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Daily lifting or skip a day? TARDISSEXY 8 HAWKTHREE
8/16/17 12:19 P
Ankle is always painful cannot walk SMAT527 7 HAWKTHREE
8/16/17 12:14 P
Having a hard time with the foot and ankle LADY4EVA 13 HAWKTHREE
8/16/17 12:10 P
Did you exercise today? GETTO140 85659 HAWKTHREE
8/16/17 12:09 P
How many minutes exercise have you done today? SUZ4NNE 78743 HAWKTHREE
8/16/17 12:08 P
Exercise Inside or Outside Today? TRIKEMAMA1 49416 HAWKTHREE
8/16/17 12:07 P
Fruit and vegetable tracker MSMAKEOVER 10 HAWKTHREE
8/16/17 10:04 A
Do I really need ("want"?) a food processor? USERSMYNAME 18 HAWKTHREE
8/16/17 10:02 A
Good morning! I'm not sure about today. I'm so irritated and don't Know why. Have a great day! MRSKLAUSSNER 6 HAWKTHREE
8/16/17 7:26 A
Anyone have any good casserole recipes? WILMIC_ 6 JAPANGURL17
8/16/17 8:49 A
I have had problems eating enough times in a day. JELLYBEANSS 5 JAPANGURL17
8/16/17 7:36 A
Back at it! HEIDI4608 36 1DAY-ATA-TIME
8/16/17 11:47 A
Anyone here tried DietBet? I'm thinking of getting in on a challenge that starts Monday, but wanted 937NINA 3 GOODGETNBETR
8/16/17 7:22 A
I have been losing weight but I feel like it is everywhere but my stomach. Been exercising daily to. SSPECHT8 5 HOOSIERMOM33
8/16/17 8:21 A
Face transformation; the difference between 6 months ago. BILLYPEACOCK 15 ABUELAMEMA52
8/16/17 9:18 A
what are you GO TO spices BLINDS50 126 HAWKTHREE
8/15/17 7:36 A
Can't find the energy GLYKON 9 HAWKTHREE
8/15/17 7:34 A
The Queen of Saboteur ARHUNT71 2 HAWKTHREE
8/15/17 7:30 A
Did you take your vitamins today? HARLEYANGELONE 53044 NYARAMULA
8/16/17 12:24 P
Freezer friendly questions BROWNSUGAR3030 5 HAWKTHREE
8/15/17 7:27 A
8/16/17 7:06 A
8/15/17 7:20 A
Upset because I have an all day sitting meeting for work..because it throws me off my routine..but m BARBIE66 6 HAWKTHREE
8/15/17 7:16 A
#deliciousdailymoment JSABINSKE2017 8 ALEXA707
8/15/17 11:06 A
Day 1 (again). I can do this. BEACHLIFE40 10 VICKYLYLES
8/15/17 9:38 A
Pepperoni sticks to dip into heated cream cheese in microwave for the dip! #lowcarb #keto DEEO12 5 IAMAGEMLOVER
8/15/17 8:50 A
Massive amount of food- 243 calories! I broke out one of grandma's egg cups and bought the adorable AUGUSTAGLOOP 113 MCJULIEO
8/15/17 6:47 P
Well as I predicted, I didn't sleep too well...this happen every year on the night before the first ST3PH 5 SMORSEBVR
8/15/17 7:25 A
Need to lose 50lbs.... CUDDILAEBEAR 22 CUDDILAEBEAR
8/15/17 11:23 A
Does anyone else screenshot their Food and/or Fitness tracker to share on Facebook when they've had EMS1013KS 4 SOUTHTXXRNNR
8/14/17 5:32 P
I can't give up sweeties. But I've stocked up on kid sized treats (40-60 cals each) and this box has EMBAR1 16 EMBAR1
8/14/17 6:08 P
I'm very happy that I was able to take control of my life changing the way I think and feel about my HENNYFLOW29 14 C38622
8/14/17 3:36 P
meatballs - that hold up in freezer and sauce 4LMHJCR 3 4LMHJCR
8/14/17 10:02 A
WooHoo!! Got my butt back into my size 16 jeans after a temporary detour in the other direction. DEDICATED2HIM 4 LINDASOUTHER
8/14/17 9:18 A
Good morning....Got my walk on! MEROBERTS21 40 _LINDA
8/14/17 1:01 P
Got up and worked out before going to work. First time! Only a 15 min bike ride but it is a start! WISECHOOSER 5 HAWKTHREE
8/14/17 8:37 A
Good morning God bless! CMONTY86 15 LINDASOUTHER
8/14/17 9:07 A
I did it! Got up early, came to work, and did a short workout video before I had to clock in! AMYANN2005 9 RYCGIRL
