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Time to get back on. Been away too long. Let’s start another journey BBQEAGLE 7 CHELZANNE
1/21/18 8:28 A
30 minute Circuit Training at PF this morning. FITWITHIN 5 MOMMAROBIN3
1/21/18 8:21 A
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 29 FISHGUT3
1/21/18 10:04 A
Being sick at start of new year paid off with a 7.8 lb loss. I'll take it. FIT2B-BREN 3 HAWKTHREE
1/21/18 7:52 A
Gotta get up and get moving before I morph into one of these: BONNIE1552 21 SWIMANDWALK
1/21/18 9:08 A
It is supposed to be nice again today. Yesterday got up to 70 degrees. I hope so because daughter an JENGLAND09 23 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
1/21/18 9:08 A
Back in 2014, I lost 40 pounds and have managed to keep it off. I have since lost 11 more pounds. JLAMBERT87 16 WLHOPE
1/21/18 10:43 A
Traveled to the UK to visit grandchildren for 10 days over the holidays. I find it takes me at leas HAWKTHREE 1 HAWKTHREE
1/20/18 10:56 A
No more steamed broccoli! BETHUMZ 60 HAWKTHREE
1/20/18 10:54 A
Homemade foods HAPZAP13 6 HAWKTHREE
1/20/18 10:52 A
No Soda since 12/25 USFGIRL11 6 HAWKTHREE
1/20/18 10:48 A
US focus for Trivia questions CHARBOR1 3 HAWKTHREE
1/20/18 10:45 A
So what are you supposed to eat more of? LULUBELLE65 9 JUDYAMK
1/20/18 11:33 A
What is your exercise plan for today? INSHAPE4LOVE 27736 LOUIE-LILY
1/21/18 2:07 P
Been clean eating and working out since 12/31/17 and had not lost a lb was very frustrating. I have STEPHANIECONGER 3 STEPHANIECONGER
1/20/18 10:38 A
Weigh in day and I am down 41.5 lbs. Thanks to #KE NEEDACHANGE4ME 13 NEEDACHANGE4ME
1/21/18 12:08 P
Current Weight 213 Down 1.5 and 3 inches. So excited. My commitment this year is to focus purely o JUNIORSSISTER 11 REGILIEH
1/20/18 7:21 P
Simplify. Organize. Focus. #goalfeats #goalfeats WINTERFLOWER 5 CHERIRIDDELL
1/21/18 1:32 A
Posted a photo JSIELKE1944 12 ALOFA0509
1/20/18 11:08 A
Having my meals delivered via a favorite meal plan is just to expensive. I found this mealime app an LLR630 5 LLR630
1/21/18 7:37 A
I don't think I'll doing exercises for the next several days 😴 TVAUGHN57 2 HAWKTHREE
1/20/18 10:30 A
7lbs down!! Feelin good, guys :) WATSONSL06 3 TMP0418
1/20/18 10:43 A
My treat to myself is a 33.8 oz flavored bottle of water. #h2whoa KWRYCHA5 3 SHENZOSPEAKS
1/20/18 1:20 P
33 pounds down, cheated about 4 days straight at c Christmas then struggled to get back on track wit KITREENA91 5 ALOFA0509
1/20/18 11:18 A
Not able to exercise for a few days due to my asthma acting up. #moveit SPLORI 5 2BDYNAMIC
1/20/18 8:08 P
starting all over, it will happen!! NSTEMM 3 MSJOFUNNSEXY
1/20/18 10:31 A
What exercise did you do today? MARIAGI 308 CBASS30
1/19/18 11:17 P
Ok. So, starting out at 278. My goal is 245 by May 15th. Should be possible, average, average 2 poun ODHINNE 8 DIALYSISCHIC1
1/19/18 8:06 A
👋🏼 Anybody doing 80 day obsession? 🤸🏻‍♀️🏋🏻‍♀️#pineapple SONILUMD 2 HAWKTHREE
1/19/18 7:15 A
Warming up today need some sunshine🙏 KBICK214 2 HAWKTHREE
1/19/18 7:15 A
Well i weighed this morning & I'm up 2 lbs from last week, but still down 2 from where I started Jan MWARNER211 13 7STIGGYMT
1/19/18 2:48 P
I think I am actually starting to freaking lose some weight!!!! YAY! FRANGIORDANO 75 1MORETRY_2015
1/19/18 11:32 A
I lost weight! For the first time I didn't starve myself. FELITA2002 4 ALLYLIZZY
1/19/18 1:30 P
Make this a great morning exercise at least 10 min to start your day. Then double down drink 16 oz w BKOIVIS 2 HAWKTHREE
1/19/18 7:12 A
I'm stuck on what to make for dinner. What are some of your favorite recipes? MARGARITASTACE 6 REVMIKE10
1/19/18 8:05 A
Healthier substitutes for milk chocolate wanted JGREENE15 10 LISA_C
1/19/18 4:02 P
Eggplant Parmesan Recipes? GERRYH2 2 HAWKTHREE
1/18/18 8:47 A
Onward & Downward! FOCUSONME57 10 ALEXTHEHUN
1/18/18 11:05 A
Has anyone else noticed the big push for Jenny Craig, lately? I thought SparkPeople was independent TEACHMUSIC77 3 HAWKTHREE
1/18/18 6:55 A
