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Your favorite workout song today? You know the 1 GOODGETNBETR 653 MOTHERBOARDER
6/23/17 10:10 A
6/23/17 1:38 A
Actor and Movie - Lets Get 500,000 Posts! TARANITUP 154764 TARANITUP
6/23/17 1:00 P
6/23/17 1:26 A
6/23/17 1:22 A
BAND or Singer Names- last letter starts new name MRSCORRIE 4467 GOODGETNBETR
6/23/17 1:01 A
Make a sentence using Last WORD as First... OREGONHOPE 22311 RMUL2013
6/23/17 7:22 A
Why won't my pics show up when I post them?? LLOWENBER 2 GOODGETNBETR
6/22/17 11:44 P
On the left is my boyfriend and me back in May of 2012... On the right is us in May of 2017. We have LIGHTWOLFMELODY 32 YMWONG22
6/23/17 4:45 A
Almost two weeks of absolute clean eating exorcise and water detox. Starting to see some change!! TANNAGOODIN 9 MDCALIFORNIA
6/23/17 1:25 A
Started two months ago but needed more motivation SMAXWELL90 11 ALICIA214
6/23/17 1:03 A
Went for an evening ride with son. Hope the next one's easier. GOODGETNBETR 7 MUSICNUT
6/23/17 12:18 A
I just want fast results. I know that's not how this works, but I want to start seeing a difference ANTISOCIAL_BASS 7 HEDYDOY
6/23/17 12:22 A
Down 2 pounds lol. Working out and eating mostly healthy for the first time I ages. =} LYNAID 6 GORDONED
6/23/17 12:19 A
My BMI is now at 25. I have gone from a size 16 to almost an 8 (10's getting baggy). 5'10 and from 2 SSVATIK 5 SSVATIK
6/22/17 4:32 P
Full blown....SICK!!!! I don't think it's Keto flu....pretty sure its a Summer Cold!!! Uggh....Was s DEEREID2015 3 GOODGETNBETR
6/22/17 3:37 P
Warning: horn tootin' ahead… Three days in a row I have not let myself get away with excuses and I h LCM797 6 SMH2016
6/22/17 4:39 P
No cigarettes for five days! I wonder what else I'm gonna eat today. Eggs and sausage, cheerios, che SUMMERFODRIE 16 DLD2DLD
6/22/17 8:32 P
En pese este lunes con mi dieta y ejercicio pesando 176 libras y mi estatura es 5.3" espero llegar a TAPIAM1234 8 YAYAPRECIOSA
6/22/17 4:24 P
Posted a photo MOMFORLIFE2 14 LADYARTIST41
6/22/17 4:17 P
With summer off and home with kids 😣 my weight goal is going to take longer πŸ˜• BUT im trying πŸ™„ 74NANA 10 AKELLY45
6/22/17 4:44 P
Went walking yesterday, totally zoned out and ended up doing 3.33 miles VWILLIAMS81 4 DEEBREF52
6/19/17 4:47 P
Finally able to wear this sweater. To bad it's not fall! #clothinggains AMANDADNIEMI 6 SUSIEMT
6/19/17 4:47 P
Did a 10k today to finish my 30 mile challenge with I'm really proud of myself! KITKATPOUNCE 3 CATS_MEOW_0911
6/19/17 4:38 P
HI I'm new here. My name is teresa. This is my first day starting lipo tropic shots my goal is to lo TCHOLT10 28 OMAJ1953
6/19/17 7:55 P
69.4 lbs down since 1998. 35.8 lbs down from May 2010 - August 2010. May 20, 2017 weigh in at 181.6. HEALTHYHEARTZ 5 GOODGETNBETR
6/19/17 4:24 P
Picture on left me on March 20th, picture on right me on Father's day. 55lbs total. Now to mainta LOOSE1303 6 BUFFCOAT1445
6/19/17 7:26 P
Day 1... Here I go!! SUNSHINEGIRL423 23 SUNSHINEGIRL423
6/19/17 8:13 P
I was away from Sparkpeople for a few years and I decided to jump back in. I'm afraid all my people SHISHYCAT 4 SHISHYCAT
6/18/17 8:50 P
I am back after a long time. I had gastric bypass a little over a year ago and did very well. I don' KAYLIVESHERE 5 KAYLIVESHERE
6/18/17 6:33 P
#icandothis I am a day behind on Shaun T week because we went to Valleyfair but I will just adjust m LKM641 2 GOODGETNBETR
6/18/17 1:06 A
Hit some snags with health issues keeping me out of the gym and generally off my feet. Trying to get IMMORTALSCARLET 7 GOODGETNBETR
6/18/17 1:05 A
I have only lost about 4 pounds since starting SparkPeople (25 days). This is due to not sticking t LAURA1278 4 GOODGETNBETR
6/18/17 1:05 A
Feeling gratitude today. Good people. Good friends. That car that actually missed us on the fre PURPLEHONU 3 NANCYPAT1
6/18/17 1:20 A
Sean week day 5 Ripsanity is insanity... serious Sean T is tough! Omg.... I am so out of shape! My h SISNEROSMD 6 1CRAZYDOG
6/18/17 11:03 A
Soo day 4, and I'm losing motivation already :(. I'm on a low carb diet so not sure if this is just MARTINEZO13 8 MARTINEZO13
6/16/17 11:09 A
In my feelings. Bad day. Haven't written a blog (D PRETTYGIRLBLU 6 PRETTYGIRLBLU
6/16/17 9:56 A
