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Water bottle recommendations MILSTEIN01 18 GINGERMACC
6/27/17 11:15 P
Check out my wingspan! NYPOPS 4 GRATTECIELLA
6/27/17 10:41 P
I've gotten some flak for this for some "diehard fitness gurus" but Richard Simmons is a total inspi ANTHROPOLOGY1 41 STRAWBERRYDAWN
6/28/17 1:30 P
what are you GO TO spices BLINDS50 69 DETERMINED369
6/28/17 8:21 A
I harvested my first crop of home grown garlic; 39 large bulbs and one small one! Can't wait to star DGRIFFITH51 12 DGRIFFITH51
6/26/17 8:12 P
6/26/17 7:49 P
I'm new here and finding my way around, but I do know one thing I need to be here. Today my goal is SHERHO7762 61 SHERHO7762
6/26/17 9:16 P
I've had a very rough weekend. Yesterday I had to have one of my dogs humanely euthanized due to can CLMEEDER 69 PINKPIXY22
6/26/17 3:17 A
Posted a photo SNOOPYFAN2 20 KINDGIRL56
6/24/17 11:50 A
Over 10,000 steps, and found three geocaches with my son while on vacation. A great day! And if you GRATTECIELLA 18 BJK1961
6/24/17 5:40 P
Recently got a water bottle to carry around with me so I drink water more often 😀 JBAIRD6 10 SOUTHTXXRNNR
6/22/17 7:51 A
I purchased a swimsuit today. First one in 5 years. I am still not crazy about how I look but this PAMBROWN62 12 UNIQUE55
6/22/17 7:40 P
Hmmm, this heat is draining my energy today. Drinking lots of water. GINGERMACC 1 GINGERMACC
6/20/17 5:30 P
Tried intuitive eating today. Stayed on the lower side of my calories, ate 60g over my 100g of allo MARZBARZ1 10 GINGERMACC
6/17/17 9:46 P
5 days in row I have gotten all my water in. I've been trying to start earlier in the day so I'm no CARRIEMETODAY 4 GINGERMACC
6/17/17 9:44 P
Needed a bit of motivation this morning... found the picture on the left from last summer on a frien PHOXYM 304 INCH_BY_INCH
6/18/17 10:09 A
Help with Portion Control GOTTALOOSE0122 18 CED1106
6/12/17 4:16 A
Day 1: I have 215 pounds to loose. It's going to be a long road... SARMSTRONG198 303 SHEILA8383
6/11/17 9:06 P
Day 1. 150 pounds to go. One day at a time :) RIRIKI671 44 DRAGON1950
6/11/17 3:02 P
It's meal prep day! First time I'm trying this, but since I'm always busy in the morning, it seems l MARTHA_ANN 50 FRENCHY73
6/11/17 4:42 P
I'm doing a LCHF diet. I'm trying low carb because NOTHING else is working for me. Anyone else here SHEENUH 6 GINGERMACC
6/11/17 10:26 A
How to deal with a 4 day cruise 😭 😭 😭 NYKRFAN 7 DAKOPP
6/11/17 11:23 A
#lowcarb RANT WARNING I just read a coaching tip that admonished the low carb diets and how short-t JOANNEELIDRISSI 23 QSHEPP
6/13/17 6:20 A
Hello Sparkers! It's been a rainy Saturday in SW FL. There was no Pickleball, so I spent day cleanin DRINKALOTH2O 24 TUBLADY
6/11/17 9:11 P
The day before I started Spark I weighed 205 lbs. This is today and I am about 3 weeks in! So excite C97281 116 FRANKBELLOFAN
6/9/17 2:02 P
Oh my god these stupid weight loss websites are pissing me off, and I'm not even hungry and I'm havi XLOVEXSICKX 6 XLOVEXSICKX
6/9/17 1:25 A
#Coach I do not know why my facebook account is hooked up now when i never signed up via facebook LTHOMAS482 9 SP_COACH_DENISE
6/8/17 3:54 P
Today marks day 1. I have 90 lbs to lose. Already finished my workout today. Just gotta stay focused COUNTRYANGEL5 162 LITENLIVELY135
6/8/17 9:44 P
So so true, my inner fat kid misses bread lol SHEENAASH 16 GINGERMACC
6/8/17 12:57 P
