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18lbs down...30lbs to go!!! Feeling much healthier. THYCABUTTERFLY3 8 BIKE4HEALTH
3/30/17 7:32 A
Just go for it! #motivate #motivated GLAMNGLOWDIVA 8 LIS193
3/30/17 12:47 P
Posted a photo NEW-CAZ 19 MEXGAL1
3/30/17 11:53 A
I fell off the journey I was on beginning of the y MAMAGIDGETJ 6 OUMABOUD
3/30/17 4:19 A
I started my weight lose journey a little less than a month ago. I had trouble with the dieting for ALINAGAC 12 FLOUNDER1323
3/30/17 7:18 A
A predicted 19° here in the UK today. Nature is the best gym! Enjoy one n all 😊🌞😊 JENNIENAG 14 POLSKARENIA
3/30/17 12:36 P
All tracked and in range for the day :) AMYROSEC 7 PAULAJEAN59
3/30/17 9:57 A
Beautiful afternoon to have a picnic at the beach. Crystal Cove State Park, Laguna Beach, Californi NETTIE722 22 HOLDINGMYOWN
3/30/17 3:09 P
Another day not walk the rain come back ☚ī¸â˜šī¸ but I did Zumba (35 minutes)đŸ˜Ŧ YULEIMAMALONE 10 RHIO3TRE
3/30/17 2:55 A
Note to self, please, please remember this! HEALTHYNEWPAIGE 9 BIKE4HEALTH
3/30/17 7:32 A
Cheat day. We'll talk tomorrow. HOBOFIT 4 RAPUNZEL53
3/30/17 4:30 A
Word Association II JOSKELLYRN 87162 BARBZUMBA
3/30/17 1:37 P
3/30/17 1:40 P
3/30/17 8:17 A
Two Words Change One JUDYGENTRY 27267 PHATPAT18
3/30/17 3:37 P
Coffee today? HAPPYWIFE 125135 SUNSHINE4747
3/30/17 2:32 P
Word Association LAURAMILES1986 5885 BTDACHIE
3/30/17 5:33 A
TEA today? KAEDE... 25191 LADYGSC
3/30/17 1:47 P
two words change one JUDYGENTRY 20171 GERIKRAGH
3/29/17 12:22 P
If u eat most of your calories for the day and burn some can u eat those back to reach your daily ca MELLOW68 5 RYANCLAYTON
3/28/17 6:32 A
Road my bike to college today 6 miles. Will try to do so everyday. It feels good. DEE 9 HIKINGSD
3/28/17 5:37 A
It's been two weeks, I've been bad for a total of three random days, my pants keep slipping down, an FATGURL2LOSE68 7 QSHEPP
3/28/17 7:37 A
Love Clementines! TCDRAGON54 6 NELLJONES
3/28/17 9:07 A
I am exercising for 10 minutes every day! LASTROSE91 7 JONIBUSHELL
3/28/17 11:05 A
Went from 11.5 miles in roughly 44 minutes that's 3.492 minutes per mile down from roughly 10 miles RNOWELL1991 6 SEXYMOMMOM1
3/28/17 6:30 A
Making time for a walk on my busy day JSTETSER 12 MEXGAL1
3/28/17 1:55 P
"Reach Out Tuesday" .....Send a Goodie to one of your Spark Friends!!!!! FLASUN 14 JAMER123
3/29/17 12:01 A
A to Z word ending in ing AVROIEN 16374 BARBIE115
3/30/17 8:18 A
a-z double letter words COLEENCOLE 49508 IMAREADER
3/28/17 8:51 P
3/30/17 3:59 A
3/29/17 10:53 A
3/30/17 9:43 A
A - Z Occupations KAEDE... 106973 1RETSGM
3/30/17 2:43 P
What kind of fruit did you last eat? HEYLADY51 36571 SOOZIEQUE55
3/28/17 1:41 A
Name a TV Show You Watch BEACHBRIDE09 13076 HEDSTS58
3/29/17 9:06 P
I'm getting there slowly but surely... #LIVEBOLDLY MMBELL0908 2 HIKINGSD
3/27/17 11:17 A
Posted a photo RAGNAR359 2 HIKINGSD
3/27/17 11:17 A
Got on this last night, and decided to restart using it. It has been over a year since I have used i MOMMYLALA731 6 HIKINGSD
3/27/17 11:16 A
Today is my first day! Hopefully this is my last "first day" post. 😂 TRIWISHES77 13 USMAWIFE
3/27/17 2:05 P
Posted a photo KATIEDID1979 9 ROCKRS
3/27/17 11:21 A
Sunday, March 26 - Calories in 1,947 vs calories spent 2,617. Went for a 5 mile run. NANHBH 3 JOYINKY
3/27/17 3:31 P
When you remove negative,fake,unhappy people out of your begin to live a happier blissfu FITNESSCHIC007 21 USMAWIFE
3/27/17 2:04 P
3 week plateau officially busted with my weigh-in this morning. Just a half pound away from 20 lb lo MAGLITE7 10 USMAWIFE
