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Allergies and substitutions (nuts and coconut) GOLFCHICK2-0 5 _RAMONA
1/17/18 2:53 P
Omg I can't lose !!!:( a pound what gives:(((( SHEILAAL46 4 GOLFCHICK2-0
1/16/18 6:25 P
"Week 2 Divisional Round " January 14-20 CATE195 2 GOLFCHICK2-0
1/16/18 12:52 P
2018 New RSN Members Please introduce yourselves!! GOLFCHICK2-0 1 GOLFCHICK2-0
1/15/18 4:23 P
2018 discussion GOLFCHICK2-0 1 GOLFCHICK2-0
1/15/18 4:21 P
Questions and Comments for Playoffs Challenge CATE195 3 CATE195
1/12/18 3:45 P
I'm thinking of tracking non-weight loss related goals in the goal tracking section. What sorts of t MOONBEANS 2 GOLFCHICK2-0
1/12/18 11:46 A
#WeightWatchers I joined online on Monday night, haven't been able to get through a full day yet. Ea ARLENESMX 5 GOLFCHICK2-0
1/11/18 5:23 P
I'm really not feeling motivated today. I exercised anyway and stayed within my calorie range but i KATIPOOH 9 KATBRUNNER
1/11/18 8:51 P
Finding it so hard to stick to this diet did so good the first week but have failed miserably this w BUTLEREGC3 8 ROBINVOTAW
1/11/18 2:20 P
So prior to this new journey of healthier eating, I didn't eat until satisfied or even full, I would SHAUNA_FAITH 7 SHAUNA_FAITH
1/10/18 8:21 P
Anyone ever use the app DietBet? PAIGE2017 4 LIVEDAILY
1/11/18 11:27 A
Day 3 of my low fat diet is proving a huge struggle. The possibility of gallstones pain is keeping m SHAPEUPCHELLE 8 CONNIET88
1/10/18 8:56 P
My fav keto recipes! https://recipes.sparkpeople. .com/Cookbooks.asp?id=1096723 JUSTDOE 4 HOLLYM48
1/10/18 12:57 P
That flu was no joke. 2 weeks later and I'm still recovering! Looking forward to having enough energ GOLFCHICK2-0 5 COMEBACKKID12
1/10/18 11:44 P
My first day starting and I am having awful cravings for sweets! So bad I just want to eat melted ma CHUNKYGURL 6 LUDDYP
1/8/18 6:52 P
Reminder: don't forget to take all of your other measurements (Arms, waist, chest, calves, thighs et GOLFCHICK2-0 5 COMEBACKKID12
1/8/18 9:41 P
Posted a photo GOLFCHICK2-0 4 JULIEA7201
1/5/18 3:30 P
I thought we'd be done with the crap food at work after Christmas... chips, cookies, voodoo donuts.. GOLFCHICK2-0 3 DISNEYDAMSEL1
1/5/18 4:08 P
Looking for a program I can LIVE with GOLFCHICK2-0 3 _RAMONA
1/8/18 12:24 A
#BeforeAndAfter It's not HUGE difference but I am INKODINKO 32 ABUHLER
1/9/18 11:54 P
I'm looking at the silver lining with this flu. Taking time to switch my diet over to more keto/pale GOLFCHICK2-0 1 GOLFCHICK2-0
1/4/18 7:10 P
Round 1 Posting Thread CATE195 4 BABYSTEPS2015
1/7/18 10:42 A
Starting the year off with the flu... Not the way that I wanted to lose the holiday weight!! GOLFCHICK2-0 5 SMILINGBEAR
1/2/18 9:24 P
Starting 2018 with the flu. Yay me! GOLFCHICK2-0 4 COMEBACKKID12
1/1/18 7:43 P
Craving sweets like crazy........uuughhhhhh DANIELLE314 17 MIRAGE727
12/27/17 2:52 P
End of 2017 Mini-Challenge GOLFCHICK2-0 4 GOLFCHICK2-0
12/26/17 5:27 P
Today's exercise finishes 9 years without missing a daily workout! LKEITHO 99 AGEE1944
12/22/17 5:59 P
Could the gym become a addiction. After you start seeing and hearing positive results. 17 months in QSHEPP 7 MRSAIMEEORTEGA
12/27/17 9:29 A
Planners and journals seem to be all the rage. Does anyone use one to help with your journey to a he MARIAN326 4 ALLYLIZZY
12/22/17 1:25 P
1. Walk before you eat Even if it means bundling up in warm winter clothes, take a 20 or 30 min. wal GOLFCHICK2-0 6 GEORGE815
12/21/17 6:14 P
2. Don't skip meals On days when you have a big, special event, don't try to "save up" calories by s GOLFCHICK2-0 7 RDCAGAIN10
12/21/17 7:22 P
3. Tasting diet Pick the foods that look wonderful but eat only a bite or two. Have just enough to d GOLFCHICK2-0 1 GOLFCHICK2-0
12/21/17 5:21 P
4. Half-off special Eat half of everything. Or, take half of your usual "serving size." You might ev GOLFCHICK2-0 1 GOLFCHICK2-0
12/21/17 5:21 P
5. Slow down Set a goal of finishing your meal at the same time as the slowest person at the table. GOLFCHICK2-0 1 GOLFCHICK2-0
12/21/17 5:21 P
6. Eat snacks with a fork Use a fork or spoon to eat "hand-held foods" such as nuts, M&M's, chips or GOLFCHICK2-0 1 GOLFCHICK2-0
12/21/17 5:20 P
