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I want to start the keto diet. Do anybody know any good recipes? CMAGEE28 8 KATHYMAINE58
7/19/17 9:00 P
7/19/17 7:11 P
My weight has stunted, I've been under 1200 calories everyday but haven't lost anything for two week KAYLARP3 9 LUANN_IN_PA
7/19/17 5:53 P
Transformation Tuesday JANNAPATRICK 45 KBOUGHE1
7/18/17 4:57 P
50 and fabulous!! GOLFCHICK2-0 4 MSHELEN21
7/15/17 4:14 P
It's been awhile... SASSYSUE1963 4 GOLFCHICK2-0
7/13/17 7:12 P
The Impossible Dream: Red Sox Nation Begins GOLFCHICK2-0 1 GOLFCHICK2-0
7/10/17 12:07 P
Have you been struggling? I know I have been. GOLFCHICK2-0 2 CAPECODLIGHT
7/6/17 2:30 P
I've lost 12 pounds in 3 weeks. God is wonderful. I can't wait to see how much I can lose....😉 ALETHA17 4 GOLFCHICK2-0
7/5/17 1:42 P
Im at 260 i want to get to 150. EM6966 28 JUSTACHICKADEE
7/3/17 9:41 P
Back from our cruise to Alaska with the adult kids to celebrate our 50th. Gained 7 pounds, ugh! Wi VICKIA0222 5 FBAILEY24X
6/30/17 3:17 P
Is anyone else in their teens on here? #teen S0YBEAN 6 GOLFCHICK2-0
6/30/17 2:31 P
New to this...feeling overwhelmed. MELKAY813 11 TCARTER29
6/30/17 2:58 P
I weigh about 212 is there anyone else about my weight or was at my weight that uses the 21 day fix HEATHER736 6 BEANIE32783
6/30/17 3:56 P
My body was fighting me all of today's workout at the gym. I managed to push though and completed my TREX_WORKS_IT 3 GOLFCHICK2-0
6/29/17 2:25 P
Down 53 pounds in just over a year. I still have a lot to go, but seeing the side-by-side comparison HMAHAN9 17 MDOWER1
6/29/17 5:59 P
Trying hard to resist temptation! Staying Strong! DSJB9999 6 MADEINBRITAIN
6/30/17 2:47 A
Hello all. This post is not an easy thing for me to write. Since I was in eighth grade I have strugg ILYIA545 8 TIBURONA
6/27/17 10:28 P
Challenges and quitting GOLFCHICK2-0 2 JERICHO1991
7/9/17 2:36 P
Birthday celebration at work today and I opted to eat (and log!!) half an apple fritter. It tasted s GOLFCHICK2-0 3 PAMBROWN62
6/13/17 2:22 P
Hi, Week one and I'm down 1.5 lbs. Healthy weight loss. So embarrased I have let myself get so heav SCOOTGAL1 3 LULAKITABELLE
6/5/17 12:06 P
Oh boy. Here we go with the scale issue again. I had real trouble staying off the scale last fall an ANTHROPOLOGY1 7 MARZBARZ1
5/30/17 1:02 P
Posted a photo GYMBEAST83 9 TIME4ME2017
5/30/17 3:07 P
How do I update my weight on here? SHANAHALL82 4 GOLFCHICK2-0
5/29/17 4:27 P
Very disappointed with myself today, I usually loose at least one pound a day but today no I lost on LGAUTREAU3 4 LGAUTREAU3
5/25/17 6:10 P
Anyone doing strength training and weight loss? Do you eat your exercise calories to maintain a con MARZBARZ1 5 GOLFCHICK2-0
5/25/17 6:05 P
week 1 done, tracked every day..scale did not move. Will try to stay positive and drink my water an LUVTODANCE1 6 BLPRETTYGIRL1
5/25/17 6:10 P
Madden curse?? TB12 doesn't believe it!! GOLFCHICK2-0 1 GOLFCHICK2-0
5/17/17 12:12 P
A before picture! QUEENESTHER200 20 GORDONED
5/17/17 2:25 P
Started this 2 years ago at 254. I finally made my goal weight before my birthday June 1. Thanks Spa TAGSUIT2 19 TIME4ME2017
5/16/17 5:10 P
These are not excuses, but legit issues. I have had several back surgeries and have several medical MICKEYCLAUS 7 2SPORTSBOYS
5/16/17 3:31 P
From the last time I weighed & measured (3/21/17), I'm down 11.2 lbs and 22.5 inches from all over! GWEN4REAL 5 MISSDAIZY67
5/17/17 7:12 P
So with all my meals added in I totaled 1,000 calories. Here is my problem. Because of how much I wa R41266 9 MOVEITMARY
5/11/17 4:46 P
I weighed them pre cooked at 2oz, and cooked at 1. SUMMERFODRIE 8 LRJUSTUS1
5/10/17 1:15 A
Today is my first day not to hard to use...I am diabetic so this is hard I have two opi MAY157 3 TIBURONA
5/1/17 5:45 P
Oreo cookie cake in break room for this months b-days. So far I've resisted but feel my resolve weak DRBARNETT 9 KEATON753
4/29/17 8:36 A
Small victory, but I have lost 5 lbs in the last week. I am down 18 lbs since the middle of January, CLVRSCRNNAME 5 SKINNYERIN5
4/27/17 3:34 P
Candy bowl at work was refilled with tons of candy that I like. 2 days down and a lot to go but tryi KATELYNNANN 4 KATELYNNANN
5/1/17 7:38 P
