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Daily Chat HDHAWK 2229 LINKYSD
1/21/18 11:28 P
Hello from one week on plan 😀 ONETHM 3 NFLATTE
1/17/18 8:35 P
I started this journey with my best friend one year ago today. I managed to lose 70 lbs last year, t HOL1218 306 EO4WELLNESS
1/12/18 1:34 P
I was almost 280 when I had my baby. I weighed 267 when doctor's said I was prediabetic. I've lost 2 LUCYPATRICK41 150 ANETTYB66
1/10/18 7:28 P
Started my journey 11 months ago. SERENASMOMMY200 23 KMILLER31
1/2/18 8:24 P
TLL Share a Goodie Game 2018 KRYS210 111 NANCYPAT1
1/21/18 9:53 P
TLL Winter Words Game KRYS210 111 NANCYPAT1
1/21/18 5:15 P
Is there such a thing as food loneliness? I’m back eating low-carb healthy foods β€”- I’m eating a sal JUANITAWESTABY 10 KATIPOOH
12/31/17 1:13 A
Temperature dropping from 7degrees F, won't see above-zero temps here in northwest Missouri until Tu FIDDLISH 14 SYLBA61
12/30/17 2:27 P
Getting back at this ... BOOHOOBEAR 185 FRUITSANDVEG
1/5/18 9:56 P
I may not be exactly where I want to be but I’m a heck of a long way from where I use to be! πŸ€— #Pro SIMPLYKEN32 125 QSHEPP
12/18/17 6:27 P
TLL Nov. Question of the Week KRYS210 27 KRYS210
1/1/18 12:34 P
It feels good to make something that matches my personality! I love my scarf!πŸ€—πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’– FITSISTA79 161 DARLENE2017
1/13/18 8:01 A
Twenty-first wedding anniversary flow with my man, my husband, the love of my life, and dad to my ch SUMMARAH 161 JBLESSER
12/4/17 11:36 A
TLL Dec. Question of the Week. KRYS210 6 VAWHITE
12/4/17 8:55 A
TLL Holiday reflections KRYS210 6 NANCYPAT1
12/5/17 6:53 P
TLL December Silly Game KRYS210 66 KRYS210
1/1/18 11:23 A
I am really sore tonight - I pushed the wrong button by mistake while on the treadmill and I took a NANCYPAT1 14 SPEDED2
12/1/17 9:36 P
TLL Nov. Thankful Game KRYS210 81 NANCYPAT1
11/26/17 9:47 P
My sweet little Lily got attacked by a big dog while we were out walking today! Please Pray for her ALABAMASUSAN17 45 1CRAZYDOG
11/26/17 3:05 P
Oops. I was doing so good Thanksgiving and Black Friday!!!! And then...we went to the movies. I will B_RAZORSHARP 33 DIALYSISCHIC1
12/1/17 12:28 A
230 pounds down to 171 JNICKLIN89 187 ZRIE014
11/22/17 1:05 A
We just got a call. My sister in laws going to have another full body scan tomorrow. They think they BEVERLY1501 43 NANCYANND55
11/21/17 10:03 A
My highest weight and my current weight. I started losing weight seriously a year after that photo w GOODFELINE 165 LORINTY
11/21/17 12:21 P
Still have a long way to go but getting there one day at a time. #BeforeAndAfter ~BRY~2009 168 ~BRY~2009
11/16/17 2:36 P
From 255 to 148 pounds πŸ’ͺ CRISTALO321 191 SCYANKEE46
11/10/17 1:29 P
TLL Nov. Word Game KRYS210 81 KRYS210
11/26/17 8:28 P
The β€œsexy shoes” came today to wear with the sexy dress on Saturday. If you would have told me 2 ye DLVASSALLO 132 HONEYFLCN
11/8/17 8:37 A
Down 52 lbs as of today! Goal met now onto maintaining! CRAIG1973 194 KATHIFAYE
11/8/17 5:26 A
Oh, y'all! I had the best experience today! I went to the Doctor today, and they made me weigh twice GERRTIE 202 MDOWER1
11/8/17 8:31 A
TLL Nov. Name game KRYS210 104 KRYS210
12/2/17 5:44 P
Happy Monday.... So 1st week down and I am feeling lighter. This dress was getting a little snug bu MIMIGEE2 130 GIANTOCR1
11/6/17 9:28 P
The flu has us participating in a book reading marathon instead of any other kind today. Everyone s AMYINTHEWILD 26 CYNTHIAAJ
10/29/17 10:39 P
My little Minnie Mouse! 🐭 My daughter not loving having to wear a costume but she just looks so cut M2MKLS52516 8 ACOYNE728
10/29/17 11:04 P
Did my half marathon. I'm in pain, but I finished. SAMIAM2323 144 LORINTY
10/30/17 12:03 P
So wow guys....I want to cry! I'm seven months in and 50 pounds down. This was my first goal and I f TML267 302 STEPH4NIE
10/27/17 7:36 P
I was sitting on the couch last night eating a nasty bowl of lima beans and sausage watching a movie QUARKSPLITTER 32 MOGLO61
10/27/17 8:44 P
Winter is here... And so I trade in my garden tools, for a snow shovel... TESTYCATLADYP 33 LIVEDAILY
10/27/17 1:11 P