7. Water before wine Drink a large glass of water before having a glass of wine, beer or other alcoh GOLFCHICK2-0 1 GOLFCHICK2-0
12/21/17 5:20 P
8. Protect from trouble Stay away from the foods and places that weaken your resolve. During times w GOLFCHICK2-0 1 GOLFCHICK2-0
12/21/17 5:19 P
9. Look into eyes Make a special effort to look at people's eyes, even noticing their eye colors. Th GOLFCHICK2-0 1 GOLFCHICK2-0
12/21/17 5:19 P
10. Simplify everything Look for ways to cut out some of the usual rituals or activities that wear y GOLFCHICK2-0 1 GOLFCHICK2-0
12/21/17 5:16 P
11. Don't even start! Repeat this phrase until you feel totally in control around the food. By avoi GOLFCHICK2-0 6 ITALIANGAL44
12/21/17 4:10 P
Stay the course, no matter how long it takes! It w FITSISTA79 75 FITSISTA79
12/22/17 1:00 A
Last minute holiday eating tip countdown: 12. Minimize the damage This eliminates trying to be per GOLFCHICK2-0 5 SASHASMOM1122
12/21/17 4:05 P
Mission impossible starts now DANIELROSS4 6 KSTEVERSON
12/21/17 2:45 P
Holiday Challenge! GOLFCHICK2-0 3 GOLFCHICK2-0
12/19/17 5:08 P
2017 AFC East Champions!! GOLFCHICK2-0 10 CATE195
1/2/18 6:50 A
Just had my colonoscopy done - 3d negative- now I can go to 7-10 years between. Happy dance! Can’t w DESERTDREAMERS 11 LOVELY*LADY
12/20/17 1:23 P
One fire in Southern California continues to advance... this was taken on Main Street in Ventura. W MIMAWELIZABETH 47 MIMAWELIZABETH
12/15/17 11:35 P
Make the most of today JSTETSER 25 4CONNIESHEALTH
12/16/17 1:10 A
My current goal is to get to New Years day without gaining any weight. So, the ginormous cookie plat GOLFCHICK2-0 26 COMEBACKKID12
12/14/17 8:13 P
My Christmas present to myself this year: paying off my student loans. That's one less thing to worr LADYTARLTON 6 REEDSKI
12/13/17 8:20 P
I just won 500 sparkgoody points. Would anyone like a pick-me-up? GOLFCHICK2-0 6 GOLFCHICK2-0
12/13/17 1:19 P
Incase any one needs extra motivation. I just read an article where a girl lost weight and made mone LUCYSALAS1 3 ZRIE014
11/6/17 8:31 P
That feeling when you buy something "healthy" only to look up the calories after you ate it... and s JU_ISH 10 JU_ISH
11/6/17 10:37 P
Trades on the bye week... GOLFCHICK2-0 7 JERICHO1991
11/13/17 11:17 A
I'm working on small changes. Today I'm ditching cream from my coffee. 60 to 120 +/- of unnecessary GOLFCHICK2-0 6 COMEBACKKID12
11/2/17 10:43 P
I have done so well the past few days but I am still stressed about stepping on the scale. If it do JPATENAUDE1215 4 JPATENAUDE1215
11/1/17 6:30 P
Hi all! I’m back on SparkPeople after about a year away. Recently moved to Fairbanks, AK and I’m loo MLREED25945 5 INSPIRED26
10/30/17 6:49 P
Seated leg press 3 reps 15 170 lbs PROUD heaviest yet!! NATASHA_D1 17 KATHYJO56
10/28/17 12:14 A
Posted a goal THROOPER62 2 GOLFCHICK2-0
10/27/17 5:34 P
Got all mine ready!! Boy the kids are going to love me I give out the good stuff!! "WDD" GOD BLESS!! GPALMER29 22 DGRIFFITH51
10/26/17 11:57 P
I have a question SparkFam.... which is better allowing your workout calories to deduct from your bo JAYESAINT1 3 ZRIE014
10/26/17 8:58 P
I'm a Medical Assistant and last week was MA appreciation week. One of the provider's was on Vacat RDBCOFFEE5 9 ZRIE014
10/25/17 7:06 P
Have a question for all you seasoned Spark family. I started my weight loss on August 23rd at 272 l MISCHELC 12 ZRIE014
10/25/17 7:15 P
For all the yoga lovers - MSCAPI2017 16 ZRIE014
10/24/17 6:11 P
Our new Manager: Alex Cora GOLFCHICK2-0 2 JERICHO1991
10/29/17 5:28 P
I really hate when I do all this walking and my GPS on my phone doesn't track it so I have no idea h WENDYC1975 4 GOLFCHICK2-0
10/17/17 7:31 P
So I'm going starting adding butter and coconut oil to my diet . Experimenting SWIFT6913221 5 NANCYPAT1
10/17/17 7:16 P
Lately I've had a coworker that has been on my case about drinking Naked brand juices. He insists th ASHWOO32 25 SWIFT6913221
11/5/17 10:12 P
16 - Light Your Fire! KALISWALKER 41 GOLFCHICK2-0
10/12/17 12:43 P
And then it was over... GOLFCHICK2-0 2 JERICHO1991
10/22/17 3:55 P
I'm disgusted!!!!! I thought my dad moving in wit BRENDA_77039 14 BRENDA_77039
10/8/17 10:33 P
10/9/17 12:34 P
10/30/17 12:02 P
10/5/17 6:18 A