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I need you all to pray that I don't fall off. My m MISSCNJ 174 QSHEPP
8/17/17 7:29 P
Weigh in tonight! We started on July 13th and the last workout was last night. We met 4 days a week KOBRIEN13 221 KOBRIEN13
8/10/17 9:09 P
210-145 CANDACEG1991 134 PINKPIXY22
8/7/17 11:13 P
Hi everyone hope u all are having a great night KEENA47 22 KEENA47
8/3/17 8:39 A
Downloaded this app. yesterday and am so happy I did! I am a 1st time Momma to a beautiful baby girl JEWELS2616 16 JEWELS2616
8/3/17 4:26 A
Feeling great down 64 pounds have 1 more pound to meet my goal 160 started off at 224 CRISTALO321 304 F5FURY
8/8/17 8:10 P
First day back at weight training... feels good 😊. I completed a 2-hr workout today which is my nor GYMLYF_RJONES 9 CHKCHNC
7/28/17 1:28 P
16lbs down :) LULAKITABELLE 150 CARTOON3
7/28/17 4:38 P
I'm in love with Spring Rolls, vegetables and shrimp. Had for lunch. Loved so much , fixing chicken, TUBLADY 22 TUBLADY
7/28/17 11:52 A
Got my workout in and its my birthday 💕🎊🎉 CHRISTINA332017 306 PAMMIPOO
7/30/17 4:32 P
Working out on vacation!!! 💪💪💪 #198lbs I still have a long way to go, this baby weight is hard to SHANIKARENEE88 15 BBRUETTE9
7/27/17 7:46 P
New work out pants 👖 ! #jade #lululemon GSANGHERA 7 GSANGHERA
7/22/17 12:30 A
So close to hitting my 50lb loss goal!!! I can do this!!! MADMANSMAMA87 215 MCCALI59
7/19/17 12:21 P
Not a diet... it's a lifestyle Not for him.. for ME Not for a day...Everyday Not to feel good in a CHRISTINAV7 79 GIANTOCR1
7/11/17 6:30 P
7/11/17 8:54 P
A small difference. Taking it on day at a time! KITATHAMES 68 ALFORD204
7/11/17 10:20 A
11 more lbs to go until I reach my goal weight THEPIX 74 TARA4-73
7/11/17 3:52 A
July 4th 2017: 186 lbs. ALICIAALVES 12 DESERTGOLDFISH
7/8/17 1:26 A
The size medium fit with a side zipper!! MARAJADE91 36 RAYMOSSISTER
6/28/17 7:45 P
28 years old 3 beautiful kids was 177 now 164 so happy very insecure because a close family member t TEARZ28 36 MYBABYDOLLY
6/28/17 8:05 P
6/24/17 6:53 P
Tried on size 12 today and they fit! Also Medium leggings! Two things I wouldn't have seen 14 months MISSDORKNESS 218 ISNESS
6/26/17 11:44 P
Inherited this dress from my friend who passed last years, first time trying it on. I think it looks DESERTGOLDFISH 17 DESERTGOLDFISH
6/25/17 9:09 P
Up at 4:30 am to cheer on Ironman athletes. Volunteered for bodymarking. #motivation ROX5CAR 11 _LINDA
6/18/17 1:50 P
Posted a photo VANNESSAB 7 GIANTOCR1
6/14/17 7:47 P
Im in it 2 win it this time, losing my child 3 years ago caused me to be real depressed but no more JESSICAJONES29 12 NANCYANND55
6/14/17 9:25 P
Today I start my Summer Weightloss Journey! I gained quite a lot of weight the last year since I hea KATIEMDETSCH 7 VIOLINCAT
5/30/17 4:54 P
I hit my 40lbs down milestone today!!! Feeling AMAZING!!! :D :D :D MADMANSMAMA87 174 KMW987
6/11/17 9:02 A
Wanted to post my other beginning pic as well. Starting weight is 223. Have went back and forth with SLIMFIT12 13 GIANTOCR1
4/30/17 9:33 P
I'm trying really hard to lose this weight. I mean it this time!💜 COCOABABY324 19 PUCCASHELL
5/4/17 3:43 P
Noticed a huge difference in my face tonight when I was looking at old photos! 38 lbs down, 42 more INMOMMYOF2 46 INMOMMYOF2
4/30/17 9:03 A
So I had a few people ask me for before and after pictures, and as much as I use to hate having body CWEST4973 159 KJEANBRADY
4/30/17 7:46 A
Sometimes you have to look back to where you started to appreciate where you are now. MOM0F2_DANNIE 8 ASF220
4/29/17 6:50 P
Officially down 100lbs 😁🙊🙌 CWEST4973 84 MWARNER211
4/29/17 8:23 P
This is the dress I've been trying to get into it JENNIFERRVALDEZ 73 TREKPURRSON
4/30/17 1:17 A
I have always been the "chubby" girl , and I have a hard time seeing what everyone else sees. But I' LISACERON 191 RANDOM00B
4/28/17 9:55 P
