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I wanted to do a side by side to perk myself up during the slower weight loss weeks. I'm surprised a CSILVERS 233 DESERTDREAMERS
9/23/17 12:45 A
Roasted parmesan and garlic chickpeas yum! LR237787 9 GRATTECIELLA
9/22/17 12:39 P
going to get on the treadmill today for 12 minutes MARILYNS69 4 KILTORE
9/22/17 4:38 P
End of week 2 boot camp challenge. Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and a successful weekend. SOUTHTXXRNNR 5 GLASSHUNTER
9/22/17 2:36 P
I went to the pool again today so I could make sure that I got there at least twice this week....but SISSYFEB48 4 CANDYLIND
9/22/17 2:41 P
My morning. Pictures don't do it justice, but my m SOUTHTXXRNNR 5 GRATTECIELLA
9/22/17 12:33 P
Good Morning....Here comes Fall Ya'll.....Let's see our pounds leave this season !πŸπŸ‚πŸπŸ‚πŸπŸ‚ STARFISH1961 56 KILTORE
9/22/17 4:37 P
I found this on Pinterest this morning. This is what 50lbs of fat looks like. I JUST hit the 50lbs l ROSE_DE_VILE 131 PBVHCCVH
9/22/17 3:51 P
Looking like a gangster, lol. This is how my jeans MEXYULIZEA 10 MIRAGE727
9/22/17 12:57 P
Difficult run today. Forgot to eat a protein bar beforehand and bonked, and couldn't finish running. GRATTECIELLA 10 OBIESMOM2
9/22/17 3:55 P
Ready for Rosh Hashanah dinner! GRATTECIELLA 107 -POOKIE-
9/22/17 11:42 A
Shana Tova from my family! On our way to do Tashlich (symbolically throwing our sins into the water) GRATTECIELLA 17 BIKEORAMA
9/22/17 2:39 A
My walking path the other day. It was beautiful outside that day. Today we have 100% humidity with a GROWINGSOUL 8 SOUTHTXXRNNR
9/21/17 2:03 P
Yum yum! Spinach, onion, garlic, mushroom, 1egg and 2 egg whites. Oatmeal on the side. L01745 11 SOUTHTXXRNNR
9/21/17 2:02 P
It's Homecoming week, so I've been required to supervise kids almost 14 hrs a day this week. Other t LKMANNING7 112 CONNIET88
9/22/17 1:31 P
Just had lunch and had to stop and look at my fridge. I don't think it's ever looked this healthy! I CANN43 13 MEANTTOTHRIVE
9/21/17 4:45 P
My visual motivator and tracker! I keep it on my desk and color a petal in for each pound lost. PINKMUSTARD21 166 IAN2409
9/21/17 10:33 P
If I have to walk/jog at least I can enjoy the view SHAWNAFROG 22 DAWN1830
9/21/17 3:42 A
5 months cigarette free!! Pretty dang proudπŸ˜€ ANNALOWERY0 222 CONTENTE13
9/21/17 7:49 P
Great workout capped off by a great weigh in! Added bonus: I hit 10k steps, and I also won't have an GRATTECIELLA 12 PROVERBS31JULIA
9/22/17 2:09 A
Really great beach run today. I managed to sort of do intervals outside. Fastest pace 5.46 MPH! Fast GRATTECIELLA 11 WHYTEBROWN
9/21/17 9:04 A
Family dinners are really great! I love fish night! GRATTECIELLA 23 -POOKIE-
9/20/17 6:13 A
hi y'all just joined excited to get healthy female JUWEST 15 GRATTECIELLA
9/19/17 8:32 P
I am going in the wrong direction!! I am losing my drive! MRSBKM 4 MRSBKM
9/19/17 8:35 P
Dinner tonight; Fresh spinach with crisp apple slices, reduced fat blue cheese crumbles, chopped wal GOOSIE13 35 GEORGE815
9/19/17 9:21 P
Here's what I'm having for my snack instead of leftover cake. Go me! GRATTECIELLA 79 HPOFBC
9/21/17 10:43 A
Yeah so I have been on SP for 10 years today. Pretty certain that's NOT a good thing. #HappySparkerv CURLYLADEE 14 -POOKIE-
9/20/17 6:14 A
Craving sweets! Ugh... 30 min on the treadmill and no joy. I think a big glass of tea and a swim is MICKEYCLAUS 11 GRATTECIELLA
9/19/17 5:34 P
9/19/17 5:33 P
Good news at the Dr. Office today. All my labs came back within normal range. No extra meds for the CHRISTLYN1 10 GRATTECIELLA
9/19/17 5:32 P
I always feel great after a workout JEMMSIE 10 TIGERSEYEHEART
9/20/17 5:19 P
Good Afternoon everyone. I have been trying to g DOLLIPS 48 KILTORE
9/20/17 1:32 A
9/19/17 5:36 P
Day 4 tracked food, water and blood glucose successfully. Also did 12 mins strength training, miracl 1990REDELAINE 5 TBRYAN-LU
9/19/17 6:21 P
Check it out! Size 10 jeans! I haven't been a size 10 since I was a teenager! 15 lbs makes a lot of GRATTECIELLA 29 1CRAZYDOG
9/20/17 4:20 P
Workout completed! Haven't done intervals in a long time, and they felt great. I really had to push GRATTECIELLA 9 WHYTEBROWN
9/19/17 10:46 A
Flu shot achievement unlocked! Here's to a healthy fall! GRATTECIELLA 17 CHERYLE51
9/21/17 6:13 P
Down .1 lbs from Friday. Not what I was hoping for, but slow progress is better than no progress! GRATTECIELLA 17 OBIESMOM2
9/19/17 7:10 A
Haven't been to the gym much recently. (I've been working out at home or running outside.) They remo GRATTECIELLA 7 WHYTEBROWN
