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Talked myself out of the gym last night before work and almost didn’t go this morning after. Glad I HWNHMMBRD 7 LIVEDAILY
2/24/18 5:08 P
The original Casual Friday. "The Aloha Friday thing really look back to Duke Kahanamoku. In the '40 HWNHMMBRD 3 DMDANGELO
2/23/18 9:19 A
My new ouchy from trying and failing on a bike. Fell to the left (sore knee) side and got stuck in a RAWN13 15 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
2/23/18 8:08 A
How do y’all weigh the food in oz or grams? Which one is easy BMGH85 12 -POOKIE-
2/22/18 10:01 A
So, slight miscommunication about my work schedule and I showed up 4 hours early. I had already gon HWNHMMBRD 9 LIVEDAILY
2/22/18 2:55 P
Morning cherubs! How many calories has your Spark set for you per day please? Mine seems a bit high CHLOE2525 11 MYHIGHESTVALUE
2/22/18 10:24 A
2/20/18 2:14 P
So, just finished the Biggest Loser Winter Challenge. Down 3 pounds. Wish it were more, but happy HWNHMMBRD 6 YBBHAPPY
2/17/18 9:12 A
Got up at 2am, as usual and went to the gym. My 24-hour access card didn't work to open the door. MARATHON_MOM 5 CHEIVOUS
2/15/18 6:53 P
Nothing is working, I hate setbacks. DREAMWORKATTAIN 18 TIGERSEYEHEART
2/15/18 3:13 P
Snow shoeing in the woods JSTETSER 19 LIS193
2/14/18 12:24 P
Question... I have a twisted ankle with only 10 minutes of walking allowed. What is the quickest bes SUSIESPARK4444 9 SUSIESPARK4444
2/14/18 8:20 A
Gunfunnitt!! Took my Fitbit off to wash dishes and forgot it on the kitchen counter. I am at work a HWNHMMBRD 8 LIVEDAILY
2/14/18 10:44 A
Injured my knee. Seeking cardio exercises to do till it heals. Any suggestions? BEATTYN1 3 HWNHMMBRD
2/13/18 11:39 P
So I am struggling with just getting started on losing weight. I can't decide which way to go... cal ONEDAYATTATIME 8 ONEDAYATTATIME
2/15/18 9:05 A
Been sick with a bad cold/flu the last week or so. Have been eating right even while sick, which is CHERIB00 8 KSTEVERSON
2/14/18 8:54 A
new member SABRINA182 3 SYLVIEGIRL
2/18/18 8:10 A
2/18/18 8:07 A
Day 1 on Spark People but 3rd week into my diet. I have a wedding dress I need to lose about 15 lbs HEATHERNJ123 5 HEATHERNJ123
2/8/18 12:12 P
Haven't exercised in...too long Worked out yesterday with Jillian Michaels DVD and my resistance ban LEVISGIRL4EVER 4 LEVISGIRL4EVER
2/8/18 8:47 A
Does anyone count there water from coffee, tea, protein shakes, etc. towards their water intake for JREINEKE01 9 JREINEKE01
2/7/18 2:56 P
Has anyone had luck with Slimfast? Drink two shakes and have 3 snacks during the day, with one solid CDC7000 9 CDC7000
2/9/18 3:38 P
My new workout shirt. Paid $1 for it on clearance😁👍 SADIEMYERS 159 MEAGOP
2/17/18 10:41 P
Ugh, 2.5 lb gain. Over-night shifts are getting to me. HWNHMMBRD 4 LIVEDAILY
2/7/18 4:50 P
I eat this a lot for breakfast. Egg, ham, and spinach. I need new ideas for low carb breakfasts. LAM200514 15 TRISSYINCHARGE
2/7/18 8:59 A
Cuddling while watching the shows I DVR’d, oh yeah at 3 am. #Nightshiftproblems Puppy Bowl, Dog Bo HWNHMMBRD 6 LIVEDAILY
2/6/18 12:47 P
#coach Question on strength training; is it better to modify an exercise to get through a set or to HWNHMMBRD 3 LIVEDAILY
2/5/18 10:09 P
I have a Baby Shower coming up next week and want to take a salad, either veggie or bean or a combo. HWNHMMBRD 5 TAQUINO77
2/5/18 5:39 A
On my walk today I saw these perfectly perfect and amazingly designed lovely purple flowers. God i TIGERSEYEHEART 22 REEDSKI
2/4/18 9:02 P
Saw this on a t-shirt and it’s so funny I had to share: “I just did a week’s worth of Cardio after HWNHMMBRD 6 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
2/4/18 1:25 P
Ready for the BOWL!! LOL LOL LOL Puppy Bowl is on today!!! WIZZLEWOLF1 6 WIZZLEWOLF1
2/4/18 5:10 P
REALLY wanted something sweet to go with my coffee and fruit wasn’t going to do the job. A lot of su HWNHMMBRD 9 LIVEDAILY
2/4/18 1:26 P
RSC - Feb. Things We Love game KRYS210 44 KAYDE53
2/18/18 9:33 P
Body is sore so today is my rest day.. Maybe ill s KAYLAORTIZ 3 CURVY_GOALS
1/26/18 10:27 A
Frustrated! My husband and I started the weight lose journey almost 2 weeks ago. We feel better but DNTSHAW 7 STINAPAG
1/26/18 10:48 A
I eat rice and pasta too often. Any suggestions to shake up my go-to staples? I am vegetarian, and I KNITGI 11 AYEGARCIA23
1/28/18 8:27 A
