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Pure summer happiness: fresh local peaches, apricots, and cherriums! GRATTECIELLA 20 SARAH_ARAUJO
6/28/17 10:54 A
Summer bliss... EHUNTER32 10 CARRIEMETODAY
6/28/17 10:04 A
Reached a milestone this morning. I was 18-19 years old when I weighed this amount. I'm now in my 50 ARCHIMEDESII 194 MARIHELEN
6/28/17 10:53 A
Rise & Shine Sparkers! How do you support and encourage others? Have you inspired family/friends t ASF220 23 BUTT3RFL1
6/28/17 10:40 A
Veggies from my garden.. soon the chicken will be from my yard too. #organic ELACE 10 DEERLADY45
6/28/17 9:56 A
I've been graduated from PT for over a week, but I find my mindset is now good for remembering my st TORONTOANGEL 2 GRATTECIELLA
6/28/17 9:17 A
I started walking yesterday... Walked a mile after work.. and I can tell a difference since I have s SWEETBAMA1 2 GRATTECIELLA
6/28/17 9:15 A
Freezing bananas for smoothies & baking 😄 Once they start going a bit brown we stop eating them-big ELACE 10 ELEPHANTGEEK3
6/28/17 10:47 A
Non-scale Victory! Trader Joe's even with all of its healthful food is sometimes a calorie trap for BONNIJEAN 3 DRINKALOTH2O
6/28/17 9:35 A
Getting ready to go on vacation and have a plan to keep active. Going to hike in the lovely mountain GONNAWORKIT 3 SOUTHTXXRNNR
6/28/17 9:57 A
My little guy fighting me for my breakfast. As you can see he ate his breakfast (all over shirt) RAHRAH878 7 HOLLYM48
6/28/17 10:00 A
I have some exciting news. For the last couple of THEJACKIEDEAN12 5 DENISE168
6/28/17 10:03 A
I stumbled across SP's Spark$avings thru a link in an article and got SO excited, but it is evidentl LADYFROMTHEWOOD 4 LUANN_IN_PA
6/28/17 10:50 A
Slept poorly and up way too early for another 12-hr day at work. But I have healthy meals and snack GRATTECIELLA 9 GZELLEFRO
6/28/17 10:53 A
Never thought I could jog 2 miles with out stopping my goal is 3miles i am getting there jeje A61927 11 JULIENSMITH
6/28/17 9:58 A
Lost weight! Finally down 2.5 lbs on the official scale, even though I didn't expect it. Plateau: bu GRATTECIELLA 11 GRATTECIELLA
6/27/17 10:46 P
Got to take a walk on the Disney studio lot today. Pretty cool place, even in 90 degree heat! GRATTECIELLA 8 GRATTECIELLA
6/27/17 10:45 P
Felt stressed out before bed. Instead of binging, I went for a walk! #managedstress GRATTECIELLA 17 FB_000
6/27/17 11:14 P
How do you keep your avocado toast safe? Put lox on it! GRATTECIELLA 12 CAROLINAGIRL69
6/28/17 8:22 A
Check out my wingspan! NYPOPS 4 GRATTECIELLA
6/27/17 10:41 P
Today is an "off day" from the gym, but I still got in a quick workout before turning in for the nig SECRETLIBRARY 4 GRATTECIELLA
6/27/17 10:41 P
Picking up kids after a great full body workout at physical therapy. GRATTECIELLA 7 GZELLEFRO
6/28/17 10:54 A
Does anyone chew their nails from stress or anxiety? I have all my life. I wear fake nails so I won' GOTHIKA911 7 GRATTECIELLA
6/27/17 3:13 P
I decided to make a picture on the computer of my gym workout so I don't have to keep opening my pho TREX_WORKS_IT 5 C38622
6/27/17 7:48 P
How do you keep your avocado toast safe? Put lox on it! GRATTECIELLA 6 BUSYMAMA2
6/27/17 4:21 P
Pool today at 6:30 am SISSYFEB48 9 YMWONG22
6/27/17 3:10 A
We have lost 240lbs together. Him 150 and me 90. Healthy lifestyle change for life! It's our Annive MISAIS 67 AGNES_
6/27/17 4:54 A
Not how I wanted to spend my afternoon/evening. Severe back pain, headache that won't break, and a f SHANAHALL82 22 COOKIES450
6/27/17 12:50 A
Just walked 2 miles in 32 mins. Could barely get h SPARKE77 5 NANCYANND55
6/26/17 10:00 P
I have officially decided on my next goal. I want to help people achieve their goals. To do this I h MOM0F2_DANNIE 13 STARRA5
6/27/17 1:28 A
32 min of intervals: fast speed 5.7 mph, slow speed 4.2 mph. Getting stronger and faster every day! GRATTECIELLA 13 WHYTEBROWN
6/27/17 2:42 A
Lunch for tomorrow! Canned salmon salad, coke slaw, fruit, veggies, other snacks. GRATTECIELLA 11 MICHAELPITRE
6/26/17 9:20 A
My kids had ice cream at the beach. My treat? 7 ounces of plain Greek yogurt mixed with cocoa powder GRATTECIELLA 29 CINDY247
6/26/17 7:56 A
3rd week in a row I've weighted in the same weight. So I've gotten to a good maintaining habit, but WOMBATLILLZ 3 GRATTECIELLA
6/25/17 2:28 P
So I used this site for a little while and loved it. Then I fell off the weight loss wagon for a lit MISTIJ 4 MISTIJ
6/25/17 2:30 P
Beach-bound in my new tankini with healthy picnic lunch in tow! Goals for today: - stay within calor GRATTECIELLA 15 -POOKIE-
6/26/17 5:17 A
