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As of this morning I have officially lost 71 pounds! If you told me at the beginning of January 201 WORKIN2017 105 WORKIN2017
7/17/17 1:15 P
Need some encouragement this morning. Our 10 year old Corgi mix passed away last night. LJBOWSER1 303 OVERWEIGHT
7/15/17 3:05 P
Water bottle recommendations MILSTEIN01 38 CWFORLIFE
7/19/17 1:42 P
Today is a new day. GINIEMIE 6 LISALOSING52
7/6/17 8:24 A
Happy Independence Day, July 4th is a day to remember the foundation of our country. It's also a goo GINIEMIE 2 HOLLYM48
7/4/17 9:22 A
In green 2 yrs ago!! Yikes!! Down 110..18 to that me on the right? I still feel overweight DIANEPAG 197 DEERLADY45
7/10/17 10:01 A
Air National Guard Band of the South is performing in Wellington, Florida at 6:30 tonight-free conce GINIEMIE 4 JULIENSMITH
6/30/17 10:44 A
Starting over again today, yesterday started well until we went to the Greek restaurant unexpectedly GINIEMIE 4 JULIENSMITH
6/27/17 9:57 A
I got my new fit bit ALTA HR and I got it set up so now I've no excuse for not getting my steps in. GINIEMIE 6 CHARTHESTAR
6/27/17 12:28 A
fitbit just died so I will have to take care to move a lot with out assistance in tracking. Frequent GINIEMIE 5 JULIENSMITH
6/20/17 12:47 P
I will lose 10 pounds before my 69th birthday. I will walk more and make wiser food choices. GINIEMIE 5 LISALOSING52
6/9/17 5:47 P
This gives an idea of the size, a prayer for healing and comfort for an elderly woman. GINIEMIE 14 MORTICIAADDAMS
6/9/17 10:58 A
I finished this prayer shawl last night this just shows the pattern I can't seem to get two pictures GINIEMIE 19 MORTICIAADDAMS
6/9/17 10:58 A
Have a Marvelous Monday making good on your goals. GINIEMIE 2 GOLFGMA
5/22/17 8:35 A
A day for walking, praying and caring for Erik. GINIEMIE 2 MORTICIAADDAMS
5/23/17 8:59 A
My best friend's 25 year old son died today of an overdose. Feels like my heart is broken. NANCYPAT1 13 GINIEMIE
5/19/17 7:20 A
Today is a new day! GINIEMIE 6 JULIENSMITH
5/19/17 10:13 A
Posted a photo IAMHEALTHY11 33 1CRAZYDOG
5/18/17 11:41 A
Posted a photo NEPTUNE1939 20 1CRAZYDOG
5/18/17 11:41 A
How to get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice How to fit into your gown? Stay connect BROOKLYN_BORN 128 TRACEYBARBER
6/21/17 7:32 A
Happy Mother's Day. Missing my mothers who have passed away. NANCYPAT1 4 GINIEMIE
5/15/17 6:58 A
Five more days till I can return to more exercise than walking. Hoorah! GINIEMIE 1 GINIEMIE
5/5/17 9:49 A
Massive headache due to my son putting Axe deodorant on this morning! Shaking too but I don't know i GINIEMIE 5 MORTICIAADDAMS
5/2/17 10:50 A
My sister died yesterday unexpectedly. Part of me is gone. NANCYPAT1 32 WALKIN4JEANIE
4/24/17 8:40 P
Who is ready to burn off some extra calories starting tomorrow? I'll admit to having a bit too much SPARKGUY 57 WOMANOFLOVE
4/18/17 3:37 P
Just a little Friday motivation never think it is JESSE_RENEWED 173 SMFORD
4/15/17 1:12 P
Cataract surgery number 2 today. The thing that distresses me the most is that I'm not allowed to ha GINIEMIE 2 LIVINGCREATIVE
4/12/17 8:43 A
ammonium sulfite ALFACHEMISTRY 5 DJ4HEALTH
4/7/17 12:13 A
Did you have a Woohoo Wednesday? My highlight was stretching in the sunshine. How about you? -- chri SPARKGUY 81 EJOY-EVELYN
4/7/17 10:12 A
Snowing hard in MI! GABY1948 17 GARDENCHRIS
4/7/17 7:01 A
3/29/17 9:36 A
7/19/17 6:18 P
Good -- but not great -- sleep last night (got home late from an event). Should be good enough for SPARKGUY 20 QSHEPP
3/24/17 8:02 A
So today is a busy day have two job interviews and my vein specialist appointment in Dubuque to find CMARTIN5383 11 GOODFELINE
3/22/17 1:23 P
Did you have a good Monday? My highlight was a short hike. How about you? -- chris/sparkguy SPARKGUY 107 HICKOK-HALEY