8/14/17 9:09 A
Its coffee time NEPTUNE1939 4 PATRICIA-CR
8/14/17 5:02 P
My goal this week is to add in 30 minutes of low pact aerobics on Monday Tuesdays and Saturdays Thi DORA 5 RYCGIRL
8/14/17 9:09 A
Working on getting back to healthy.... Never heard of Trigemenial Neuralgia nerve pain but i'm liste MWMS27 2 HAWKTHREE
8/13/17 10:02 P
Me at 388 a bit over 3 years ago on the left, me at 295 last Friday. I've got much more work to do, APACHESTEVE 124 EMMACORY
8/14/17 3:01 P
So I'm attempting to make an alternate version of of cake mix plus can of coke....I fill S62278 5 MYTIMEOK
8/13/17 12:36 P
Question for my Keto peeps: I find it hard to stay under 25 carbs for the day. If I'm eating under TGOWLAND 7 LRJUSTUS1
8/13/17 3:15 P
Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the spirit of God dwelleth in you? If any man de MA_DIDDLES 9 WALLAHALLA
8/13/17 8:13 P
Posted a photo NISSANGIRL 18 MIRAGE727
8/14/17 8:53 A
I need a way to get motivated I have stage three liver disease.i want to lose weight reallly bad I h DUSTINSGIRL2015 4 HAWKTHREE
8/13/17 8:41 A
This is the day the Lord has made let us rejoice ITALIANGAL44 4 GETITDONE79
8/13/17 8:44 A
Like to know how to start the KetoDiet knowing don't hv much to wk with cuz vacationing in Florida BLESSEDKW1986 4 QUEENGLORY1
8/15/17 9:05 A
#deliciousdailymoment My favorite zero carb 170 calorie snack. HAWKTHREE 2 DINZEL
8/12/17 12:49 P
The secret....Chocolate ANTIQUESTITCH 12 HAWKTHREE
8/12/17 7:56 A
Workout tips for losing weight? TJBARNES74 6 HAWKTHREE
8/12/17 7:52 A
What is your exercise plan for today? INSHAPE4LOVE 26947 MBPP50
8/16/17 9:09 A
Whole plant foods CC71236011 5 HAWKTHREE
8/12/17 7:48 A
8/12/17 7:41 A
Whey Protein powder, White Flour, Eggs... TURQUINHA 7 HAWKTHREE
8/12/17 7:37 A
Eggland's Best videos on Sparkpeople USERSMYNAME 5 HAWKTHREE
8/12/17 7:31 A
Essential Oils HAWKTHREE 2 CRICKET412
8/13/17 11:46 A
8/12/17 7:18 A
Posted a photo SJOYOUS 6 ORTATK
8/12/17 8:46 A
This is my before pic at 360lbs .. my aim is to get down to 180-200... I am eating more healthy less SANDAN56 53 MYBABYDOLLY
8/12/17 7:17 P
Haying in the field. #deliciousdailymoment JSTETSER 19 GRACED777
8/13/17 7:17 A
Working the second of three 13-hour days in a row. Makes it hard to exercise three-four days a week. MINNOA12 9 ORTATK
8/12/17 8:38 A
Good morning up early ready to get my day started DRBARNETT 6 SPINECCO
8/12/17 12:08 P
4 Weeks...NO Smoking !!! :} CANNINGNANNY 28 CANNINGNANNY
8/12/17 10:44 A
Does anyone else actually consider eating something because they HAVE to track it??? NPRIESTLEY 8 MYWAYHIWAY
8/12/17 7:55 A
Dinner ended up halved after a fight with my mom a ENGELKUH89 15 WLHOPE
8/11/17 10:02 P
Difficulty Losing Weight on ETL Plant-based Diet STRIVER561 6 HAWKTHREE
8/11/17 6:29 P
Today I join the ranks of the brave. Here is my restarting again photo! I wave a hello in salute to CHILLYBEANIE 28 NIGHTGLOW
8/12/17 7:08 P
Dr. Oz -- hype or sound information HAWKTHREE 1 HAWKTHREE
8/11/17 8:09 A
Who loves their coffee and feels like they should give it up? I m recovering in my downstairs room MONIKH 10 GOODFELINE
8/11/17 10:55 A
Need easy lunches for work COLLEEN553 19 COLLEEN553
8/15/17 8:04 P
Chocolate pudding recipe TINYTONI4 5 TINYTONI4
8/12/17 10:07 A
Seasoning Brown Rice JU5TIC3 5 HAWKTHREE
8/11/17 7:42 A
Fresh sockeye salmon for dinner and I overindulged eating 7 oz instead of 3 or 4 but do NOT regret!! TOBYBIRD 10 HAWKTHREE
8/11/17 7:21 A