Trying not to stress eat. Teenager stressing me out!! JENNABEAR2020 9 MWARNER211
6/15/17 6:16 P
Hit a bit of a plateau so I am stepping it up and KELLYRIESE1 11 MOVEITMARY
6/15/17 2:55 P
God bless all of you have a safe uneventful workout KOA951 4 ADRIENALINE
6/15/17 2:00 P
Long walk for the week. GOODGETNBETR 6 WHYTEBROWN
6/14/17 9:00 A
I am so insanely proud of myself for running .3 miles without stopping! It may not seem huge, but it NESSIE1610 4 SOUTHTXXRNNR
6/13/17 2:11 P
moving boxes, reorganizing, downsizing, decluttering WALLAHALLA 5 LIS193
6/14/17 12:17 P
3 mile run this morning after a 30 minute swim yesterday evening. This is a rest week in my tri trai KRISKECK 3 PRAIRIECROCUS
6/13/17 1:39 P
It is with great sadness to report that Dana has passed away last week from a stroke following surge DANAPRIME 8 CANNINGNANNY
6/14/17 7:06 A
Uggghh...out in the field today and my coworker insists on fast food. I will wait till we get back t ICANDOTHISBY45 4 REEDSKI
6/13/17 1:32 P
I went to goodwill this morning and bought a dish drainer and found some furniture I'd like to buy b GET2BEFIT 3 GET2BEFIT
6/13/17 4:55 P
Is it bad that I get so busy during the day that my day gets away from me and I'm just now getting t SHANAHALL82 7 FITFORCABO2017
6/13/17 4:13 A
6/13/17 4:12 A
How do you cope with sabotaging friends? DYANNE4293 11 JENSTRESS
6/14/17 1:36 P
@tcapps3 helloooooo NANCYCPS 4 GOODGETNBETR
6/13/17 2:41 A
6/13/17 2:54 A
My boyfriend is adorable and fell asleep holding my hand. One of my motivations to get healthier is FATTIENOMORGS 8 GOODGETNBETR
6/13/17 1:54 A
Loving this dress and the confidence it gives me. While I still have a ways to go, I'm down 17 pound PINKMUSTARD21 8 RAGANKGORDON
6/13/17 2:14 A
Date night at Old Spaghetti Factory. Spaghetti Vesuvius, salad, and Spumoni. Totally worth the extra CHEFTONITO 2 GOODGETNBETR
6/13/17 1:51 A
6/13/17 2:41 A
Lost 1.1 lbs. Hope to keep motivated. KTUCKER73 8 GOODGETNBETR
6/13/17 1:44 A
"Change is uncomfortable but the results can be life changing....for the better" LEFTEYEFRECKLES 4 GOODGETNBETR
6/12/17 2:29 P
6/12/17 2:44 P
Its so hard to lose weight! MRSKHUNTER 7 GOODGETNBETR
6/12/17 2:23 P
Today is the day I start my weight loss journey. I'm tired of saying I want to lose weight and never K83260 72 MDOWER1
6/12/17 6:13 P
So today is my second day of beginning a journey to a healthier life. I never exercise and yesterda HEATHER0027 115 CYNTHIAWALLACH
6/15/17 9:16 A
Decided to finally quit smoking. I've been a pack a day smoker for the past 5 years. Wish me luck! G JENNYYBEARR 9 JENNYYBEARR
6/13/17 12:10 P
I'm feeling pretty good. I'm well on my way to reaching my first goal of 55 pounds lost. Only 10 m SARAHNRICKY1 4 7STIGGYMT
6/12/17 2:15 P
Friendly advice wanted. . . If I'm tracking my weight bc my goal is weight loss, how often should on TEXANANGEL87 11 TEXANANGEL87
6/12/17 3:46 P
Goodmorning! β˜‰Day 1 of my journey to lose 50lb. Taking it one step at a time. ☺ NIKKIALYSS1 9 MDOWER1
6/12/17 6:00 A
My trigger is stress! I'm telling you, I could eat a ton of chocolate right now and wash it down wit FARLOW1 10 FARLOW1
6/12/17 6:07 P
Starting out with 50 lbs to lose. Trying to do a lower carb thing without alienating the rest of my SHANLIN20 2 GOODGETNBETR
6/11/17 7:55 P
Lost 80 pounds over the last year and a half or so. Wedding commencing & being happy led me to gain SHANTRA7 9 SHANTRA7
6/12/17 8:40 A
On hour 39 of a fast. Still deciding if I want to go another 24 hours. Today was weigh-in and measur KNIGHTCHIK 5 GOODGETNBETR
6/11/17 4:17 P
Sunday morning workout 40 mins of LS mix and match 3952 steps 363 cals burned. Enjoy your day. MIMIGEE2 17 1DAY-ATA-TIME
6/12/17 8:12 A
Ketogenic (low carb) diet since June 3, 2017. Trying to keep my net calorie intake around 1200, exer AUNNATOWLE 6 MELISSA-NOW
6/15/17 3:06 P
Omggg I got hurt at work and I'm going thru some series of cortisone shots and I have gain so much w IVELOSSE000 3 GOODGETNBETR
6/11/17 4:14 P
Happy Sunday everyone! Have a peaceful, productive week. PROVERBS4SEVEN 2 GOODGETNBETR
6/11/17 4:12 P
72 and weigh 245 when I started two weeks ago. Dropped 5 lbs. hope I can lose more. I'm just so tire XBROWNING 5 REEDSKI
6/11/17 5:13 P

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