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5k time: 34:23. Not too shabby (and 2:16 off my previous 5k time!) GRATTECIELLA 43 CHERIRIDDELL
3/18/18 1:25 A
Getting ready to race! GRATTECIELLA 6 BIGFLABEAR
3/17/18 1:09 P
Beautiful beach run today. I'm still nervous about Saturday's race, but I'm not sure why - the time GRATTECIELLA 21 CHERIRIDDELL
3/17/18 1:34 A
Thaught an hour and a half of zumba class today... Feeling confident! Thinking of taking a job of a GRACIE6121 12 QSHEPP
3/16/18 6:57 A
Made the mistake today of having a poke bowl for lunch that was 90% noodles. Was starving all aftern GRATTECIELLA 9 OVERDUECHANGE
3/16/18 10:57 A
I went from over 270 lbs in 2014 to this currently TXSUNSHINE512 157 QSHEPP
3/16/18 6:57 A
Today's workout included wall balls, battle ropes, and tabatas. Booya! πŸ’ͺπŸ†πŸ‹οΈβ€β™‚οΈ #strongereveryday GRATTECIELLA 12 OBIESMOM2
3/15/18 11:35 A
3/15/18 6:37 A
For those of you maintaining your goal weight out there: did you have a hard time mentally accepting ISABEAUSROSE 7 AMYINTHEWILD
3/14/18 5:51 P
Let's be good to ourselves. Sometimes it can be a long road with twist and hills but we will get th CHERYLSSEXY 14 MSMITCHELL2696
3/14/18 6:30 P
My sidekicks and I went rock climbing today! GRATTECIELLA 11 LIVEDAILY
3/14/18 10:59 A
Within calories today! GRATTECIELLA 25 WHYTEBROWN
3/15/18 6:38 A
Ok, so I am slightly over calories for the day due to brunch out. But I ate moderately, made good ch GRATTECIELLA 24 OBIESMOM2
3/13/18 1:37 P
This tamale pie was pretty yummy. 75% of the people in my house loved it (what can you do about pick GRATTECIELLA 10 LIVEDAILY
3/13/18 8:46 A
Got my jog on. Gotta get ready for Saturday's race. (And gotta remember that it's about the run, not GRATTECIELLA 10 LIVEDAILY
3/13/18 8:47 A
My papa is worn out. He lost the love of his life on March 7,2018 we laid her to rest on March 10, 2 SLIVERBULLET 38 JEN-JENG
3/12/18 6:55 P
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 190 MARYLOTUS
3/12/18 4:06 P
Please excuse my dirty mirror and my storage/exercise room but I’m 24 pounds down! LWALKERC12 31 CONCOOP74
3/12/18 7:00 P
Well, I’m up a pound! I worked so hard last week! I upped my workouts from just walking to TurboJa TEXASHSMOMOF3 226 SUSIEMT
3/12/18 7:43 P
3/12/18 7:07 P
Proud of myself for making good choices and eating moderately at brunch with a friend today. Bonus - GRATTECIELLA 9 RAERAERAE62
3/12/18 6:47 P
Buckets of sweat from today's workout. πŸ’ͺπŸ†πŸ‹οΈβ€β™‚οΈ GRATTECIELLA 4 1CRAZYDOG
3/11/18 4:17 P
Jogging as well as exercise at PT today. GRATTECIELLA 11 1CRAZYDOG
3/10/18 8:06 A
Workout completed! Booya! GRATTECIELLA 20 CHERIRIDDELL
3/9/18 1:32 A
3/7/18 4:01 A
Got to do some rock climbing today with my little one while my older one was in climbing academy. Af GRATTECIELLA 6 LAPPEROO
3/8/18 7:13 P
Phew! Long day! One highlight was shopping at the farmers' market with this little one in her tutu. GRATTECIELLA 16 TERINSANDYEGGO
3/12/18 2:14 P
Had an ice cream binge last night :( but I'm on track and at the gym this morning. 1.5 mi continuous GRATTECIELLA 25 LAPPEROO
3/8/18 7:14 P
What do you do with an old airstrip ? Plant a community garden with a walking/ jogging path. Twice GGRSPARK 32 SRWYLIE
3/4/18 11:52 A
Tinights dinner- 4 oz. Thin Rib Eye steak...3/4 cup peas...1cup strawberries & blueberries..mixed sa CAROLJORDAN49 12 MIYAMO
3/3/18 11:03 P
Yoga hair, don't care :) GRATTECIELLA 13 RAERAERAE62
3/4/18 4:25 P
3/4/18 6:26 P
Taking the stairs! GRATTECIELLA 26 1CRAZYDOG
3/1/18 3:20 P
I am smart enough that I grabbed an egg and some oatmeal for breakfast. So I don’t have to rely upon GRATTECIELLA 14 LIVEDAILY
3/1/18 8:29 A
Proud of myself for working out at the hotel gym - and for coordinating with the decor! GRATTECIELLA 23 CINDY247
2/28/18 1:50 P
Just arrived in Seattle. It is colder than a witch's tit here. Literally 6 degrees from freezing! An GRATTECIELLA 18 BJK1961
2/27/18 8:27 P
Happy with my progress! Journalling makes ne mindful and more accountable. I list EVERYTHING and it LAVALORE 6 OUMABOUD
2/27/18 3:04 A
Made my dinner leftovers into a really delicious lunch. Meatballs, roasted chickpeas, and labneh ove GRATTECIELLA 12 GEORGE815