Good morning Sparkpeoples! Have a terrific day and thankyou for all of your support! DANICONNOLLY 152 ROSEPETALPINK
6/8/17 12:57 P
I've been sick for two weeks. Doctor says it's a respiratory virus that will have to run its course. GINGERMACC 3 PINKMUSTARD21
6/7/17 4:47 P
First time on this app trying really hard to lose 145ibs but seems like after I walk or anything the AUTDIL2009 18 AUTDIL2009
6/7/17 2:52 P
This dog is so sweet. It never barks at me. Walking for health. Walking for fitness. My future self BONNIJEAN 8 GINGERMACC
6/7/17 1:11 P
So true! Better days are ahead. JUSTSTICKWITHIT 25 JULIENSMITH
6/2/17 9:46 A
Like this saying: Sweat like a pig to look like a fox. GINGERMACC 3 KOFFEENUT
6/2/17 12:36 A
#coach Are there groups on here to join? And if so, how do i go about finding them? Im still new to WENISNOW 10 LUANN_IN_PA
6/1/17 3:08 P
I made this for dinner last night and an extra for lunch today. Portobello mushroom cap, carved out STARFISH619 9 GOOZLEBEAR
6/1/17 4:36 P
Oh no! I've gained 2 lbs 😭 KARLIITA13 29 J15723
6/1/17 5:29 P
Weird experience this morning: heart rate spiked to 101 bpm while I sat at my desk putting on makeup GINGERMACC 2 KITTYKNIT
5/18/17 1:23 P
5/13/17 8:26 A
Doctor said I have to start a low carb diet (not keto) and I don't know where to begin. GINGERMACC 3 MSROZZIE
5/11/17 8:14 P
Here's a real good one KATIEG280 10 AKROXIE
5/10/17 10:07 P
9/1/16 1:08 P
Holes in my zucchini plant leaves GINGERMACC 3 SHARJOPAUL
6/6/15 4:21 P
10/20/15 11:59 P
My goal is to lose 76 lbs. What's your goal? JERRIDAWN1014 4851 ELAINEHCRITTEND
6/10/17 12:10 P
NEW: Last Letter Starts New Word TERRACOTTAGE 566 MARCHEM
10/23/15 12:53 P
Change One Word Game CHRISTINEBWD 390 KIPSTER52
1/7/16 2:05 P
Inaccurate tracking VENTUREGIRL2 7 SP_COACH_DENISE
6/1/15 10:51 A
Last fruit & veggies eaten ABRANNEWME2014 1356 IMREITE
6/3/17 9:23 P
What did you do today for your workout BABEZ1 12069 GOODYBAR58
6/27/17 10:52 A
5/25/15 8:26 P
Six letter words - start new word with LAST letter YICHE12 369 YICHE12
5/23/15 11:42 A
How many steps do you get a day? ME8704 251 MARIANAD2
5/21/15 11:21 P
NEW MEMBERS 2015--Introduce yourself here! LECATES 82 CRUZ4U
11/18/15 11:36 P
2/27/17 11:29 A
5/22/17 3:06 P
Sunday weigh in MEKATHAQWEEN 1379 105ANGELA
6/26/17 7:18 P
Introducing Myself APOREA 9 GINGERMACC
7/4/13 9:43 P
Brain fog and other thyroid effects GINGERMACC 16 KAREN2LOSE55
12/11/12 7:29 A
My dad passed away on Thursday ZOORHO 12 YICHE12
10/23/12 3:40 P
The last letter of the word starts a new word YICHE12 707 FAITH-2-HOPE
4/30/17 4:05 P
Spark Buddy UPs @ local Zumba classes CURVY-GIRRL 5 GINGERMACC
8/19/12 8:44 P
Daily Chit Chat FLOATER3 7079 BEB1968
2/27/13 8:51 A
August 2012 Weekly Weigh-Ins DAWNO64 60 DAWNO64
9/3/12 9:25 P
Hi Nampa Caldwell Spark Team CURVY-GIRRL 12 CGARMIRE
8/7/12 3:13 P
How many login points today? CHEFMOM1199 59 LTMURPHY7
12/15/12 11:54 P
8/9/12 5:46 P
Hypothyroid, weight loss, and hunger GINGERMACC 6 RICHARJ
7/30/12 9:05 A
Losing weight with Hypothyroidism YICHE12 149 NIKKIJMOORE65
1/21/13 11:31 P
What exercise did you do today? SIMPLYCRICKET 9449 DLWHATLEY70
5/23/17 8:53 A
New Member? Click here to introduce yourself! DAWNO64 3277 ANNIEARTUST
6/6/17 10:42 A
What's behind your Spark Name? YICHE12 56 SUSANSKI
6/20/16 12:56 A
Thyroid Diet Guide YICHE12 93 JEANKNEE
9/29/15 9:45 P
Hypothyroid? Join the club BILLYS_SILLY 7538 JEFFGIRL
6/2/17 9:41 P

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