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Had to change my plans, thank you bad drivers who cause accidents that block the ONLY road into my c HWNHMMBRD 1 HWNHMMBRD
6/29/17 2:17 A
Favorite run/walk tracking apps? Looking for something to give distance and pace. PINKMUSTARD21 2 HWNHMMBRD
6/29/17 1:57 A
Hi I am Lollie17 LOLLIE17 3 JULIEJO39
6/28/17 9:11 P
Partner in calorie killin crime. Love when she gives me the full up and down to see what I'm wearing RIEFOR 12 DONDRAO1
6/25/17 4:28 A
Got my head of Napa cabbage cut up and soaking for kimchee. Homemade is sooooo much better than thos KKRAVIG1975 3 KKRAVIG1975
6/24/17 9:01 P
Lil' help? Any Sparkers out there have recommendations for when you fall off the wagon? Life got in WONDERASHLEY 8 WONDERASHLEY
6/24/17 5:09 P
Today I am 2.2 lbs away from my short term goal of 32 lbs by my birthday which is July 1st. I think MSCARRIE46 3 MTN_KITTEN
6/24/17 3:28 P
I keep seeing post abt "Walk the Pounds away" with Leslie Sansone. I thought how boring just walking ALOFA0509 6 DIVINAMAMA
6/25/17 1:16 A
6/24/17 11:30 A
#NSV. My sweet rescue is a bit timid and nervous. He won't eat unless we are right next to him. I us HWNHMMBRD 9 HWNHMMBRD
6/22/17 7:32 P
Cabin Fever!!!!!!!!!!! Spending 98% of my time sitting with my leg up on multiple pillows, with wire CHEFTONITO 3 HWNHMMBRD
6/22/17 2:53 P
Love my new digital scale to weigh my food. So easy to use. BELLE1997 12 SJOYOUS
6/21/17 11:43 P
I can not give up this time! STEFIE-17 5 VICKYLYLES
6/24/17 11:02 P
Words of Wisdom... MIRANDAMASON603 6 KMILLER31
6/20/17 6:17 P
I was really brave and went out on a bike today - I made it all the way to the end of the nearest cy MELIKO_SLT 2 HWNHMMBRD
6/20/17 5:13 P
Is it still possible to connect Runkeeper and Sparkpeople? I have been updating Runkeeper with my ex LIMDUR 4 DB6864
6/20/17 5:28 P
I may not see the weight coming off yet but I can feel my body changing and reacting to this new lif TANNAGOODIN 28 KIMBERLY0527
6/20/17 7:06 P
Any tips on Drinking water😷it a so horrible KK691322 11 LASTDIET2017
6/20/17 2:23 A
This week, I lost a whopping...wait for it...0.4lbs! Lol, at least it's 0.4 lbs in the right directi CBELLE02 5 P7058PGA
6/19/17 11:01 P
Okay guys! HELP! I am still struggling with making the scale move. And I'm feeling more tired tha TANNBREEDEN 4 HWNHMMBRD
6/19/17 10:22 P
I've been doing great with my diet and exercise but I am afraid to weight myself. If I haven't lost TCRANE522 7 HWNHMMBRD
6/19/17 7:21 P
Day 7. I have mostly been working on food, eating better and eating less. I went to the gym once and TREX_WORKS_IT 15 TREX_WORKS_IT
6/21/17 11:25 P
6/24/17 10:54 P
I know I need to exercise more. I do great on the weekend but during the week I don't workout much ( JENGLAND09 4 HWNHMMBRD
6/16/17 1:07 A
BL Mission: SlimPossible ITC challenge-eat a new or rarely eaten summer fruit. I haven't had Lychee HWNHMMBRD 5 LIVEDAILY
6/16/17 1:56 P
I am a newly diagnosed diabetic, type II. My mom and twin both are type I. I had an older brother di PHOTOSBYJJH 6 JANNY7508
6/25/17 8:48 P
My fur baby's response when I tell him it's time to go home. He ❀️ the beach 🌊! HWNHMMBRD 9 LIVEDAILY
6/12/17 6:04 P
I just got done helping to bale so hay. I was helping for about 2 hour, I am not sure how to put t WILSONDRAKE4 4 HWNHMMBRD
6/11/17 8:54 P
Lunch is a Subway Double Oven Roasted Chicken Chopped Salad, milk, and apple slices. HWNHMMBRD 32 LIVEDAILY
6/11/17 6:19 P
Today is World Knit in Public Day. I signed up to attend an event, then realized the venue is righ HWNHMMBRD 3 LIVEDAILY
6/10/17 6:39 P
Even on a gloomy day, my sweet Labracadabrador helps me find the good stuff on our sunset walk. BONNIEMARGAY 9 GARDENCHRIS
6/10/17 12:38 P
Eating after 7 p.m. GODDESS42 3 VICKYLYLES
6/9/17 11:01 P
#mobilechat This last week I went to an event, having been 'the fattest person in the room' for year LRJUSTUS1 16 ANGELN325
6/11/17 1:10 P
Im getting tired of eating salads. Where do you get your healthy easy recipes besides spark. ERIKAM1027 6 RAGERBOMB22
6/9/17 7:50 P
Is anyone on here doing a ketogenic diet? I started entering my gram goals for carbs, protein and fa KETO4M3 5 KETO4M3
6/9/17 8:40 P
This is my third day and silly as it might sound I already feel better. I have exercised some each d VIV1914 5 VIV1914
6/8/17 10:26 P
How do you record your workout with the Simply Fit Board on your exercise tracker? BLUETIFFANYS 2 HWNHMMBRD