2/27/18 4:40 P
Third consecutive day of workouts. I sometimes forget, running outside is great because of the fresh GRATTECIELLA 17 SHELLLEY2
3/4/18 10:33 A
Believe in yourself. You are braver than you think, more talented than you know, and capable of more JVANAM 4 GRATTECIELLA
2/26/18 2:36 A
An exhausting day of single parenting while my husband was sick. And I'm heartsick as I keep thinkin GRATTECIELLA 13 1CRAZYDOG
2/26/18 2:29 P
60k for the week.. Done, through migraines and a twisted ankle. #noexcuses ZORBS13 18 CIERAPOET
2/25/18 9:09 P
I wish there was a way to post links to YouTube videos. I see some very motivational ones I know mig SCANDEE 3 KSTEVERSON
2/25/18 6:08 P
Marathon is complete!!!! PLUMBO42 40 GOODGETNBETR
2/26/18 1:09 A
I haven't fooled my body into thinking it was in starvation mode lately. GRUMPY85 3 MUSTANGMOM6
2/25/18 3:21 P
No kids club availability? No problem! Fitstar workout followed by two circuits from my new personal GRATTECIELLA 14 MCJULIEO
2/25/18 11:03 P
My sidekicks got sidetracked partway through, but I enjoyed the Fitbit Trainer Strong Resolve workou GRATTECIELLA 12 LAPPEROO
2/26/18 11:17 A
The bad: I went for the cake again. The good: after my nosh, I threw the rest of it away! GRATTECIELLA 14 1CRAZYDOG
2/25/18 4:29 P
I had 3 fruits and 2 vegetables today. The 3 fruits were a cup of Blueberries, a Banana, and an App PATRICIAANN46 5 BILLTHOMSON
2/25/18 8:17 A
Today's run was tough. But I did it! GRATTECIELLA 6 WHYTEBROWN
2/25/18 4:19 A
2/24/18 3:49 P
My favorite breakfast GRATTECIELLA 10 -POOKIE-
2/25/18 1:17 A
I’m proud of myself for stopping after a single bite of cake and not devouring much more. I’m proud GRATTECIELLA 51 LAPPEROO
2/25/18 12:58 P
I didn't have cake for dessert (even though my husband did). That's a win! GRATTECIELLA 28 1CRAZYDOG
2/23/18 2:40 P
New haircut, still not sure if I like it UASK4ITDAVE 32 RAERAERAE62
2/22/18 9:48 P
Met with my trainer today, and I have another session next Friday. I will be traveling 3 days next w GRATTECIELLA 13 I-AM-TITANIUM
2/22/18 10:42 P
I am loving working out with my new personal trainer. Certainly a worthwhile investment. GRATTECIELLA 9 OBIESMOM2
2/23/18 7:29 A
Posted a photo TINABEANA16 139 ELSCO55
2/22/18 1:54 P
Our last day at the magic kingdom. Sad to leave, happy to be returning to the gym and to healthier f GRATTECIELLA 10 LIVEDAILY
2/22/18 2:55 P
Did the best I could with food choices with family at The Magic Kingdom. (They don't let you bring f GRATTECIELLA 19 MCJULIEO
2/22/18 1:37 A
2/21/18 1:10 A
All food tracked. Within calories. A good day! GRATTECIELLA 9 IAMAGEMLOVER
2/20/18 4:31 P
Went to Hobby Lobby today, and decided to reward myself for losing 44 pounds. The Color Collection b ST3PH 12 VIKINGGIRL73
3/1/18 8:16 A
Windy but beautiful walk along the beach. 10k steps: βœ… GRATTECIELLA 20 LIVEDAILY
2/20/18 11:07 A
A delicious and healthy brunch choice! Scramble with goat cheese, avocado, and veggies, fruit on the GRATTECIELLA 14 LIVEDAILY
2/20/18 11:08 A
Ok. I've been eating cake (homemade, from my son's birthday party) and candy (while working too much GRATTECIELLA 9 LAPPEROO
2/20/18 12:34 P
One way to shed some extra weight.. Haircut! No I did not weigh before and after but that could have MWARNER211 91 LRJUSTUS1
2/9/18 7:44 P
Elementary school run club! GRATTECIELLA 5 I-AM-TITANIUM
2/10/18 12:02 A
2/9/18 5:14 A
Guys, I just wanted to share my "little" success with you. I have been here with you Sparkpeople for SWEETINFINITY1 27 ELIZABETHDARCY
2/16/18 10:54 P
Okay, it can be both, but mostly, with the right mindset, you get there. KETOCURIOUS 67 JULIEA7201
2/7/18 11:56 A
Run club today! Only 15 minutes (a little over 1 mile) but it's time I otherwise would have spent co GRATTECIELLA 5 LIVEDAILY
2/5/18 10:06 P
I had a good weekend! GRATTECIELLA 7 LIVEDAILY
2/5/18 10:06 P
5k completed! I took walk breaks, but ran most of it. Final chip time 36:39. 12 seconds off previous GRATTECIELLA 48 CAMPING_MOM
2/5/18 2:34 P
Peanut butter and banana on English muffin. Race day breakfast of champions! GRATTECIELLA 31 BILLTHOMSON
2/4/18 1:38 P