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Started at 289lbs woohoo down to 194lbs SORRELLCONNIE 161 MMMMD59
1/16/18 11:34 P
My start weight on 9/12/17: 255 and here I am now 39.6 pounds lighter 😊 I'm seriously loving this n TMP0418 304 TMP0418
1/16/18 9:03 P
Hello! 😌 I came across this app today and so far I love it. I’m marking today as the official start LILI1987 52 LILI1987
1/16/18 8:39 P
1/16/18 8:00 P
1/16/18 11:16 P
Been having a hard time getting refocused after the holidays, but made up my mind that today is the RAYMOSSISTER 41 TURQUROISE
1/16/18 7:06 P
i wanted 2018 to be an amazing year since 2017 was so bitter for me. it seems 15 days in and i lost CREATEJOY2 111 TURQUROISE
1/16/18 7:06 P
#motivation I can get to this weight again. I know I can. And, beat it. SURGEONIMVU 16 MIZKAREN
1/15/18 7:26 A
Not usually a fan of Monday’s... but TODAY is going to be AMAZING!!! SHELLLEY2 26 PELESJEWEL
1/15/18 11:37 A
Posted a photo FIREFLY423 29 REDAMACK
1/15/18 7:52 A
My name is Katie Francis. I am 27 years young, but I feel like I have the body of an old woman... KFRANCIS626 32 WLHOPE
1/15/18 10:33 A
1/15/18 9:01 A
Posted a photo JESUSGIRL7941 8 TOCONNER
1/15/18 7:08 A
1/15/18 3:41 P
Not down any pounds but feel more energized. GREENEMERALDGRL 6 WALNUTT1961
1/14/18 2:29 P
Good morning very proud just burnt 900 calories and already got my water goal in today SWIFT6913221 27 SWIFT6913221
1/16/18 3:43 A
Ugh...Do I gotta go? SMOEII-1 6 CHERYLHURT
1/14/18 8:18 A
Breakfast time. 350 calories total. RAVENSWATER66 15 CHEIVOUS
1/14/18 3:42 P
I'm up much to early because of insomnia and being so sick. Sigh! LI1LIAN_M 16 GARDENCHRIS
1/14/18 10:43 A
Posted a photo NEPTUNE1939 20 1CRAZYDOG
1/14/18 3:29 P
Good morning! Spinach, tomatoes, 2 eggs, bacon, h TIGERSEYEHEART 15 LINDASOUTHER
1/14/18 10:57 A
I did not do well this week. Too many snacks not enough water. Shaking it off and hitting reset bu DORISGARDNER2 19 MSPALMR1123
1/14/18 9:44 A
Enjoying a hot tea while my eggs boil❀️ I’m determined to make this a good day MORGAN_ALANA 20 TWEETYS
1/13/18 7:46 A
Happy Saturday. It's my weekend to work. Hopefully the roads aren't as bad as my driveway looks.. DGFOWLER 23 ONEDAY_ILLWIN
1/13/18 8:45 A
1/13/18 1:26 P
Hope you get all the things crossed off of your to do list today! LITTLEREDHEN8 18 PBVHCCVH
1/13/18 8:44 A
β€œWhen you blame others, you give up your power to change.” ~Dr. Robert Anthony (I've blamed my husba RMCKITTRICK 9 VIRGINIAGIRL
1/13/18 10:48 A
Happy Saturday my sparkle friends!!! 12.3 pounds to get to my goal. It has been a long journey but i BELKYG11 34 RSTEINER1313
1/13/18 10:09 A
It is never too late to be what you might have been. β€”George Eliot ADDISONLJONES 4 LPORTER2015
1/13/18 9:24 A
Posted a goal EVAOLIVER 12 RYCGIRL
1/12/18 9:11 A
I was recently told I was a reactive hypoglycemic, so a serving of rice for me should be about 2 tab LESLIELENORE 19 CHERIRIDDELL
1/13/18 1:40 A
Hope all Sparkers have a great day today and a awesome weekend...Watch as the weather changes in you CAJUNBUCKEYE59 21 JUDY1676
1/12/18 5:04 P
Posted a photo DIA_MOVI 13 REDBIRDFLY
1/12/18 6:44 A
Dinner time From left to right Probiotic drink(am on antibiotics 😐) "Kebab salad" - mixed leaf let KRISTIN5891 14 BILLTHOMSON
1/12/18 8:23 A
Happy FRIDAY my sparkle friends! Have an amazing day and great start of the weekend. BELKYG11 13 JASONSAIN247
1/12/18 7:11 A
Woke up this morning feeling great! It’s day 4 and BINA-80 10 TIGERSEYEHEART
1/12/18 6:39 A
Sparkers,keep on the path to a new you! Be safe on your wanderings!!!! CAJUNBUCKEYE59 16 JUDY1676
1/11/18 12:21 P
1/11/18 10:33 P
5.5 pounds in one week! This is what happens when I track food and workout. I eat pretty healthy, ju JENCT76 8 MLR_00
1/11/18 6:40 A