1/25/2018. Gym tonight was a little frustrating. I lost my headphones. I was late. And my heart ra STINAPAG 13 LASTDIET2017
1/26/18 1:54 A
These ads that pop up on this app tho...smh. Lol PHATCHIC69 3 NREED8
1/26/18 1:05 A
When I'm into the last 10 minutes of my weight training hour.... WANNATHIN 6 WANNATHIN
1/26/18 1:03 A
This is TOTALLY me! I cannot train without my tunes, man! WANNATHIN 8 WANNATHIN
1/26/18 12:57 A
So, at my gym, they wrote the question, "What are your goals over the next three months?" A few peo HWNHMMBRD 6 SADIEMYERS
1/25/18 11:18 A
Two more hours to go! I really want to not work overnights! HWNHMMBRD 3 KRISTIGIRL12208
1/25/18 11:22 A
How do you space out your calorie intake over the day. Do you always use a certain amount for each m 2017AMANDA 7 2017AMANDA
1/26/18 9:54 A
Licking her lips after she stole my breakfast and she ate all 500 calories. SWIFT6913221 36 CGARR442
1/25/18 10:34 P
Join me. Shall you? FRUGALGAL55 10 HWNHMMBRD
1/25/18 6:28 A
Took a nap before work and woke up to this. #nightshiftproblems #rescuedog HWNHMMBRD 15 LIVEDAILY
1/25/18 10:52 A
Finally feeling like I haven't been busting my okole for nothing! Down 4 lbs this week! HWNHMMBRD 2 LIVEDAILY
1/25/18 10:56 A
1/23/18 6:31 P
I didn't realize what a difference 35 pounds makes until I put on my old jeans! PURPLE_ROX1195 19 RSTEINER1313
1/23/18 6:41 P
RSC Jan. Question of the Week KRYS210 16 KRYS210
1/27/18 2:52 P
Good morning! What do you all eat for lunch when you forget yours at home? I will have to go buy som DARE2BECURVY 3 HWNHMMBRD
1/22/18 10:42 A
For those who were curious about how I got my Body Fat charts, they came from this device. This is TWISTED_HONEY 4 TWISTED_HONEY
1/22/18 10:17 A
I did very badly yesterday. Working in the ER and I did not pack my lunch or snacks and did not get KACURTIS75 5 LOTUS737
1/22/18 11:16 A
Is anyone else experiencing discrepancies when entering food scanning barcodes? I just scanned Trad LISA6101 6 LUANN_IN_PA
1/22/18 9:05 A
Frosted Fitness Fun ~ Chit Chat KPACE7 552 PATTI24
2/12/18 6:20 A
Another crazy week coming up. I woke up early, took Makua for a walk, and did my ST at home. I pre HWNHMMBRD 3 LIVEDAILY
1/20/18 5:12 P
My new trick for getting through overnight shifts: two shots of espresso mixed in a warmed up (not HWNHMMBRD 6 JBALL21
1/17/18 10:38 A
So what's something healthy for breakfast when you have no healthy breakfast food =// can't leave be TAYLORJENELLE2 8 LUANN_IN_PA
1/17/18 11:44 A
Fitbit charge 2 users: when putting the tracker in TORRIESJOURNEY 6 TORRIESJOURNEY
1/17/18 10:32 A
Please tell me your best workout playlist songs! Thanks! SHERRYF71 3 DYANNE4293
1/16/18 7:00 A
I always start my day off with a cup of coffee, how do you start yours off? NEWYEARNOFEAR 18 EVAOLIVER
1/16/18 1:33 P
12 hour night shift ✅ 30 minute bike 🚲 ride ✅ 44 minutes of strength training ✅ healthy snack 🍅🌶� HWNHMMBRD 3 PHYLONE
1/13/18 4:05 P
The only thing better than a Labracadabrador is one with a blurry tail BONNIEMARGAY 25 CATHYSFITLIFE
1/12/18 2:06 P
Halo top post update: love the black cherry (almos TORRIESJOURNEY 6 CONNIET88
1/11/18 6:11 P
Made vegetable beef barley soup for my dad. He’s almost 90. Is having trouble with solid food. Nutri PETERMORRIS966 40 AMYINTHEWILD
1/11/18 5:10 P
Bad new: co-worker is out agin and I started working at 11 pm instead of 3 pm. Good news: I went to HWNHMMBRD 16 LIVEDAILY
1/11/18 11:26 A
Got this to help me reach my goals. It’s on my bedroom closet door, so I will come face to face with HWNHMMBRD 17 LIVEDAILY
1/10/18 11:25 A
Stressing at work and got into the peppermint bark. Tracked and holding myself accountable. Someti HWNHMMBRD 3 LIVEDAILY
1/8/18 2:22 P
I'm finally going to take my doctors advice and cut out some carbs to to 30/35/35 ratio. He was expl MOMMYBEAR82 5 HWNHMMBRD
1/8/18 8:29 A
RSC Share a Goodie Game 2018 KRYS210 114 KAYDE53
2/23/18 10:15 P
RSC Favorites game KRYS210 17 KRYS210
1/28/18 12:48 P
Found this and sorry but I agree RAWN13 28 RAWN13
1/8/18 6:59 P
Arrrg! Heading into work and I realize I forgot to put green tea bags in my lunch box 😡. I can buy HWNHMMBRD 8 LIVEDAILY
1/8/18 2:25 P
I've lost 4lbs in 2 weeks just by limiting my coffee creamer to 3tbs per day. Thanks to this app, I ZEN1123 12 MSMITCHELL2696
1/7/18 12:53 P
Has anyone had feet issues, once they've lost weight it got better? KINYA4571 10 YISKAMIRYAM
1/8/18 8:26 P