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Give yourself some credit, you're doing the best you can. You're doing a great job, even with all yo ALLYLIZZY 8 GRATTECIELLA
12/13/17 6:10 P
This dress would look gorgeous on a redhead. Redheads look great in the color green. Do you agree? ALLYLIZZY 11 GRATTECIELLA
12/13/17 6:09 P
I am renewing my vows next month so I tried on my wedding dress and after 10 years it still fits. I CDS427 18 GRATTECIELLA
12/13/17 6:08 P
Cheers and kudos to me that I can sit next to all this and still resist the urge to indulge. PHYLLISHODGES23 34 ALABAMASUSAN17
12/13/17 6:36 P
This morning: 25 min on the elliptical. I prefer running, but I'm still nice and sweaty! GRATTECIELLA 9 WHYTEBROWN
12/13/17 5:08 P
Lit the first night Hanukkah candles with my brother in Brooklyn thanks to FaceTime. Happy Hanukkah! GRATTECIELLA 24 LIVEDAILY
12/13/17 4:53 P
Still on business travel. My friend couldn’t meet with me. It’s Hanukkah. But I still managed to enj GRATTECIELLA 14 LIVEDAILY
12/13/17 4:54 P
Want to loose 30 more pounds DEANNAHOWARD32 15 ILARIAMARCUCCI
12/13/17 2:25 A
So, I was going to meet a friend for dinner while on business travel, and she ditched me. I think I' GRATTECIELLA 7 1CRAZYDOG
12/13/17 10:41 A
Quick morning workout: ✅ Thanks, Fitstar app! GRATTECIELLA 16 LIVEDAILY
12/12/17 4:36 P
A very successful day! All food tracked, and I ended up within calories. Let's do it again tomorrow! GRATTECIELLA 19 LIVEDAILY
12/12/17 4:38 P
Safari sogoodi, as my father would say. All food and exercise for the day tracked and plenty of calo GRATTECIELLA 15 LIVEDAILY
12/12/17 4:39 P
My Monday morning workout MHIGGINS138 8 COOP9002
12/11/17 3:15 P
Food tracked so far. So far I'm on target! But, crap, forgot to ask for chicken in my salad. Hope I GRATTECIELLA 3 1CRAZYDOG
12/11/17 3:51 P
Resolution fulfilled part 1: on the elliptical! 🏆🥇 GRATTECIELLA 11 -POOKIE-
12/12/17 4:13 A
OK, so it has been a tough week. And a busy weekend. Business travel, stress about fires, lots of ho GRATTECIELLA 12 LIVEDAILY
12/11/17 1:22 P
Got to take a walk over lunch GRATTECIELLA 13 IAMAGEMLOVER
12/9/17 8:36 A
Run and stretch. But a) I forgot my Fitbit, and b) my knee has really been bothering me. No more run GRATTECIELLA 14 LIVEDAILY
12/8/17 3:20 P
Salad and wine in front of a cozy fireplace! #hyggelig GRATTECIELLA 28 LIVEDAILY
12/8/17 3:33 P
20 min stationery bike, and some bodyweight exercise. GRATTECIELLA 10 LIVEDAILY
12/7/17 2:53 P
Proud of myself for finding the fitness room and putting in 20 min of running before today's session GRATTECIELLA 29 BEACHTIME9
12/8/17 11:54 A
On business travel. Not enough energy to work out today, but I ate reasonably and took a walk to get GRATTECIELLA 13 CHERIRIDDELL
12/7/17 1:42 A
Check out my shiny new Fitbit badge! GRATTECIELLA 18 LIVEDAILY
12/1/17 8:42 A
We love fish night! GRATTECIELLA 18 LIVEDAILY
11/29/17 5:53 P
Something to remember and celebrate every single day! MARTHA324 21 HAPPYSOUL91
11/28/17 9:49 A
Borscht and salad. Colorful and fresh! GRATTECIELLA 22 IAMAGEMLOVER
11/28/17 8:42 A
On my way to the gym. Still having a fair amount of knee pain and swelling, so today's goal is an ex GRATTECIELLA 15 LAPPEROO
11/30/17 11:16 A
Posted a photo PPILMORE 9 SMSUZIEQ36
11/27/17 10:42 A
It's my 40th birthday today. Feeling kinda down about my age, but my husband is reminding me how muc SADIEMYERS 250 MISTRESSOHORROR
11/28/17 8:42 A
#BeforeAndAfter I haven't done the before and after yet but I've hit a plateau and I've noticed some CATKEMPTON 151 NOTASTATISTIC
11/27/17 8:31 P
3 appliances in use making food for the week: whol GRATTECIELLA 19 -POOKIE-
11/27/17 11:50 A
Back from a few days away for Thanksgiving and back into running! 2.29 easy miles in 31 min on wood GRATTECIELLA 5 WHYTEBROWN
11/27/17 10:19 A
I want to be vegan but I can't stay on track. I still eat baked goods, eggs and mostly animal produ VAMPIREMOMM 5 ALOFA0509
11/26/17 6:27 P
Admiring my progress all while feeling good about SIMPLYKEN32 15 LOUISE979
11/27/17 8:05 A
Getting back on track after being off track on Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Trying not to feel guilt ROSETTE04 4 TCANNO
11/26/17 9:23 P
Dinner time 😋 TMP0418 13 MISTRESSOHORROR
11/26/17 8:02 P
