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3/20/18 2:45 P
3/20/18 1:49 P
2018 Mackinaw City Rally SHARONSPARKLE 67 GRLTAZ
3/17/18 11:54 A
Weekly Accountability Continued SHARONSPARKLE 54 GRLTAZ
3/17/18 11:50 A
Have a blessed St. Patricks Day ! GRLTAZ 3 JAMER123
3/17/18 11:26 P
Recipe's for health - share yours. GRLTAZ 51 GRLTAZ
3/16/18 7:39 P
I want to thank sparkpeople members for selecting me as Featured Motivator on 3/15. I'm very honored MORTICIAADDAMS 13 A_NEW_JAN
3/19/18 1:35 P
3/18/18 8:45 P
3/12/18 8:15 P
Two glasses so far this morning! #h2whoa LIFENPROGRESS 8 GRLTAZ
3/11/18 6:13 A
Time change stinks but 1st liter down. Wakey wakey time to drinky ! GRLTAZ 1 GRLTAZ
3/11/18 6:05 A
Good morning ! I always have a liter of water before my am coffee, another at lunch and another at GRLTAZ 2 CANDYCANE2B
3/11/18 12:27 P
Chat thread for Get Your Rear in Gear! SHARONSPARKLE 645 LILYGAL
3/4/18 6:03 P
I fell and hit my head last week. I don't have a concussion, but to be on the safe side, I was put o WALKIN4JEANIE 10 ALATONA
3/1/18 11:03 P
Wow, first a winning weekend and now 1000 spark goodie points ! Whoo hoo ! GRLTAZ 7 DAWNWATERWOMAN
2/27/18 6:32 P
Any keto people out there willing to share their food logs ? I am struggling. TIA GRLTAZ 8 NDCAROL
2/26/18 1:14 P
A huge Thank you to all that sent me goodies and stopped by my page to wish me a Sparkversary. That GRLTAZ 8 DAWNWATERWOMAN
2/22/18 6:32 P
Brrrr, squeaky snow cold here. Did my yoga at my studio and wish I had an auto car starter. #moveit NDCAROL 3 GRLTAZ
2/21/18 9:10 A
6 years and counting ... cancer free. Get your annual mammogram. That 1 hour of inconvenience could MTN_KITTEN 23 FOCUSONME57
2/21/18 5:19 A
I am here, working on me, and working on supporting you! STARLITNIGHT 9 GRLTAZ
2/19/18 9:31 A
Ugh, I'm fighting off a cold and my whole body aches, and no, it's not the flu. NDCAROL 7 HOLDINGMYOWN
2/14/18 6:18 P
My poor little chinchilla Blocker is so sick and has been for the past couple of months. I wish she MORTICIAADDAMS 29 MORTICIAADDAMS
2/14/18 11:19 A
Quick "hi" ! Working today. Floating as USUAL ! GRLTAZ 4 NDCAROL
2/6/18 12:57 P
2/4/18 1:55 P
still working on lap top .. lost all patterns of everything I do - lost the spread sheet of books a -SPIRITSEEKER2- 5 GRLTAZ
2/2/18 6:01 A
Getting a cold so pushing the fluids. #h2whoa JAMER123 10 MAXFOCUS
1/28/18 11:07 A
Whew ! Thought I had lost log in streak. Wrong. Overslept. Too long of days at work. Have a good one GRLTAZ 3 JAMER123
1/26/18 12:11 A
Finally found my friend feed !! LOL ! GRLTAZ 3 MORTICIAADDAMS
1/21/18 11:04 A
On my journey to be "fierce"! WONDER--WOMAN 6 WLHOPE
1/20/18 1:00 P
3rd day and still surpassing my goal of 45 minutes a day--considering upping my minutes as I think I MAUVEBEAR3 6 PRAIRIECROCUS
1/23/18 2:28 A
Posted a photo NOLE0105 10 GRLTAZ
1/20/18 9:27 A
This is easy for me almost all the time as I need to drink every few minutes. But when it's cold and JAMER123 4 DAWNWATERWOMAN
1/18/18 6:08 P
Oh how I didn't want to get out of bed at 20 degrees below zero to go to yoga, but I did. We turned NDCAROL 2 GRLTAZ
1/16/18 3:45 P
Won 50 spark goodie points. Thanks Sparks ! Just in time for new challenge. GRLTAZ 6 JAMER123
1/16/18 12:19 A
The first thing I saw.this morning was my Fitbit chewed to pieces. Guess it is time for a new one. T RUFFIT 5 GRLTAZ
1/15/18 6:06 A
I drove on very slippery streets this morning, had two misses at an intersection in less than a minu PICKIE98 7 BONNIEMARGAY
1/13/18 6:04 P
yoga cancelled this morning due to yesterday's snow. We all have to dig out. NDCAROL 3 GRLTAZ
1/11/18 1:10 P
2018 is going to be a great year! STARLITNIGHT 5 GRLTAZ
12/30/17 10:35 A
Has anyone tried dietbet? What was your experience like? NOLE0105 4 GRLTAZ
12/30/17 10:35 A
TEMPLATES/ Get Your Rear in Gear Challenge SHARONSPARKLE 20 LOUISEH54