6/8/17 7:04 P
Shorter more intense workouts or longer and less intense? Is there a right or wrong way to this? PINKMUSTARD21 7 PINKMUSTARD21
6/8/17 9:49 P
Any suggestions for help with bad knees. I want to walk more but knees act up and keep me from it. KBOUGHE 11 HWNHMMBRD
6/8/17 5:52 P
world knit in public day saturday june 10th USMAWIFE 4 FREIGHTGODDESS
6/11/17 11:01 A
Haven't seen it advertised on TV, but Wendy's has a new Strawberry Mango Chicken Salad. I am in Hea HWNHMMBRD 4 LIVEDAILY
6/4/17 11:17 P
Just checked yesterday's report. Holy smoke, perfect πŸ‘Œ on my macros for the first time. (This is th HWNHMMBRD 13 RUSSELLFORD
6/4/17 11:19 P
Posted a photo CAJUNGAL328 6 APACHESTEVE
6/3/17 10:05 P
Hoping NO Hurricanes this year!! Have you gone thru a bad Hurricane?? FLASUN 23 JAMER123
6/2/17 11:46 P
Funny how the thought of drinking two 40 oz containers of water is okay, but drinking four 18 oz con HWNHMMBRD 3 LIVEDAILY
6/2/17 4:29 P
Meet Moose. This guy's happy face always makes my day. We have had lots of long walks together latel HEALTHYROCHELLE 18 NVITRO
6/1/17 2:56 P
5/31/17 7:50 P
Getting the exercise in with yard work. It's hot today! #stayonit #keepontruckin MIKEJSGIRL 9 MAMAHELKAT
5/31/17 7:52 P
So I joined a gym in march and have been going at least three times a week. Had a personal trainer t ARLOHAM 11 ARLOHAM
5/31/17 9:41 P
Really wanna skip today's workout, but I know I can't. I need some motivation. Help me Spark People LATISHEDEE 6 LATISHEDEE
5/31/17 9:01 P
As I have a lot to lose, my doctor said shoot for around 1800 cals. a day and 30 mins. activity. Do S82273 15 CAJUNGAL328
5/31/17 8:25 P
I'm posting this as self motivation. Since January, I've arrived here. The before photo was taken GREENEYESKIGIRL 304 CNHAY5
5/31/17 8:53 P
Any workout tips for someone who is on a knee scooter? I cant put pressure on my foot. CORINAS33 8 ELYSIAN_DREAMS
5/30/17 11:37 P
May Word Game KRYS210 66 KRYS210
6/1/17 4:53 P
Has anyone else ever tried eating off a kid's plate to help with portion control? JB65773 202 LIVEDAILY
5/31/17 10:30 P
Woke up to an email from Fitbit saying congratulation on 55,000 steps. I realized I left my Fitbit HWNHMMBRD 12 LIVEDAILY
5/31/17 10:31 P
Spent about an hour romping at the beach with this handsome boy. It felt so good after all the clean HWNHMMBRD 10 LIVEDAILY
5/30/17 4:39 P
The ads on the app have become really aggressive and are taking away from the experience. Anyone els SAMUS19 5 SAMUS19
5/29/17 7:38 P
A couple weeks ago I asked if you all prefer actual books or e-books. I got a lot of replies back. LIZSPRINGSTEEN 2 HWNHMMBRD
5/29/17 4:29 P
We ate Chinese food last night and I instantly felt like crap--headache, heartburn, guilt. I'm actua BRIANNEBZB 3 DEEREID2015
5/29/17 4:25 P
I have almost finished drinking 64 oz water with out realizing it. Thought I was barely half way, t HWNHMMBRD 5 LIVEDAILY
5/29/17 12:54 P
As I was sitting and watching the reenactment in Mackinaw city, Mi. I watched an entire family eat a J91762 16 REEDSKI
5/29/17 7:47 A
5/29/17 12:55 P
Frustrated. Can't figure out why I'm still at 180. I've calculated my calorie intake it's at less th MOGOBBO14 15 MOGOBBO14
5/29/17 8:05 A
Shrimp, rice, and black beans with a side of green beans SMACLACHLAN 16 TCANNO
5/28/17 10:15 P
Able to wear my engagement ring for the first time in 4 years πŸ’ RIEFOR 6 KARENWILL2
5/29/17 6:17 A
I am thinking that early evening walks have at least two benefits. When you take a walk you burn cal SUEBEEGRAM 7 KILTORE
5/28/17 3:33 P
Memorial Day rememberances USMAWIFE 3 HWNHMMBRD
5/28/17 1:57 P
I went shopping for new clothes yesterday and I had to share the experience that I think many of you RANAF222 5 HWNHMMBRD
5/28/17 11:43 A
Just finished week 2 of C25K!! Super scared but excited for what the next 6 weeks will bring. Anyone CAROLINEEET 3 HWNHMMBRD
5/28/17 11:41 A
Another 12 hour day shift, πŸ˜‘. Be real glad to get back to my 3-11 shift next week. Hope everyone ha HWNHMMBRD 3 LIVEDAILY
5/28/17 4:45 P
My morning view on my way to work. HWNHMMBRD 20 LIVEDAILY
5/27/17 11:19 P
Gym all to myself...woohoo!!! MSKIZ69 8 UMUCGRAD
5/27/17 6:19 P
This is my water bottle and I faithfully refill it a minimum of 7 times a day...whats your favorite? 8PTSHOOTER 8 HWNHMMBRD
5/27/17 5:16 P
As of today I am 17 lb lighter. My goal is 150 and REBBAJ 7 PUDINTAYNE
5/27/17 5:07 P

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