Relaxing holidays this year so far. Christmas stuff almost all up. Thinking of joining a gym next we MAMABEAR372 10 EMSTERMO5
11/26/17 9:28 P
Morning! Hope you have a great week! Have been working 15 hour days for the last week including the TOLOOSE40 7 B_RAZORSHARP
11/26/17 11:03 P
Survived lunch at McDonald's. Grilled chicken sandwich with only half the bun and a few fries = unde GRATTECIELLA 7 WHYTEBROWN
11/27/17 10:20 A
Skipped the dirty chai latte (yummy but maybe 300 Cal) in favor of my usual cold brew coffee. It's n GRATTECIELLA 20 WHYTEBROWN
11/26/17 10:31 A
Lunch of champions! Er, does 80th in my age division count as a champion? Sure it does! GRATTECIELLA 13 1CRAZYDOG
11/24/17 8:01 P
Turkey trot completed! Chip time 36:51. (Just under 12 min/mi pace.) Not too shabby! GRATTECIELLA 28 1CRAZYDOG
11/24/17 8:01 P
Avoided the brownies and pumpkin pie at today's preschool feast. 🏆🌟🏆 GRATTECIELLA 13 WHYTEBROWN
11/23/17 10:24 P
11/23/17 10:24 P
Farmers’ market bounty! GRATTECIELLA 28 CHERIRIDDELL
11/23/17 1:21 A
Beach 3.5 miler. Of course I took some walk breaks, but overall I ran well despite the heart. I gues GRATTECIELLA 13 RUSSELLFORD
11/22/17 1:49 A
Registered for my second 5k, a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning in downtown LA. Eeeeee! Don't kno GRATTECIELLA 27 WHYTEBROWN
11/22/17 8:07 A
I don't know if you can do this on here, but I know it works on Facebook. I got it from a weight w RDBCOFFEE5 4 AKPIPER
11/21/17 4:30 A
Simple healthy veggie forward dinner! GRATTECIELLA 15 SKEMERICH
11/21/17 9:44 A
Hooray for a workout! Beach bike ride and Fitstar 15. GRATTECIELLA 14 CHERIRIDDELL
11/21/17 12:50 A
3 workouts, 1 woman. SHANTRA7 7 MADEINBRITAIN
11/21/17 4:05 A
2.07 mi run/jog intervals. Total 2.07 mi. No walk breaks. Booya! GRATTECIELLA 23 WHYTEBROWN
11/18/17 8:11 A
Got back to my normal routine of squats, calf raises, and push-ups in the morning. Feels good! GRATTECIELLA 29 CHERIRIDDELL
11/17/17 1:27 A
Ugh really wanna workout but my dog is being way too awesome! COOLEY135 18 WARRIORGIRL121
11/23/17 11:41 P
12/1/17 9:56 P
Here is the start of one of my small goals... 1. drink a gallon of water by the en CRAFTYGIRL80 157 TWINZ_LOCZ
11/16/17 8:19 P
It may be elementary school run club, but the whole family can get a workout! GRATTECIELLA 14 IAMAGEMLOVER
11/16/17 7:52 A
Healthy and hearty potato vegetable soup in progress. Perfect for fall! GRATTECIELLA 14 LIVEDAILY
11/14/17 5:23 P
Knee is still bothering me 10 months after surgery. Tendinitis or joint inflammation, definitely swe GRATTECIELLA 19 1CRAZYDOG
11/13/17 1:25 P
Posted a photo ELF41978 4 AKROXIE
11/11/17 8:41 P
Completed my first OFFICIAL 8k. I think I'm addict PUNZIE73 15 CIERAPOET
11/11/17 6:13 P
Trying to find a way to have a few drinks this weekend without hurting my progress LOUDLAUGHER79 6 TIGERSEYEHEART
11/10/17 6:25 P
I don't understand google fit! Today it says I've meet my goal but only burned 78 calories. The last YISKAMIRYAM 6 YISKAMIRYAM
11/11/17 3:04 P
Seen on my walk today. GRATTECIELLA 18 LIVEDAILY
11/11/17 9:39 P
Today’s beach bike ride was 8 miles! GRATTECIELLA 11 WHYTEBROWN
11/10/17 8:28 A
Preschool carpool accomplished! One of the more taxing parts of the day. Now for a quick workout bef GRATTECIELLA 9 LIVEDAILY
11/9/17 2:43 P
A special lunch date with my special guy! GRATTECIELLA 30 LIVEDAILY
11/9/17 2:53 P
Did well at sisterhood dinner tonight: wine, but no bread, very little pasta or tiramisu. Focus on f GRATTECIELLA 25 LIVEDAILY
11/8/17 3:00 P
Celebrating my princess today! Good morning!! Have a blessed day! ANOJAG 250 JAZZEJR
11/8/17 9:36 P
Date is Nov.7th, 2017 I started back with Sparkpeople a week ago! I said that I was going to ta MONKEYJO10 27 MTN_KITTEN
11/7/17 6:46 P
Did great all day today until dessert, when I had a second frozen brownie. But still within calories GRATTECIELLA 19 LIVEDAILY
11/8/17 3:09 P
Beautiful breezy day. Biking and strength training complete! GRATTECIELLA 14 IAMAGEMLOVER
11/7/17 7:28 A
Just clicked down from 25lbs. to 30lbs. lost. Unfortunately the trend line and my loss aren't meshed DASH__LOM 9 RAYMOSSISTER
11/6/17 1:55 P
11/6/17 1:48 P
If you're reading this, I just want to tell all of y'all how amazing you truly are. AMYMBUNCH 11 BIKEORAMA
11/6/17 9:06 P