3/27/17 2:03 P
Saturday was my first weigh in after being on the program for a week- down 3 pounds! BETTSILEDESMA 20 USMAWIFE
3/27/17 2:04 P
Posted a goal VEGGIEPAT 17 BARBIEE52
3/27/17 9:09 P
I've lost 14lbs since the start of using this App 5 or 6 weeks ago... #feelingGood ROSSLAWS 108 JOCELYNH711
3/28/17 8:50 A
In training for a marathon. Yesterday I ran 20 miles, the farthest I have ever run. It rained part BRANROO74 171 PALMERMOM123
3/27/17 4:09 P
Bands or Singers A-Z JENJEN1004 48140 SUNSHINE4747
3/30/17 2:31 P
3/30/17 12:51 A
Word Association III COCOA999 18255 BARBZUMBA
3/30/17 1:39 P
Quick! What's the first word that comes to mind? LEANLIVIN 45346 1RETSGM
3/30/17 2:35 P
write the first word this word makes you think of KEEPITUP 90363 SPARKARINO
3/30/17 3:30 P
Woo hoo! Week 2 of Couch to 5 k completed :) PUDDLE13 8 MARIONJEANA
3/25/17 5:34 A
So far 12 lbs down keeping my strength up some of my body has been in a plato but it happens.I just BRANDONJHOSSZU 3 HIKINGSD
3/25/17 3:37 A
On vacay seeing my girl and my steps have been on POINT HOPEFULHIPPO 18 SISSYFEB48
3/25/17 6:59 P
3/25/17 3:52 A
Same shirt, different day Two years and 90lbs difference #mobilechat MISSDORKNESS 129 HOTROD53
3/27/17 9:23 A
Had a set-back due to a car accident. Back is still all messed up, but I have to start being account KUUIPOKITTYN 12 CHRISTINA332017
3/25/17 6:26 A
The struggle is REAL! Hope everyone has an awesome weekend....... **note to self: step away from the ISSYNEE 16 CHRISTINA332017
3/25/17 6:26 A
Weigh in today showed 7lbs lost this week. So excited...... DIGGUM2002 7 DIGGUM2002
3/27/17 6:06 P
Freezing rain mixed with snow today wasnt to happy with the weather but I still went for a 2.5km wal INVISIBLEGIRL06 19 KTERHUNE09
3/24/17 12:25 P
It's a long road but I like walking. SCAMPBELL57 19 TIME4ME2017
3/24/17 12:16 P
See this. This is a rack full of donuts in the break room. My work does this the Friday after payd SANDY1969 25 ROBEC4175
3/24/17 12:43 P
Cantaloupe and strawberries, yummy :-) DOMINIKA705 8 HARLEYHOOPER
3/24/17 1:07 P
Posted a photo JUDY1676 9 JAMER123
3/25/17 12:04 A
The first week is always the hardest. Here's to day 4, self-control, dedication, and positivity. RHONDADAWES 43 MEFATAGAIN
3/24/17 4:01 P
Hello everyone! This is my first day here...not really sure how to start this journey other than to AWILSON0328 199 ROCKYCPA
3/24/17 7:00 P
Finally saw some scale movement this week. Now at 209lbs, though I am wearing smaller pants than I w MISSDORKNESS 49 BJAEGER307
3/25/17 12:01 P
Good morning is weigh in day and I weighed in at 261.8 lbs, which means I lost 8.8 THEJACKIEDEAN12 302 TFORD999
3/24/17 7:46 P
So I bought shoes today for when I hit my goal & my husband is gonna take me out to celebrate. So re TRISSYINCHARGE 14 HIKINGSD
3/23/17 12:40 A
Been dieting about four days , doing okay but , at the back of my mind I feel as if I'm not doing en JAMIEPORTER1996 7 JAMIEPORTER1996
3/23/17 1:15 A
My first post! This is going to be my before picture. I am done feeling out of control. I am done gi BEXTERMINATOR 49 ISLANDBUTTERFLY
3/23/17 1:12 A
Just starting this journey..This is my before.. Wo MCHOLDEMAN 3 HIKINGSD
3/23/17 12:37 A
Last week. Down 10 lbs and a jean size. Ive been walking every day around five miles and cleaning up SUNNYGAYLE 10 R62682
3/23/17 12:57 A
Never before weighed this much in my life -not even pregnant! Very depressed and ashamed. Need to ge LADYTEACHER1 16 BETTSILEDESMA
3/23/17 1:26 A

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