How do you track steps?I see that on the logo for exercise on the app,but can't figure out how? PCATES 4 GOLFCHICK2-0
4/25/17 6:29 P
How do I track steps in this section? Nothing happ TIKIGURL2004 6 JVANAM
4/25/17 5:31 P
Hi my name is Julie and I am just trying to get healthy for me and my kids.i am not setting a goal y 502JULIE812 14 502JULIE812
4/25/17 5:03 P
Feeling pretty awesome about my progress!!! LEEANNPW85 88 MORTONDH
4/22/17 9:27 P
I'm sidelined from my aerobic exercising these past two days. Huge boil and a skin wound that occurr DRINKALOTH2O 10 STARFISH1961
4/23/17 11:56 A
4/15/17 10:49 P
Hey guys and gals, tomorrow will end my week 1, how often do you weight yourself? TOYMEL525 9 DEMETERJAMES
4/8/17 5:31 P
Hope everyone is having a good day, I have had a head cold and can't get over it. Trying to drink mo J38850 4 EVILCECIL
4/8/17 8:18 A
My before and in progress photo. The before picture was taken in June of 2016. The after picture was CRYSTALH2017 180 -WRKNG2ABTTRME-
4/6/17 8:53 P
What's the one food you could never permanently remove from your diet? Mine is coffee ☕️... ❤️ YELIAB21 12 ALOFA0509
4/6/17 4:30 P
Weighed in today... Lost 19.4 lb and 3 inch off my belly in 21 days! I can not even believe it. no AAMANDAA2414 4 GOLFCHICK2-0
4/4/17 6:13 P
Love lifting! Great workout after work today! Clearly a way to go to catch up with Jack . . . 😁 SOSIREGIME 4 MEAGOP
4/4/17 6:42 P
On May 1,2017 will be a year since I gave up sodas SLIVERBULLET 6 BIKE4HEALTH
4/3/17 7:45 P
I don't understand the calorie goal it's from 1472 to 1800 do you stay in between that and it seems SNORRIS44 4 SNORRIS44
4/3/17 7:17 P
Day 1 288 lbs TABBYKAT75 3 GOLFCHICK2-0
4/3/17 11:57 A
I would love to make some on the food here on Spark, but they never tell us the SERVING SIZE just ho DAWN1830 9 DETRIANA
5/10/17 2:06 P
2017 season starts today. Happy Truck Day!! GOLFCHICK2-0 5 GOLFCHICK2-0
3/29/17 12:08 P
I'm stuck at 34 lbs lost. Been dieting since Nov 2nd, almost 5 months! This last month only 1 lb of FATSQUIRRELMAMA 12 ECHOHONEYBADGER
3/28/17 9:01 P
Started weight watchers last year and lost 4 stone, but been way off track since Christmas. Trying s SARAHEXOX 2 GOLFCHICK2-0
3/13/17 4:01 P
I'm new here starting off my healthy eating and exercise idk if I can do it but I will try my hardes WRONGADDICTION 4 WRONGADDICTION
3/13/17 1:36 P
What do you mean I have to actually eat healthy??? Doesn't just logging in make me lose weight??? GOLFCHICK2-0 4 DHB4700
3/13/17 1:43 P
Started my journey over a year ago. Hard to believe how far I've come! Now I'm a personal trainer at KRSUMNER 24 DIANEDOESSMILES
3/11/17 1:25 A
I just won 1000 goodie points. Who needs a little pick me up? GOLFCHICK2-0 4 CWEAVER1972
3/10/17 7:40 P
I know I do not speak for only myself, but for literally thousands of us who want those team bonus p SISSYFEB48 20 GFSIDDLE
3/11/17 12:42 A
Ok today I start first time ever watching calories. I am 52 have coached volleyball and basketball f SASSYSUEB1964 5 VEG_GIRL04
3/10/17 12:48 P
Coworker brought in donuts for a birthday. I'm here repeating to myself: apple fritters are not frui GOLFCHICK2-0 2 RSKMOM
3/9/17 2:30 P
Spring Training 2017 GOLFCHICK2-0 8 JERICHO1991
3/26/17 5:34 A
Braved the weight room today!!! DRUCELLAJOHNSON 361 KHALIA2
7/14/17 9:07 A
If I track my steps through Jawbone and walk 10,000 steps, should I count it as walking around 5 mil CAPITALS25FAN 6 LINDAG1964
3/5/17 6:45 P
what did you have for BREAKFAST? JANE1216 1571 MIMIOH
7/20/17 8:55 A
Flu. Got it. Hate it. Anyone know of hits to rush the crud through as much as possible? GOLFCHICK2-0 3 GOLFCHICK2-0
2/28/17 6:51 P
Use emoticon to show how you feel today SYEATS618 26477 SPANKIE3
7/20/17 3:59 P
LETS GO!!! Brady's Way Challenge. GOLFCHICK2-0 5 CATE195
3/30/17 7:11 A
Pitchers and Catchers Challenge 2017 GOLFCHICK2-0 19 REJOHNSON3
4/6/17 7:58 A
This is it. Super Bowl LI. Falcons/ Patriots 2/5. GOLFCHICK2-0 11 JERICHO1991
2/12/17 4:13 P
What face is your FitBit making right NOW? JENVAMPVEGAS 2734 SANDY776
7/14/17 10:10 A
Super Bowl Party menus. What are you serving?? GOLFCHICK2-0 5 CHEFSOPHIE
1/28/17 6:02 P

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