3/21/17 5:27 P
get that echo tomorrow .. a little scared - doc heard or saw something wrong -SPIRITSEEKER2- 12 R62682
3/22/17 2:42 P
down four pounds! but I don't see where to weigh in on here. ARELLA17SILVER 5 GINIEMIE
3/19/17 7:03 A
Erik at the TBI meet the artist expo, the masks are expected to go on a tour for Brain Injury Awaren GINIEMIE 6 MORTICIAADDAMS
3/19/17 10:10 A
Can wait to get back up and moving again! After 2 years serving on my feet 40+ hours a week in fina THEGOLDENGENIE 17 PEACEFULHOME
3/19/17 8:39 P
Holy snowfall!!! FINGERS51970 4 WHITECAT19
3/15/17 2:31 A
Pre-op on the 24th for cataract surgery . Will get my schedule of "events" then. Dr is accounting fo GINIEMIE 2 JEWELZZBLUEZZ
3/14/17 8:45 P
Hoping everyone is safe and Stella does not cause too much trouble. Doing more walking around the ho GINIEMIE 1 GINIEMIE
3/14/17 8:34 P
11 inches of new snow here today!!!! Ugh! GABY1948 18 LIVINGLOVINLIFE
3/14/17 9:28 P
Working to be positive today. One hour of work in my office, then my DIL will take me to the eye sur GINIEMIE 4 BROOKLYN_BORN
3/14/17 5:02 P
My girl chin, Blocker, is doing well now. My little boy Porkie is still sick but is supposed to go b MORTICIAADDAMS 21 MORTICIAADDAMS
3/14/17 8:45 P
Did you have a good weekend? My highlight today was a bike ride with my son in the sun :). How about SPARKGUY 50 _CYNDY55_
3/15/17 11:00 P
Pretty good sleep last night -- did you get quality zzzzs? Here's a to a good day reaching goals to SPARKGUY 25 LOULOU1709
3/15/17 1:21 P
Well, I also don't like the change but finally found out that by setting to only show my posts to th DDHEART 2 GINIEMIE
3/12/17 11:52 P
I have been with SP since April 9, 2010-I have to say this last change may be life changing for me. GINIEMIE 7 CHARTHESTAR
3/13/17 8:29 P
What happenened to the Friend Feed that I had access to yesterday? Choosing "People I follow" is n JANET552 6 GINIEMIE
3/12/17 11:45 P
So HATING this new layout. No wonder my older friend is ready to quit SP. Who ever said we wanted to GINIEMIE 10 CHARTHESTAR
3/11/17 12:40 A
Exciting new feature launching this week! I'm testing it now :) SPARKGUY 64 BANANASLOUIE7
3/15/17 8:20 P
Coffee with no sugar to start the day. I hope everyone likes our new community goal feed. Let's ha SPARKGUY 54 TOMATOCAFEGAL
3/20/17 7:50 P
I will fit into this for reunion next year USMAWIFE 15 JULIEINKPT
3/11/17 6:43 A
was anyone else confused when they got on the regular site today and it was changed? with NO Notice CHARTHESTAR 13 GINIEMIE
3/10/17 7:04 A
Does NOT like the new layout! And where do I go to get team points? Did they take that away? HAPPYCAVEGIRL 9 WALLAHALLA
3/10/17 10:27 A
1/22/17 10:05 A
5/1/17 11:28 A
I hope you remember me ! I've been absent lately d LANAELAINE 11 OMOKHAFE
12/7/16 7:24 A
2016 Stashbuster Challenge SignUP USMAWIFE 21 USMAWIFE
12/31/15 9:55 A
7/20/17 9:05 A
knitting Quiz post your final score USMAWIFE 16 GETULLY
5/19/16 9:44 A
Six unexpected benefits from knitting USMAWIFE 5 BECKYSRN
12/15/15 7:58 P
Is anyone here knitting? MICHKNITTER 15 USMAWIFE
1/14/16 10:42 A
worlds oldest yarnbomber USMAWIFE 5 GINIEMIE
9/30/15 10:30 A
if you would have a knitting lesson from 1 person USMAWIFE 5 GOOZLEBEAR
9/30/15 9:02 P
How many can you relate to USMAWIFE 11 RETIREDSUE
5/19/16 3:59 P
9/7/15 7:53 A
8/30/15 8:43 A
9/1/15 12:59 P
How much water did you drink today? MARLENE140 5 GINIEMIE
8/23/15 3:52 P
similarities between exercise and knitting USMAWIFE 4 GINIEMIE
8/21/15 12:56 P
is it rude to knit in public USMAWIFE 10 GOOZLEBEAR
7/28/15 8:49 P
Mad Man Knitting..... BECKYSRN 5 USMAWIFE
7/22/15 9:43 A
6/16/17 10:23 P

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