Went from 280 lbs to 160 lbs! Trying very hard to keep it off and lose 25 more. I've been stuck here KENZIE8438 122 A15591
4/28/17 3:42 A
Finally have self confidence, im going to rock bikinis, crop tops, and such this summer and its gonn SARAHPROMQUEEN 26 GIANTOCR1
4/27/17 8:59 A
Finally got my body back. So satisfied 😁 APRILSWAYZER 80 PROVERBS4SEVEN
4/27/17 12:08 A
4/25/17 9:23 P
4/25/17 10:29 P
Here is my comparison picture. August 2016, Feb. 2017 and today can you guys tell a difference? I ca MRSCHUNKYNOMORE 41 QSHEPP
4/26/17 7:50 P
Wearing this dress was a reward to myself for getting into the 170's! NANCYANNE55 134 GYMRAT54
4/26/17 4:48 P
4/25/17 9:56 P
Posted a photo WALTON6325 7 POPCORNADDICT1
4/25/17 7:32 P
30 pounds down in 6 months. Slowly coming off. VBRATON 118 GIGI5556
4/25/17 3:35 P
Posted a photo BANA70 3 GIANTOCR1
4/25/17 12:07 A
Pretty sure I have a stomach bug. Sad sad sad LILMEMEJEAN 11 CHERIRIDDELL
4/25/17 12:53 A
I'm so proud of myself, but I have a lot more to loose, 32 pounds down! SEXYSONYA31 57 SEXYSONYA31
4/29/17 6:42 P
I need to get back to this. #Bodygoals BERGE1989 7 BERGE1989
4/23/17 10:36 P
Lost 18 pounds!!!! I can't believe it. I have a long way to go but I'm feeling more motivated ☺ KNORRIS_924 42 KNORRIS_924
4/24/17 6:29 P
Posted a photo BETTYL0711 3 CHKCHNC
4/23/17 5:24 P
My weight is slowly trying to come back I went from 172 the beginning of April and now I'm back at 1 BLDANCY 8 BARBEDWIREKITTY
4/23/17 5:27 P
Almost 100lbs down YOUGOTTHISJESS 259 EOWYN2424
4/24/17 1:17 A
I'm on a kick of taking pictures of my food lately, lol. This is my big meal of the day and it's yum ANGIEDUST29 15 BABY_GIRL69
4/22/17 6:56 P
I actually managed to do 10 push-ups and kept proper posture for them. I was on my knees but this is GLORIOUS_JESSI 5 GIANTOCR1
4/22/17 5:30 P
28 months and 58 pounds! CHOLA82 226 _LINDA
4/23/17 12:59 A
Down a pound this week, but the exciting part is that I was in the 170's! Taking a day to enjoy, th NANCYANNE55 15 GRACED777
4/23/17 7:26 A
So I'm new on here help.. 😅 SANTANDRR77 13 SANTANDRR77
4/22/17 1:42 P
In order since January. The grey is current. As of this morning. Hit goal, down 36 pounds total! MRSKLAUSSNER 198 BABY_GIRL69
4/22/17 7:00 P
I think I see a difference y'all! First pic was taken March 24th and second pic yesterday! FITSISTA79 16 F7LINDA
4/22/17 12:01 P
Lunch is ready! Mmm I think I might end up having 3 wings instead of the 2. And just do my Shaun t h LUVCONQUERSFEAR 14 LOSER05
4/20/17 5:21 P
Posted a photo MSGLENDA65 3 RAINYN2004
4/20/17 3:32 P
Picture on the left I was approximately 260 and this current picture of me on the right is me weighi CBIGHAM07 68 RUTHSJOURNEY
4/20/17 9:02 P
Day one will start tomorrow!! Need help, suggestions and support during this journey. I think I can' AJ_TIA 83 HIKINGSD
4/20/17 3:07 A
Can you see a difference... NICOLEDAVIDS1 7 GIANTOCR1
4/14/17 4:04 P
Good morning everyone today is weigh in day and I THEJACKIEDEAN12 304 FULLERFARMS
4/23/17 5:30 P
Hey guys! I made the conscious decision to go vegan! I have lost 15 pounds in a month!! I feel incr BADASSBARBIE13 15 BADASSBARBIE13
4/17/17 10:50 P
Celebrating 47 today 37.6 pounds lighter than I was just 14 weeks ago! LME412 164 JMARIES51
7/9/17 7:26 P
Transformation Tuesday!! 210 lbs. on the left 17 LCOLLINS2016 135 LCOLLINS2016
4/11/17 11:00 P
So excited ❣❣ In less than a month with starting Spark I have lost 16 Lbs with just changing what I NORTHERNWOODS23 88 WHITEANGEL4
4/12/17 11:05 P
My before and in progress photo. The before picture was taken in June of 2016. The after picture was CRYSTALH2017 180 -WRKNG2ABTTRME-
4/6/17 8:53 P
I don't normally post pics, but I couldn't help myself ! I actually made chicken stew!😆 #mobilechat SUMMERFODRIE 20 BRENDA_77039
4/5/17 6:44 P
So excited to finally fit into these!!! MTOLL81 26 RUNNNERR
4/5/17 6:06 P
Foot surgery went well. Now the hard part staying off it.. GIANTOCR1 14 AEGISHOT
4/10/17 4:35 P