Got a mini workout today chasing Ollie about. She decided to play magician and got out of her pen, l MICKEYCLAUS 8 AUNTRENEE
6/25/17 1:28 P
I just woke up today just feeling beautiful. Lost another 3 pounds. L97882 17 MDOWER1
6/25/17 2:40 P
I did the relay for life last night walked for the entire 6 hours with only 1 ten min break!! There JENSFIRST90 19 MDOWER1
6/25/17 2:36 P
6/25/17 2:11 P
Hello everyone. My first time here. Decided today that I'd like to get healthy and I mean business. ABAILEY326 27 MARINEMAMA
6/25/17 7:31 A
out first thing on the cliff path - fine mizzle and fresh winds - good start to my day: Sunday and o RAWCOOKIE 14 LADYFROMTHEWOOD
6/28/17 8:32 A
Well ... over calories today due to mismanaging food after the race. I was just so hungry! But LOTS GRATTECIELLA 13 NANCYANNE55
6/25/17 11:55 A
Post race breakfast of champions. GRATTECIELLA 10 WHYTEBROWN
6/25/17 6:15 A
First 5k completed! 41:13.17. A personal record. The medal is a cookie! GRATTECIELLA 56 MCJULIEO
6/25/17 9:52 A
Lol I won. Technically I was in last place for the DEBYDOINGIT 192 FITWITHIN
6/25/17 5:45 A
Still stuck at 11 pounds, BUT I can see huge changes. My body looks and feels lighter, I'm starting FITBISH1 79 ROCKYCPA
6/24/17 4:01 P
Not too long ago I wouldn't have been out in spaghetti straps. Proud of the work I've been putting i KELLYRIESE1 17 DANNORTHCUTT5
6/24/17 4:38 P
dancing with my hula-hoop to Radio 1 dance anthems #groovygranny RAWCOOKIE 6 BDTHOM
6/26/17 5:56 P
About to start my first 5k! GRATTECIELLA 155 MCJULIEO
6/25/17 9:52 A
One of my idols RHOOK20047 17 GRACED777
6/24/17 8:19 A
I had the cake in my hand walked around with it for put it back. Its crazy but for STARRA5 16 FB_000
6/27/17 11:21 P
Fresh Sweet California Cherries make a terrific evening snack. GREEN-EYED-LADY 26 PAMBROWN62
6/24/17 3:18 A
Baked Curried Coconut Shrimp with Rhubarb Sauce, Herbed Quinoa, yellow squash and carrots, and Straw ISLANDLAKERS 15 WFTGATL
6/24/17 7:53 A
Over 10,000 steps, and found three geocaches with my son while on vacation. A great day! And if you GRATTECIELLA 18 BJK1961
6/24/17 5:40 P
Tomorrow is race day! Up at 5:30 to be there at 6:30 for a 7:30 start time for the Manhattan Beach 5 GRATTECIELLA 27 BJK1961
6/24/17 5:38 P
6/24/17 9:45 P
Weight lost! At last! Probably a result of using a different scale and I didn't actually lose 5.9 lb GRATTECIELLA 10 GRATTECIELLA
6/23/17 11:44 A
Post Only to this Thread to Sign-up for a Team CERIUSLY 115 SSMITH017
6/28/17 10:14 A
Buzz Around the Airport - Discussion KALISWALKER 237 CARMACHAMELEON
6/28/17 6:31 A
Workout complete! Hip hop dance (50 min, fun but not as good of a workout as I'd hoped), 20 min runn GRATTECIELLA 12 PATRICIA-CR
6/23/17 10:16 A
I got bored and can't sleep. Midnight snacking is not a option. So I decided to do me a little midni YOGIBEAR43 10 HIKINGSD
6/22/17 4:29 A
Gonna have sweet potato, beans and oatmeal as my after work out lunch JBAIRD6 9 HIKINGSD
6/22/17 4:28 A
Got a pair of dumbells at home now and found out I can do cardio for free at the psych hospital gym. JBAIRD6 7 SOUTHTXXRNNR
6/22/17 7:54 A
A good day in step-land! GRATTECIELLA 17 PATRICIA-CR
6/22/17 11:13 A
Summertime is here ! Enjoy healthy bright colored foods. Create yourself ! STARFISH1961 7 RUCKINREDHEAD
6/22/17 1:41 A
I was getting a little discouraged by my current plateau so I decided to look through some old pics. SBABEYTA1 135 YMWONG22
6/22/17 4:14 A
Lifetime Distance Badge Your best: New Zealand 990 Miles - from Fitbit today Just take one step at SUESMITH73 7 GLOMEKAAL
6/22/17 12:42 A
This is just what we picked tonight from our garden! All the tomatoes went into homemade salsa. LORBAN8 102 _RAMONA
6/22/17 5:01 A
Saw duckies while coming out of the gym! Now that's unusual! GRATTECIELLA 3 -POOKIE-
6/22/17 2:00 A
Who cares if I didn't lose this week? Just ran 1.5 miles at 4.6 mph, walked half a mile to recover, GRATTECIELLA 26 PATRICIA-CR
6/22/17 11:14 A
Well ... broke my plateau in the wrong direction 😞 after all my extra hard work this week, gained 0 GRATTECIELLA 16 JEANKNEE
6/22/17 3:43 P
Avocado toast with lox. #lunchspiration I should remember I can make this at home too (but should ad GRATTECIELLA 15 GRATTECIELLA
6/21/17 12:19 P
look at my beautiful birthday cake a fellow spark gal made for me ... and it is all edible ... oh my TRAILWALKERJO54 106 CHARTHESTAR
6/22/17 11:14 P
Tempted not to walk. Tempted to cut my walk in half. Tempted to skip the cove that rounds the route LKMANNING7 194 FISHGUT3
6/21/17 5:09 P

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