I did it, I didn't touch one candy all day! FITFORME17 117 LIMOM2TWINS
10/27/17 6:21 A
no word needed DEBYDOINGIT 13 ZRIE014
10/24/17 1:57 A
I may be ugly to the world, but I just have to remind myself that I am beautiful in God's image. AMYMBUNCH 124 GIANTOCR1
10/24/17 9:41 A
Before and during. Me on the left is April 4, 2017 and me on the right is October 15, 2017. Sixty-fi PIANOGYRLE 214 TBANDOLI1
10/24/17 6:29 A
TLL Question of the Week KRYS210 49 NANCYPAT1
10/23/17 11:23 A
What a great start to the week...Yesterday I arrived in ONE-DERLAND, and Today is my Birthday! 🎈 I POGIRL17 63 ZRIE014
10/18/17 1:53 A
#BeforeAndAfter I couldn't really tell a difference until I looked at pictures a few months apart.😁 ASHLEYBAILEY091 181 NVRAGAINAGAIN
10/18/17 10:37 A
10/16/17 12:16 A
I never have time for the gym. And I sit at a desk all day. So I started going to the gym during my KCAZ80 23 EILEEN828
10/12/17 9:28 P
#BeforeAndAfter #SameShirt Still a ways to go, but I was feeling down and I couldn't notice much o MONICACONQUERS 220 MONICACONQUERS
10/17/17 1:38 A
New to program/ do I track this yummy lunch I had out with a friend? It was a pasta in wh KP2018 8 ETHELMERZ
10/11/17 12:52 P
Today is my brother's RE-birthday!! He's getting his stem cell transplant today from our other broth ODAT1117 131 FRAN641
10/12/17 9:35 A
Here is a pic from August 10 and September 10. I hope it's okay that i am only in a sports bra and l LR237787 96 THIELKE24
10/11/17 2:57 P
It’s my birthday! MISTRESSOHORROR 304 JOEU_56
10/12/17 7:54 P
#BeforeAndAfter everyday, i am making my dreams become a reality. SUNGIRL822 71 BILLDREW4
12/1/17 2:46 P
Starting my journey again today for the millionth time but staying positive that this time is differ AMCAHOON 11 JOANNA7072
10/4/17 9:26 P
Well I'm back after a week and one half in the hospital. Bag after bag of IV fluids and a gain of 1 PAMS3DDESIGNS1 8 JOANNA7072
10/4/17 9:29 P
I sure have a headache now... I went to see my doctor, to discuss a few health issues that I have.. TESTYCATLADYP 6 CANNINGNANNY
10/5/17 8:01 A
This is what relaxing looks like WURSTMAN 13 KCCAMERONCAM1
10/4/17 7:21 P
Canadian thanksgiving is next Monday. How does everyone deal with staying within their calories arou KATONTHEMAT 26 CONNIET88
10/4/17 6:20 A
New razor back shirt, completely out of my comfort zone arms exposed 4x tshirt RISEUPMARY30 30 QSHEPP
10/3/17 7:25 A
#BeforeAndAfter. Still a work in progress. 30 gone 30 to go. MRSBKM 161 DSJB9999
10/4/17 9:26 A
It's not happening fast enough. That's what I'm telling myself right now. I see the recent photos of DANICONNOLLY 18 NOMESAILI
10/1/17 10:19 P
Making the decision to turn your life around is a THEJACKIEDEAN12 146 CONNIET88
10/2/17 8:13 A
Posted a photo ROYBOY7890 22 PBVHCCVH
10/1/17 1:53 A
Soooooo, this is the mess I'm working on trying desperately to regain my health back. I always avoid BOOHOOBEAR 286 KATHRYNGC
10/5/17 6:38 P
I really want to lose all of this unnecessary weight. I do 100 situps after I eat breakfast. I also GOODGYRLGONEGOD 21 UBERCOMMUTER
9/26/17 7:59 P
HERE IT IS I started at 265 two and a half years ago. Started caring about my health and lost 35 of BIGFLABEAR 26 TENACIOUS10
10/20/17 10:18 P
My wedding last September I was 250 pounds! Fast forward a year later and I am down to 145 pounds an JROSS375 294 KAYJAY140
9/27/17 8:08 A
September 24 Fitbit stats - Calories in 1,833 vs calories spent 2,422 (includes basal metabolic calo NANHBH 5 DIROB57
9/25/17 10:43 P
Apparently this baby girl didn't like my new active lifestyle so she knocked me over and hurt my kne AUDREYGNSC 13 CAROL333
9/22/17 11:26 P
9/23/17 10:56 P
Four months since my stroke and I am happy with the progress. #Gettinthere MDAGNEY 138 MLR_00
9/21/17 6:38 A
#Motivation 2016FITQUEEN 134 TONYA003
9/29/17 5:13 P
5 months cigarette free!! Pretty dang proudπŸ˜€ ANNALOWERY0 221 CONTENTE13
9/21/17 7:49 P
Yeah so I have been on SP for 10 years today. Pretty certain that's NOT a good thing. #HappySparkerv CURLYLADEE 14 -POOKIE-
9/20/17 6:14 A
Some family of mine have been calling me some mean names about my weight. I've been down and depress AMYMBUNCH 48 KAYDE53
9/19/17 9:11 P