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Day 2 back in gym after surgery! Got to keep it up SHILON 8 DIZZYBRITCHES
10/26/16 9:11 A
I didn't think I was gonna do it but I reached my HALEYPERKINS 21 DANIELLEHARTER
10/26/16 9:11 A
Sorry I ask so many questions but I really appreci CHRISTINEMEDINA 28 VSCOTT80
10/26/16 9:03 A
Good Morning, I'm new to this App. I've opted to t D72102 15 ADORKABLE-ME
10/26/16 9:21 A
I can't stop bingeing can someone help me): I've also lost all my energy I'm always falling asleep s GIGO321 11 GOALIEGRANDMA3
10/25/16 11:11 P
Had a rough night, but tomorrow I'm getting back w KLGRISEZ12 19 SIXLESTER69
10/26/16 4:26 A
I am really struggling to get 1250 calories a day but i do not feel hungry not sure if that is good CCASH68 8 GOALIEGRANDMA3
10/25/16 11:08 P
My husband has migraines. His arm is bothering him PATRICIAROWE73 38 DARKANGELL78
10/25/16 11:35 P
I am too stoked this morning... weekly weigh-in to DAWN1830 76 FOREVERNEWME
10/26/16 5:50 A
Went on a 2 mile walk, after I had some healthy s PATSYB70 15 FLOUNDER1323
10/26/16 12:27 A
Had ice cream and peanut butter for dinner...staye JLYNN559 24 JLYNN559
10/25/16 11:46 P
It's strange that recently I'm not hungry until I HEALTH_NOW 10 LOATS92
10/24/16 10:07 P
back on day one JANINE1271 7 GOALIEGRANDMA3
10/24/16 9:28 P
I'm very new to this I weight 210 I'm trying to ge SLACOMBE6 15 CJS1MOMMY
10/24/16 6:36 P
I lost 4 pounds in 2 days! Go me! DNICHOLS98 23 SMCRAE89
10/24/16 6:01 P
Day 1 Complete 🙌 I completed day 1 of my diet and it feels good to know I'm on the road to accom MSTRADER73 32 MSTRADER73
10/24/16 10:51 P
I'm trying to stick to 1200 calories a day. What i GMATERRY3 11 MAMIOF4BONITOS
10/23/16 3:26 P
I pulled a sneaky on my husband for breakfast this EILEENC1959 12 DIZZYBRITCHES
10/23/16 4:29 P
👻Today Will Never Come Again👻 -Be A Blessin MSTRADER73 9 247ROSEANNE
10/23/16 4:29 P
I'm finding it hard to stay motivated I read sto GINGER1230 16 GOALIEGRANDMA3
10/23/16 1:59 P
I just started using this app....hope am successfu C45424 24 BIGRENTMAN
10/23/16 6:08 P
Make this a day of smart decisions 😍 GOALIEGRANDMA3 2 BABYGURL45
10/23/16 9:55 A
Im new here:) I'm 46, have 130 lbs to lose. I'm g TDROSEY 28 GOALIEGRANDMA3
10/22/16 2:31 P
Do you still count calories on a cheat day? With ANGEL2GOOD31 41 DAN281082
10/25/16 2:02 P
I made some awesome chili with mild and sweet pepp MEADOWLANDS 8 KAROLANNIE
10/22/16 2:29 P
I'm so depressed!! I joined a stepbet challenge and have increased my activity and have been watchin RMCOTTER777 9 CJSM86
10/22/16 3:16 P
Chilly, but nice 3 mile walk with two friends GOALIEGRANDMA3 4 CH64412010
10/22/16 3:30 P
It's my birthday today. 47 DSANKS 115 TWEDEE777
10/26/16 9:55 A
Just start this app will see by the end of next we ERIVERA9572 14 CHRISTYWORSLEY
10/21/16 11:45 A
The good feeling when your skinny jeans become you FHOUK15 22 DIZZYBRITCHES
10/21/16 11:42 A
Started off 320 and now at 310. I kind of don't li MFOUZANQ 13 QUEEN_CARLOTTA
10/21/16 3:14 P
I've been working out 4 out of 5 days this week,st TAMMY2610 13 DIZZYBRITCHES
10/21/16 11:42 A
I got back from an awesome 8 days that included wa MAGGIEB1971 19 CHRISTYWORSLEY
10/21/16 11:46 A
#IHateWeightGain #GetThisWerk today I found out I CONQEURRGRL223 6 BABYGURL45
10/21/16 11:21 A
Good morning everyone, I hope everyone day is a b ARTH3736 10 GOALIEGRANDMA3
10/21/16 11:17 A
Little stressed here I go the 26th to find out if BET1982 30 BET1982
10/21/16 6:44 P
Just about ready to be off to book club GOALIEGRANDMA3 1 GOALIEGRANDMA3
10/20/16 9:15 A
