1/15/18 12:01 A
I lost my Fitbit dongle, so bummed. How am I going to charge it now? SWEAT2LOSE 5 SWEAT2LOSE
1/16/18 9:40 P
I've done it started at 301 March 2017 lost my 50 pounds January 2018 I hit my goal now to set a new HJUDIE1 62 BIGRENTMAN
1/15/18 8:37 A
#BeforeAndAfter 101 lbs weight loss SHESACOUNTRYSWE 176 BSPORTER66
1/16/18 1:51 P
Do you drink a meal replacement shake? If so, what kind and why? IBSHAUN 7 JOCELYNH711
1/15/18 7:19 A
My body is tired today. Think today will be a rest day instead of tomorrow. Have a great day everyon IBSHAUN 2 BEBAUGH1
1/13/18 2:28 P
Hello everyone. Today is my first day on here. I am starting 3rd semester of nursing school Tuesda SKORNTHEUER 85 ZZSUSAN
1/13/18 5:42 P
Well this will be my diet for the next few days ugh ๐Ÿ˜ฃ feel free to sing soft kitty ๐Ÿ˜น TMP0418 101 -POOKIE-
1/14/18 2:50 A
Down another pound this week! Thatโ€™s so much progress for me! It doesnโ€™t come off easy for me - that IBSHAUN 3 ROBINVOTAW
1/12/18 1:01 P
#BeforeAndAfter Before - Probably around 285lbs on vacation i KATB86 43 BEACHNUTNURSE8
1/15/18 7:11 P
Hold on to yer Boots Texans! We are a gettin' Flurries! Land sakes the whole state is gonna shut dow STACYTEXAN 10 JAWATKINS
1/15/18 8:59 A
I like Honey Nut Cheerios or pancakes and sausage for breakfast but am trying to find healthier opti KILTORE 19 WOMANOFLOVE
1/12/18 5:05 P
I started this journey with my best friend one year ago today. I managed to lose 70 lbs last year, t HOL1218 306 EO4WELLNESS
1/12/18 1:34 P
Dinner tonight: ๐Ÿฆƒ sausage, ๐ŸŒถ, onion, and ๐Ÿง€ JENCT76 12 JENCT76
1/13/18 4:34 P
1/11/18 10:03 A
I thought this was pretty hillarious! SMOEII-1 7 TMP0418
1/10/18 6:27 P
Pretty proud of this yummy lunch!! JUDYBEAR216 26 BILLTHOMSON
1/10/18 9:35 P
So prior to this new journey of healthier eating, I didn't eat until satisfied or even full, I would SHAUNA_FAITH 7 SHAUNA_FAITH
1/10/18 8:21 P
I made lentil soup last night so I would not have to cook after treatment. It was delicious. I just DIALYSISCHIC1 56 TMP0418
1/10/18 9:22 A
Starting over in 2018. New to SparkPeople. Lost 90lbs in 2015 using MyFitnessPal , but I injured my NANCYLM2018 174 KIMMYGA1
1/10/18 11:18 A
What is your favorite veggie to snack on? Iโ€™m hooked on sugar snap peas and carrots. IBSHAUN 2 KALMIA05787
1/9/18 6:12 P
I had a simple lunch today, but I really enjoyed i IBSHAUN 4 LINDASOUTHER
1/9/18 6:47 P
I have 13 more lbs to go and I'm losing motivation.... Having lots of self doubt.... SNDCKINSON1 6 TERRI1458
1/9/18 4:31 P
My slow cooker dish cracked during cooking today ๐Ÿ˜ฃ FBAILEY24X 12 EVILCECIL
1/10/18 7:00 A
So angry! Used an app to track my walk. It says I walked 1.5 miles and burned no E75646 7 E75646
1/9/18 4:28 P
a little humor to help us through KEEPITUP4LIFE 16 JOCELYNH711
1/9/18 6:11 A
Just pulled a pair of pants out I haven't worn in years! I got them when my son was 3...he is almos EMSTERMO5 7 IBSHAUN
1/9/18 1:01 A
This is me at 285 lbs. Staring over again! Wish me luck. NEW YEAR NEW YOU!!! PRSPLACE 31 TASHA4-8-1973
1/9/18 5:49 A
I have a horrible cold but I'm hanging in there! CHEETARA79 6 IAN2409
1/8/18 10:21 P
I'm so glad that I came back to Spark People - doing this together really helps! Let's connect at S IBSHAUN 2 ALALADY
1/8/18 5:32 P
If I plan to eat well and exercise I could be in 100s before February. Milly said 'you've got this, ZOOMTHOM 8 AOKDIET21
1/9/18 4:06 A
It's crazy how relevant this quote is to me! In 2012, I decided I wanted to lose weight but did not ALLYLIZZY 9 JPSCOV66
1/8/18 11:58 P
This is apx 83 lbs lighter since Jan 2017. BRENDA_77039 128 FUNNYFACE101002
1/8/18 7:15 A