1/20/18 9:19 P
Merry Christmas Spark family ! GRLTAZ 10 DAWNWATERWOMAN
12/25/17 1:36 P
50 spark goodie points 2 days in a row ! Wowie ! Feeling happy GRLTAZ 5 JAMER123
11/28/17 11:42 P
Have a blessed Thanksgiving ! GRLTAZ 7 JAMER123
11/23/17 11:55 P
Strength training in northern Ontario SHELLEYPW 11 GRLTAZ
11/19/17 9:14 A
Trying to stay positive. Back pain and not working usual area today. UGH... POSITIVE !! GRLTAZ 10 JAMER123
11/9/17 10:46 P
10/24/17 10:57 P
Trying to reset my mood. Floating to worst area ever at work again.... sigh GRLTAZ 9 JAMER123
10/23/17 10:19 P
weight loss is not a race, since the time spent losing weight is very short compared to all the year IAMSUNNYHOWARD 8 GLORYB83
10/20/17 5:30 P
I am home .. staples from breast to bottom.. pain pain pain... taking tramadol 50 mg. and sleeping -SPIRITSEEKER2- 5 GRLTAZ
10/20/17 10:03 A
work day was 5am to 10:30 pm yesterday. Sure hope it is a normal one today. Woke up late so murphy GRLTAZ 12 NDCAROL
10/17/17 12:11 P
be off sparks on thurday til next week - due to surgery .. -SPIRITSEEKER2- 8 -SPIRITSEEKER2-
10/13/17 9:11 A
Kinda bummed right now. Had a bad workout with my trainer, got super dizzy and almost passed out. We NOLE0105 3 GRLTAZ
10/7/17 9:50 A
Hoping my team mates have a great day. GRLTAZ 5 DAWNWATERWOMAN
10/6/17 11:27 P
I find it really hard to stay on track....a lot. I can usually diet and exercise for maybe a day or AOROZCO14 5 GRLTAZ
10/4/17 9:56 P
How to do it Imagine a party that's being thrown in your honor, and write down three things that pe IAMSUNNYHOWARD 9 GRLTAZ
9/29/17 10:35 A
This has been a week. My mother-in-law passed away BECCAISDOINGIT 7 CONNIET88
10/2/17 8:18 A
Saying GOOOD MORNING ! to all my friends and family. GRLTAZ 5 JAMER123
9/26/17 10:41 P
Working today so no time to catch up on posts. Be active and have some FUN today !! GRLTAZ 5 JAMER123
9/24/17 12:32 A
Bad day for carb cravings. All done for today. NDCAROL 3 GRLTAZ
9/20/17 10:16 P
scheduled surgery to take out part of my colon - oct 12... very scary ...... venting -no need to ans -SPIRITSEEKER2- 4 GRLTAZ
9/20/17 10:14 P
Oh Poo, raining. I sure hope it goes through fast so we can have a campfire. GRLTAZ 4 SHARONSPARKLE
9/15/17 9:07 A
My foot's not healing properly; back to the doc on Wednesday - wish me luck. NDCAROL 7 CHALLENGER15
9/13/17 7:09 A
What a fantastic day soent with RV friends Eileen and Roger. Went to cliff dwellings and Garden of GRLTAZ 15 DAWNWATERWOMAN
9/14/17 6:21 P
Chat Thread for YOUR Summer Challenge SHARONSPARKLE 641 HOLDINGMYOWN
9/10/17 6:11 P
I lost over 3 pounds this past week! For the past SERDECZNA 8 GRLTAZ
9/9/17 3:13 P
prepping for hurricane .... near myrtle beach, sc...... prayers for all in the path -SPIRITSEEKER2- 6 GRLTAZ
9/8/17 10:23 A
Travel day does not stop this girl. Walked before we left, at gas ups and booty dancin in car gettin GRLTAZ 5 DAWNWATERWOMAN
9/7/17 11:25 A
When's your next outing? MARGOMCP 377 SHARONSPARKLE
10/28/17 10:31 A
Colorado Springs in September, 2017? GLASSART43 60 GRLTAZ
8/24/17 10:20 A
well have mammogram in the morning - then off to the hospital for partial colon removed due to the d -SPIRITSEEKER2- 4 GRLTAZ
8/22/17 7:03 A
I was out all day so I ate fast food twice... I feel so sick! BECCAISDOINGIT 3 GRLTAZ
8/20/17 6:43 A
wow -basken robins - has an ice cream cake on here .......... come on techs - enough ads, so you can -SPIRITSEEKER2- 2 GRLTAZ
8/19/17 9:12 A
Lays potato chip ad now ???????????? stop with the food ads on a weight loss site .. yes you can't -SPIRITSEEKER2- 5 GOODFELINE
8/17/17 11:05 A
HELP! I can't get my eating under control and my weight is skyrocketing. I have gained 13 lbs in a m BECCAISDOINGIT 8 GRLTAZ
8/17/17 9:17 A
I've come to the conclusion that I'm too hard on m BECCAISDOINGIT 9 GRLTAZ
8/8/17 10:47 A