My lic3nse plate starts with dnq....I think of it GOALIEGRANDMA3 3 LADYARTIST41
10/19/16 5:58 P
Have any of you seen girl on the train? I read th GOALIEGRANDMA3 1 GOALIEGRANDMA3
10/18/16 8:33 P
I did it!!! I FINALLY did it!!! This week I reac BABYGURL45 492 G03384
10/26/16 9:56 A
I have a horrible sweet tooth, what can I do to le JELLLMCDONALD 22 URII19
10/18/16 4:05 A
Lost a pound - whoop whoop ...slow and steady wins MLULU6 16 CIDPGIRL
10/25/16 4:43 A
Starting today I will lose weight in a healthy way JLEIDY5 14 DOLLYMELISSA
10/18/16 12:50 A
Starting today I will lose weight in a healthy way KAHU1331 31 LANAELAINE
10/18/16 3:53 A
Big step admitting to my hubby I am choosing a hea SILKENPANTHER77 40 DRBARNETT
10/19/16 8:19 A
We bought a new to us truck today...2013. First used vehicle we have ever bought GOALIEGRANDMA3 7 JELLISON27
10/17/16 11:25 P
It's such a solitary experience... Every time I tr D4RKLYNOON 35 GINA515
10/18/16 6:06 P
I need to stay strong and not back down. The first MAGICMAMA 13 RITA1956
10/16/16 3:37 P
Anybody on the Optifast 800 diet plan? #friendfind CHRISTIE43 10 CHRISTIE43
10/18/16 10:00 P
I have been using this app for exactly 1 week now, LUVBUG79 13 LUVBUG79
10/16/16 4:05 P
I don't normally write during the day, but today I PAMALAMA1314 6 JACKITRIPLETT
10/16/16 3:35 P
Starting back with spark i hope i have success thi JOMO1963 5 JOMO1963
10/16/16 3:30 P
50 minute walk. 17 min.per mile..72 yrs old...m GOALIEGRANDMA3 18 LOISLEL
10/15/16 7:15 P
I'm new here and I'm ready to make a change, I've MERMAIDA34971 12 MAMIOF4BONITOS
10/15/16 3:55 P
Okay, here goes! I'm starting my diet today. Step HAPPYCAMPER330 22 MISSERTY
10/15/16 3:56 P
Sweeping, mopping, gardening. Whew what an afterno ZOEYBRATZ 5 DENA2017
10/15/16 4:10 P
Been watching what I eat and drink, workout. And o K61674 8 ALYSSAL036
10/15/16 3:22 P
Currently pregnant and was told I need to reduce m CHRISTI1993 9 GOALIEGRANDMA3
10/15/16 3:18 P
Just off work, had lunch, ready for my walk. Warme APRIL003 2 GOALIEGRANDMA3
10/15/16 3:17 P
Asking for prayers for my sister-in-law. She is i LJBOWSER1 54 MELAMA210
10/15/16 12:02 A
But my boobs... when I was slim, I had none. When KELLEYKELLER 18 KENDILYNN
10/15/16 1:24 A
Not trying to gloat but at the same time, yes I am CAMERON_PEDRO 24 SKIRUNNER1
10/15/16 1:24 A
#first post....Hi everyone! Just starting. I gaine JOTERRY 24 BABYGURL45
10/15/16 2:38 A
#firstpost Hello Sparkers! I walked a 5K at work t TRTLHOMEY 12 LADYRED2580
10/13/16 10:12 P
How do you get in so much protein! Im eating salads alot with chicken on them even beans and i still ANDREA888CDA 31 WINDYSUE5666
10/17/16 6:51 A
My family did the name calling growing up and they GOODELL96 14 GOODELL96
10/13/16 11:11 P
My pet mouse passed away today. I got him when he CAITIEHALL94 8 BIGRENTMAN
10/13/16 9:33 P
Mustard is my new choice of sauce...low calorie lo JACQUIEB75 43 IVONNE218
10/15/16 10:29 P
Went over my carb goal for today, but it was only MINACARR36 8 BIGRENTMAN
10/13/16 9:31 P
Was watching my show..Dr. Oz.. lookin 4 fiber idea BELLAMYLOVE1 19 GINA515
10/14/16 1:10 A
So close to getting out of the 230s, I can't belie OOFELIXOO 13 DIANAPACK
10/12/16 6:35 P
84 days, 30 pounds lost. I've got the cold from h MEGGIE_BETH 28 LADYARTIST41
10/12/16 12:03 P
Trying to wake up... have an ear ache but better, DOROTHY58X 9 AVLC0815
10/12/16 11:17 A
1st day of training for a 5k JENMCCAIN 14 TWEDEE777
10/12/16 11:45 A
I'm wishing everyone a Happy Wednesday. Praise Go NETTIE625 5 NETTIE625
10/12/16 10:56 A

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