9/19/17 10:46 A
This salad is AMAZEBALLS!!! I love trying new recipes!! MIGHTYJULESTORM 11 WINTERRAIN
9/18/17 1:53 P
I was over 238 lbs starting this year and not exercising at all. Now I am exercising 5 -7 days week NEONGHOST21 220 BETTERLIFE12
9/18/17 7:38 P
a sunny day--great day for a walk! LEANJEAN6 158 NEWNANCY2012
9/20/17 10:26 P
Really fun backyard BBQ today - my family's annual triple birthday party for my husband, his twin, a GRATTECIELLA 17 1CRAZYDOG
9/18/17 12:34 P
Stopped to look at the butterflies today KATRINAHAY 29 CHERIRIDDELL
9/17/17 1:39 A
While the family swam, I spent 40 minutes treading water! Kept me warm in the cool water! πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ GRATTECIELLA 27 WHYTEBROWN
9/18/17 9:32 A
Costco is certainly the cheapest place to buy neat and other essentials. But unfortunately, it still GRATTECIELLA 22 GGRSPARK
9/18/17 1:16 A
Anyone have any home remidies to lose inches off your stomach? GPCJ26 5 RACHELLENH
9/16/17 3:42 P
Farmer's market & grocery shopping this morning. Got steaks on sale at Gordon Food Service - filets ASF220 3 SKIMBRO
9/16/17 12:27 P
Morning push-ups: done! Even after months, they're still hard, but I did 60 :) GRATTECIELLA 17 DOLPH79
9/16/17 8:25 P
Tasty!!! @goalfitnessnow KEVINMORAN0322 7 KEVINMORAN0322
9/16/17 2:17 P
Today's summary: - jogged 3.1 mi (intervals) - stayed within calories - almost 20k steps Huzzah! GRATTECIELLA 15 1CRAZYDOG
9/16/17 9:37 A
I was told they are called mountain apples they taste like a cross between Granny Smith apples and s SHAWNAFROG 24 MISSDAISY23
9/16/17 11:48 A
Are you looking for a way to get fit, lose weight, and have fun along the way? Check out the Fall 5% PATRICIA-CR 5 MAGICAL13
9/15/17 9:01 P
Good afternoon everyone. I have fallen hard off of my healthy journey. It's crazy to realize how mu DOLLIPS 11 KILTORE
9/15/17 9:48 P
Fun project for work: I'm looking up celebrity BMI's to show teenage girls. I'll be talking to them WOMBATLILLZ 4 PRINCESS0143
9/15/17 10:55 P
I don't personally have children, but it brakes my heart that her mother can sob because her child i SUMMERFODRIE 8 JEMMSIE
9/16/17 12:13 P
We have a Jack-o-lantern lamp! OBIESMOM2 8 SRWYLIE
9/16/17 10:42 A
I keep doing weights i keep walking i keep praying. My doctor says its working when i lift things it POPPEE2 6 GRATTECIELLA
9/15/17 8:05 P
Having one of those days where I am just STARVING all day. Sigh ... what should I eat to quench that GRATTECIELLA 14 GGRSPARK
9/18/17 1:20 A
Won't be tracking my steps tomorrow, doing a 5k obstacle run. Get to play in the mud for a good caus KAMLS9845 11 RAEVEN85
9/16/17 8:52 P
My son is down 23 pounds!! He is happier! I couldn't be prouder!!! LMURPHY88 183 YMWONG22
9/16/17 2:52 A
Bonked around mile 2 of my run today, despite eating immediately before. Also, running on wet sand m GRATTECIELLA 10 GGRSPARK
9/18/17 1:21 A
Bootcamp hike started after dinner tonight. Made it to the view point before dark but hiked the last TIKITAMI 17 HEALTH_NOW
9/15/17 10:32 P
Found the most awesome die to use for my Scarlet Dragons BLC monopoly challenge! 🐲πŸ”₯πŸ‰πŸ’ͺ #dragonstr GRATTECIELLA 5 WHYTEBROWN
9/15/17 7:59 A
Long day! All I wanted to do was watch TV this evening. But I did the 9-minute arm weight exercise r GRATTECIELLA 28 LIVEDAILY
9/16/17 2:31 A
I was in a very crappy mood today. Went running anyways and it was painful for a while there, then t RANAF222 41 HEALTH_NOW
9/15/17 10:32 P
Down 43 pounds today!!! LMURPHY88 156 LMURPHY88
9/15/17 5:20 P
Lunch today: fresh, colorful, healthy, delicious! GRATTECIELLA 6 -POOKIE-
9/15/17 3:37 A
Disappointed that my weight is up a little. But what did I expect after inconsistent tracking, less GRATTECIELLA 26 CITYBLUESGIRL
9/14/17 10:01 P
#deliciousdailymoment Healthy lunch today.....Have a great one Sparkers ! πŸ˜†πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‹ STARFISH1961 11 KATRINAHAY
9/14/17 2:34 P
Snacks and water bottle packed for a busy day! GRATTECIELLA 13 -POOKIE-
9/15/17 3:36 A
Great day at Universal Studios with my mom for her bday celebration! GRATTECIELLA 27 1CRAZYDOG
9/14/17 11:45 A
the hardest pose of all #shavasana (with my purrsonal trainers) PLAINJANEDOE 6 GRATTECIELLA
9/11/17 10:48 P
My poor little girl was up sick all night last night. After some hives on her belly and a trip to th SOUTHTXXRNNR 20 MASHAUNDAB
9/12/17 11:24 A
Ever had a recipe that took more than it gave? In the hour and a half that it took me to make these BIKEORAMA 28 MPLSKEN
9/12/17 11:52 A