Food journals and daily log in's will be the only way I reach my goal. Must remember to put me First MISSCHRIS3 2 HAWKTHREE
1/18/18 6:51 A
I'm struggling... I ain't lost no weight anybody know a good diet? UPTOWNE3911 4 UPTOWNE3911
1/18/18 6:58 A
Sometimes part of my journey isn’t fitness or nutr NURSESADIE 14 LAURAFOOTE
1/18/18 8:50 A
I had a smoothie with strawberries, pineapple, banana and kale #eattherainbow DMEYER4 4 RDCAGAIN10
1/18/18 5:25 P
Is there a link to check in on my teams? I can’t seem to find out how to get to them. Thanks for you PASTORVIC 5 ACTIVEGRANDMAP
1/18/18 8:10 A
I'm debating what to do for my morning workout... a bit of walking meditation in the woods, or a tri DREAMERSPIRITT 6 TCRANE522
1/18/18 6:59 A
I noticed this morning my knees don't hurt as much as they did 4 pounds ago. Yay for pain free knee FOCUSONME57 10 ALEXTHEHUN
1/18/18 11:06 A
Ugh. Gotta find the car. HAWKTHREE 13 FISHGUT3
1/17/18 10:02 A
Woken out of a sound sleep by a 5:20am phone call announcing 2 hr. SN❄W Delay! PYNETREE 6 REESEK65
1/17/18 7:12 A
Have a great day! LUVMYLIFE57 140 HELENATILFORD
1/17/18 3:14 P
I've logged in to Spark 500 days in a row. WooHoo! JSTETSER 185 B_RAZORSHARP
1/18/18 4:31 A
Almond Flour Pizza Crust - Thin and Crispy BIG_JNO 4 BIG_JNO
1/16/18 7:48 A
Did my first "PUMP" weight training class on Sunday, the first in 9 years!! I coped well but didn't WANNATHIN 14 EDWIDTH
1/16/18 7:28 A
I really hate seeing SP pushing Jenny Craig. AUDREYGNSC 7 BEANPOD61
1/16/18 8:06 A
My goal is to.go weight M84184 4 DYANNE4293
1/16/18 6:58 A
Enjoying the view! JSTETSER 19 PEGGY-BEE
1/16/18 9:09 P
Negative degree weather, to 50 degree weather, to temps in the teens. When is Spring going to arrive 22FLETCHER 6 LUANN_IN_PA
1/15/18 11:49 A
I find that if I plan my meals for the day first thing in the morning I can balance my macros... and LESLIELENORE 12 CHERIRIDDELL
1/16/18 1:35 A
My first week is done and I'm down five pounds. Nine more pounds and I graduate from obese to overw SHIRARENEE1 5 MYJOURNEY1970
1/15/18 7:46 A
Its coffee time NEPTUNE1939 5 PATRICIA-CR
1/15/18 1:22 P
Maintained thru the Holidays , and Down ONE More LB !!!! DARPALMIERI 22 JUNIORSSISTER
1/14/18 1:02 P
I went to the doctor Friday and found out I weight 23 lbs more then I thought. She put me on a pre-b FRANGIORDANO 13 FRANGIORDANO
1/14/18 9:47 A
I made my 1st mini goal to get under 200 pounds!!! 198 today!!! Woo Hoo !!!! SHANNON267 13 IMPROVINGME
1/15/18 11:54 A
Do you ever have a bad weigh in despite doing everything right? I will just weigh again in a few day BETHANYBOO 11 ORIGINALGDP
1/12/18 10:29 A
Posted a photo TINABEANA16 159 EDWARDS1411
1/12/18 2:43 P
Gained 12 lbs on my trip to England! I'm surprised it wasn't more, after a month of non stop eating, OOFELIXOO 8 LINDASOUTHER
1/12/18 11:38 A
I've been staring at my new PIYO workout videos sitting on my TV for a month....UGH I think I'll st REDBIRDFLY 7 LAURAFOOTE
1/12/18 8:46 A
Oh man yesterday was rough I didn't log and ate awful but today new day going to get back on track. TAMMYBUBBA 5 LAURAFOOTE
1/12/18 8:47 A
My last 2 days have not gone well but I am trying today to get back on track. RVER247 7 LAURAFOOTE
1/12/18 8:39 A
Down two pounds this morning. That's 8 pounds after eliminating added sugar . STEEPERSLOUNGE 5 ORTATK
1/12/18 8:27 A
I was having a hard time yesterday. I was headed to Taco Bell where I'll generally consume 2k-3k ca KATIPOOH 18 KATIPOOH
1/12/18 11:22 A
Here we go again.... nope. Not again. I have been going over how many times I have gained and lost w DIETROCKSTAR 28 DIETROCKSTAR
1/8/18 9:33 P
Hooray, my fav part about winter is as always that the best weather is while i am trapped inside PLAINJANEDOE 4 HAWKTHREE
1/8/18 5:46 A
Sunday Steps 29560 Mileage 13.2 Minutes 225 Cals 633/2150 weekly 13.2 Monthly steps 183566 TCANNO 20 SPEDED2
1/8/18 6:33 P
#fitness #yoga training #yoga teacher training in India #yoga teacher training in Dharamsala #fitnes OLIVIASMITH9394 8 KIPPER15
1/8/18 6:43 A
Got to get on track ... Any suggestions? CINDERELLA1977 10 MSMITCHELL2696
1/8/18 8:47 A