A few years ago I decided to take full control of getting back in shape. I began my weightloss journ LADYBK-FIT 246 ~BRY~2009
1/7/18 8:06 P
First day of tracking. Need to make a fresh start. Whole family started with me, but this year us LYNMCC1 144 CINDYLOVING250
1/7/18 6:05 P
Starting tomorrow on my 100lb weight loss journey PERRYA4 22 ZRIE014
1/7/18 1:02 A
Hi just joining the feed. I'm starting my journey again. I've reached a high of 276 lbs, and i'm don MSNET2222 90 BOOKNUT52
1/7/18 3:03 A
January 2018 .. Focus: Get ME back! ๐Ÿง˜๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธ Day 4 total body circuit ... totally kicked my booty... SISNEROSMD 9 EO4WELLNESS
1/7/18 2:43 P
Trying to stay motivated while my DH stays on the couch. Workout and walk done. IBSHAUN 2 SADIEMYERS
1/6/18 3:42 P
I have done it, I have officially lost 30 pounds!!!!!!! ๐ŸคธAll thanks to you guys and gals that keep KIMBERLYASHLYN 307 LOULOU1709
1/7/18 12:36 A
Every time I get up Iโ€™m reminded that yesterday was leg day. ๐Ÿ˜† IBSHAUN 1 IBSHAUN
1/6/18 12:05 A
I need more motivation, anyone have anything they do that helps? LINDSEYTATE08 4 KATIPOOH
1/5/18 1:38 P
Feeling good about my morning - I hope everyone has a good day! IBSHAUN 2 MPARAGIN
1/5/18 12:25 P
Hello everyone. First time here. Really excited to make that change! KOREY_ELIZABETH 9 ABUELAMEMA52
1/5/18 2:48 A
Iโ€™m red-faced and out of breath. Yikes. Iโ€™ve never MHAXBY1 47 TMP0418
1/5/18 11:38 A
My wonderful husband and four of the best children HRCURFMAN 15 RBVRE565
1/5/18 6:18 A
1/5/18 6:48 P
1/5/18 12:53 P
Anyone using the IdealLean shakes? IBSHAUN 1 IBSHAUN
1/4/18 5:31 P
Went over my recommended daily calorie intake. What a bomber! DECANCOM 5 MSMITCHELL2696
1/4/18 6:29 P
Went shopping and ended up having McDonald's for lunch... :( SMOEII-1 10 CIERAPOET
1/4/18 5:50 P
Feeling good about today - Halfway through and on a good track. IBSHAUN 1 IBSHAUN
1/4/18 5:27 P
๐Ÿ˜ฅ I'm tired. Just got a workout in without going to the gym. Washing an autistic child's hair is ho JENEEJAMES 4 IBSHAUN
1/4/18 4:28 P
12 degrees and 1 below (windshield)here in NE Illinois. Baby it's cold outside!!! LOSEWEIGHT1212 3 4CONNIESHEALTH
1/4/18 11:17 P
215lbs to 153.8 I got like 8lbs till I reach 145 a normal weight for my HEIGHT SWIFT6913221 152 KERRYG155
1/5/18 10:49 P
Iโ€™m supposed to get up and go for a walk. Both of my cars just laid on my lap. Iโ€™m stuck โ˜บ๏ธ IBSHAUN 5 FUNNYFACE101002
1/5/18 7:48 A
I'm sick with the flu the last 2 days hate it because I can't go to the exercise has been ver TIF 2 IBSHAUN
1/3/18 10:06 P
Just do you re-find drive, motivation, and discipline? In November of 2013 I reached BOUTTIME24 3 IBSHAUN
1/3/18 10:04 P
A customer at work called me pregnant today :( I'm down to my lowest weight in years, 182...i don't KZLENKA93 14 STAR135000
1/3/18 11:13 P
Today is a kind of anniversary. One year ago today I went to see the doctor for hormone issues and KRISTIEJACOBSEN 110 ALLENJOSEPH
1/12/18 10:14 A
Successful Day 2! IBSHAUN 1 IBSHAUN
1/3/18 8:26 P
My starting weight is 205 lbs, I will be weighing myself weekly. I'm simply starting with changing h 2018NEWYEAR 120 WOODSYGIRL
1/3/18 5:54 P
Did you have a good Tuesday? My highlight was a short hike. How about you? SPARKGUY 90 SHOAPIE
1/3/18 8:20 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 15 ASPEN
1/3/18 6:37 A
Omg! This flu is NEVER letting go! Canโ€™t wait to feel better and get back to the gym! JUSTKAREY 4 GOODGETNBETR
1/2/18 9:11 P
Yesterday was a bad day full of funk. Today I have hit my mark and had one full successful day. IBSHAUN 2 SMAT527
1/2/18 11:00 P