I didn't 'feel like it' this morning - but I'd laid out my running togs, so there they were inviting RAWCOOKIE 24 MIRAGE727
1/12/18 7:06 A
I am up! Feeling better, spasms have lessened. I am still in pain and using my walker to move from o LIVINGLOVINLIFE 15 SPEDED2
1/11/18 10:36 P
1/11/18 5:39 A
Good Morning my Sparkle friends. Have an amazing and blessed Thursday!!!! BELKYG11 13 MARCY1955
1/11/18 5:46 A
On the go again folks! Have A Great Day! F5-FURY 18 JAMER123
1/10/18 11:29 P
A little motivation 😊Happy Wednesday JOC36BROWN 12 SMORSEBVR
1/10/18 6:38 A
#Breakfast went to the gym b4 work to, little more wore out tonight at work compared to usual. Only STARBRITE290 7 MLR_00
1/10/18 6:48 A
1/10/18 5:40 A
Morning Walk 30 minutes fast pace on Stepping stones around our house....Then slow walking later at FLASUN 30 PSYCHMASTER
1/11/18 12:35 A
Morning! A cute idea (Not my creation) LITTLEREDHEN8 13 ROCKRS
1/10/18 6:50 A
I was a lazy ketoer for the last half of '17 then JAYRAYOK 12 SADIEMYERS
1/10/18 8:37 A
#BeforeAndAfter Actual starting weight 257. Almost 70 lbs down! TXAGGIEARCHER18 281 BEACHTIME9
1/10/18 6:11 P
I was almost 280 when I had my baby. I weighed 267 when doctor's said I was prediabetic. I've lost 2 LUCYPATRICK41 151 ANETTYB66
1/10/18 7:28 P
First pix was 5 yrs ago. after giving birth to my son my weight stayed between 330-355lbs for 8 yrs ALOFA0509 198 AVMARISSA
1/13/18 1:36 A
When you're stuck at a desk where this beckons... ugh. It's just a little sugar? Right? But still. U LKMANNING7 20 LKMANNING7
1/9/18 10:13 P
Another hilly day on the treadmill πŸ˜… CGARR442 7 COMEBACKKID12
1/10/18 11:48 P
It was so nice today, I didn't need a hat! Woohoo!! πŸ™‚ SPIFFYRIKI 9 ALALADY
1/9/18 6:08 P
Hooray, my fav part about winter is as always that the best weather is while i am trapped inside PLAINJANEDOE 4 HAWKTHREE
1/8/18 5:46 A
I met my second 5lb mini goal today. Weight loss is slowing but still coming off nicely :-) ZENNITH 11 MLR_00
1/8/18 6:47 A
Thos mornimg i am grateful that my alarms went off on time. Trying not to be full of hate as i go ba PLAINJANEDOE 7 RAEVEN85
1/8/18 3:09 P
Happy Monday. May this be the start of a positive, productive and goal-reaching week. PAMBROWN62 15 COMEBACKKID12
1/8/18 9:45 P
It's 3:00 am I think my cat is trying to kill me! SMOEII-1 8 COWLEEN1
1/8/18 7:02 A
Posted a photo EVER-HOPEFUL 16 RBVRE565
1/8/18 6:04 A
I have gained 1.8 lbs over the Christmas and New Year period, not bad considering the festive over i SCHOLION 6 PEARL79
1/8/18 5:10 A
First week of new year done! Lost 3 pounds! Keep at it ! #BeforeAndAfter GREENEMERALDGRL 80 DAWN1830
1/7/18 1:12 P
Hi all, long time no see... I am back here after a year off. I stopped suddenly last year after a de CREPEAUBEURRE 8 _LINDA
1/7/18 1:37 P
NOT happy with the team points :( :( :( RASPBERRY56 6 _LINDA
1/7/18 1:33 P
Up with a hot mug of tea, herbal, no caffeine. I've done what I thought I could not do, I quit coffe CROUCHINGFLEA 15 _LINDA
1/7/18 1:42 P
Let your mistakes be your bridges! Read my post today! JSTETSER 14 ROCKYCPA
1/7/18 7:30 P
Posted a photo FIREFLY423 7 PLCHAPPELL
1/7/18 7:07 A
forgot to take pictures yesterday but here’s my tracker ... GLENDAK72 5 GLENDAK72
1/11/18 9:17 A
Friday I forgot to post this here .... GLENDAK72 4 GLENDAK72
1/11/18 9:18 A
35 down 71 to go 😊 I know it's gonna be worth it and I'm taken my time. Let's do this!!! TMP0418 84 SMOEII-1
1/6/18 5:49 P
This lunch hit the spot! Organic meatballs cooked in a little simply organic ginger and orange sauce RUNJENNAYRUN 11 BILLTHOMSON
1/6/18 6:34 P
Posted a photo ELF41978 8 TSHAWGER
1/6/18 5:04 P
So it's been a couple months, and got busy with life that my health and nutrition took a back seat. SNDANIEL1073 16 JTHEALTHY1
1/6/18 6:53 P